“I know I am not pretty. I used to get hurt by comments saying ‘Non-celebrities are prettier than you’, ‘How did you become a celebrity?’, and more. But that pain was able to heal through Gong Shim. She encouraged me to think that it’s okay not to be pretty. So I decided to be an unpretty celebrity.” - Bang Minah

TITLE: I Guess This Is Growing Up

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 23 (AO3)

AUTHOR: The-stuttering-kiwi

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:Imagine being another child that Odin has brought back to Asgard to raise along side Thor and Loki.  Thor is always the older brother but even from a young age there is no denying the connection between you and Loki.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: And after three months, here’s the next chapter! 

You know you can’t give me what I need 
And even though you mean so much to me 
I can wait through everything 
Is this really happening? 
I swear I’ll never be happy again 
And don’t you dare say we can just be friends 
I’m not some boy that you can sway 
We knew it’d happen eventually

A Day To Remember- If It Means A lot To You

For the first time, Sigrun found herself feeling self-conscious in front of Loki as he took her in. She knew what she looked like, skin pale—almost waxy—her hair was limp and dull (thankfully that was hidden mostly by the braid) and the skin tight cat suit showed just how much weight she had lost. No one mentioned it to her face on Asgard but they knew they talked—she looked sick. Asgardians weren’t supposed to be sick, sure a warrior might pick up something during a mission to another realm and look like crap for a few days but their immune systems usually knocked it right out but Sigrun looked like one breath of wind would blow her away and now it was Loki’s turn to see the damage.

“I didn’t think it was you…on the mountain.” He spoke first, his voice gentler than it had been before.

“I got that impression.”

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As pessoas falam que o bom de ser solteira é que você tem um mar de possibilidades, mas é um mar muito grande de possibilidades e outra, às vezes você está la e não sabe nadar, ai o mar de possibilidades ta te afogando.
—  Bruna Louise