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warning for negativity/venting.

I don’t really buy 17!Keith much. Looking at the “teens” label, I just squinted and said “okaaay” for them in the beginning, then things blew up, despite the vague terminology used and how not well thought out things seemed to be.

If they declared that the Garrison was more of a high-school based institution as canon, like actually in the show or in official print, and that they were in HS years, then I would have just accepted it, even though I can’t see Keith.

If they had said clearly from the start that he was 17, I would have owned up to it even if I didn’t agree as I headcanon otherwise, and steered clear from nsfw content, at least for now.

Now I have no intentions of accepting Keith as possibly as a minor and Shiro as any older than 23. After a year of being stubborn about my headcanons, I can’t possibly. And staff remains to be inconsistent.

This truth remains: I believe most of the art I reblog portrays them both as adults. Most Sheiths do. I’ll continue to do as I always. But to be honest, it’s going to be harder for me.

Antique Dreams - Chapter One

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Pairings: Solavellan, Dalish/Skinner
Rating: E (for future NSFW content)
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Clan Lavellan has a much darker history than anyone living remembers anymore. But there is power hidden there, if you know the right demons.

Dalish and Demons and Family Secrets, oh my!

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I don't think you guys said one swear in the MH's series.

i thiiiiiiiiiiink i might have accidentally said “shit” in entry 9 but you can barely hear it but yeah otherwise we tried to steer clear

Year 2 in Review

Two years ago today, I had no holiday spirit and wrote my first fanfic. Today, I still have no holiday spirit and I have posted a million words on AO3 alone - not counting the original stories I have sent out to publishers. I would never have become as skilled a writer as I am without this fandom’s support, and I know I still have a long ways to go. 

I got into a lot more AU’s this year. To celebrate, here’s a roundup of some of my favorites!

(all these, and more, can be found on my AO3)

Free Orcs AU
This is the thing I’m proudest of to date. As the title suggests, there are free orcs who rebelled against Mordor.Erebor never fell. Azog and Thorin meet as friends rather than enemies. It contains multiple pairings, including Bofur/Bilbo and Dwalin/Nori.

Pretty Bird
A quest fic where Nori is a bird skinchanger. Dwalin/Nori. Lots of pining. Everyone lives. Happy Ending.

smell the sea and feel the sky
Nori/Dwalin. Pirates AU. Privateer Dwalin is in lust/hate with a cocky pirate captain, and worships his beautiful Lady. It takes him quite a while to realize they’re the same genderfluid person. Flower language, flirting, and Nori being a little shit. Happy ending.

Incubus Dreams
Dwalin/Nori. Incubus/Demon hunter AU that turned out very smutty but also surprisingly domestic and fluffy. Dwalin’s family are demon hunters. Nori’s are pleasure demons. It works out.

War Dogs
Dwalin/Nori. This was a colab I wrote with concept and art by Nowitsaparty, and one of my favorite fics. When Nori is stolen away, Dwalin swears he will do anything it takes to rescue his betrothed. Lots of angst and a happy ending.

when the wind’s from the east and the sun’s from the west
My current WIP. Aladdin AU. Dwalin/Nori and Nori/Thorin (and pairings updated as needed). Thorin is prince of Agrabah, Nori is a thief, Dwalin is Thorin’s royal guard. Everything is complicated. Eventual happy ending.

I Will Fear No Evil
A western AU with Dwalin and Nori. This was a colab I wrote with concept by MJ and art by Sparkle. If you’re in the mood for unmitigated angst, try this fic. Otherwise, steer clear. 

It would be remiss of me not to mention that I shipped a tree with a raccoon, and was the first to write fic of it

(here is a link to last year’s post, too, if you’d like to see my older stuff)