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Is there way to connect to animals like cats/dogs, reptiles, birds etc

For snakes specifically:

To call upon the wisdom of snakes, place sprigs of lavender in a circle at night time, and draw the image of a snake inside. Issue a call to the spirit of the snakes. Explain what you need to know and why you have called them forth. Go straight to bed to receive an answer in your dreams.

To compel an animal to follow you:

To compel a dog, horse, or other animal to follow you, utter these words three times into their ear:

“Casper guide thee, Balthazar bind
thee, Melchior keep thee.”

To communicate with animals with your mind:

To commune with an animal with whom you have a relationship, look into his or hers eyes while envisioning a circle of light encircling you both. Close your eyes and match the rhythm of your breathing to the animal’s. then think:

“I pronounce to thee my intentions,
with heart and spirit high.
I am here to hear, or to be.
Be my animal guide.”

Be aware of any message the animal may be sending. 

Debunking the “Fake Dating/Marriages in the Entertainment industry dont Exist!” Myth

In this post  I want to talk about fake dating and marriages in the entertainment industry. I advise everyone, whether you ship or not, to put aside your viewpoints on shipping and take into consideration the points that I will be making in this post. I will not edit any names in this post for this reason, so if you arent interested please just ignore this and dont give me shyt about why I am ‘tagging’ other ship names. *roll eyes* You have a choice on what you do and dont want to read, and this is also why the ‘keep reading’ option has been included.

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Plus One

@stormflagflying  answered my shameless begging for a short fic prompt idea  – How about a Mollcroft fake relationship where Sherlock gets jealous?

So, here you go.  Currently unbeta’d, I’ll make corrections on FF.net and Ao3 once Lil’s had a chance to look it over.

Plus One

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”  Molly brushed her hand down the bodice of her dress once more. She’d been doing that a lot since she’d (reluctantly) put it on that evening.  It was far too expensive for her taste, far too figure hugging, far too everything.  She never should have let Mycroft’s assistant talk her into wearing it.

“Oh, no.  It’s a horrible idea.  One worthy of my brother.”  Mycroft took a deep breath, the kind that whistled ever so slightly as it was drawn past clenched teeth, and continue.  “Still, needs must.”

And people say Sherlock has no social skills, she thought.  “Doing you a favour, remember?”

“As if I could forget, Miss Hooper.”  He smiled down at her; and while it wasn’t quite as charming as one of Sherlock’s (the sincere ones, not the fake ones he used to try to pass off when he wanted something that first year or two), Molly could see how a person could find the elder Holmes brother attractive.  When he wasn’t being a complete tosser. 

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when sarad put on her glasses it does not mean negative. sasuke and sakura will fight together to protect sarada and she want reach out to them. they are not shocked but worried for sarada running to the enemy. like gaiden where she punches shin. it shattered because shin use his power and want to ruin uchiha clan. omg extrimist are so dumb 😑

Before I begin, you might wish to refrain yourself from any insults since they solely serve the purpose of undermining my authority, so readers won’t take me seriously anymore. Though not only are you acting ever so disrespectful towards me, you are also making empty claims and failing to counter my actual words. However, let’s take an in-depth look at your message for the sake of giving you a couple of minutes of my precious time. I apologise in advance for correcting your grammatical and typographical errors, I’m just a bit obsessive-compulsive.

“It isn’t a negative when Sarada puts on her glasses.”

→ That’s a conclusion, not a counter-argument. You are making a statement in an argument that indicates what you are trying to convince the audience of. An unusual way to start an argument, but I’m all ears.

“Sasuke and Sakura will fight together to protect Sarada, and Sarada wants to reach out to them.”

→ And how is this exactly related to my initial argument? I never claimed that Sasuke and Sakura aren’t willing to fight for Sarada’s safety and that Sarada doesn’t want to reach out to them; thus, you are committing the logical fallacy of the straw man by refuting an argument that was not advanced by me in the first place, essentially attacking a straw man.

“They are not shocked but worried because Sarada is fighting the enemy.”

→ I am unsure what you try to imply by stating that Sarada is ‘running to the enemy.’ Hence, I attempted to interpret your words sufficiently. Now, there is no such sequence in which Sarada fights the enemy after Sasuke and Sakura make a shocked expression. Yes, I am saying shocked because an open mouth indicates shock in this context.

See, artists are influenced by real humans. When they draw facial expressions, they thusly orient their work on real life people. What Sasuke and Sakura are displaying is a macroexpression, known as shock. The microexpressions of shock are fear and surprise, and microexpressions are universal, everyone displays them. Their mouths strongly indicate shock to me, and being shocked doesn’t mean that one isn’t worried. Shock doesn’t rule out worry. You are actively putting words in my mouth by dismissing a claim I never put forth, at all. Mind yourself. 

“[The glass] shattered because Shin used his power. He wants to ruin the Uchiha clan.”

→ You’re wrong. The shattered glass was a metaphor, an image that refers to one situation by showing another situation. It is utilised for rhetorical purposes. In this case, the shattered glass is a metaphor for a broken household. Sarada feels as though her fantasy of an intact family has been smashed. Like the broken glass, Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship is fractured. Furthermore, the glass reference has little to do with Shin.

