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Reading list: Donald Trump, charitable giving and David Fahrenthold 

WaPo reporter David Fahrenthold has been reporting on the Trump foundation, specifically looking at how Donald Trump uses almost none of his own money to make donations from the foundation. And just recently, the New York attorney general’s office ordered the Trump Foundation to stop fundraising. Read more from his recent reporting below: 

imagine being impressed by the bare minimum when it comes to white males

“wow he stopped sleeping with multiple women! wow he stopped drinking! wow he stopped doing questionable jobs like beating other people up for money!” 

wow imagine that

What’s said: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

What’s meant: “I think socialism means keeping the organizational structures of capitalism the same but with more redistribution and safety nets.”

What’s said: “I don’t like socialism because I like freedom.”

What’s meant: “I absorbed a heavily propagandized image of socialism that equates it to feudalism and fascism at the same time.”

What’s said: “Lazy? Want all the stuff without all the work? Socialism may be for you! Vote Obama!”

What’s meant: “I have no fucking clue what socialism is.”

So let's talk a little bit about the long con, and about the career of Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump (tm). Let's talk about how he actually makes his money.

Hint: It’s not by developing successful properties and making a long-term killing off rents, fees, and providing services.

It’s not by creating wealth. It’s not even by running successful casinos and getting suckers to forget that the house always wins.


It’s by getting other people to invest money in a project, slapping his name on it, making a huge fuss about how great it is using his (to me inexplicable) charisma and salesmanship, siphoning off as much cash as he quickly can, allowing the project to fail, writing it off at a loss, and allowing his creditors to take the bath on it–including small businesses that could ill-aford such a loss.

(Fun fact: the Mob put that hit out on Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel because he didn’t prevent contractors from siphoning money and materials out of the Flamingo Hotel project, did you know that?)

Long story short: his business partners take a bath, and he walks away with his pockets jingling (though they don’t jingle as much as he claims. That roll of hundreds is fluffed out with newspaper cut to size, metaphorically speaking.) There’s a reason he can’t get a loan from a U.S. bank anymore; as a result, there’s pretty good reason to think a bunch of his projects are funded by members of the Russian kleptocracy.*

So some people can learn how to avoid a con artist after he’s hit them once. But apparently, 46% of U.S. voters can’t spot a scam even when the evidence is right there.

…well, it is really hard to break up with a gaslighting abuser. You really start not knowing what is real, and you start to feel like it’s all your fault. And this is how con artists work, too. You need them! They’re going to give you the break you really deserve, that you somehow never got before!

He’s a great businessman, right? He’s going to build the U.S. economy. It’s going to be HUGE, because this time will be different or something?

Did you know that Trump has already charged U.S. taxpayers $1.6 million for his Secret Service detail to fly on his plane with him? Or that his campaign paid his own businesses close to ten million dollars?

Guess who the business partner is who’s getting their pocket picked this time?

Based on the rule that whatever Trump claims his enemies are doing, it’s what he’s up to himself, I’d say his businesses were failing again (“failing New York Times”) and this time he had nowhere left to turn, because he’d bilked his way around the globe. I’d say that the election was rigged–rigged in the sense that it was influenced by a Russian-backed hacking and disinformation campaign. And I’d say that this man who ran, laughably, against “insider corruption” is about to depose the Grant administration as the most corrupt in U.S. history.

My only question at this point is whether sometime between Dec 19th (when the electoral college confirms the vote) and Jan 20th (Inauguration day), the Russian intelligence apparatus releases information to delegitimize the election and with the goal of making the U.S. completely ineffectual in containing their adventurism due to internal strife, or if Putin tries to run Trump like a hand puppet for the next four years.

They must have something really juicy on him, too, because he’s stuck by his oligarchic allies so far, and this is a man who has never once hesitated to throw an ally under the bus the instant it suited him.

Yep. This is gonna get ugly, and not just because we’re staring down the barrel of a bunch of freshly empowered homophobic, misogynistic white supremacists.

Hold onto your hats.

