otherwise the movie makes no sense

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This album is such a smoke & mirror by now well always tbh I always thought it's shady and now during DUNKIRK haha sure

I know right?? No one in their right mind would want an album out for him that time.

I mean… Remember his mixtape? Remember the song titles that were released? I mean by all means he can release one tomorrow and maybe none of them will be about love (however his balance of released songs says otherwise) but I still think he won’t ever want to lie about any of his songs, ever.

The junk he piled up as a response for the question about iicf was heartbreaking. His face was twitching from repeating that yeah we played it on the piano.. yeah. Instead of telling the truth.

I believe he made it perfectly clear what kind of image he wants for himself. Another Man, no winter gf, Dunkirk.

An album in the middle of a movie promo season makes no sense.

At least not until the new team is announced and the band is reunited PLUS HL are out.

Remember this ‘album’ has been in the works since 2013 and it’s still nowhere. I believe that yes, he will want to release music but not in the near future and definitely not during/ before Dunkirk.

The Basic Anglophone Les Mis Adaptation Formula

Or BALMAF for short

If you’ve seen more than one non-musical Les Mis movie in English (whether it’s American OR British), you might have noticed that sometimes they’re eerily similar to each other. I’m talking about the 1935, 1952, 1978 and 1998 movies, as seen above.

I honestly think these are all at least somewhat based on each other. They all follow the same rough structure, they share suspiciously specific details… it’s not really hard to make the connections. So I figured I’d try to put that structure into words.

Disclaimer: I’m not necessarily saying these are all bad things. (Although most of them are.) They’re just shared features and I get that plot needs to be streamlined when you adapt a giant novel into a movie. But it’s amusing to make fun of them. Also I only included the ones that show up in at least three of the movies.


1: This is the story of Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert, everybody else is mostly just there to drive the plot forward.

2: Prison porn, lots of prison porn Okay okay not literal porn but you know what I mean. (exception: ‘98)

3: Fantine? Who’s that? Oh right Cosette’s mom. I guess we should give her a couple of scenes then… (exception: in ‘98 Fantine gets an actual story arc.)

4: We should really linger on this Montreuil-sur-Mer part of the plot, that’s the good stuff (but we can’t call the town “Montreuil-sur-Mer”, that would be ridiculous.)

5: The Thénardiers can only appear once, when Valjean goes to pick up Cosette, or not at all. Who needs all those plot points later on, this story is about the EPIC CHASE between Valjean and Javert!

6: You can have either Gavroche or adult Éponine but never both and they’re not related to the Thénardiers because we’re done with the Thénardiers already, didn’t I just tell you? Child Éponine may be allowed with the Thénardiers but she’s never named and has no lines.

7: Wow, Hugo really went off the plot rails after they arrive in Paris, didn’t he? There’s barely anything about Javert hunting Valjean in here! Let’s fix that and remove all this irrelevant stuff about all these side characters. We’ll just keep the love story because you gotta have a love story

8: I guess the revolution thing is kind of cool as a set piece for Valjean and Javert’s DRAMATIC REUNION. But we don’t really need to explain the politics and ideology and the fighting and all the minor character stuff, all that has nothing to do with Valjean and Javert!

9: Oh wait I guess we should still kill off whichever not!Thénardier kid we decided to include, though, for Dramatic Effect and to show how Tragic and Horrible revolutions are. (Exception: in ‘52 Gavroche doesn’t die)

10: Obviously Javert should go to the barricades to find Valjean, that’s much more important to him than “spying on the revolutionaries” lol (exception: '78)

11: Sewer chase scene! Yes, finally we’re back to the REAL story of Les Mis! Javert chasing Valjean in the sewers!

12: Well, Javert is dead so I guess we’re done now. VALJEAN WON! WHOO! HAPPY ENDING!

(more details under the cut)

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Ryuuji Suguro’s Ideal S/O! 

(This was a request from @southernsassypeach and is clearly new ground for me? I dunno how I feel about it cause its so specific. I usually like to make my stuff kinda vague if I can so that it can be applicable to many people instead of just a specific few? But! I’m just trying something new here! So - if ya’ll like this feel free to send in more requests like this? If ya’ll think this is problematic - tell me and I’ll probably erase this. Okay! Sorry for the long disclaimer! I hope you like this!) 

