otherwise known as a year wasted

Alright, folks, my self-indulgent insecure Ace!Enjolras eXR fic I wrote to make myself feel better is here. Some NSFW talk, but mostly just awkward communications.

“No,” Enjolras said flatly, not even looking up from his essay.

“Come on,” Courfeyrac whinned. “You’re attracted to him, he’s attracted to you. A date won’t hurt.”

“Yes it will,” he snapped. “Because it’s two /different/ attractions. How many times do we have to go over this?”

“How do you know? Come on. Just have dinner with him. It’s not like he’s going to ask to bone you right away.”

“Courf,” Enjolras warned, looking slightly disgusted.

“Fine, right, sorry.” Courfeyrac said as he flopped on the couch. “But you get my point!”

“And you /don’t/ get mine. It’s not about one date. It’s about the fact that I’d be leading him on.”

Courfeyrac got back up, took Enjolras’ face in his hands and forced him to look at him. “Listen. Are you listening? Unless you open with ‘Hey, we’re tots gonna have sex later’ you’re not leading him on.”

“If we continue on dates, he’ll expect it.”

“Then bring it up! I don’t understand why you’ve always been so skittish about this topic.”

Enjolras sighed. “This is Grantaire we’re talking about. You know what he’s like. He’ll want it at some point, and I /can’t/. Maybe it it was a stranger and I could cut them off if I had to…but he’s part of the group…”

Courfeyrac looked ready to bash his head against a wall. “He went two years thinking you /hated/ him. If it doesn’t work out, I’m pretty sure he’ll get over it.”

“Not easily.”

“Nothing with Granatire is easy,” Courfeyrac pointed out. “Not when it comes to things like that.”

Enjolras glanced at the clock and groaned. “I have to finish this essay. If I promise to have a coffee date, will you /please/ leave me alone?”

Courfeyrac’s face lit up. “Deal!”

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concerning study groups . . .

so, disclaimer for my purpose in writing this: i know a ton of people who say that study groups were the reason they made it through university. and i just felt like it was necessary to clear some misconceptions up and to share my own personal experience with study groups. I LOVE study groups, but sometimes they can go off the rails if you don’t follow a couple guidelines. okay, enjoy. 

study groups should be: 

  • beneficial to everyone involved. this means the EVERYONE should be contributing an equal share. eight people should not be learning off of one person’s carefully detailed notes. everybody who wants to study together needs to do the same amount of prep before, or it’s just others mooching off the one provider of knowledge. not fair. 
  • small, if in person. I say in person because I’ve been a part of a few huge class facebook groups that all contribute to one study guide together. that’s fine if that’s how you want to roll, but again: lazy people WILL take advantage of your work ethic. smaller study groups are better because more people have to contribute and it’s easier to state ideas without someone interrupting, accidentally or otherwise. you can also cover more material.
  • held more than one night before the exam. if you get a bunch of people together the night before, they probably aren’t prepared, and they’re probably there to cram. study groups are never beneficial for cramming–they’re much better for filling out study guides together or quizzing on already known information. if you try to condense your memorizing, learning, and mastering into one night without working by yourself, the group won’t be productive and you’ll be wasting your time. 
  • purposeful. living on the honors floor all year made me realize that some people call their weekly social gathering and gossip sesh a “study group.” call it what it is, folks. study groups should be centered around something: a quiz, test, project, even reviewing last week’s lecture. If you don’t have a point, I guarantee your intended two-hour review will dissolve into who the bachelor will choose. I’m not kidding. 
  • selective. this is because, again: it is VITAL that everyone contributes. many hands make light work, but if you’ve got one brain helping five brains out with nothing in return, that brain will get worn out. you do not have to feel obligated to study with that dude who’s been texting in class all semester. chances are, he recognizes that you’ve been working your ass off and he will most definitely try to take advantage of that. your work is yours, and it is entirely up to you who you share the fruits of your labor with. 
  • fun. I know I just laid out a lot of rules here, but your study group should also be a good time. most everyone I’ve met on studyblr is pretty self-motivated and could easily study information on their own, so remember: a study group is a way to make studying more efficient, more comprehensive, and more enjoyable. pausing to make cookies and lemonade or watch a quick episode of the office does not make your study group unsuccessful–it makes it smart. you definitely need breaks, just in proportion to your studying time. 