Since when does this look like an image of shattered glass? It was used for effect; not because Shin destroyed the actual glass. Also, why are you telling me that Shin wants to ruin the Uchiha clan? I’ve never claimed he doesn’t. Again, you are committing the logical fallacy of the straw man.

“Oh my God, extremists are so dumb.”

→ What is with you generalising an entire fandom and labelling us as ‘dumb’? Behaving in such a manner is basically admitting to not caring about respect and politeness. Having said that, the term ‘extremist’ is actually frequently used by one of my friends whom you must be familiar with, as you appear to be interested in his analyses and opinions. He himself stated multiple times that I am, in fact, not an ‘extremist.’ And you know why? Because a true ‘extremist’ isn’t defined by their opinion—but by the way they express themselves, meaning that you are more of an extremist than me. In other words, do you enjoy being pushed into a corner? If you really want to be able to hold a conversation with me, you need to come up with something better. With that said, leave. 

Dawn of Memories

Dawn of Memories

“He is waiting for him patiently, seated in the bench under the beautiful glow of the moonlight, humming an unknown melody.”

Genre: Angst | Drama | Bestfriends AU | Oneshot

Characters: Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung | VMIN | 95s

Word Count: 2,619

Warnings: Mentions of drugs and delinquency.

A/N: this fic is based on a Japanese movie in 2014 and inspired by R&V’s 4 o’clock and this is long overdue. and this is simply to honor the friendship of the 95z. Further credit details are at the end of the post to avoid potential spoilers. I hate spoilers. •-• Enjoy~

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BPD Problems: Mirroring

A hallmark of BPD is not having a stable sense of self. We’re overwhelmed with this gaping void where our identity and personality should be, and so we try to pick one for ourselves. But there are so many personalities out there that seem to fit us at different times. For me, identities are like clothing: it’s like I collect all of the ones I like, store them in my closet to wear for different occasions, and assemble a different outfit each day.

Some days, I want to wear the “powerful leader who will change the world” identity. Other days, I’m the “sarcastic cynic who doesn’t like people.” And then other days I’m the “obnoxiously extroverted class clown who makes everyone laugh.” But then sometimes I get overwhelmed because I just can’t decide who I want to be, so I take bits and pieces of personalities I like and smash them all together even though they don’t make an iota of sense. Kinda like the platypus: it’s as though someone wanted the best of the animal kingdom, so they combined a duck, a beaver, and a venomous reptile and thus produced the most awkward creature in history.

I know that different people like different personalities, and I want to please everyone. I want as much approval and acceptance as possible, so I change my identity, mood, opinions, everything to match the people I’m with. I somehow want to be universally accepted, else I am worthless. Going along with the clothing metaphor, it’s like you’re the model wearing a brand-new personality I could have. And if you’re wearing that personality as your own, certainly you’ll accept me if I wear it too, right? You love every living thing ever? I’ll be the most compassionate person in recorded history. You vomit at the idea of romantic love? I’ll scoff at the silly notion of love if that’s what you want me to do. You want to complain about the inherently cruel nature of humankind? So do I! You want to praise the inherently kind nature of humankind? I’ll do that too! I call this “mirroring.”

But at the end of the day, my lack of a stable sense of self is distressing. What if I’m in a group of people, half of whom know me as the “cynic” and the other half more familiar with the “extroverted class clown”? Yeah, that doesn’t work.

I want to feel comfortable with who I truly am, and the fact that I’m digging around in my metaphorical closet while everyone else knows who they are makes me hate myself. But… I know I’ll get there someday.

To those people hating on translators and taking what they do for granted

I’m not a translator, but I know that translating is far from easy. Asian languages are the complete opposite of English and when translated word-for-word, make no sense at all. These translators whom you keep attacking have to:
a) fluently know the languages in which they are translating between
b) be intimately familiar with the grammatical structure of both languages, and
c) re-word almost everything so that it makes sense in the language they are translating to
Translating is not an easy job, and I am beyond disgusted when I see people attacking translators, demanding they translate things, translate faster, etc.
Remember that this isn’t their job. These people aren’t payed for what they’re doing. This is a hobby; something they’re doing in their spare time so that other people who may not know the original language in which the material is being translated from.
“Whenever a translator steps down, someone else will replace them.”
Well, if people keep disrespecting translators like the way they are now, the only ‘translator’ we’ll have left is Google Translate.

Guys remember THIS post I made? I actually did write this in all seriousness :P. So here’s the the first chapter of my new SasuHina fic! I know I shouldn’t be writing more fics when my other ones aren’t finished but I am anyway lel. I’m posting the first chapter here, but if you wanna read more, you can follow the story HERE :3

Title: A Perfect Circle

Pairing: SasuHina 

Setting: After the events of The Last Naruto Movie! (obviously those events are currently unknown so inferences have been made)


Description: Sasuke loves Hinata, but she doesn’t feel the same way. She never will. 

Chapter One: The Domino Effect

Sasuke always thought that fate had a funny way of toying with him. From a young age, he was known for his success. Twisted from that success, came an unruly strain of failures that had him questioning if he had ever succeeded in anything at all, or if at one point in his life, he merely knocked over the wrong domino.