  • has a soft spot for blondes? natural or dyed 
  • (tho its not a necessity obvi)
  • also really loves someone with curves
  • loves that there’s more to grab onto 
  • ‘More to love’ is what he likes to say about it
  • he thinks he wants someone who’s serious and very adult-y
  • but
  • to be honest he needs someone who can just relax and laugh off the little things 
  • someone who isn’t afraid to i dunno 
  • put bubbles in his hair when ya’ll are doing the dishes together 
  • or
  • bring a water gun in the house, spray him, and lure him outside to continue the water fight 
  • stuff like that 
  • he’s very serious on his own - he needs someone who’ll make him ease up on himself 
  • he also needs someone who wouldn’t be afraid to tell him when he’s wrong 
  • someone who could snap him out of whatever’s bothering him and make him realize that he’s okay 
  • but still someone who wouldn’t mind him waking up every morning at 5:30 to go running
  • someone who wouldn’t mind the endless studying everyday after classes 
  • someone who would love listening to him reciting sutras 
  • he probably wouldn’t study as long as he does now when he’s with you 
  • he’d probs end up curling up with you 
  • or watching a movie/show with you 
  • or ya’ll would go out somewhere together 
  • he’d prefer to be with someone who would take school/work seriously 
  • otherwise he’d probably bicker with you about your studying/work habits 
  • but so long as you don’t have any bad habits (like smoking or drinking or anything harmful) - he’s pretty chill about whatever 
  • (but like - can you imagine smoking weed with Bon tho?) 

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So it looks like David got his leather jacket from the You, Me, & Him film? And I think a pair of faded black, ripped jeans? Who wants to bet the Vivienne Westwood denim jacket is also straight from the movie and not just an inspired personal purchase? Combined with the Mad to be Normal red velvet suit, I think we should have a masterpost of things David took home from filming.

Anonymous said to thingsdtwears: Behold the you me and him poster found on reddit type /r/davidtennant/comments/69amt8/you_me_and_him_poster/ in the url (phone limits). Oh mercy, that jacket, that dead squirrel on his chin… love the pink hair!

Ok guys, before we get suited up, did anyone get super excited for a moment thinking Georgia got pink hair? Like I knew she wasn’t in the movie, but on first scan it really looks like her.

Now on to the nitty gritty.

I think we have to consider this film in a separate category, and as such I’m going to go out on a limb and say that David probably provided most of his wardrobe himself (either bought, or from pieces he already owned) .  

The denim shirt above I’ve previously documented as having belonged to him way back in 2007.

The Leather Coat is also same as documented.

The maroon T-shirt… I’ve dug and dug through every stage door or otherwise image from the last few months and I don’t see it.  But whatever, it’s a T-shirt.

Thing is, this movie was a bit of a family project for them. So it makes sense that he’s keeping and recycling his wardrobe. From IMDB:

Pet passion project and ‘family affair’ for producer Georgia Tennant. This movie was Georgia Tennant’s first job as producer, was written and directed by her best friend, stars her husband and her father, and was financed by Georgia and her husband.

So I guess when you finance the movie, you can keep whatever you want.


In February 2017, lead actor David Tennant bought a full-page back cover ad for the as then-uncompleted movie as a birthday present for his wife, the movie’s producer Georgia Moffett, at a cost of $38,000. The advert was an attempt to gain the interest of investors and potential distributors, and cost a quarter of the movie’s total budget.

David just really loves his wife. OK?

In My Time of Dying (The Hospital Looked Pretty Accurate)

A review of Supernatural’s “In My Time of Dying” for @weesta

So very honestly, besides the fact that getting thrown against walls and getting the sh*t beat out of you is a lot worse for the average person than Supernatural tends to make it out to be, “Devil’s Trap isn’t all that exciting medically (mostly because a lot of the more interesting injuries (Dean bleeding everywhere, etc…) were vague and supernatural in origin). There’s really not a lot for me to talk about in this one.

But then there’s “In My Time of Dying” which totally makes up for it.

