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Paladin Swap →  Lance as the Yellow Paladin

“The yellow lion is caring and kind. It’s pilot is one who puts the needs of others above his own. His heart must be mighty. As the leg of voltron you will lift the team up and hold them together.”


Heyyy so I’ve received a few asks about my circlet that I was wearing at the renn fes I went to this past weekend, so here are some photos!

The silver wire + red accents circlet - I actually made this one for my high school senior prom haha ^ ^; It’s therefore really old and a bit janky but I still like it for what it is ^ ^;

The natural looking circlet - Made for last year’s renn fes. This type of wire is a lot easier to work with and has its own appeal that I like ^ ^

So uh yup, I sometimes do 3D art too! Wire jewelry has always been a hobby of mine, albeit one that’s been very neglected recently ^ ^;

imagine being impressed by the bare minimum when it comes to white males

“wow he stopped sleeping with multiple women! wow he stopped drinking! wow he stopped doing questionable jobs like beating other people up for money!” 

wow imagine that

I wonder if it would be wrong of me to try and finance enough money to be able to go back to college. See heres the thing, I originally had a full ride to University of Oregon right, I didn’t have to pay a dime, all I had to do was keep my grades up and attend classes and I’d get to attend any class I wanted to at their expense. 

But here’s the thing, I started to get really sick, both physically and mentally, and there were several really close deaths in my family at the same time, so I just couldn’t attend class because I was too sick, I was too psychotic [literally, I’m schizophrenic they didn’t know at the time so I wasn’t getting treatment], and was grieving the loss of some close family members, so I couldn’t make the attendance record, so my scholarship was taken away, but that isn’t the problem.

The problem is I owe University of Oregon itself $12,891.65 for not showing up to classes.

And the problem with this is, until I pay this off I can never go back to any college ever again, because FAFSA will not give you a loan unless you send all of your transcripts to the university you want to attend, and University of Oregon has frozen my transcripts.

I attempted to apply to a nearby university here, they accepted me, but said they couldn’t register me for classes or get me funding via federal aid until I sent my University of Oregon transcripts, they said this was the case with any university I would ever attempt to apply to. 

I worked so hard to be so near graduation, and all those courses that had already been paid for are frozen because of one term where I got too sick to function. 

It’s my dream to study physics and mathematics at school, I’m really interested in these fields, and I’m devastated that I’ll never be able to go to university ever again, because of this. I just wanted to go to school and learn about things I’m interested in, and now I never can again.

… would it be appropriate to try and raise money over the course of years via this blog to try and go back to university one day in the future, or is that selfish of me? I honestly don’t know, there’s just so many other people who need money to survive, and I just want money to go back to school, so I don’t know.

Like I don’t care how long it takes to raise it … I just ….. want to go back to school eventually, and every month they add 87 dollars to the total.

I’m disabled and on SSI so I can’t ever pay this back by myself, it is literally impossible. Is it selfish of me to make a youcaring for this and advertise it on this blog? Again I don’t care how long it takes I just want to go back to school sometime in my life?


💫Uranus in the 1st house:

Highly independent souls who strive for freedom over their personal behavior and actions. They often hold little regard for others’ opinions as they simply want to do their own thing. This can be evident in how they come across to others, how they dress, and how they regularly approach life. Desire for personal freedom could prompt them to seek unusual activities and meet unusual people. There can also be an indifference to personal appearance and in how they dress, or they could even be eccentric and unconventional in dress. There’s usually one thing about these persons that stand out to people whether it’s in how they dress, how they look, or how they approach situations. There can be sudden changes to the appearance and style. Their strong self will can manifest as leadership qualities or rebellious tendencies.

💫Uranus in the 2nd house:

Priorities and personal values may be considered strange or unusual in the eyes of other people. These persons attain money and possessions in sudden and peculiar ways. Can treat personal items with indifference and are likely to lose things often due to this attitude. Money is often earned through ones’ ingenuity and intuition and comes and goes on impulse, sudden gains followed by sudden loss.

💫Uranus in the 3rd house:

Despite strange and unusual thinking patterns, natives display speed and genius in thought and speech. Personal experience as well as empirical and scientific evidence is how you generally arrive at conclusions as you neglect the opinions and beliefs of others. Interests usually lie in science,technology, and even mystical subjects like astrology. Relationships with neighbors and siblings are usually friendly and often have some unusual quality to them but these relationships can also be prone to sudden changes. Objective and unbiased in thought. Definition of thinking outside the box.

