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Hey Sanzu, I'm not sticking round too long in the ask since you have probably more questions to answer... I'm a huge introvert so I don't usually tolerate too many people. I just stick to one or two friends. So... Yeah... If the others are getting too overwhelming for any reason, like you're too frustrated or something, you can chill with me since i would end up zoning out or listen to music, so I would leave you in peace. Also... You're cool. Sorry this ended up being longer than planned...

* I’ve seen you around.

* When I first saw you, I didn’t like you.

* But now that I know you better, 

* I hate you.



anon asked: hello love :) can I request a super sweet protective race story? thank you

summary: race tends to be overbearing but you don’t know why.

**i probably go into too much detail when describing the sewing parts because i do textiles whoops anyway i love racetrack higgins write that down

Y/N was the best thing that ever happened to Racetrack Higgins. He was constantly astounded that she wanted to be by his side. She had come from a stable household where she could live happily on her father’s earnings. Instead, she took up a job at Medda’s theatre and met him. And she couldn’t be happier.

Race and Y/N met when he had gone backstage to view Jack’s latest mural and found her sewing costumes for an upcoming show. She was so invested in her work that she hadn’t noticed her admirer until Jack pointed him out to her. Without Jack, they wouldn’t be together.

But Race was starting to consider if that was for the best. There was a constant nagging at the back of his mind telling him that he could never provide the life that she deserved.

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Not sure if the bloggers here let their hubbies watch OL too. My ofcmate watches with her hubby and everytime I see this hubby, he says how fascinated he is with OL sex scenes (he is a GOT fan too and I'm sure watches all other shows and maybe, porn). One time he asked if the actors are married or dating because they do it so real, and if acting, they rehearse well. I wonder if they have watch ep6 already. Man, I should avoid this sex conversation again!

I don’t watch with my husband because he would probably do a Mystery Science Theater thing while we watch it and ruin it for me. My coworker also watches with her husband. I know he thinks Cait is hot, but that’s the limit of the sex questions I’m going to ask since she and her husband are old enough to be my parents. I am always interested to hear what casual viewers and especially men think. It’s almost like they can pick up on the little things and clearly see that they have a greater connection than they are admitting to.

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Have You noticed how often Bruce is omitted, when people are blaming Tony for Ultron? Like, he was there too, he was helping Tony, but people tend to forget him. / Anyway, I love your "Naught rambles" and other posts, they are highly interesting and entertaining :D / This one's really off-topic, but what would You say about Tony watching/loving WALL-E movie? I always loved that headcanon.

grrr…. Yes. 

So, so much yes.

 In the fandom, I’m not sure if it’s because of everyone’s going ‘the robot guy’s the one to blame for the evil AI, the dude in squishy sciences probably didn’t have so much to do with it’, or it it’s the ‘sure let’s blame the textbook case of mental health issues’ or if it’s trying to offload blame and deflect attention from Wanda’s input, or…

[the list goes on]

Because Bruce was right there! He was also geeking out about the scan readings, and the moment the wind started to blow differently he didn’t just cut and run, he…at one point, he makes a crack about creating a murderbot. 

To Tony’s face. While being fully aware of the fact Ultron the AI had been nowhere near interface. And having been introduced to JARVIS, Tony’s pride and joy. 

This, coming from the guy who’s screwup resulted in a rage monster he’s actively been hunted for. [you can probably tell where I gave up on Science Bros in canon]

It’s why, in TWiFFON, Tony’s about as close to him as he is to Dr. Jane Foster; like, sure, he’ll compare notes, and having another brain to bounce ideas off of is a nice change of pace, but he’s had his chance at friendship, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Tony’s got enough on his plate without constantly watching his back, why would he try to reach out to someone he can’t trust? Especially since last time ended so well? [note the sarcasm] 

err…sorry for the rant. It’s just something I’ve had on my chest for a while. 

As for Tony watching WALL-E? 

Umm…how sad do you want me to get? 

Because if we’re going happy and light, then I can assure you he made a movie night of it in the workshop, and DUM-E and You were in attendance. It came out when he was in Afghanistan, and he wanted to catch up to what he’d missed [that’s the excuse he gave to Rhodey, anyway, but they knew better].

JARVIS acted affronted when Auto became the Disney version of HAL, because “truly, how original” and “his style leaves much to be desired” and Tony ended up saying something like “I know you could’ve done better decades ago, J, but please don’t make the humans nervous because if you pull something like this out of spite you’re grounded” because Rhodey’s just sitting and hearing JARVIS critiquing and facepalming because of course Tony’s AI is most offended by the villain’s lack of style. Of course. 