The events that played out leading to where he was had him on his toes about the decisions he made each day. One small step was all it took for him. One decision could end it all or begin something totally anew; and at that point in his life, he was all right with purgatory. He was neither here nor there. He was a wanderer, stepping on stones across the land, hoping that one day, he would find the one that fit him.

He hadn’t been to his homeland since winter. He was curious about Naruto and how Kakashi was doing as Hokage. He was bored simply traipsing through the land and decided it was time to venture near Konoha again, if anything, to find some mild entertainment. It wasn’t anticipated that a girl would be the first one he would stumble upon.

He was walking, and she was crying. He should have continued on his way. He was never supposed to know her, but unjustifiably, a combination of his boredom and curiosity created a rift in the timeline.

“Why are you crying?”

A simple exchange of words, and he had knocked over yet another domino.

She had been sitting at the edge of a river at the bottom of a cliff. It was mid-day. Sunlight glistened off the thin waterfall and mist enveloped her as a gust of wind blew her way. Navy hair breezed across her ghostly face as she turned to the man with shock, opal eyes clashing with brooding onyx.

Hinata relaxed her shoulders. She allowed her hand to lazily fall from her chest, where she had placed it in shock upon the unsuspected voice.

“Sasuke-san.” She said through an inexplicable smile.

“Had you been expecting someone else?” He inquired, taking a step closer to her.

“Naturally,” she murmured, “I haven’t seen you in many months. What are you doing here?”

“Answer my question, then I’ll answer yours.”

Hinata faltered away from his eyes with crimson cheeks. “It’s none of your concern…” She declined, polite, as always. Nothing less to be expected from a Hyuga of the main house. Sasuke, on the other hand, didn’t mind a bit of aggression. 

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Stay With Me - Eisuke ichinomiya | Chapter 4

A/N: I’m terribly sorry for the delay but here it is! Chapter 4 of Stay With Me! Thank you so much for the amazing support and love for this series and I truly hope you’ll enjoy reading this! Stay tuned for chapter 5 too as it’ll be coming out soon! (P/S: I’m sorry if there’s some typos/errors! I didn’t have the time to thoroughly proofread this and whatnot :’D) <3

Rated: PG16 / M

Chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Featuring Cameos: museandsong, spyoflove


As two weeks went by, simple teasing became passionate moments, constant debates became relaxing conversations and what was once deemed as just a one night stand became something more valuable. This was a change Ayako had started to realize and though she hated to admit it, she honestly didn’t know why.

Why did she end up being somewhat invested in Eisuke? What made him different than the rest of the men she had met? Usually the relationships (If one can even call it that) she and her client had was nothing more than a touch and go so why did she end up being acquainted with him? To the point where they could even be referred to as ‘friends’?
It was truly strange, to say the least; These foreign feelings that swirled inside of her. The need to treat him like a mere client, to not ask or answer more than she should but the overwhelming desire to know more about him and the life outside of Kikuya or even Yoshiwara itself.

The only other man that she’d ever felt such a connection with was with Kazuo but that was mainly because they became familiar with each other at a young age, unlike Eisuke whom she only met a few weeks ago.

“… I am thinking too much.”

“And why is that so? Anything I can do to help?”

That voice.. Instantly turning around, Ayako was met with a familiar face; His emerald eyes stared right into her ebony ones as he grinned, a hand reaching out to stroke her head like how he always did.


“Kazuo..” The courtesan could feel her heart skip a beat whilst looking back at him, unsure on what to say. It’s been about a good month or so since she last saw him and though she wasn’t one to voice out her feelings, she couldn’t help but frown and turn away. “I’m assuming you were feeling bored and decided to come find me?”

“Hey, come on. You know that’s not it at all.” He said, pouting. “I wanted to come see you sooner but work was holding me back.”

“Right, of course.” Ayako bit her lip, half pretending to be still upset. “How could I be so selfish? I should be more than thankful that the royal highness decided to drop by today.”

“Oh, shut it. You’re making me feel more horrible than I already do.” Chuckling, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close, not allowing the girl to move away from him. “Look, I’m finally here so will you stop being so stubborn? Please?”

Sighing, Ayako shot him a defeated look. “It’s not like you’re going to take no for an answer so fine. I’ll do as you wish.”

“That’s my girl.” Kazuo said, a satisfied expression crossing his face. “With that settled, shall we have tea? There’s much to talk about.”

“Sure, I’ll inform the others to start preparing then.” Just as she was about to walk away, however, he grabbed her arm.

“Oh but I just want it to be you and me, alright?”

Feeling her heart beating a little faster, Ayako could only smile and nod. “Okay.”

——– EISUKE ——–

“And you are certain we’ll be meeting the owner of these valuables tomorrow?” Eisuke inquired, looking at the items and then back at Mr. Goshi. It’d been another busy day of viewing more artifacts and scoping out the area, all the while waiting for the owner to arrive. It honestly annoyed him to no end that he had to wait for the man, especially since, he was supposed to meet them two days ago.

