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Wicked Games (Jungkook x Reader)

“Consider me surprised.”

Warnings: bondage, dirty talk

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yes haha i've been here for a little over a month, but i stopped posting here for weeks because i felt too shy :') but i got a lot of encouragement and read a lot about how to take nice pictures fot studyblr/gram sooo here i am!!! i am really happy i'm going well so far! and yes lol i feel shy to tag people so i only tag a few. can you tell me other people you tag too?

Oh, hey look, my little Windows Sticky Note finally came into use.  I’ve been keeping track of all the blogs I follow and their tracked tags.  Hang in there because this is going to be a super long post.  These are all in alphabetical order by URLs, with my most used tags in bold and tags for my favorite blogs italicized.  If anyone who sees this wants to add or correct a tag, feel free to message me.

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Do you want to be tagged in my fics?

Hello beautiful people, how are you all going?

Well, have you ever wanted to be tagged in my fics, but was too shy to ask or any other reason; Well don't need to worry anymore, I made a new tag list and all you have to do is answer 3 questions and you be tagged in exactly what you want.

My next few fics I still use the other tag list. 

So here is the new tag list  all you have to do is awnser the questions 

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Snowbarry c:

choke natalie :)

  • Who said “I love you” “you can’t do it” first: CAITLIN!! 
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: barry, caitlin’s in the background while he’s eating iris’ face :)
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: “caitlin if you fucking come towards iris i’ll murder you and send your ass to another dimension <3″
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: icicles that say i’d stab you from cait and and a lighter from barry so he can melt her heart
  • Who initiated the first kiss: some guy dressed up as barry *swoon*
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: caitlin// she likes to freeze people to death for breafast
  • Who starts tickle fights: tickle? no an icicle street stabbing battle ftw!!!
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: caitlin doesn’t shower bc freeze
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: barry’s too busy fucking iris in his lab to do shit.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: they both skipped bc they had no idea fandom was shipping their asses
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: no one #spiderfrost
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: well caitlin sings summer lovin’ while she’s drunk?

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Matchmaker - Vernon

Ft my bby Seungkwan and Woozi bc he’s my number one bias ruiner and I kissed him in a dream yay XD I based the setting very loosely off of this: 

I love this song wow it was my fave last summer ^^ Hope you all like this bc I was rather pleased :)

Being your best friend, Seungkwan knew just what you liked. Whether it be your ideal type, ideal date, ideal wedding, Seungkwan knew you better than you knew yourself. And that’s why you decided to trust him when he decided to set you up with another member of the Kpop group he was in.

You’d met the group once or twice, but never actually got to know them all too well. All you knew was that the guy Seungkwan was setting you up with - Vernon Choi, was pretty shy when it came to girls. It made you unsure as you could be pretty shy, but you really did trust Seungkwan. Little did you know he was tagging along, and bringing his other group mate Jihoon too.

“This isn’t how setting someone on a date is supposed to go!” You hissed to Seungkwan as the four of you left the dorm together. You and Seungkwan stood outside as Jihoon went to get his car from the car park and Vernon ran back inside for a jacket.

“I know, but Jihoon hyung agreed to drive.” He responded in a whisper, nudging you when Vernon flashed you a small, uncertain smile. You smiled back, suddenly very shy and hoping that the sudden redness on your face didn’t show in the darkness of the growing night. It was only 8 but was already growing dark - ‘the perfect time’, Seungkwan called it. He was so strange sometimes.

“And you?” you asked, trying to calm your racing heart. You barely even knew the guy; you just weren’t the best with people.

“You’ll understand.” he murmured, winking at you before jogging up to the car in which the other 2 were waiting in casual conversation. You groaned and followed, finding that Seungkwan had taken the passenger seat and had left you to talk to Vernon. However as soon as you were sat close, feeling each others’ presence, you were both turning a shade of scarlet as the first half of the drive passed in a state of awkward silence with the occasional sideways glance and smile. Your heart was pounding and your mind was racing as you tried to think of something to say, but when you found nothing you merely shuffled closer. You could feel him tense a little, but this time you had the courage to look him in the eye. He went a little redder, hands folded in his lap and small beads of sweat beginning to appear on his forehead and neck. Something about his state of worry was cute and endearing to you, giving you the little boost of confidence you needed to speak. 