Tony’s sitting on his hands as the robots keep showing up, and trying to tamp down on ideas, and Rhodey’s just got a knowing look and pats Butterfingers when they’re at the robot repair scene. 

Tony had to dodge a spray of foam when WALL-E died. [He only mostly succeeded.] And there was a cheer and even more foam when he came back online, and Tony didn’t tear up when he’d seen WALL-E’s being crushed, nope, who told you that? 

Overall, he liked it. 

[Stop reading here if you want happiness and no sad feels, because I’m not going to pull any punches]

Only problem is, after New York, he hasn’t been able to watch the full thing since. 

Not without flashbacks, not without clinging to DUM-E or Butterfingers or asking JARVIS to skip some scenes, because he remembers the yawning void, and even if it was meant to be cute he can’t unsee the brilliant light cast by a warhead detonating in the abyss and the mothership imploding and so it’s for the best that they skip some scenes whenever it comes up.

It’s not until after months of AI-therapy, that he can start to see glimpses of it without having to control his breathing.

It’s not until the BARF gets made, that he can start to see some scenes again.

It’s not until after the Final Battle, however, that he can watch the full thing without the underlying fear that they’re not safe, not ready yet for if the next ship’s an invading force.

[Of course, by then, he’s also resigned to having surprise visitors rocking up and asking to see the “ruler of the Terran Empire and slayer of the Mad Titan”, and he just wants to headdesk and for Strange to stop laughing, dammit.]

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about the op songs: do you know if there are any more group songs? recently ive been listening to Binks Sake and Oretachi wa Family and i just need more of the straw hats singing together ;A;


Akuma no Mi
Bink’s Sake
Hi! Ho! Ready Go!
Jungle Fever
Oretachi wa Family 
Oretachi wa Family, but with Franky and Brook too
A Thousand Dreamers
Utae! Jingle Bell
We Are!
You Are The One

And this one isn’t done by the actual voice actors, its from the nico nico pirates (a group of people on niconicodouga who sing songs as if they’re the characters). I’m including it because I love it so much:

There is no Shape of Dream

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You mentioned several times that wrath demons are.... not very clever and once that greed demons are more agile. Is there more you would like to say on which kind of demons tends to have more indurance or more intelligence or other stuff liek that.

This is so polite lol. Wrath children are indeed not very bright, but they’re so sweet. Bless them all. And greed demons are agile, slippery… hard to catch. They’re often compared to cats.

Sloth demons are generally the most civilized and intelligent species, but they’re too lazy to.. do anything with it. 

Pride demons are very vain and petty children. They’re considered the strongest demons with their overpowered plants. Though a calm wrath demon would probably be stronger.

Gluttony demons are naturally always very hungry. Even without the flesh golems. Once they spot prey they can outrun even a greed demon. They’re very hard to kill.

Lust demons, envy demons and wrath demons are considered to be the “beast” races. They’re known for being the less intelligent demons, though that’s generally not the case. They usually react with their instincts rather than their brains. Besides that they also look part animal.

Ahh I still need to make a better species reference but I’m so bad with layouts.

Ernie: “You remember everything we talked about, right?”

Bartholomew: “Of course! We stick close together in case somebody with magic is too close, and then you can go back to hidin’ in me until they leave. We’re just here to have a lil’ spooky fun and enjoy the night! Not startin’ nothin, just layin’ low. And you remember everything I said, too, right?”

Ernie: “Yea, yea. No guns, nothing illegal, and something about keeping this dumb costume on.”

Bartholomew: “Just behave yourself.”

Ernie: “Oh, please, since when do I ever stir up trouble?”

The boys are at the party and ready to mingle~! They’re sticking real close together, so if you see one, the other’s undoubtedly close by! Sorry to those who might be kinda powerful/use a lot of magic, because Ernie’s steering clear of those kinds of people, and you probably won’t be able to interact with him!


max references

max + light 

max + dark 

i made these for personal use but i thought other cc artists might find them useful too 😭


It’s almost October, which means it’s time for my favorite boys to get spooky! :D :D :D Prompto’s up first. Will get around to the other boys soon!

Killua needs more hugs!!


Hey guys! Just put together a masterpost to make everything easier to find. I will keep this updated as I post new work!

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