otherwise i will feel very very alone

Beauty Fades

I get a lot of messages from all you wonderful followers and I always try and reply to all of them. I often get told, as I just have, that I’m very ‘nice for a girl as beautiful as me’. This is very sweet and of course flattering but remember beauty is subjective. Every one has different opinions of what is beautiful. Beautiful people need to remember one very import thing. It fades. It doesn’t make you better than any one else and if you act like it does, when your beauty fades, you’re left alone with nothing but a crappy personality and photos of when you were ‘hot’. All people, beautiful, or otherwise deserve the same respect and attention and to not be made to feel bad about themselves. Remember we are all beautiful to some one.

anonymous asked:

hiiiii!! First of all, i love your blog so much! Thanks for your hard work, actually your blog is my fav so far:-( sooo please stay with us as long as you can! Otherwise i'll be sad pepe :-( Also i have a request! Ikon texts when their gf went to supermarket and left them alone with her mother and she showed them her (gf) embarrassing childhood photos? And they make fun of her? Thank you~😘

i’m very glad to know this, thank you so much for your support, honey c: and i’m very sorry that i’m only getting to you now but i hope you enjoy it. i will do as much as i can to stay long with all of you, thank you c: and thank you for requesting as well, feel free to request again anytime!

here it is

frecklewench  asked:

Any romantic fall-backs now that our dreams of jumping Varric's sultry bones have been gutted? Will your Cadash settle for another character or will she go it alone? (I'm still on the fence, personally.)

well, like i said, danna cannot be alone.  she’s very loving and vivacious and needs to turn all that energy on someone who can appreciate it, and her.

i’m very much with momochanners on the Blackwall/Dorf Lady team!  that’s my current ideal for her.  

from what i can tell, he fits with Danna’s personality extremely well (she would not get along, romantically or otherwise, with Sera or Iron Bull).

i will play the game as it comes, though, and continue to write/headcanon a triad.

                                                      THE DRAGON QUEEN’S SPEECH

          it has been a little over 8 months since i started this blog, and i have come to meet many amazing people with beautiful characters and blogs. when i began this blog, i had no intention of staying for more than a month, let alone it reaching the numbers it has, now. and i cannot express my gratitude enough. 

          so to keep this short && clean i will be posting the giveaway on a different post that will soon follow this one. 

                                                                FOLLOW FOREVER                                                

                             only alphabetized, otherwise in no order 
                             if you aren’t on here, i am so very sorry. i
                             am very clumsy and likely either meant to
                             put you on here or simply got caught up in
                             all of the  feelings  i  have for you  all but 
                             please realize that i do love every one of you.
                              (i’m also using the @ tagging system so..)

                                                                 MY SWEETLINGS 
   we may not talk that often,  or maybe we speak to one
                                    another every day. all  those  that are listed, here, are
                                    muns  &&  blogs that i  feel  very strongly about.  they 
                                    are my dear friends, and i would do anything for them.
                                                     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥  

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