Most of this episode takes place in a hospital, where Dean’s ghost is wandering around while his body is in a coma. They really did some impressive research when it came to a lot of this episode, especially the set design and ACLS. Here are some things I noted in particular:

  • Everything seemed a little outdated, including, for some reason, the scrubs (maybe 10-15 years outdated, taking into account that this episode aired in 2006), but it was all real equipment.
  • Again, those are actual vent hoses- not the prop mock-ups I’m used to seeing in TV shows, and the ventilator is real. It is a Bear 1000 (built about 1993).
  •  Dean has an NG tube- a tube that goes from his nose to his stomach in order to deliver tube feedings and possibly medication. If there was any kind of problem with his digestive tract, it may also be hooked up to suction to keep his stomach empty. I don’t usually see this in TV/movies (ask me how I feel about the end of Superman Returns sometime) and its something I’m really impressed by that the set designers chose to use it. If someone is unconscious for any amount of time, they’re going to need food, and contrary to popular belief, IV nutrition, while possible, comes with a lot of risks and is generally a last resort for when the digestive system isn’t working at all and the person would literally starve otherwise. For everyone else, tube feedings it is!
  • Everything on the monitor makes sense (he has EKG leads on, a pulse-ox clip, etc…), with the exception that a blood pressure reading is not displayed even though Dean clearly has a blood pressure cuff on. In a setting like this, it might only be taking his blood pressure once an hour or so, but the most recent reading would still be displayed.
  • Something I’m also impressed about: When Dean codes, the rhythm on the monitor is V-Fib! Yay! I mean, that sucks, but since they’re shocking him, it’s a correct rhythm.
  • The only thing is that while yes, Dean has leads on, they’re hooked up to the monitor over his bed, not the defibrillator. He would have needed pads or a separate set of leads in order for there to be a readout on the defib screen. The Zoll M-Series (made in 1998), the defibrillator in the scene, has the capability for either of these monitoring modes, but neither is utilized in the scene.
  • Something I’m even more impressed about: Later, when another character codes and goes into asystole… they don’t shock her!
  • Unfortunately, in both scenes, the CPR is almost non-existent.
  • While a cool scene when Dean throws the glass off the table, a glass water glass in a hospital would be a big no-no.

Defibrillator use: When Dean Codes, they use “stacked shocks” (the series of three shocks prior to initiating CPR in the scene). This was no longer recommended as of 2005 (so depending on when they were writing this episode, it could have been correct). Also (and this is the nit-pick of the century, but because of this post I am now an expert on the Zoll M-series and need to share my knowledge), they charge to 360J. The 2005 recommendations for a biphasic defibrillator (such as the one in the scene) only go up to 200J, and would take about 7 seconds to charge between shocks. When talking about higher-energy shocks like 360J, we’re typically talking about monophasic defibrillators. You didn’t need to know that, but… fun fact?

Also, good job to this episode on the differentiation of roles in the codes (someone different is charting, administering drugs, doing CPR, running the defibrillator, leading, etc..). However, at certain points, the doctor seemed to be the code leader, the defibrillator guy, and the person doing CPR. These would have been very difficult roles to triple-up on. An aide or nursing/medical student can do CPR just as well.

“Code 500 CPR”: They overhead page this as the cardiac arrest code for the hospital. Its also a kind of… unique one. Overhead emergency pages are typically either colors, words, numbers, or fake doctor names (think “Code Blue” “Code Heat” “Code 2” or “Paging Dr. Smith”) that are set in advance to be able to get sensitive information (cardiac arrest, fire, severe weather, active shooter, bomb threat, etc..) to hospital staff without alarming the patients or public. “Code Red, Third Floor” sounds better overhead paged than “There’s a fire on the third floor” does. Unfortunately, they never specify a room number in the episode, and if you overhead page “CPR”, pretty much everyone knows what’s happening, so…. Yeah.

One last thing to mention before I close is… shirts and scrub pants look good, but they’d be a b*tch to wrestle unconscious/uncooperative patients into. Not quite as bad as SGA’s infirmary scrubs, and I get that it was done because having Dean’s butt hanging out would be, ah, inappropriate for TV, but still. As a nurse, I laughed (like, do they cut them off if they need to defib them? That seems like a waste of shirts…).

Overall, I was super impressed with the episode, especially since its from the same show that subjected us all to “Red Meat”. It did really exceptionally well in set design, and in the ‘not shocking unshockable rhythms’ department. I didn’t even think “why oh god why????” even once while watching it. Thank you, Supernatural. This is how you make a good episode.