“Yes, you will.” Mr. Goshi nodded, an apologetic smile plastered on his lips. “He sends his sincere apologies for having to delay the meeting.”

“It’s fine but just know that if he postpones it again, we can’t and won’t stay back.”

“That’s completely understandable. I assure you you’ll be able to meet each other tomorrow.”


As the lot continued walking and chatting, Eisuke’s mind slowly drifted off to a particular person whom he hadn’t been able to see over the last two days.


 At first, she was nothing but a person who sparked his interest, someone he simply wanted to figure out but as time went by, it seemed she became more than a ‘plaything’. It wasn’t something he’d like to acknowledge but there was also no denying the fact that he’d started to enjoy seeing her, having teasing yet intellectual conversations, as well as the passionate moments. It was extremely odd for him to get so acquainted with a stranger, much less a lady of the night but for some reason, he felt strangely comfortable in her presence.

Whilst lost in thoughts and simply browsing the streets, a particular item in one of the stores caught his eye; It was a crimson butterfly hairpin with beautiful stones embedded into it, something that would look lovely on Ayako as it suited her kimono extremely well. He couldn’t help but stare at it, debating on whether he should purchase it when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Thinking of getting that, boss?” Baba grinned, a knowing look on his face. “I’m sure she’ll like it.”

“What are you talking about?” Eisuke said, feeling slightly flustered. He didn’t like it whenever one of them started teasing him about meeting the courtesan every now and then.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about. No need to play pretend.” The man said, looking at the object. “It is a lovely piece though so if you aren’t planning on getting it then I’ll just–” Before baba could pick it up, Eisuke instantly grab it, an annoyed expression on his face.

“Excuse me! How much is this?”

——- AYAKO ——-

“Now that was a good meal.” Kazuo sighed as he took a sip from his cup, all the while looking at her warmly. “So, how’s everything? Have you been well?”

“I’m doing fine, thank you.” Ayako responded, a small smile playing on her lips. “And you? How have you been, Kazuo?”

“Pretty great, in all honesty. Work’s been going smoothly and I actually have some clients to meet around Yoshiwara over the next day or so.”

“Oh? So does that mean you might be traveling in and out? And that you’ll be staying for the night?” Upon hearing his words, the courtesan could feel a sense of happiness, as well as an odd feeling of conflict. If he was going to be here for the next couple of days, does that mean she might not be able to see Eisuke for a while?

“Yes, probably. Is that.. A bad thing?” The man asked, frowning.

“What? Why do you say that?”

“Because you didn’t seem too happy when I said I might be staying.”

Ayako’s eyes widened at that statement, unsure on how to react. Her? Not being happy that he was going to be around? Was that how it seemed to be? Because if so, that left her even more confused. Might there be a possibility that she was, indeed, saddened over the fact that she might not be able to see Eisuke? No, no. That couldn’t be it. Maybe she was simply feeling worried since Eisuke was a big client and she knew it would be quite a loss if he stopped coming. Yes, that seemed like the right answer. 

But.. Was it the truthful one?

Not being able to give a straight answer, the courtesan smiled and spoke calmly, trying to approach the matter carefully. “Well, if I was truly upset, it would most likely be because you aren’t staying for a long time or at least, with me.”

“Hah, nice save there.” Kazuo laughed, taking a sip from his cup. “You were always eloquent with your words, aren’t you?”

“I was merely speaking the truth.”

“If that’s the case..” Placing the cup down, he reached out and pulled her close, his arms wrapping around her waist tightly. “Shall I fill you up with so much bliss that you can’t feel sad no more?” Kazuo whispered, caressing her cheek with his free hand.

“… Do as you wish.” Ayako breathed out, lips drawing nearer to his. “I am your lady for the night, afterall.”

——– EISUKE ———

It was nearly 8PM when they were finally done and though the rest wanted to head back to the inn or have dinner at a nearby ramen stall, Eisuke had a specific place he wanted to stop by.

“Are you coming with us?” Soryu asked as the rest of them turned to look at him.

“Of course he isn’t. He has somewhere else to be.” Ota smirked. “Right, Eisuke?”

Glaring at them, the man could only click his tongue in annoyance. “Why does it concern you?”

“Alright, alright. No need to get all riled up. We’ll see you later, Boss!”

How nosy.. Frowning, Eisuke headed towards the other direction, all the while gripping the tiny bag which contained the hairpin he’d bought.

Truth be told, a part of him still couldn’t accept or fully comprehend as to why he was using most of his spare time to visit Ayako; Much less buy something for her. He didn’t really know her nor did he have any sort of serious feelings towards her so why was he doing all of this? Why did it seem like he was becoming more and more invested in her? Was it because internally, he had some sort of ‘carnal’ obsession? A need to 'dominate’ her completely since she’d never allow him to go as far as touching her? Or.. Was it because of something else? Something he, himself, haven’t figured out yet?

Ah.. Who knows. Sighing in a slightly frustrated manner, he continued on his way, only to accidentally bump into a man, causing the bag and hairpin fall to the ground.