Moon:8th house✨🔮🌙🔮✨

-Dramatically intense emotions but often hidden

-swing into emotional extremes

-inheritance from the mother

-mother may have been secretive,possessive,highly emotional,manipulative

-involvement with other people’s moneys

-may have a desire to communicate with deceased family members

-finances contribute to emotional security and well being

-sex,and close,intimate relationships strongly affect emotions and positively or negatively impact emotional security

-nipple playy😛😛

-strong psychic sensitivity

-financial affairs fluctuate and can be improved as easily as negatively affected through marriage or inheritances

-intensely sexual

-concerns with taxes,insurance


So as a fast update: I’m going to Las Vegas tonight to cheer on friends at EVO for Guilty Gear. I’ve been working every day for the past 3 months. And have decided to quit the second job soon to do art. I got equipment now to do speed paintings and tutorials. 

Oh and I went back to blonde for the summer. ✌

Scorpio Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of luck, take a look at astrotheme.com, astro.com, or cafeastrology.com to figure out where your Jupiter is. Scorpio Jupiter has good luck in:

Sex and intimacy

Sports (especially extreme ones and water ones)

Finding out secrets/investigative work

Anything they are passionate in

Self expression



Other people’s money and possessions and joint finances

elza had to leave right after i had a freakout because i bought some expensive challah and then subsequently left it on the bus and i always freakout when i take something i wanted and turn it into wasted money (plus it felt like g-d spiting me for something) and i miss her a lot already even though its only been a few minutes and i feel bad for her having to leave right after i shut down 

dart-the-llama  asked:

Which of your OC's allign most with your views on money?

hmmm tough question. cuz i’m not even sure how i feel about money other than it’s stressful and most of my issues with it stem from the treatment of necessities as luxuries.

simiel is close, where he’s overall really concerned about the social climate around requiring wealth to give someone life saving treatment. but he also had the benefit of growing up in an environment where money itself was a luxury thing he was able to accumulate a lot of, since necessities were provided. so his concern is mostly secondhand.

izzy is also close, being pretty against handling cash herself for complicated reasons. but, izzy was also raised to see necessities as luxuries. big home bills scare and frustrate her and she feels like it’s her fault for not being better off like other people are.

money is difficult.

Many people want more in their relationships;...

Many people want more in their relationships; more money and more success. They try to force these things, and when they do not materialize, they become negative and pessimistic. The harder they try, the more bitter and desperate they become, and the further the things they want seem to move away. They do not realize that all success comes through other people. It can seem counterintuitive when you learn that you get most things in life not by taking, but by giving. Giving is the key to all success in all applications of human life. The act of true giving is indistinguishable from receiving. Giving yourself is the ultimate revolution! Giving is not a physical action; giving is a philosophy and a way of living life. There are endless opportunities to give the smallest things that cost us nothing, but have great value to other people. Money and time are not the only things we can give. We can give others appreciation, patience, compassion, courtesy, kindness, dependability, friendship, forgiveness, gratitude, honesty, loyalty, respect, tolerance and of course — love.

— Bryant McGill

anyway i blocked the anon bc they came back saying i’m privileged so how is it not insensitive to complain about my life…………………………………i wish 13 years old werent allowed online i swear

sea witch stuff

Small list of things I associate with typical sea witch stuff! It’s a small list because I am pretty minimal in my craft. Plus, I use a lot of colored and textured rocks instead of shells. Please feel free to add or make your own and tag me! I love seeing what other people associate

Anomiidae/Jingle shells- Money, prosperity, financial gains, etc. This is my first association, I think it’s because I also know it as “mermaid money”. I like to put these in my treasure chest as part of a money spell. My other association for cleansing and positivity. They are just so pretty, light, and bright- it reminds me of happiness. When you shake them all together, it jingles, something I think could be used for cleansing in the way that bells are used!

Driftwood: I mainly use it in the creation of wands, honestly. Given the name though, it could be used for traveling spells, or for guidance in feeling lost.

Sand: Usually blank, but I use it for grounding as well, as I meditate on the beach a lot and feel like I become one with the sand.

Sea glass: Sea glass is a really blank thing for me. I use them based on color associations generally. I also think, since they are man-made but shaped by nature, can be used for transformation spells and rituals.

Sea-weed: I like to use these in curses. Preferably, to hold/tie someone down, keep them stuck, or even choking (metaphorical!) I’m sure there are other uses but this is my main use for sea-weed. It’s green so, always could be used for prosperity!