*This post will focus on how this placement could manifest positively.*

Saturn in 8th house:

Even though this placement can cause trauma and abuse or cause lots of fears and anxieties, it can also produce a powerful and mature personality. After all this depends on how Saturn is aspected and placed.

So what happens with Saturn being in 8th house?

  • This individual is someone who is wise and cautious
  • This person learns that there are things in life you can’t control, like death and you just have to accept it and move on
  • Learns that holding on to fears and pain will not lead to anything go but rather to learn to let go of things and to move on
  • Learning that a healthy relationship doesn’t have to be dominated but rather partners sharing equal parts in the relationship, power and control never make a relationship succeed 
  • Emotionally mature, in the sense they not only try to understand what they feel but they actually allow themselves to feel it and embrace their emotions instead of suppressing it
  • Wise with money and doesn’t like of being in debt to others
  • Capable of understanding the psychological nature of people and can help them understand their own fears and work on them
  • Views sex as an important and valuable thing that needs a special understanding and treatment 
  • Learns to open up to their partner and actually enjoy being intimate with them
  • Learns to be comfortable in their own skin and admire themselves the way they are
  • Great teachers and have a strong and powerful personality that can endure hardships of life
  • More aware of the psychological issues that exist in the world and aims to understand them better and work on them

Saturn in Pisces:

All of this will happen through beliefs, dreams, imagination and emotions. Saturn in Pisces will learn that chaos and structure are in need of each other to exist. That to be found you have to be lost and to be able to live with life’s ever changing state. To learn to dive deeper in everything, to be philosophical and share your views with others. To be responsible of yourself and to value your emotions and others. To learn when to put boundaries and when to take them off.