“Oh! I’m terribly sorry.” The stranger said, immediately picking up the items. Eisuke watched as the man’s eyebrow raised whilst holding the butterfly pin, clearly in awe with the object. “Wow, this is quite the lovely hairpin you have here. Did you purchase it from one of the shops in town?”

“I’m sorry. I should have watched where I was going..” Eisuke said, a slight frown on his face. “And yes, I did. Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Indeed.” He nodded before looking up and smiling.“ I’m sure whoever receives this will be incredibly happy.” The blonde winked, passing him back the item. “See you and sorry again!”

“It’s fine and my apologies as well.” Swiftly bowing, Eisuke continued walking towards his destination, his heart beating a little fast by the stranger’s words. 

She’d better be happy.

—— AYAKO ——-

Ayako stared at the smoke that was whiffing out from her cigarette, a blank expression on her face. She didn’t know how to react or respond at times like these, didn’t really know what to think but what she did know was that it hurt. It hurt when he left her side to answer his 'beloved’ fiancée’s call and suddenly having to leave.
It frustrated her when he kissed her cheek and whispered a simple, 'sorry’, along with a couple of other sweet words to soothe her soul as he got dressed because what she ultimately needed wasn’t 'sorry’ or the sweet words that tend to sip out of his honey covered lips; It was the feeling of being special and wanted that she truly craved.

What was words to her anymore when countless of men had all chanted the same thing again and again? What was the point of saying 'You mean a lot to me’ or 'you are the only one for me’ to her when in reality, one’s action showed otherwise? And what was the purpose of reassuring her that she was 'special’ when, in the end, she felt nothing more than an empty piece of shell?

Ayako didn’t know what love was nor had she ever really felt it and because of that, when she first met Kazuo and felt his touch which seemed to be filled with care and kindness at that time, she instantly became drawn to him.

It wasn’t because she found real love or peace in him though; It was because she realized he was the closest thing there was to it.

The closest thing to true love she could ever grasp ahold of.

Does love even exist?

She pondered, lost in thoughts. There was a sense of loneliness and emptiness lingering in the air, causing the courtesan to hug her body, subconsciously trying to feel some sort of warmth.

Anything that will stop the–


The sound of the door sliding open and a familiar voice calling out to her instantly brought her back to reality but what made her heart skip a beat wasn’t because there wasn’t supposed to be anymore clients for her, it was because the voice that called her name was the one she never expected to hear.

Slowly turning around, her eyes widened at the sight of the man in front of her; His slightly ruffled hair, intimidating stature and cool hazel eyes that she had gazed into before. He was the last person she expected to encounter today but by some strange fate, there he was; Standing at the door, the same standoffish smirk on his face.


“Never did I imagine I would see Ayako, the infamous and emotionless courtesan, have such a dumb expression on her.” He spoke, making his way into the room. “I am here to pass you someth–” As he glanced at her disheveled kimono, he stopped speaking for a second, eyebrows raised ever so slightly.

“You are here to pass me..?” Puzzled, she peered into his face, waiting for him to continue his sentence.

“O-oh, right. Here,” passing her the plastic bag, Eisuke shot her a small smile. “I thought this might match your kimono well.”

The minute Ayako took the object out from the bag, she could feel her eyes widening in utter surprise. How long had it been since someone bought her a present? What More something as exquisite as this? She honestly couldn’t comprehend the fact that he took the time and effort to actually get her a gift since he didn’t have to at all.

She was simply a lady of the night to him so why did he take all the trouble to purchase and deliver this to her personally?


“I.. Don’t know what to say.” She uttered, glancing at the pin and then at him.

“Thank you would be a good start.” He grinned, somewhat satisfied with her reaction. “Hey, give it to me for a second.” Taking it from her hand, he leaned in and started fiddling with her hair, causing her to flinch ever so lightly. She wasn’t used to people touching her so freely or at least, not when they weren’t expected to.

Finally moving away after what seemed forever, a satisfied smile crossed his lips as he studied her from head to toe. “Perfect.”

Turning to where the mirror was, Ayako stared at her reflection, realizing that what Eisuke said was right. It did match her kimono well, the colors blending and complementing each other. “You sure have an eye for things.” She said, lightly touching the pin. “Thank you.”

“I’m glad you like it.” He said, gazing into her eyes warmly. “I’ve got to go now but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

At his words, she raised her eyebrow in astonishment; He had to leave? Did that mean he came all the way here just to pass her this? Nothing more?  

Watching him head towards the door, she instinctively reached out and grabbed the hem of his shirt, stopping him. Eisuke immediately turned around and gave her a questioning look, obviously wondering what was going on.

“Is something wrong?”

Why would you do that? I’m simply a lady of the night whilst you are a businessman. We owe nothing to each other besides a night of lust and desire so why, why are you being strangely warm? Why?

Though her heart spoke a novel, her mind struggled to find the right words to say, an issue she rarely came across.

“Oh.. I-it’s nothing. I just wanted to say goodbye and thank you, again.”

“Well, aren’t you just the humblest today.” Eisuke grinned, though, there was a still hint of slight confusion crossing his face. “I’ll see you.”

“Have a good night.” As the courtesan watched him leave, an odd feeling of longing and conflict clutched at her heart.

