others's art

i already mentioned this but the very first time ochako wears her hero costume she complains but they  made it tighter than she requested and then it’s followed by a joke with mineta and i hate that so much

anyway i have other ideas for her costume but that moment in particular bothers me all the time, by the looks of her costume, especially those button-like things in her chest, it always makes me think she was probably going for something more like this…

What’s up HOES here’s a furry.

Never actually made an anthro character??? So here’s my new buddy Wren. He’s an Indian giant squirrel and likes to write shitty fantasy short stories

Vinny and Jung. These two are sisters, Vinny 23 and Jung 21. Vinny is a robot loving nerdy who is pretty annoying and shows off too much. She knows she’s smart and will make sure you know and will never forget. Also Vinny is lesbian. Jung is going through her goth phase at 21 years old. She’s very brutally honest and doesn’t care about anything at this point. She only loves deserts and cartoons. Also Jung is pan.


So Sonic Forces hype got me arting and wanted to somehow mesh two of my favourite series together - Bracelet Girls meets several Sonic Girls

Yuzu > Amy
Rin > Rouge
Serena > Blaze
Ruri > Maria Robotnik

hoping to play around with this idea at a later point with some more dynamic poses and even try reversing the idea and draw the Sonic Girls
So ye - Enjoy ^^