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uhm… i may be upset about pudding but… you know, i kinda trust Oda. he knows what he's doing and there must be something up 'cause there are a lot of plot holes. i trust Oda (otherwise i'll go punch him i swear)

I trust him too. There are definitely too many inconsistency’s for this to make sense I think. I guess I’m just annoyed at how everyone is judging him for something that’s incomplete as of right now.

It’s kinda like, do you rate a movie when it’s half way done? No, you wait till it’s finished till you review it and give your opinion. 

People are allowed to feel disappointed with Pudding but we still don’t know her intentions as of yet. I feel people are being too hasty and are judging too quickly.

If it turns out she’s good in the end, people can complain and criticize it all they want after the arc. Just not in the middle since it’s taking the fun out of reading the arc weekly (I’m only speaking for myself).

I guess I also don’t like how people criticize the series, not the actual criticism itself. One Piece is definitely not perfect, nothing is, but how people seem to criticize it seems like “Here’s another problem”. I don’t really know how to describe it but it just doesn’t seem like criticism but more bashing. (Again, this is how I perceive it and isn’t necessarily what the author is saying)

yeah and very vague similarities.  Its just a bit annoying why video games have to become a movie, especially ones that already have a completed story.  If something like overwatch became an animated movie it would make sense and be more interesting because their shorts they have posted online are super interesting and theres not really a story mode in the game.  but that would have to be animated otherwise no dont do it haha.

I’ve also read on IGN that they want Steve Buscemi to play as victor sullivan… GOD PLEASE NO…. 

If you are in a superhero franchise fandom, you probably don’t read superhero comics, statistically speaking. Which is a very sensible way to live your life, and don’t let any nerdbros tell you otherwise. However, I’ve noticed people talk about comics stuff based on second hand information, which is also sensible because, y’know, it’s the source material. It’s happening more and more lately with the rise of the DCEU and us FINALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE in the MCU with that Infinity Gauntlet stuff.

A lot of these people also get some “meta” stuff, like industry and publishing stuff, kind of wrong. Which makes sense and is fine, do not let nerdbros tell you otherwise, but it does make a lot of discussions surrounding “why are the movies the way they are, and how have the movies come to be that way” a little inaccurate. I’ve seen this from MCU fans and such I’ve followed and who have followed me before.

Just in case there is even a single person out there who gives a shit- I do not blame you if you don’t- here are a couple common misconceptions. (Most of this uses DC examples. A lot of it still applies to Marvel, though.)

  • The really super campy stuff for characters like Batman and Superman wasn’t actually Golden Age “original” comics. It was Silver Age! When Batman wears rainbow batsuits and shit, that is probably gonna be the Silver Age. “Original flavour” Batman shot people a lot and had a huge gothic influence. A lot of Golden Age era comics are highly dated and kind of cheesy, yes, but they’re not really… high-camp as much. They’re pulp.
  • Incidentally, if you have ever wondered why the 1989 Batman movie lets Batman kill people, it’s because he’s based more than most interpretations on Golden Age Batman.
  • We did not go straight from the Silver Age to the Dark Age (aka, “when continuity got gnarly, everyone got gritty, the 90s took shit way too far and all those famous things got published”). The Bronze Age happened, it had increased intercontinuity and censorship lifted a lot, there were a lot of political things going on (often very hamfistedly) and a TON of short-lived character retools happened. A lot of iconic shit is from this era. Comics had a bit of an obsession with seeming more grounded and “relevant”, and this is arguably when fans really started to run the show and we got… uh… the current continuity situation. Shall we say.
  • (Marvel ended up doing very well out of this, in my totally subjective opinion. A lot of their Bronze Age stuff ended up shaping current ideas of their body of work and it arguably had the biggest influence on what would eventually turn into the MCU as a result. By contrast, DC wound up sticking with more stuff from the Dark Age, which we can probably oversimplify to “well, they’re the ones who did Watchmen and Dark Knight, sooooo…”)
  • So the most commonly accepted eras (with huge generalisations) are: Golden (pulp), Silver (camp), Bronze (narrative focus with higher age demographic), Dark (grim/gritty) and then everyone argues a lot, which means I’m inclined to half-jokingly go along with Post-Modern (around 2000 to now).
  • The MCU, I would argue, draws half from Bronze and half from “Post-Modern” with the transitionary period of the Dark age still exerting influence. The DCEU draws HEAVILY from Dark Age stuff (Snyder has SUCH a hard on for Dark Knight Returns, including for the Superman stuff) and also, to some extent, current era comics. (There’s probably gonna be a lot of nu52 in the way the League is done in JL.)