💫Uranus in the 4th house:

Likely to be pretty rebellious at home. The home life is often prone to many changes, some unsettling. There can be sudden changes of residence, especially in early years. You’re likely to feel like the odd one out in the house, if not then your family itself could be described as odd or unusual in some fashion (maybe in relation to societal conventions). Some with this placement could be indifferent to family members. Some unusual quality about a parent (usually the mother figure). The house itself is also likely to be unusual in some fashion maybe in its structure or where it’s located. This placement can also bring friends into the home somehow, may live with a friend for some time, or the house could be a meeting place for ones friends.

💫Uranus in the 5th house:

Wants freedom in pursuit of pleasure. This could cause these people to disregard accepted norms in the realm of sex/romance, games, and partying. They are also likely to have strange hobbies for this reason as well (think of things related to technology, or peculiar subjects like astrology). The love and sex life is often considered unusual. Experimental attitudes towards love and sex. Romances are electric; often sudden and very alive but tend to end as fast as they begin and there’s often an unusual quality to their lovers. Lovers can be considered weird, eccentric, or stand out in some way. Genius and innovation is shown in art and creative expression. If these people have kids, there is likely to be some unusual situation in connection to them. Some with this placement are indifferent to children and see them as a burden when it comes to their personal freedom. It is said that Women with Uranus in the 5th house can have sudden and unexpected pregnancies if not careful.

💫Uranus in the 6th house:

Strange approach towards work and health. Could experiment with dieting and health. Can be somewhat scattered in approach to work and getting things done, however they can find new and innovative approaches to getting the job done. You need work that promises variety and much mental stimulation. Good for jobs related to science, technology, and possibly even metaphysical subjects. Could encounter issues of instability in the realm of work and health. Could be friendly and aloof in the eyes of coworkers or could come off as rebellious and indifferent to coworkers.

💫Uranus in the 7th house:

Highly independent persons, however this could cause problems in relationships and bring sudden changes. Close relationships have an element of instability to them. Partnerships with unusual, eccentric individuals. There can be an element of distance (mainly in an emotional sense) between the native and their partners in close relationships. You have an intuitive awareness of where you stand with others and what’s on others’ minds.

💫Uranus in the 8th house:

Naturally have the urge to explore the unusual and the unknown usually in topics relating to science or the occult. Prone to have many strange dreams. Powerful intuition. In sex, you need variety and experimentation to stay stimulated. You may have some pretty unusual ideas or interests that you most likely keep to yourself when it comes to sex. Sudden changes in finances can bring major life changes.

💫Uranus in the 9th house:

Beliefs and philosophies oppose the typical. Opportunities for travel are often sudden and for peculiar reasons. Religious/Philosophical beliefs could be considered strange or one may show indifferent attitudes towards religion. Philosophical beliefs based on scientific principles maybe. Occult philosophy. Science and technology in college. Study of metaphysical subjects. Could be indifferent to higher education and neglect it altogether. Scientific knowledge. Wisdom and intuition.

💫Uranus in the 10th house:

Career differs from the norm. Recognition could come suddenly. Sudden changes to reputation and/or career. Career in scientific,occult, or some unusual field. Highly independent and could even become leaders in their chosen career. A highly independent parent (usually father figure) with some unusual quality. May stand out, may have some unusual connection to their name. Not for the average job.

💫Uranus in the 11th House:

Many friends but don’t tend to identify too closely with one group. Attracts many friends, many of these friends are peculiar in some way. Humanitarian and scientific concerns and goals. Friends come and go suddenly. Friends over lovers. Aptitude for science and/or tech possibly.

💫Uranus in the 12th House:

Freedom seems elusive. Always feels caged in some how. Maybe fear standing out, could feel inclined to hide their unusual sides. Fears loss of freedom through large institutions like prisons, hospitals and others facilities which could make them feel inclined to rebel against them in some way. This placement often deals with handling private info in some fashion. Dreams are often strange but carry psychic information. Many ideas from dreams. Secret activities. Irregular sleeping patterns.

☣VILLAIN meme☣

Response to the HERO meme here.