“Hey, I’m nervous too. I’ve never actually been with a guy, so I don’t know how to talk to one or anything. I have no idea why Seungkwan decided he had to come along too, either. But we can’t stay like this all night.” you chuckled, only a small gap now remaining between you as he mirrored your previous movement and shuffled a little closer.

“Right, of course.” he mumbled, smiling shyly. “Seungkwan was dead set on getting us together.” he looked towards the man in question, who either didn’t hear or was feigning ignorance. Knowing him, it was most likely the second option. He glanced at you and swiped his tongue across his lips as they became dry before slowly moving the hands in his lap apart. He moved one so it was face up, and moved it so it was between you both. He was quite subtle about it but you noticed, also noticing the way he looked down as he couldn’t bring himself to look into your eyes again and his ears went pink. You giggled and moved your hand too, as slowly as he had, and rested it on top of his upturned one. He grinned before lacing his fingers through yours, his thumb running over your hand gently as you clasped his hand. Both were a little sweaty, as you were both quite anxious, but you could feel the tension alleviating. 

The drive wasn’t particularly long, around 30 minutes, and you and Vernon spent the last of it hand in hand. You got out of the car when you arrived to find yourself outside a retro looking diner, which you loved. You loved a lot of retro things - 1950′s America was your favourite in terms of style. It looked like a stereotypical diner, with gas pumps outside (which turned out to be for the purpose of decoration only) and neon signs that drew attention to the place. It was pretty small, which you didn’t mind, and you were even happier as you walked inside to find the light, pastel colours that greeted your eyes. It wasn’t all too busy, with two other couples enjoying their time there. One sat at the bar and chatted over milkshakes whilst the others ate burgers in a rather happy silence, merely enjoying each others’ company. You looked around with a smile, seeing the regular checked floor in white and light pink instead of the general white and black. Neon lights covered the walls, adding a splash of brighter colour to the otherwise soft looking room. The tables were white, with booths alternating colours in blue and pink. The barstools were a matching blue and pink, and the jukebox in the corner played an upbeat swing song quietly in the background. Despite being quite empty, it had a lively atmosphere.

“Wow. Seungkwan is good.” You muttered, impressed. You jumped as he crept up behind you, his ‘thank you’ shocking you from your daze as you admired the place. Jihoon was rather quiet, and Seungkwan was doing more talking than all 3 of you put together as he sat beside you. Seungkwan pushed you and Vernon opposite each other, making a fuss even though you’d already gone to sit where you ended up. Vernon chuckled a little and scratched the back of his neck, a blush creeping up it as he found himself gazing at you fondly. You felt your heart rate speed up with the number of glances he sent you, his foot playing with yours under the table as Jihoon pretended to gag and walked away to get milkshakes. Seungkwan sighed and followed, pulling out his phone and sitting on a barstool. You gasped as your phone vibrated in your pocket, sending Vernon an apologetic look before checking it.

Please, you couldn’t cut the tension with a freaking machete. Talk to him!

You sent Seungkwan a quick glare but when you looked back at Vernon he was glaring at him too, his phone in his hand.

“Is he texting you too?” he asked, sounding unamused. You nodded and sighed, seeing another text come in.

I’m trying to help. If not talking, there are other uses for mouths too.

He was grinning like an idiot but you and Hansol had only managed to go a darker shade of red, both of you hurriedly turning off your phones. That made Seungkwan’s face fall and Jihoon laugh as he brought the milkshakes to your table.

“Yeah, like drinking these. I’ll go berate him, if you’d like, whilst you two actually talk without him getting involved.” he smirked, smiling kindly at you before walking off and hitting Seungkwan over the head.

“Ugh, I’m sorry about him.” you both chorused, giggling and looking at each other again. The uncomfortable feeling was wearing away as his hand moved to rest over yours. You both sipped on the milkshakes, enjoying the taste, when he seemed like he wanted to say something. He exhaled slowly, smiling.