I don’t know why I even made this post, you should probably not care about any of this, BUT THERE U GO.

Okay so about Helsa in Frozen 2

At this point in time, it doesn’t matter to me if Helsa becomes canon or not. (I might have already talked about this), because thinking about it, just like any ship in the frozen fandom (besides Kristanna which is canon) Helsa is possible but still a bit of a longshot. So really at this point in time of waiting for the sequel, or even a gosh darn cast list, I don’t need a kiss or anything between Hans and Elsa.
All I’d want from the sequel, is Hans being redeemed. Him and Elsa working together in a twist of events, because that would be hella more interesting, especially for a Disney film. The villain and hero working together, maybe as a win win situation, hans helps Elsa, so Elsa helps him, or for a common goal, or to fight a common enemy.

I mean it was said 3 years ago (yes three gosh darn years ago) that the writers want to redeem Hans. But how they redeem him has so many routes to take. How Helsa becomes canon or not, isn’t a concern of mine. I love Helsa, but even to me, if hans and Elsa become friends and show signs or forgiveness, maybe even Hans showing feelings by the end of the film, that’s still canon in my eyes.
Cause that to me has an infinitely more interesting story then just a typical “problem, new character comes and helps save the day by new villian”, cause let’s be honest… Having a villain redeemed in an animated Disney film is already a huge fantastic step than doing typical things.

Also, it’s definitley a longshot rumour of Anna becoming the villain, because it makes no sense. How could Anna, who risked her life for his sister, who was shut out by her for years, randomly become evil?
I don’t know, but what I find appealing about the idea, is Elsa isn’t going along to fight Anna, but to try and save her. Just like Anna saved Elsa.
Anna didn’t give up on Elsa, so Elsa obviously won’t give up on Anna.
Plus, Elsa was in some form a villain in the first film, having her take a role similar to Anna’s in the first film is a good idea.
But how would Hans come into the mix?
Kristoff would make more sense, but at the same time, Kristoff working with Elsa could cause confusing and the idea they’d fall for each other. Hans too, still had some connection to Anna. And it would be more open to how Hans and Elsa’s relationship could grow. Become bigger enemies, just walk out of each others lives forever, become friends, or even spark affection, but again, it’s open to much more of a story arc and interactions.
Kristoff and Hans share qualities of having an unknown past according to the viewer, but all kristoff knows is how he grew up with ice harvesters. For all we know he never knew his parents, or his line of history, and a story where he finds those things out, would be more fitting in a story where Anna discovers it with him, not Elsa. And having a sequel with Elsa basically the villain again, is a boring recreation of the first movie. (That’s why it’s unfortunate you didn’t learn more about Kristoff in the first film, but they were focusing on the sisters relationship)
Hans on the other hand, We don’t know alot of why he just came to Arendelle and did what he did. All his actions and facial details, his personality changes depending on who he’s speaking to, they’re all details to a past we never learned about.
Jen Lee stated that Hans’ actions were caused by lack of love… That seems like a very important detail they forgot to add.

Ursula used to work in the palace, and was kicked out. The stepmother in snow-white didn’t want to be second most beautiful. Heck, even Turbo was explained in wreck it Ralph and he was a hidden villain like Bellweather in Zootopia (she too had her actions explained), so why would they keep that out for Hans, who was a hidden villain?
And don’t give me the bullshit of “Hans is just an evil guy”, no he’s not. Bellweather was oppressed cause she’s a sheep and said to not be able to do anything. Turbo was taken down from his pedestal of stardom so suddenly, after being the best for so long. Jen Lee had to tell everyone why Hans did what he did cause they left it out of the first film.

Connection between wanting him redeemed? Maybe so it can be explained in a sequel. I’m starting to see it that way.

(Where was I going with this.. I had a point)

Basically, Hans being in the next film, seems like it was planned to begin with.

I’ll tell you why.