Cosplays From This Year that I actually wore out of my house at a convention

Headless Dirk (Homestuck), Bon (Blue Exorcist), Candlehead (Wreck It Ralph), Felt Duds Dave (Homestuck), Robintier Godtier Tavros (Homestuck), Jack Frost (Rankin Bass ‘Jack Frost’ TV Special), Richie Foley (Static Shock)

Not pictured: Wheatley from Portal 2, Frankie Foster from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and Karkat Vantas

Runner Up cosplays, otherwise known as cosplays I wore out in presence of others but not to a convention include 

a really shitty Meenah

and an even crappier Jake

This year sure has been…interesting 




Strangers at a Doorstep


Ten years. It had been a miserable decade that had passed since the travesty of all their plans not going accordingly, to word it lightly. The downfall of the brilliant era of several notorious mob families. The destruction costing countless lives that were otherwise rotting corpses and names mere dust in the wind, two in particular only spoken in hushed tones and far away from the presence of those that had known them best. The star-crossed mobsters, as some had taken to mockingly don them.

Everything had changed      and for the worst, as expected. There was some sort of aura present within the soul of Gotham City that made it appear more aged, more cynical and darker. In her youth, it was a restless and brightly lit spirit, the ideal location for countless parties and wasted years lingering in whirlwind escapades and thinking nothing of the consequences. All of this was replaced by a ghostly presence lurking where the familiar faces of those she once knew were long gone, one way or another.

The near twenty nine year old had not come here to rejoice nor grieve over the dead. Those were wasted efforts, not to say she hadn’t cared. But to the world    to this world, all she’d once ever known with her father      she too, was dead. So be it then. the world she lived in now consisted of always being on the run, always looking over her shoulder, to ensure her safety. That sort of world wasn’t good by any means for a baby, and that was what she kept telling herself over and over the day she’d kept hers away from it.

‘Damn him. Damn that worthless sunuva bitch if I eva’ find 'im first 'fore her.’ Melody Falcone- née Sionis- thought angrily to herself. With everything secure, the act of a favor was no longer needed for Mario. It would be terminated and likely him too as part as of the ten year late vengeance. Depending on how well treated her little girl was would factor in the decision making on what to do with his life.

Hours of aimless driving had finally tracked down to one specific location that was undoubtedly his current secret residence. It was a run down joint as compared to the life of luxury that which they all indulged in with the grand sized penthouse complexes. Though it was likely there were more bags of cash laying around stored somewhere at the base of the area; he was a cheap but clever bastard, he knew how to make things last. Which again put his guardian abilities into questioning, as whether or not her daughter received decent presents for celebrations. That is, if the two even celebrated them. She’d be damned if so.

And here she was at the front porch of the place now. A car was nowhere in sight, either hidden away or he was out    and obviously the ten year old accompanied him, because no sane individual would leave a ten year old alone and unguarded in this trash fort    which would have prompted a cowardly side of herself to flee while the opportunity was present. All that stood between her and the child she had not seen in over ten years was a door.

No. She wasn’t going to run. She wasn’t going anywhere, never again. There was nothing that would ever stand between her family ever again, she wouldn’t allow it.

Melody knocked twice and waited patiently, shaking internally and her heart breaking at the realization that if- and just if- it was her daughter who were to open the door, she would not be recognizable by any means. To each other, they were but a stranger. 

Lost Time to Make Up || angelusliber

Wandering had its benefits. One gets to hear various bits and pieces of information as they make their way around, eagerly entering every ear they come across. That was precisely how Ghetsis heard a very vital piece of information. It was said that the girl in possession of Reshiram was holed up in the ruins of Team Plasma’s old castle in the new Victory Road.

Ghetsis dared not question why she would stay there, for he already knew. She was still obsessed with the past, not daring to move forward. Typical for her. Too much of a coward, too reliant on others giving her everything she needed to succeed, yet completely unable to even fulfill the very task she was raised for.

Sighing, he began to wander northbound, making his way to Victory Road. Why would he do such a thing if he was already well-aware of why she was there? Ghetsis himself did not know. Perhaps he just wanted to see the hope leave her young face one last time. Maybe he felt there was still some small part of her that would accept him as her father once again. Maybe he wanted nothing more than a release for the pent-up aggression he had to deal with for these many long years.

It was quite a long walk. Victory Road was teeming with young trainers, all looking to make their names known as Champion of the Unova Region. An empty pursuit of an empty title. They challenged him, clearly recognizing exactly who he was. Being featured in regional media was a damnation to never have a moment of anonymity within your own region. He reluctantly accepted each challenge in spite of having a far better reason to waste his time in this place. They just wouldn’t leave him alone otherwise.