Gail & Holly - Still Hearts Beat (A Rookie Blue Comic)

After a crazy idea, very enthusiastic people, a few (still ongoing) conversations with thecatsbian (to whom I owe my eternal gratitude for being so positively helpful and a fantastic soundboard) I present to you the cover for Gail & Holly - Still Hearts Beat.

This comic will tell the story of Holly and Gail (after 5x11)…… through a Zombie Apocalypse.

More details on the story itself will follow soon. Expect some familiar (Zombie) faces, some very cool guest authors and hopefully a story that’s as good and fun as I imagine it.

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Rookie Blue (and/or other imagery that may be used in the creation of this comic). No copyright infringement is intended.

TITLE: Don’t Keep your Heart in your Pocket


AUTHOR: iwasthefirstavenger

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a pickpocket who lives on the streets, and one day when you try to pick pocket someone, you later find out that person was an agent of shield. Fury is impressed with your skills. He makes a deal with you that he’ll give you a place to live, a job, etc, but only if you can steal Loki’s plans. 

RATING: teen and up

Your well-practiced eye scans the crowd. Washington Square Park. Plenty of people, plenty of chaos. You love working the crowds here; not only are there always people, but you can easily vanish into the packs of students from the nearby university. Your eye falls on a target, a middle-aged man who sat on a bench scrolling through his phone.

The job is easy. He’d set his briefcase behind the bench. It takes a few long seconds to locate what you’re after, but you’ve perfected this to a science. You slip into a crowd of college students, pocket now satisfyingly heavy with the weight of the other man’s wallet. It’s easy to tag along with different groups until you judge you’re at a safe enough distance to stride swiftly away from the scene of your little theft. You’ve been on the streets long enough to see risks instantly.

Except, apparently, for the man who suddenly appears in front of you.

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anonymous asked:

Can you explain your love / hate relationship to Frances Ha?

I love it as a whole, this gorgeously captured honest interpretation of friendship and life as a 20 something in New York CIty. 

I think I hate it because I honestly feel exposed as an awkward self centered friend, one that doesn’t handle bad times well, as Frances is the epitome of it.

I, about 9 months ago, was deeply in love with a friend. Much like Frances and Sophie are/were in the beginning of the movie. Their friendship becomes strained when Frances’s love for Sophie gets challenged by her jealousy of Patch, and Sophie’s evolution into a women more dependent on an adult stable life. 

Frances bounces to a new friend group, her dreams of becoming a successful dancer are trumped and she’s living with two men who are boys, one harboring a crush for her who she deems as just a friend, and another who is a revolving door of casual sexual encounters, who she becomes slightly impatient living with because they have money coming from other sources, while she struggles. 

The symbolism is beautiful, her arrival and departure from Sacramento with her family. The actual holiday that she is having, and the mental holiday she has until that moment in the bathtub when her mother prompts:

“Frances, how much longer?”

Her return shows her returning to new York trying to again transfer her love and goofiness onto another person. Again at the dinner party she passively aggressively bashes and praises Sophie, and her similarities to her. While in fact she feels more separated from her than ever. 

“I think I’m better looking then when I am in pictures.” A guy prompts our understanding that the party has turned in to one we’ve all had were we share our own insecurities and yet keep bragging all at once. So Frances comes out with this brilliant drunken confession summarizing how romantic she is, how hopeful and bruised all at the same time.

“I want this one moment. It’s what I want in a relationship, which may explain why I’m single now, Ha, Ha. It’s kind of hard to… uh  It’s that thing when you’re with someone, and you love them and they know it, and they love you and you know it… but it’s a party… and you’re both talking to other people, and you’re laughing and shining… and you look across the room and catch each other’s eyes… but - but not because you’re possessive, or it’s precisely sexual… but because… that is your person in this life. And it’s funny and sad, but only because this life will end, and it’s this secret world that exists right there in public, unnoticed, that no one else knows about. It’s sort of like how they say that other dimensions exist all around us, but we don’t have the ability to perceive them. That’s - That’s what I want out of a relationship. Or just life, I guess.”

Then just up and leaves. Runs into a overly dull vapid hip “pretty” girl and Benjamin, brags about a trip to Paris, and reading Proust. 

Flawed, and raw and awkward. You cringe for her, always running, falling. With crazy hair, and slightly masculine clothing. Going alone to Paris, and freaking out about it, because it’s reality and not romantic like she projected it to be, it’s lonely and awkward. Then Sophie contacts her in a sad misalignment in timing. Apologies and communication, but not full truths as both of them make sad smiles and fidget. 

The awkward view of her seemingly perfect best friend’s relationship and life that she witnesses. Flaws again. But her compassion to a drunken angry friend. Late night confessing that relive the best times of their friendship. Their worst times. A future that we all know isn’t going to happen. 

A written apology. A dramatic and embarrassing chase scene. A return to the city, a revival in a happy and successful, and confident Frances. It all picks up so beautifully for her. Almost the entire movie represented in her chorepgraphy and the final performance where everyone comes together to see the success of Frances. 

“Who are you making eyes at?”

“That’s Sophie, my best friend.”