Hans is connected to all the characters wether you like it or not. And if anything, he seems like he’s part of their group, more so then Gaston was to Belle, more so to King Candy to Vanellope. And you can see that too, don’t tell me you can’t.
Even the Duke of Wesleton doesn’t fit with the group.
To me, anything that was a spin-off for Frozen, *cough* Lego short film *cough*
Just didn’t seem right.. and that’s because Hans wasn’t there. Even showing him somehow, would make everything feel better.
Some people didn’t like Frozen Fever, but in a way, it was still slightly better, because they had shown Hans, because Hans is still a connection to them. And him being officially added to the gang, just… Evens things out.
I don’t know how to explain it better, but if anyone understands what I’m saying, that, Hans just has to be there. He has to be in the sequel, otherwise it won’t make sense. It won’t feel right. Then please elaborate better.
Even if he fills a silly typical revenge role, (that doesn’t fit his character) that’s more fitting then him not being in it at all.
Disagree if you want, but I’m serious. And I’m sure you’d understand too if he isn’t in Frozen 2. I can predict now that if he’s not in Frozen 2, the movie will just feel off. Somehow.

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I wanted to sit down and watch your AT4W movie since I had never seen it, but I was wondering, do I need knowledge of your in-review storyline to make sense of it? And if so, is there like a master-video where I can get caught up with just the story segments, or do I have to go digging through the full reviews?

The DVD has a humorous recap of the full storyline up to the movie. =)  Considering some of the characters involved, it would help to know the storyline, but you probably don’t need to know it TOO well.

Otherwise, enjoy this playlist of every episode featuring storyline content (however brief): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxCy3y2-ZD2EiY2ayTMg4vOwmcmbVVY1y

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For the ship meme: poly NaruSasuSaku?

notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies

These three make way more sense together than with anyone else.

  • Who is the most affectionate? Naruto, though Sakura follows at a very close second. 
  • Big spoon/Little spoon? Naruto and Sakura often are the big spoons, at first because they are each more comfortable that way, but also because Sasuke is often restless otherwise.
  • Most common argument? Who destroyed what piece of furniture in the house with some questionable activity.
  • Favorite non-sexual activity? Watching old movies or going for hikes in the forest together 
  • Who is most likely to carry the other? Sakura has no qualms about picking up either of her boys if she needs to, but Naruto especially likes to carry either of his loves whenever the mood strikes, usually to the bedroom.
  • Nicknames? Saku-chan, Naru-kun, Grumpycat
  • Who worries the most? Sakura, openly. Sasuke, inwardly.
  • Who tops? Sasuke and Sakura are the more dominant of the three.
  • Who initiates kisses? Usually Naruto and Sakura, but as time passes, Sasuke does as well, though only when they are alone.
  • Who wakes up first? Sakura
  • Who says I love you first? Sakura and Naruto

Thank you @sakura-uchiha-uzumaki

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I feel like something's being lost in translation here, in regards to the Vanity Fair stuff. Because I clearly remember Rian and JJ saying that JJ and Larry Kasdan talked about how TLJ's story relates back to TFA's story. There definitely has to be some sort of broad strokes plan for the overall story of the sequel trilogy otherwise that comment makes no damn sense? Anyways, that's my hot take on this.

Yeah, see, I remember Rian and JJ have both said on multiple occasions that there was some collaboration between TFA and TLJ to make sure the two films flow well back and forth, with JJ changing some things in TFA so Rian could deal with them in TLJ. I imagine the same will be said to have happened between Rian and Colin. There’s also the fact that we learned IX was originally “planned” to be Leia’s movie, and then there’s Daisy claiming she was told Rey’s parentage while filming TFA even though we weren’t told it in that film. I do feel like there’s some sort of plan they’re working off of, but it’s probably just a lot looser in terms of how the story gets from point A to point B than we would have thought. 

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I'm stuck and too lazy to google: first off, what kind of creature is mr night and what the fuck is the dinosaur thing called, and second: What kind of technology should be incorporated ? (AKA: I know jack shit about tech)

Mr. Night is a splice, a rat one to be precise. The lizard species are called Sargorn.

