Imagine Loki is stuck inside a room with the Doctor and Ron Weasley with a box in the middle that says “DO NOT OPEN”. Loki and the Doctor keep themselves busy arguing over whether or not to open it while Ron trembles in fear in the corner. After a few minutes, the Doctor and Loki get into a heated argument and Loki keeps threatening to open it despite the Doctor saying no. All the sudden, the box opens… 

Question Meme

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I shall answer all of these questions and there are eleven questions for those I will tag to answer.

1. To start off how is your day going?
► Sleepy… zzZZZ

2. Favorite sims game to play?
► TS4

3. What sims games have you played/owned?
► Only TS4 and The Sims Freeplay(which i’m not playing no more) :p

4. Favorite thing to do on sims (CAS/CC creating/gameplay/stories/challenges/other)?
► CC Creating :)

5. Quick! Name your favorite sim youve created!
► Ai

6. Any traits you dont like (from any sims game)?
► Mean, lazy, evil xD

7. Traits you love to use (from any sims game)?
► Creative, active, snob… lol

8. What do you post the most for sims related content (cc/cc reblogs/gameplay/stories/challenges/screenshots/other)?
► screenshots, stories and cc

9. Do you think that will ever change?
► yes, always changing. hahaha.

10. Last thing. Recommend a song you love :)
► khali fong - bb88

i’m too lazy to tag people today, forgive me lol… xD

Freddie Mercury was arguably the spirit of Queen and a legend in music history. He tragically died in 1991 due to complications from AIDS. Just like the song says, “The Show Must Go On,” and it did for members Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. May and Taylor are still producing albums and toured in 2014 with Adam Lambert, who provided vocals.


Escuché por ahí que alguien cumplía años y ¡cual fue mi sorpresa saber que eras tú! Muchas felicidades pequeña, no soy muy bueno dando mensajes pero no quería dejar de darte un pequeño obsequio por tu cumpleaños y que me hayas invitado a tu fiesta ¡Gracias! sin más que agregar, te deseo lo mejor no solo hoy; siempre.

                                      ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!

 —Frank Longbottom.