  • “You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?”
  • “Oh, little bug caught in my web… you really made this too easy.”
  • “Everyone is so noble in the beginning, but they learn and they lose.”
  • “Hope is a fool’s opiate.”
  • “I’ve come this far, and I certainly won’t let a little nothing like you get in my way now!”
  • “You think it’s so easy judging me. You know nothing of the real world. I am only acting on instinct.”
  • “The meek shall inherit nothing, they are meek for a reason.”
  • “Destruction is a part of the natural order of things, yet everyone fights it. I plan on making it easy on you all.”
  • “I deserve all the praise and power, and you will all suffer for it!”
  • “No one gets in my way and survives.”
  • “The fool that is stupid enough to betray me won’t live to do it again.”
  • “The law didn’t include me when it was made, so it doesn’t apply to me now.”
  • “It’s all their fault for falling for the lie. They have only to blame themselves!”
  • “I never loved you… you pretended to hear what you wanted, and created your own fantasy. I used you, and you willingly accepted.”
  • “Join me, and you will have everything you possibly could want. Stand against me, and you’ll regret it.”
  • “You lost it all!”
  • “No sad story made me this way, I am just stronger, smarter, and deserving. Others are little bugs beneath my heel.”
  • “Give me everything I ask for, and MORE!”
  • “I gave you everything, and this is how you repay me?!”
  • “I will rise above, and you will die for what you did to me!”
  • “You think your little pack of boyscouts can intimidate me? Come at me!”
  • “I’m feeling generous today. You get the first shot. After that, start running.”
  • “You people are all COWARDS! You were just BEGGING for me to do this.”
  • “Where’s your savior now?”
  • “Blood is thicker than water, but kerosene is the answer.”
  • “I killed your _____ and now I’m going to kill you.”
  • “Oh, sweetling. Your mother/father never loved you. That’s why you turned to me.”
  • “You’re my possession, and I don’t want other people touching MY things!”
  • “Money won’t save you. Don’t insult me. I want your soul.”
  • “Beg for me. Beg for your life. Beg for your family’s life… “
  • “Very good try. But let’s see them try and stop this—”
  • “Power belongs to those that take it, but that’s the easy part. KEEPING it takes blood and death, paid in buckets.”
  • “He/She is dead. I am the leader now. Swear fealty or you will join them.”
  • “Go and criticize me, you know you wish you had my power. But you can’t have it, and it KILLS you. Rather… I will.”
  • “All those that don’t bow to me will be put in chains!”
  • “Kill them all! Burn everything to the ground! Leave NOTHING behind!”
  • “I don’t want power or money. I just want to destroy things. Just because.”
  • “I don’t have to explain my motives to you. You wouldn’t understand anyway.”
Moments I have witnessed intense KnB fans in Japan

Upon request here’s my post of personal experiences I’ve seen or been in that show how Japanese KnB (mainly Akashi) fans are that you probably won’t see too often back in your home country. 
*If you are one of these fans, I’m not saying stop doing it or you shouldn’t do it, but just be responsible and don’t neglect other priorities and don’t inconvenience others…and be reasonable. Also these are things I’m not used to seeing so for me it’s quite eyebrow-raising. Thanks. 

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so… i really love everything that @elithien does. all of her work (whether fanart, trinkets, fashion design… i can keep going) is absolutely stunning. when i found out Constellations was coming out, there wasn’t even a question as to whether i’d be supporting it.  she’s one of the artists on here that’s inspired me to get back into my own (Infinitely Worse™) art after years and years of creating nothing (and filling a void i didn’t realize was there as a result). for that alone, i’m thankful that she’s willing to share so much of her work with all of us.

anyway, that’s a lot of gushing and i just really love her work and her aesthetic and yeah and the end. thank you SO much @elithien​ for all of your beautiful work!! ♡ i’m so happy i found your creations, and i can’t WAIT to see what else you have in store for us. ( ´ ◡ ` )

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Sorry but I'm so uncomfortable with these anons you're publishing and respectfully disagree with all of this, punishing harry by cancelling preorders because you guys are angry about babygate is frankly unfair and not something I want to be a part of. It's not Harry's fuckin fault and it makes anyone who does this look selfish to even consider something like that just to prove a point to Sony who don't give a flying fuck. If you guys love Louis, you will support the love of his life. Period.

you seem to not understand how capitalism and consumer culture works so let me break it down for you.

people are not obligated to pay for products they don’t want. they don’t have to justify their decision with a reason you find acceptable because it’s not your money. it’s theirs. 

whether people choose not to buy it because they find themselves not actually liking the music all that much or because of sony, you don’t get a say. 


Maybe if sm spoke up for once about f(x) and released a statement…… like you’ve got a member calling you out for your shit making things extremely public and yet you’re still silent??? You’d think they’d wanna do some damage control but they really don’t see amber or any f(x) members as a threat. Imagine an e*o member pulling this…. sm would be releasing a statement within .0005 seconds lmao.