As for tech, I mean, I incorporate what the ear pieces that allow them to be in other places. Not sure if it’s teleportation or like a hologram. Also, spaceships. Otherwise, I just have fun with it. That movie hardly made sense I might as well make up shit lol

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How did Luke, Han and Leia meet in the Midwest AU?

Leia was your classic local activist college student in the late 70s—in particular, she targeted Bright Star Trust, one of the growing conglomerate corporations that threatened to basically swallow a significant chunk of the state. (It already shut down her little hometown by buying up the factory and moving it overseas; within five years, the place was devastated.) She managed to break into one their facilities and copy information proving their bribery, fraud, corruption, embezzlement, etc. onto a couple of floppy disks.

(And remember, this is the seventies, they are eight inch disks that are legitimately floppy, it was a serious achievement.)

But she knew she was a suspect, so she hid them in record sleeves and quickly sold her collection to a resale shop the next town over; she figured she could go back for them once Bright Star was done “keeping an eye” on her—to quote their somewhat terrifying head of security, Mr. Vader.

Except Luke, poor farmboy and with pretty much the same taste in music, bought them first. And took them home, only to find out that instead of the Osmonds, he’s got accounting records and a dozen pages torn from a notebook, all signed Leia Organa, and mentioning a Professor Ben Kenobi.

(”Old Ben? Do you think she means Old Ben?”)

Han Solo is still a guy they find in a bar, along with his friend—“Just call him Chewie,” Han Solo says, as the hairy stranger by his side chews a mouthful of tobacco with vehemence—and he’s still the guy that can get you things, who’s known for being able to navigate those winding country roads in the right way to never shake hands with a cop. Old Ben just has to mention there’s some sorority sister in trouble whose daddy can probably pay through the nose if his baby girl is saved from her own mess—

(”That is not how I put it.”

“That’s definitely how I heard it, old man.”)

So they meet in the shadowy after-hours halls of the Death Star (“Kind of a lame nickname, don’t you think?” Han hisses. “Shut up,” Leia snaps) trying to dodge Vader and his security team. And there’s something about a relationship forged in a giddy dash for the car, Han muttering shitshitshit baby please start to his piece of shit Falcon as Ben distracts Vader, looking very small and old in front of the man in the all-black suit—

When they tear out of the parking lot, there’s absolute silence. And then Leia hiccups an accidental, giddy-relieved laugh, and then they’re all laughing—panicked and glad and that? that carries them all through, beneath the stars.

Sebastian’s been talking shit about DC for a while now.  Him and a number of the Marvel actors has said shit about DC that was definitely not out of context.

Meanwhile on the DC side of things:

Henry Cavill: “I love Marvel movies, I just love mine more.”

Ben Affleck: “Just by their nature these films can’t be as funny or as quick and as glib as Marvel movies.”

Gal Gadot has said nothing about Marvel

Ezra Miller has said nothing about Marvel

Ray Fisher has said nothing about Marvel

Zack Snyder has complimented Marvel movies plenty of times and his quote about Ant-Man was taken completely out of context

Jason Momoa did write “Fuck Marvel!” on a poster but only because a fan requested it for her boyfriend who’s a DC fan(she’s a Marvel fan actually)

And DC Entertainment CEO Diane Nelson said that Marvel’s combing tv and movie universe works great for them.  It just doesn’t make sense for DC to do that.

So not much shit talking from the DC actors/directors/executive side. I guess that’s why the media took Zack’s comments outrageously out of context: They wouldn’t have a “DC guys talk shit about Marvel!” narrative otherwise

All aboard!

So, according to Tumblr I am Literally The Worst Thing Ever™, which is a white, cisgender, heterosexual, ostensibly Christian dudebro. And yet despite that, I’d like to talk about something I’ve come to embrace - #stucky and #stormpilot.

It’s probably the influence of my friends @youkaichick, @queseramara and @thescienceofsleep92 - but now I’ve got this whole thing stuck in my head, as far as I’m concerned, they’re both canon relationships now.

Now as I mentioned above, I’m a DudeBro™, so I’m not in this because of “yay, diversity’ or anything like that. I can chug along cheerfully with endless iterations of conventionally attractive, white, cisgender heterosexual characters doing all their heteronormative shit because that’s the world and society I grew up in. And I’m not doing it to score points for being a super progressive awesome liberal freethinking person.

I am a totally boring, dreary, middle-of-the-road, lowest-common-denominator DudeBro™.