“You’re really beautiful, Y/N.” he grinned, trying not to curl up in embarrassment as he said the words. You sat in silence, shocked for a moment, blushing furiously and trying to hold back the enormous smile that was threatening your cheeks. However you couldn’t, and it hurt your cheeks with the amount you smiled at him. “I’m sorry - was that not-”

“No, no. Thank you, I just can’t - can’t really take compliments.” you laughed gently, feeling your heart flutter as he brushed a piece of hair behind your ear. “You’re so handsome I think you could do a lot better.” you returned, suddenly slightly serious. However you kept the smile on your face to keep a lighthearted atmosphere, and he scoffed. His thumb had gone back to drawing circles on the back of your hand, but it then removed itself as he stood up. He slid into your side of the booth, bringing his milkshake with him and sitting next to you. 

“Don’t be silly. I know we haven’t spoken a whole lot this evening, but it seems we’re not the best with words. I don’t know if it showed at all, but I really like you. I think this could work out.” he smiled, one of his hands moving up to your cheek whilst his other rested on the back of your neck. Your thoughts turned to his lips, eyes scanning them as his face came closer. You could hear the distant squeals of Seungkwan but you were focused only on Vernon’s face.

He’s going to kiss me

Oh my God, I’m going to kiss her! What if she doesn’t want to kiss me?

Both of your minds were filled with worries that soon flew away as he placed his lips on yours, a hesitant and extremely gentle kiss but a loving one too, and as he pulled away you could see a newfound confidence that made you trust that you and Vernon could become something great.

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Wow okay this took longer to write than I had hoped but hopefully you all like it!

-Admin Belle

For all the shy RPers out there...

So, I’m a shy person. I assume some of you are too. It’s kind of hard for me to send asks or start stuff with other RPers, because, well, *cough cough* social anxiety… That’s why, if you like this post, you’ll be granting me permission to:

  • Send random asks IC and OOC
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  • Go to your inbox and ask something like “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?”
  • Tag you in stuff that reminded me of your muse or mun
  • Wake up and message a “Good morning!”

Basically, you’ll be granting me permission to be your friend and letting me know that it is okay to interact with you. Of course, if I send and ask or start a thread and you just don’t feel like writing it, it’s completely fine! RPing is supposed to be fun, not a responsibility (we’ve got enough of that in real life).

Of course, if you like this post, I’m also granting you permission to do all of the points above with me :) So, if someday you just get the urge to send me a pic of the wonderful chocolate cake you’re eating, feel free to do so! 

Oh, in case you’re not following me, or if we never had any type of interaction, you can like this too and I’ll head straight to your inbox!

(By the way, I’m Brazilian and I love getting to know more about other countries!)


Here they are, Tomoe & Darren (main) secondary characters!! They are the ones that are in the house more often! They’re all different from eachother but still really good friends. The fairies are almost sisters, the sexy demons are best friends, Pam and Daniel kinda have a crush on eachother but they’re too shy to say anything, Adrien flirts with everyone and Dana helps, and Anabelle, well… she’s there. Or not. No one knows for sure.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the tags! :)

There’s gonna be more content coming up soon, as well as other comics! Stay tuned!

P.S.: wanna know more about the main characters/story? [here!]

and, in case you missed the first comic, [here!]


So after seeing so many people saying they feel quite shy about jumping into conversations or messaging someone new, myself and talkdrarrytome decided we would start messaging everyone in the Drarry squad to spread the Drarry love. Then I though why no do a post and tag all the amazing Drarry blogs I follow and we can all get to know each other!!

So here you all are, all you wonderfully weird Drarry shippers that I follow. If everyone reblogs and tags in the blogs they follow as well we can all find new ones too and spread the love further.


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If I’ve missed anyone off I am so sorry!! I’ve gone and smashed my phone so I’m looking at this through a lot of tiny little cracks. I am an absolute dope.


My gods yes, thought Vimes. You can find your average, amateur killers on every street. They’re mostly deranged or drunk or some poor woman who’s had a hard day and the husband has raised his hand once too often and suddenly twenty years of frustration takes over. Killing a stranger without malice or satisfaction, other than the craftsman’s pride in a job well done, is such a rare talent that armies spend months trying to instill it into their young soldiers. Most people will shy away from killing people they haven’t been introduced to.
—  The Fifth Elephant, pg 134 of the HarperTorch paperback