Fashion Wars Day Two : Jyrii

Jyrii is an overly emotional, sylvari adoring, and slightly neurotic asura who also happens to be Vrennik’s twin sibling. Although she’s academically more intelligent than her brother, the difference between their levels of maturity are… well, astounding to say the least.

This little bundle of energy is happiest when surrounded by flora of any kind, and will most often be found within her laboratory studying magical influence upon a wide assortment of plants - both helpful and not, earning her the title ‘Magibotanist.’

Her armour set started off entirely as an outfit, but after almost a year I finally settled down to find an armour set that suited her personality. The boots do clip with the bottoms, sadly, but the shape of the two pieces just suit her too well to change them, h-hah.

Head : aviator sunlgasses ( antique gold ) - hidden most of the time, only out for SWAG

Shoulders : shoulder scarf ( white, antique gold )

Chest : pit fighter chestguard ( antique gold, white, abyss )

Gloves : ardent glorious gauntlets ( icing, antique gold, ebony )

Pants : Dreadnought Tassets ( antique bronze, matriarch brass, stone )

Boots : pit fighter greaves ( antique gold, icing, antique gold )

Weapons : kudzu, devoted hammer, devoted scepter, wisteria, calcite antique brazier


Character showcase post (3/9); Necromancers

I was procastinating with this post a bit because I have six necromancers. SIX. That means a lot of masking in photoshop which I don’t like. Anywho, although not my favorite profession, I do enjoy necros too, even more thanks to reaper. But really who doesn’t like reaper. The shroud looks way too cool. Also there’s a new character in the mix here, which would be Acrux. First time that has happened with these posts. Not the last time though.


GW2 Fashionweek- Day 2

  • Azira (Vidalia) Scorchmaul- Warrior

Separatist-killer now turned pirate, Vidalia intimidates and towers over everyone in her presence. Her spiky armor choices couple well with her more than ruthless nature.


  • Shiverpeak Arquebus


  • Head: Magnus’s Right Eye Patch
  • Shoulders: Gladiator Pauldrons
  • Chest: Barbaric Coat
  • Gloves: Warband Fists
  • Pants: Legion Tassets
  • Boots: Barbaric Boots


  • Chocolate
  • Mud Metal
  • Mahogany
  • Ash
  • Antique Olive
  • Rawhide
  • Cinnamon
  • Midnight Fire
  • Riverbed
  • Clay
  • Flame
  • Adobe