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Hi, I just wondered if you had any advice. I just hit 24 and still have a few of years to go in my school and I already feel too old. Am I? Also, the school Im at sucks (and rhymes with Fart Lintstitute). Am I utterly screwed over in terms of getting a job somewhere like CN? Should I drop out while I still can? Theres no other schools in my state and I think Im worse than these kids, so Im feeling discouraged. And how do I get into storyboarding? I just recently realized its a path I could take.

There are a lot of different things to cover here so I’ll separate them out:

Are you too old?

You’re not too old. This isn’t like Logan’s Run where once you turn thirty you float around in a room where you explode on the ceiling. If it is, I’m in for a very rude awakening in a few months.

My school is shitty, does that mean I’m shitty and will never get a job?

If you think you will get better at your art by not being in school, then by all means, drop out. There’s no reason to put yourself into debt for something that isn’t helping you. I know lots of people that dropped out of school or went to schools that “sucked” that have great careers in this industry.

I’ve got plenty of complaints about my school from when I attended, but I know that overall it helped me even though it’s a lesser known school. A lesser known school, by the way, that produced Toby Jones, Madeline Queripel, Julia Vickerman, and many others that have good careers in animation in other studios.

There’s an unhelpful meme going around that says you can’t get a job in animation unless you go to CalArts. It’s simply not true. I will give you that if you ask someone where they’re from, the school that the most people have in common is CalArts, but the vast majority of people didn’t go there. What’s more likely, that an industry full of thousands and thousands of people only hires from one school even though they get someone from another school or no school submitting to them with high quality work? Or that someone who makes sub-par work has been submitting to studios for years, but they can’t find a job, they’re starting to get bitter, and they’re looking for someone to blame other than themselves so they choose CalArts? This is understandable, and it can feel immensely frustrating when people seem like they don’t take your work seriously. You have this drive and desire to get in, but people keep telling you no without telling you why, or even worse, not responding at all!

Then, on the internet, you have people like me who say things like “Just keep working at it” and “keep submitting! Draw all the time!” This can be somewhat misleading because we want to remain positive and usually leave out the part where we think “Also this process can take anywhere from 1-10 years or more and, if you get offered a job at all, it will most likely be at a small studio working on something you don’t particularly like or care about, but you’ll at least make money and after a couple years of doing that you might move on to something you like a little more!”

For most people, it takes a long time to get into these big studios. It’s intimidating, scary, frustrating, and unfair. It’s unfair because people who know people in the industry have an advantage over you, but that’s also the case in EVERY industry in the world. However, while it’s an advantage, it’s far from a guarantee. If you know people, they let you know when and where there’s a job opening and can vouch for you, but that’s it. People don’t just hire their friends, no weirdo introverted artist showrunner has as many friends as there are jobs to fill. That vouch still can’t actually get you the job. It’s art. If you can’t draw what you’re being asked to draw, it becomes quickly obvious and it’s really the one thing you have to do, so you either won’t be hired or will be out of a job as soon as they’re able to let you go. There’s simply no time for nepotism, we have a schedule and we need to get shit done.

Hell, after you work at a small studio, you might find you don’t even want to work at a big studio and all of this will be moot!

Should I drop out of school? I’m worse than everyone else.

Here’s some questions you should think about: Why do you think you’re worse than your peers? What qualities does their work have that, in your mind, makes it better? Why is that important to you? How could you get those qualities into your work? What separates you from them? What qualities do you have that they don’t have? Will your artistic education be better if you aren’t in school and are able to do things on your own, or will it be better with instruction and learning from other students around you? Is it possible you’re just burned out because this is an intense field of study? Are you actually answering these questions truthfully?

If your work is at least like a 6.5 out of 10 in quality, then all you need is two of these three things:

1) You turn your stuff in on time

2) You’re easy to work with

3) You make incredible work

Neil Gaiman wrote those as a venn diagram and he’s absolutely right. I would say living in the area where you want to be employed also helps, but if you’re good enough, they’ll find a way. Someone who makes great work will always be more obvious to employers and, right out of school, those people tend to get hired first because it’s the easiest quality to look for. However, if that person doesn’t have either of those other two qualities, that person will quickly lose credibility. I would rather hire a workhorse who makes ok art, but I like working with them and they do it on time, than someone who makes the most incredible artwork ever but they never turn their stuff in and they’re an asshole.

Now all that up there is probably reading as a bit of a downer. It’s okay though, everything has its downers and its uppers. That’s why the whole world is so crazy, it’s meds are all mixed up.

You CAN do it. You can. Seriously. People work in TV. Los Angeles isn’t some mythical, faraway land that’s somehow better than where you live. We’re all just a bunch of flawed people, really mediocre people, that have somehow tricked other people into giving us money to make whatever art we want. You can join the rest of us con artists and we’ll accept you as one of our own and we can all trick everyone together.