They fell left and right, all of them foolishly hoping that they were stronger than the last. They were not. Eventually, after weaving his way through many a cave, he found the rubble of Team Plasma’s long-gone glory. The castle that still attempted to stand so proud, but did nothing more than crumble more with each coming day. The entrance was still there, though many holes in the walls allowed access as well.

He walked inside, his cane clanging upon the ruined ornate floor with every other shuffling step. The rooms still retained quite a great deal of power for the sage, all resonating memories of a plan with decades of planning behind it. All of them, resonating that disgusting failure that led to his downward spiral of defeat after defeat.

Step. Ghetsis froze in place, having heard what appeared to be a footstep taken off of his own uncertain rhythm. Step. Yes. It was another one within this desecrated castle. He made haste towards the source of the noise, his cane being the most definite noise among his shaky gait.

A doorway loomed over his head as he ran in, Nati’s figure entering his gaze. He stopped where he stood, gaze intensifying upon the hated failure of a pawn.

“Nati.” Ghetsis’ voice rang throughout the empty halls, bouncing off of the empty walls and leaving a slight echo in its wake. “You are still here. Pathetic.

anonymous asked:

Have you read every single Batman issue? This is a real question, I'm in awe. Also, what do you think about the new Batman run? Should I start reading that - or do you have recommendations from old Batman arcs? -- I don't know about new 52 or DC all that much but it's just feels easier to start with the current run because they just look better? Some drawings from the old issues are really hard to look at. :D

Nooooo, I have not. I also haven’t read every Dick Grayson comic, though it’s mostly the 1940′s to 70′s that I skimp on. There’s just a loooot of comics out there, and it’s a pretty expensive habit over time. 

I feel like my Titan knowledge is better than my overall Batman knowledge, but in answer to your question: I don’t keep up with the New 52, and I never recommend it because I personally don’t enjoy the new continuity. To be quite honest, the vast majority of people that I talk to prefer Pre-52 comics, even if they were introduced to comics through the New 52. If you want, you can start with the current Batman run, but every single New 52 relationship is fragmented, and it doesn’t have the same quality that you’ll find in Pre-52.

With that said, not all the art is ‘bad’ in Pre-52; I mean, you don’t have to jump back to the 1980′s just to enjoy Batman comics. There is plenty of content, from Hush, to No Man’s Land to Fugitive, to Damian’s appearance, etc to satisfy you without going that far back. For example, this art is from Hush in 2003.

You also might be interested in the Dick-Batman era, which I think had a solid couple years of art and storytelling.

(Batman #704)

In Pre-52 comics, you can also read about Dick and Babs actually having a relationship; this art was from 2005.

(Birds of Prey Vol 1 #86)

And this art was from 1999.

(Birds of Prey Vol 1 #8)

Dick and Tim actually being brothers?

(Nightwing Vol 2 #139)

So good art isn’t exclusive to the New 52 by any means, and there’s still thousands of comics from the year 2000 to 2011 to read. Even if you start reading Pre-52 stuff, it’s unlikely you’ll ever run out of stuff (I mean, I still haven’t run out of stuff and I’ve been reading comics for almost a decade). If the New 52 was selling quality stories, I’d recommend those stories, but honestly, the New 52 is a giant marketing scheme capitalizing on famous characters while leaving almost every other character behind in the dust. It’s the most inauthentic storytelling you’ll ever find in this industry, with a few exceptions, like DC’s Earth-2 which is actually pretty bad ass. Otherwise, though, I personally think it’s a waste of your money.

My personal recommendations, especially if you’re new to comics, is [The Batman Files]. Here’s a general overview for [Dick Grayson comics]. Here’s a more specific reading list for the [DickBat era]. If you’re interested in the more mainstream Batman comics, you can look up recommendations online, and the most well-known and popular will pop up pretty quickly. Usually it’s comics like Hush, Murderer/Fugitive, No Man’s Land, Batman and Son, Batman: Year One, etc. The Black Mirror has also become a very well-known graphic novel despite being Dick Grayson instead of Bruce. Then you might want to branch off and read Cassandra Cain’s comics. Maybe Steph Brown as Batgirl? Tim’s Robin run? His Red Robin run? Maybe Red Hood: Lost Days if you’re a Jason Todd fan. Overall, the Pre-52 has a lot of content to sift through, the characters are more consistent, and the stories are more in depth imho.