And yet… Stucky and StormPilot make sense to me.   

I mean, look at this:

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^ I mean, talk about sexual chemistry. That lip bite? C’mon. If a girl gave that lip bite to me I’d instantly fall in love. So even as a DudeBro™ I watch the above and am, like: “Yeah, well, that makes sense.”

And what about #Stucky?

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Same thing. ^ DO YOU SEE THAT CHEMISTRY? Seriously, I could live the rest of my life and never have a woman look at me the way Bucky looks at Steve in that gif. That’s love, bro.

So not in an AU. Not in a daydream. Not in any made-up-universe… As far as I’m concerned, in the canon of the films, those two relationships actually exist.

And the irony is that the way Lucasfilm and Marvel both tried to downplay the sheer-fucking-obviousness of these relationships spectacually backfired to make them even more canon - at least as far as I’m concerned.

In The Force Awakens they had Rey, and clearly tried to force some kind of possibility of attraction between Finn and Rey.

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And it totally doesn’t work.

To me, Finn’s ‘attraction’ to Rey is the same as his instant connection to Poe in the Tie Fighter - there is a human being, with a name, who is treating him as an individual. For a guy raised as a numbered stormtrooper since a child, that’s HUGE.

But after than initial connection, to me it seems obvious that Finn loves Rey in a very fraternal way. They’re both orphans. They’re both lost souls. They have such a shared life experience that it’s instantly obvious they’re going to be drawn to each other… but not in a romantic way. In fact, even the very idea of that seems kind of… incestuous.

And then look at the clusterfuck which was Sharon Carter:

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If they gave out an award for least convincing relationship ever, it would be the one between Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter in Civil War.

That scene when Sharon rescues them all and hands the team back their equipment ends with the boys clambering into the back of the VW Bug, ready to go off and have adventures - and then Sharon stands there with her hands on her hips, tapping her feet, and it’s, like, obvious she WANTS something.

So - and this is it, because it’s actually in the goddamn movie - Steve looks at Bucky in the back seat for tacit approval, and then rolls his eyes as if to say: “Okay, guys, I’ve gotta take one for the team.”

Then he kisses her with all the passion and enthusiasm of a DudeBro™ wingman reluctantly hooking up with the hot girl’s less-attractive best friend just so his buddy has a chance with the hottie.

And to add fuel to this theory - Bucky narrows his eyes and watches them make out with clear and obviously seething rage. Like, there’s no question that he’s mad as hell that Steve’s locking lips with this… this… what the fuck was the bitch’s name again?

And he even moves over so he can get a better view.

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So, look. As I said, I’m a white, cisgender, heterosexual, ostensibly Christian DudeBro™ and I’m not into forcibly inserting characters of different genders/races/sexualities into a story just for the sake of ‘diversity’…

…but in the case of #stucky and #stormpilot it makes narrative sense.

In fact, it makes more narrative sense then the heteronormative band-aids they slap into the script to try and divert attention away from these relationships (like the whole Sharon Carter thing.)

I get my Haynes all knotted when people try and do politically correct shit to established universes just to make them more ‘diverse’ - like having Idris Elba play Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower movies, or have Noma Dumezweni play Hermione in The Cursed Child.

It’s not that I have an issue with the actors or anything (I love Idris Elba) it’s just it seems so cynical, and manufactured. 

But in this case, to try and muscle out #stucky or#stormpilot seems just as cynical and manufactured; without even having the politically correct kudos at the end of it.

I know it’ll never happen, but I honestly wish we lived in a world in which #stucky and #stormpilot could be actual things and nobody would give a shit. If we could let the clear and obvious truth of the characters and their chemistry play out, instead of trying to appease people.

And, as I said, I’m not making that argument because I want a more diverse movie universe, or anything well-intentioned like that. I fully embrace that I am a typical lame-ass, piece of shit white cisgender DudeBro™ and I feel no obligation to make anybody happy by adding diversity to anything. 

But in this case… it makes sense.

And as a storyteller, and somebody who believes that chracterization is everything, #stucky and#stormpilot make sense; and no matter how many Sharon Carters they throw into the script to try and pretend otherwise, they’re totally canon in my head - and long may they remain that way.

Thanks for listening to my rant!