What is the path for storyboarding?

There are a million and one ways to get into it. It’s more of a branching spider web than a path. I know a lot of people who got into it through comics. If a show runner can quickly read a comic you’ve made, then they know a lot about you: your writing style, your drawing style, your sense of humor, and the fact that you can finish what you start.

Toby got hired because JG said on twitter that he was looking for new board artists. Toby was making comics in his free time, responded to him via Facebook, and sent him some of his comics. That’s how Toby got the job and he immediately moved from Minneapolis to LA to take it.

My path:

Before I started school I wanted to do 3D animation, so I went to art school. While there, I found out that I liked 2D animation even more, so I focused on that. It was really hard because while I found I liked the look and idea of 2D more, I didn’t like drawing variations on practically the same thing over and over again for days just to make 4 seconds of animation. There were definitely other animators and artists who were better than me.

I considered dropping out at the end of my junior year. I laid down in the hallway of my apartment and cried while staring at the ceiling and ants crawled all over body (we had an ant problem). I didn’t know if I wanted to keep going through college or drop out. My parents said I sounded burned out. They recommended doing something completely, totally different, that has nothing to do with art or my career over the summer. My mom said she got a job in Yellowstone for a summer when she was in college, so I decided to give that a shot.

So I did! I became a housekeeper in Grant Village in Yellowstone. It was transformative. I met new friends who did things that weren’t related to art, I found new stories from new people, new ways to think. I even met some Chinese people who introduced me to the idea that it’s super easy to get an english teaching job in China if you’re a native speaker, a job I’d never even heard of until they mentioned it.

When it came time to answer whether I wanted to go back to school, my brain had had enough time to recuperate over the summer from doing completely different work. I felt healed and had a lot more insight as to what my life needed. I answered those questions up there and decided that yes, I did still want to finish school.

So I finished, but still felt burned out and decided to move to China to be an English teacher. I did that for 3 years, even though all my friends told me not to and said I was crazy. I agreed somewhat, but it felt like something I needed to do. I had no idea how I was ever going to get back into working in art.

While I was there I learned more about music production, made two albums, and made an animated music video. When I decided to move back to LA, I sent out some feelers to people and Toby, who had been my freshman year roommate in college, said they were looking for people on Regular Show. This was for a job position called “storyboarder/writer” and I’d never heard of that job before. They sent me the test, I took it, he showed JG some of my work (including the music video I had made while in China). JG decided to take the chance on hiring some random English teacher from China that he’d never met or even interviewed over the phone.

That is my path to storyboarding. You can try taking that same path, but as you can see, it all requires a bit of serendipity and preparation for when that serendipity happens.

Wow that was a lot of stuff. Why do you write so much? Jeez, summarize it.

Because I work in TV and I have to edit myself down all the time so THIS IS MY FREE SPACE OKAY??

You don’t have to go to the most amazing school in the world. You don’t have to be the most incredible artist in the world. You don’t have to know people. You DO have to have drive and decent art. You CAN do it, you just have be realistic about who you are and what you need in order to get there.

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I think it benefits Harry more so than Gucci though doesn't it? I could be off, but I do follow some fashion sites/twitters and I rarely come across a harry feature. Gucci doesn't advertise his custom suits. What do they get out of making 30 custom suits for him? They look beautiful and he is well known and rising name in fashion, but I don't see his suits spreading much outside of us.

I mean, it definitely benefits him more. He gets the exact tour wardrobe he wants. 

But I think you’re underestimating his importance to some of these brands. He’s a bit of a darling for them. He’s also a major trend signaler for young men’s (and women’s) fashion. He’s not knee deep in the fashion world right now because he doesn’t need to be. He’s not a front row mainstay or doing the celeb editorial feature slog. If he were, his coverage would be exponentially more. But he’s currently in “I’m not interested in being paid to make other people some money” mode right now.

These suits individually won’t get traction, because tracking tour dates is a uniquely fandom thing. But the entire body of custom suits made for him will mean something.

Not everything is a direct correlation between an instance of promo and the sales it generates. Gucci’s main source of income isn’t custom suits or pussy bow blouses. It’s bags, shoes, and accessories. It’s about creating buzz around the brand so that people just want SOMETHING Gucci.

I personally don’t understand how fashion quantifies these investments in celeb and influencer, with direct and indirect promotion. But buying ad space in fashion publication doesn’t seem like a good investment these days either. So it must mean something!