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Elara and Maven - Queen and Prince - Mother and Son

Requested by the lovely @electricons , I hope you like it!

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Panic! At The Disco Creations Challenge | s0fthearts
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I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and whether I should write something about this or if it’ll make things worse. But hey, self preservation is not my style even though it might be better if it was. 

I’ve seen a ton of posts about commenting on fics (probably cause I follow a ton of writers). These have touched upon this phenomenon of “un-constructive” comments, aka comments like “more” or “you are writing things wrong do this instead because that’s what I like”. You guys probably know that type of comment that has really no purpose other than make the writer sad and/or mad. 

Now I’m not a writer. I do however produce content for the fandom with gifs and edits and the like. And I’m also a shameless tag lurker. I read all tags on my posts. And I love it! It’s one of the top reasons I make gifs. People are so nice and supportive and kind and friendly and constructive in the positive way. Tags literally make my day and/or week. I still remember some tags from last year because they were so nice and heartwarming and made me all gooey on the inside with love. 

And sometimes the tags are un-constructive. These people probably don’t mean it to be that way or try to be mean. They mean it as a positive comment but somedays I just get… tired. It’s not nice to read tags that undermine the effort that I put in my gifs. Not all of them are masterpieces, not all of them took ages to make, not all of them are amazing. But all of them take consideration and time and effort that I want to put in because I love this show and the people in this fandom. I think about what I want to make and peruse the endless amount of footage to select a 5sec clip. Sometimes I miss an obvious clip that would’ve worked amazingly and that’s a huge bummer. Believe me I hit my head against a wall all the time when I remember that one scene in season 3 episode 38 or whatever that would’ve been so perfect.

But it’s not helpful or nice to read several tags commenting just on that. If you see that there’s something I’ve missed or neglected you can be sure I’ve already kicked myself to the ocean. I’m the master of seeing the obvious things only after I’ve posted the thing. In these cases you might want to just comment on the other things that you like! Or say nothing at all if all the things you were going to say are mean! But please don’t tag/comment “where’s x”, “you forgot x” or in those lines cause the underlying message I personally get is “I can’t believe you’re that dumb to forget x”. And that makes giffing exhausting and stressful, the exact opposite it should be.

I really don’t want this to come across as if I don’t want people commenting or tagging or interacting with me, because that’s the opposite of the truth. I live for that shit. But I feel like sometimes some people might forget that I’m a human being too, and that I see those comments. 


“Cool gifset!” “I love this!” “Okay but consider this *insert angst* - super awesome and rad

“Where’s this character?!” “You forgot this thing” “I can’t believe you missed this!” “make something for character X because this it shit” - not so super awesome and rad

So, I’m a bit of a classic fire emblem fan, and even more I’m super into the rom hacking community, so I decided to try my hand at some sprite edits, both to make my own “fan game” that may or may not ever come to fruition, and to see how hard it is to transfer the old designs into the new game.

I started off with @draco-marco‘s Marcus who required about a billion different sprites to make up his own sprite, though I think all of them are from fe7

PS It’s transparent