others i blame on big finish

“Why are you still making this?”

“I mean, Undertale hype has died down.”
“Aren’t you worried that the fandom will have moved on by the time you finish?”
“By the time it comes out, no one will care.”

I’ve heard this sort of thing a lot for the fangame. Not from asks on tumblr, but from close friends of mine.

It tends to happen whenever I tell them of the project, or show progress after a while. And I wanted to go ahead and address this concern some of them have. (My bad if my grammar or spelling suck here. Read more after the break.)

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Discord in Nutshell (part 2)

You asked for it guys!

When there is a fight among your friends:

When someone say they will post their art soon

when you arrive to the chat after a whole day pretending to be normal

when the @Nerds are talking about nerd stuff

When one of our artist/authors finish their work 

When Tarffie is fighting but Leffie wants peace

when Puff fights with Leffie  (but he doesn’t really mean it)

When it slowly become something NSFW

When your OTP is fighting 



@avataviking when there is a Hiccup picture

We play Hunger game. Someone killed their significant other. And the chat wants war.

When someone leaves BEFORE 2 A.M.

When the newbies come

The whole chat when I did this post




When I come up to the chat for the first time of the day ;)

anonymous asked:

this is a very salty ask but... arkane just released a list of trophies for doto and... it gave away the ending. :/ also, the "big shocking ending" is something that's been ficc'd about for years (and everyone in fandom already predicted.) and every time they release a new trailer i see at least one detail that i've read in a fic from 2013. it's making me anxious that they just farmed ao3 for ideas.

That really sucks! so, WARNING TO EVERYONE: DON’T LOOK AT THE LIST OF TROPHIES FOR DEATH OF THE OUTSIDER because it contains spoilers. Some gaming sites/Arkane themselves did it well when they released the achievements for Dishonored 2, in that they broke it up into spoiler and non-spoiler sections and you could look at the first section with the second section under a read more.

Yeah look the Dishonored Arkane team have had a slightly troubling relationship with the fandom for a while now and if you’ve been following any of the discussion here, you’ll know more salt can be found about:

or you can just check out the death of the outsider tag

You’ll know that I’ve been criticising what DOTO seems to be doing. The Dishonored fandom may not be as large as in other big franchises or communities but there are some very dedicated and amazing artists and writers who, I have to agree with you anon, have already written about all the possible ways to finish off the Dishonored main story (in a satisfying and conclusive manner). 

I won’t go into those (I’m not even going to look up the achievements for DOTO cos I don’t want to be spoiled myself) but I think it’s fairly clear that the options for endings in DOTO are contained within the options for endings that have been thought of by the fandom. 


Request by anon: Helloooo! Can you do a fic where you are the Angels’ teen sister who is in the care of the Sam and Dean. Only problem is older brother Gabriel likes to come visit you for good old game of messing with the Winchesters. You, agree only because you’re bored out of your mind and plus you love playing that game when Gabe comes to visit you, especially when he’s training you to be a mini trickster. After messing around with the boys, Cas finds out and ends up fixing yours and Gabe’s mess and lecturing you, but yelling at Gabriel for teaching you such things. But of course the two of you can’t stop giggling because of how fun and funny the whole thing turned out.

Word Count: 1899

Warnings: None

Version en Español: Castigada

“No one’s going anywhere, got it?” Dean glowered at you. Geez. You only suggested going into town for a few drinks and he goes crazy. It’s been weeks since they let you leave the bunker. You’d tried sneaking out many times, but each time they managed to hide some sigil somewhere that stopped you right before you made it to the door. “It’s too dangerous.”

“I’m an angel, you ass,” you spat out. “I think I can handle myself.”

Crossing his arms, Dean squared his shoulders and tried using his height to intimidate you. “That’s not what Cas said when he told us to look after you.”

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In honor of Peter Davison’s birthday, I present: every drawing that I’ve done of the Fifth Doctor in the past year; I may have a bit of a problem.

I wanted to upload this with other colour palette doodles but then I got too lazy to finish the rest after this one.

Also, I was in the mood to draw my favourite hetalia character and his adorable dog (anime dogs are always the best).

this was made a few weeks ago though that’s how lazy i am to finish others

can’t pin me down

Pairing: Jungkook / Jimin
Word count: ~18.1k
Summary: Jeon Jungkook is Asia’s biggest pop star and it is Park Jimin’s job to make sure that it stays that way.

“Enough for today. The big boss wants to see you,” Hoseok says, curling his fingers around Jungkook’s wrist and turning on his heels ready to leave.

There are only two occasions when the CEO wants to talk directly to Jungkook and not through notes that his secretary delivers to Jungkook’s dorm every week.
One – Jungkook was involved in a big scandal and ended up on the covers of all tabloids across not only Korea but other Asian countries as well with not so flattering headlines neatly printed under his name.
Two – the plans for his next album are finished and the release date should be set.

“But I did nothing wrong,” Jungkook protests, pulling his hand out of Hoseok’s grip. His latest album has been topping the charts for the last four weeks and the promotions are going smoothly if triple crowns on music shows are any indication. “I’m not the one to blame for that mess on the variety show. Those people are nuts and the host is an idiot who doesn’t know how to do his job.”

Hoseok chuckles, one hand on the doorknob, the other tugging Jungkook closer. “I have to admit that that was pretty crazy yet extremely enjoyable to watch. But no, it’s not about that.”

“Then what? Debut in China?” Jungkook asks, “My Mandarin is still awful, you know.”

Hoseok just shrugs, pushes the door open and nearly shoves Jungkook in the corridor. “Come on. You’ll see what it is about.”


how many people who blog about zagreus and other big finish mythos stuff have actually listened all the way through neverland+zagreus?

how many have done it more than once? I mean, I don’t BLAME or JUDGE anyone - zagreus is a ridiculous thing to even TRY to listen to or parse

i’m just curious.