Sorry, I am breaking down each painful and beautiful moment. Most if not all of my college career I spent it analyzing movies, breaking them all down to the small moments. So, when I watched Frances Ha, sitting with 4 other people, one of whom I just had starting working with in a new city, in a new job, in a lofted out warehouse in Fishtown, lonely but not. Comforted but not. Things so raw and familiar matched with a new experience myself. 

I love it all. The depressing feeling it brings to me, and the wounds it opens about myself. But I hate it all at the same time forcing me to see traits I have reflected in someone else. But, maybe that’s just a personal reflection of the first time I watched it. I watched it just this morning again before responding to you and see much more of the growth and determination of Frances. The beautiful ending where she learns to take a moment and breathe, to appreciate the small doorframe and the ever charming way we learn the source of our movie title. 

Anyway, that’s pretty much a perfect movie. It makes me feel, real feelings, ones that catch and hold onto you. Not just while your watching it. Like how we used to cram information into our heads before an exam and toss it out of our heads. I still can’t remember certain biology facts. But, I remember how subtly Frances became all herself. 

The problem I’ve long had with things in Johnlock fandom is that no matter how many debates we have, the needle never moves. I’ve never convinced anyone, AFAIK, and even the people I’ve ‘convinced’ merely of my intelligence and reasonableness easily forget this opinion, at least in the fire of fandom discourse. This is where dismissal and polarization comes from. Having the same argument the tenth thousandth time, then having the same comebacks, then having the same feelings, then wondering about what people think you’re doing wrong, not knowing, then avoiding them out of worry. Rinse, repeat: here we are. I don’t really talk to people outside my corner of fandom anymore because there’s nothing to say. It’s pretty much the case that I assume we’ll never be forgiven even after canon Johnlock happens, so on to conserving emotional energy and feeling as happy as I can. This is rude to some people, but this is essentially self-preservation, at least on my part.

I don’t regret being certain. I’m not sorry. That’s the bottom line. I’m not sorry. This is just my reasoned conclusion, and I happen to have reached it. That is absolutely a normal, human thing to do: reaching a conclusion based on evidence. That is not, in itself, oppressive or pushy in some way. People can disagree, they can debate about details or even starting points, but they cannot do that if the very foundation of their thoughts and feelings is called invalid or invalidating. Of course, people who may disagree have to be able to identify when people are being rude and when they’re just thinking in different terms, using different metrics. Otherwise, it all becomes personal, and all communication becomes impossible.

Once I realized there are people– many of whom are already familiar with my canon readings and the process of my reasoning, which I like to consider open, careful and thoughtful– who consider my conclusions personally imposing or simply invalid because they *are* conclusions, there’s not much I could do. I am open to any rational challenge to any reading, but it’s more difficult to respond to style arguments that don’t even apply to me, as far as I know. I imagine that’s usually about where the unfortunate cycle starts: we’re frustrated and retreat to our happy place, the others think we’re aggressively complacent and unreasonable by default, rinse and repeat with new people.

This isn’t to say I admit I think I’ve descended into zealotry and blind faith… Honestly, I don’t know how to say I’m not Fox News. I just think these are the personal dynamics that lead to the larger fandom divergences and rifts. I’m one person, but I am tired. I’ve yet to see a really strong non-Johnlock interpretation of any major characterization development in BBC Sherlock, though plot stuff can be separate. This isn’t to say I wish to suppress them; normally, I’d say I’d love to see them (but I’m on hiatus right now, so really, I’m taking a break for a reason). Anyway, I’ve seen lots of smart readings in BBC Sherlock fandom; lots of brilliant stuff on cinematography, plot structure, acting choices, Holmesian connections, etc (all non-shippy). BBC Sherlock is about all the meanings of the John&Sherlock partnership, and Sherlock really is a detective who solves mysteries, so there’s plenty to explore. After Series 3, I just slowly realized there’s increasingly more boundaries and limits to what I find believable in terms of interpretations, both in meta and in fic. The latest installment, TAB, is near-incomprehensible without canon Johnlock as 'the truth’; you can avoid it by talking about plot only (barely), but any motivation talk, and non-Johnlock readings actually make very little sense. You can simply muddle along, as my mom did along with most casual viewers, but usually TAB really seems to lose something in translation, so to speak. There’s a similar but milder dynamic starting with ASiP. There’s just more there with Johnlock, and I’ve been in Sherlock fandom for 3 years now and I’ve read a lot of meta, and I’ve literally never found a source of enlightenment to even remotely rival canon Johnlock as a Rosetta stone. That is a fact. There’s nothing I can do about it, and I don’t really regret it.

Frankly, I don’t see why people care about something random Moffat or Gatiss say compared to the treasure trove of actual canon. Thinking there’s no canon Johnlock adds nothing. It’s not a helpful clue, it’s not useful or enlightening about the show– quite the opposite. It makes multiple things extra extra confusing. And yet even TJLC fans who 'want to believe’ can be tempted by this total emptiness of value and meaning. Why? What is the alternative that the default belief would even involve at this point, and where can I find it again? You see, I don’t even know.

