The Favor


AUTHOR: ventusmagisumbra

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is rescuing you from a demon as a favour for your mother, and you end up together. 


NOTES/WARNINGS: Let me know if I missed something, like a trigger

She was aware of something in the room. She’d been in that place so long, she knew when the energy changed. But she couldn’t see it. Another of the Enemy’s tricks? Possibly. She decided to not react. He’d been trying to irritate her for years. He’d flirted with her, but she’d never spoken to him. Not once. She hadn’t spoken to anyone ever. She wasn’t even sure she could at this point. She heard whatever was in her room shift and then take a sharp breath. And then a little while later, the deepest and quietest snarl she’d ever heard sounded in the room. And she turned again, looking for the source. She blinked, and then narrowed her eyes, and she stepped back as a man in green and silver clothes appeared. She stared, for he was…perfect. But she looked away, certain it was another of Hostem’s men to try and…she didn’t finish the thought, but she shivered slightly. The man smiled at her, and she was taken by it, and he put a gloved hand on his chest, and he bowed to her.

“My dear, I must ask…what made those marks on your beautiful skin?” He asked, and she blinked in surprise, not expecting the question. She glanced at the razor sharp metal on her bedside table, and he nodded. “I thought so…” He said, and he was mesmerising, and then she blinked again, and she looked away. He was hypnotising her. She turned away, disappointed.

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