Imagine Odin really is Loki’s father, but Loki’s mother is Laufey and all those stories you hear about the war with the frost giants leave out the more scandalous details. Once unleashed in Asgard, Laufey accuses Frigga of kidnapping. Frigga accuses Laufey of abandonment. They wake up Odin with their arguing and both lay into him for two-timing. Plus everybody is mad at Loki for trying to set up an interparental assassination. Odin wants him imprisoned for treason, but Laufey wants to take Loki back to Jotunheim for a proper frost giant upbringing.  Loki says he’d prefer banishment to Midgard. So Thor and company return not to combat and imminent planetary destruction but to a humdinger of a family row.

Downton Abbey S7

“I’m home!” she calls into the dark hallway.

“Did you have a good day?” he returns her call from their little parlour.

Elsie takes off her gloves and her hat, then hangs up her coat. She bends over to unbuckle her shoes and can hear a series of little clicks coming from her shoulders and spine.

Excerpt from Downton Abbey S07E01 pt. 3

TITLE: Once upon a full moon


AUTHOR: Valarieravenhearst1

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:  Imagine Loki being a werewolf, and falling for Red Riding Hood.



A wolf isn’t always the beast
that needs to be feared.

“Hello…” Scarlet knocks as she opens the door to her grandmother’s room, where her mother had fled to. “Everyone up?”

“Yes darling.” Her grandmother replies. Her mother and grandmother sit at the foot of the bed while Jackson sits on the ground in front of them, playing with an old toy. “Your mother tells me that you had a very successful hunt.” Her grandmother smiles sweetly.

“Yes…” She walks in. “I was wondering if Loki could stay for dinner?” She asks innocently. “Since he helped me catch it.” Scarlet adds in so they know that he is entitled to a piece of it. Her mother and grandmother exchange glances, her grandmother’s features hold approval while her mother’s hold displeasure.

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