It’s all right, though. Maybe it’s all fine. Maybe separation really is equality, and we need this time apart to keep our collective shit together. I’m starting to believe it’s all for the best; it’s more or less easy for me to say, 'cause essentially I only care about canon. Fandom, I always felt I can take or leave, though I’ll be back for sure to see everyone’s faces after Series 4. It’s true: I really am certain, after all.

Why I see Damianos as Greek - Justifying myself

I do not see him as Greek because I am lacking in imagination (yes, somebody said that to me), nor is it whitewashing (which is a terrible thing to accuse somebody of).

Let me explain…

Damianos is a GREEK NAME
Nikandros is a GREEK NAME
Akielos sounds Greek, as do many other references.
I have visited Greece many times. I am familiar with the culture and the people.
***Greece is a very hot country with a distinct ethnic population, many of whom could be described as having nut brown skin.***
I have visited many Greek museums, including the Acropolis museum in Athens.
The names, the landscape, the architecture, and the culture in Captive Prince all reminded me of Ancient Greece.

So… if I see Damianos as Greek it’s not because I lack imagination, or because of ignorance, it is because I have experience of the world and because the text actually pointed to it.

Now, that doesn’t mean I’m right. And it doesn’t make anybody else wrong. As I said “Vive la difference!”

But I object very strongly to being criticised, or guilt tripped, or to being coerced into accepting somebody else’s vision of a character just because my interpretation doesn’t match their own.

And yes, I did see the CS Pacat  interview where she was asked about whitewashing, and very rightly condemned it. But I do feel that certain people have put their own spin on her comments, and use that as justification to go around unfairly critiquing other fans.

Finally I just want to say that nobody should have to justify how they see a fictional character. Its a personal and unique experience. And if an artist wants to make their characters look thin, or fat, or tall, or short, or anything else that’s ok too. It’s art.

We are all right.

EDIT Sadly I have been misinterpreted by somebody AGAIN, so can I just say before you criticise me, please READ what i said carefully. I have NEVER said Damianos is “white”. Never. Its wearying when people misinterpret your words then overlay their own agenda. I shouldn’t have to explain or justify myself because I haven’t done anything wrong. Its all in the above text. Thanks :)

kyoferost  asked:

Follow up to the Hogwarts house question: What about Jon, George, Tunstall, Rosto, going to skip Numair because that's painfully obvious, and Raoul?

[I’m so sorry. This got away from me. Long post ahead.]

Oh wow. Okay. Let’s do this, now that I’m kind of in this sorting mood. This is still Amanda, but assume that Holly still agrees. 

Jon: Slytherin. I was originally stuck on Gryffindor, but every reason I could come up with really pointed here. And I think that’s because Jon rules like a Slytherin. He’s not truly nice about it, he’s effective. He gets stuff done, and he’s not above bribing his officials to get it. I think there was a passage in Page where they talked about how he and Thayet had to reason with their nobles to get something they needed after the Immortals War. What I really think happened is Jon offered them outrageous terms and “let” himself be talked down to what he was really after. He’s cunning. He’s not personally selfish (early days with Alanna aside), but he’s selfish when it comes to ruling his country. Which is good.

I think this is why both Kel and Raoul clash with him. Hufflepuffs have a hard time understanding how Slytherin’s make their decisions because it just seems cruel to them. 

George: Ravenclaw. He was another one I had to double think. Because while he’s also a king like Jon, George rules with his brain. You know he keeps a mental tally of who owes what to whom. He doesn’t forget the score, ever. You don’t make King of the Rogue at 17, and keep the job for a good while, without being smart. And you don’t survive another 20+ years as The Whisper Man without those same smarts.

Tunstall: Gryffindor. I’ll admit, I’m not as familiar with him as I am the others. But this is what my gut tells me. I think I’m going with this one mostly for the doing the wrong thing for reasons he thought were right with a dash of recklessly brave. I think patrol Dogs are going to either be Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, and Tunstall is more the not-so-good parts of being a Gryffindor.

Rosto: Slytherin. I think he’s the flip side of George. He’s cunning. He gets his place as The Rogue by being clever. Which, while it’s a kind of smart, it’s a crueler smart, if that makes any sense. He is also an incorrigible flirt, which I feel might be some Slytherin’s natural state of being with their friends. If he likes you well enough to know you or want to know you, he won’t stop until he knows all about you. It’s part of knowing how to do best by his friends. An insult to a Slytherin’s friends is an insult to a Slytherin, and must be repaid.

Raoul: Hufflepuff. Oh Raoul. Loyal, friendly, stubborn, hard working Raoul. There isn’t much more to say. He is unflinchingly fair. He takes Lerant in. He forces the Own to allow Bazhir to serve. He take Kel on because he knows that she will be a good commander (being one himself) and he’s determined to give her that chance. Also, he’s got one hell of a Hufflepuff’s protective streak.

I honestly did not mean for this to get so long. I feel like we know our women characters so well, it’s easier to sort them because we all know them inside and out. Our male characters a little more behind the scenes so we don’t usually get the chance to examine them quite as closely.

Except for Numair. What you see is what you get with him. Like you said, that’s a painfully obvious House. :)

As always, add your comments. Let us know what you think!