Sihyuk Academy Character Profile

Sihyuk Academy

Commonly called Bang Sihyuk School of the Odd


Kim Namjoon:

year 7 student
Creature: Vampire (pureblood prince)
Direct relative of Ambrogio
-family powers include the ability to control emotions as well as others

Min Yoongi

Year 8 student
Creature: Black eyed being
Has similar abilities to vampires and jinn

Kim Seokjin

Year 8 student
Creature: Jinni (A form of genie)
-subclass: Ceaseless traveler

Jung Hoseok

Year 7 student
Creature: Nix
-specific animal:horse
Also transforms into a mermaid (hemming of clothes are always wet)

Park Jimin

Year 6 student
Creature: Mermaid
-Only changes in water

Kim Taehyung

Year 6 student
Creature: Tengu
-Subclass: Daitengu
Has crow-like wings, is a skilled fighter, and is very mischevious
can also speak without moving the mouth, enter dreams at will, and transport without the use of wings

Jeon Jungkook

Year 4 student
Creature: Shapeshifter
-creature of choice: Werewolf
Does not fall under the curse of the werewolf, can change at will and keeps his human conscious