Music asks!!
  • 1 : A favourite song released recently
  • 2 : A favourite song released years ago
  • 3 : A song you like from a genre you don't usually listen to
  • 4 : An acoustic version of a song
  • 5 : A song you enjoy singing
  • 6 : A catchy song you like
  • 7 : A song you got into because of a friend/family member
  • 8 : A song you like by a band/artist you know nothing about
  • 9 : A song that reminds you of good times
  • 10 : A song that reminds you of bad times
  • 11 : A song that reminds you of a season of your choice
  • 12 : A song that you don't like/understand lyrically, but enjoy musically
  • 13 : A song that you like lyrically, but not musically
  • 14 : A band/artist you discovered recently
  • 15 : A song you like that has a bad music video
  • 16 : A song about love that you like
  • 17 : A song about love that you hate
  • 18 : A song that motivates you
  • 19 : Your favourite holiday song
  • 20 : A song you're embarrassed of linking
  • 21 : A song you like that gets played on the radio a lot
  • 22 : A song that makes you calm
  • 23 : A song that makes you angry
  • 24 : A song that has made you cry
  • 25 : A song that means a lot to you

ok, so i get it that tp zelink is the most Extra™ of all zelinks (ymmv i guess) in that link and zelda barely even share a screen for more than five seconds BUT CONSIDER

  • post-game zelink which starts as a two people helping each other cope through what has to be a hella traumatic experience because there’s no one else who actually understands the full extent of the twilight invasion and the toll it took on the two of them
  • post-game zelink exchanging what is at first a couple of hesitant letters because they need to talk about their experiences
  • link and zelda comforting each other over missing midna and talking about how amazing and pretty she is
  • link and zelda learning that against all odds the queen of hyrule and a goatherder have more in common than their struggle
  • that they share of love of heroic adventure novels full of daring and wonder and courtly love
  • zelda sending link books she thinks he’ll like
  • link sending zelda sketches of ordon life
  • link and zelda being nerds about horses
  • link and zelda realizing the first person they want to share anecdotes and happenstances with is each other
  • post-game zelink going on rides together whenever zelda can slip away from queenly duties
  • link and zelda always walking Too Close to each other so that their fingers always brush, but they don’t hold hands because there’s a LINE and they can’t figure out how to cross it but they are butts in love anyway
  • slowburn friends to lovers post-game tp zelink
  • post-game tp zelink y’all
Tommy Holland dating someone self conscious/ insecure would include

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  • him always making sure to remind you how divine and beautiful you are
  • leaving cute little love notes around the house
  • “when you insult yourself, you’re insulting me”
  • calling you his beautiful princess
  • worshiping your body with every chance he gets
  • making mixtapes for each other
  • posting lovely pictures of you on Instagram with cute captions
  • having your picture on his home screen
  • forehead kisses
  • making you stand in front of the mirror and repeat to yourself “i’m beautiful”
  • “Tommy, i can’t”
  • him standing behind you
  • “come on, love, look into the mirror. You see that pretty girl? She’s the love of my life. I adore her with my whole heart, she’s the prettiest and most divine creature i’ve ever seen, and she needs to know that. Come on, princess, say it”
  • “i am beautiful”
  • him taking you in his strong arms and holding you close
  • putting his forehead against yours
  • “I adore you, my princess”
  • taking baths together
  • him telling you everything about “homecoming”
  • being there when he’s filming
  • wearing his hello kitty pyjama pants
  • movie nights with him and Haz

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do you have any nadivy hcs bc im desperate for content

these are not so much headcanons as they are au ideas but i hope you enjoy them anyway!

  • soulmate au where you have a clock on your wrist and it countdowns the seconds till you meet your soulmate and ivy meets hers with the accompaniment of her brother and is absolutely certain that jason mcconnell is her soulmate. because who else could it be, right? (bonus: jason’s clock has been at 0 since as long as he can remember and he thinks he’s broken and the world finds him undeserving of a soulmate until his childhood best friend peter renters his life) 

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Many things happen right now in Germany and I barely find any post which sums it up. So here is a short version:

  • On New Year’s Eve, many women were sexually assaulted by a large group of men in Cologne. In other cities similar things happened.
  • The Police firstly stated that the night was “normal” until more and more reports flooded in which are about sexual harassment. One report is from a woman who was raped.
  • The large group of men were lately confirmed to be foreign.
  • Politicians start blaming the police and say they failed completely.
  • The mayoress of Cologne came up with the idea that women should protect themselves better by keeping an arm-length distance from “dangerous” men ( My comment: This is NOT the answer to this. And to tell the victims how to behave is so wrong. They didn’t do anything wrong. The culprits who sexually assaulted these women are at fault and should learn some manners.)
  • Now a new police report was published since the police is angry about the accusations they face right now. The report cleary states that most men in this largy group were immigrants, some of them confirmed to be from Syria. And it’s also confirmed that they are “newly” arrived immigrants who try to apply for asylum here.
  • One men the police questioned said [quote]:
    “I’m Syrian. I must be handled in a friendly manner. Mrs Merkel invited me.”

yes eras by how cursed they r

  • infant yes – too smol & cute to be cursed
  • 70s yes but with broof – only a little cursed
  • 70s yes but with alan – 2% less cursed than w broof bc broof is a jackass & alan is Pure
  • drama – the least possible amount of cursed
  • 80s yes post-drama – moderate to severe curse (default 80s curse for all bands is 56% but they r def a little higher than that)
  • union – very heavily cursed but this is minimized by the large amount of members nicely tolerating each other
  • post-union 90s-mid-2000s – very heavily cursed but not minimized at all
  • present-day aka ‘maybe’ – all cursedness is muted by the presence of cute old people
  • additionally: abwh – extremely goddamn cursed
  • arw – 0% cursed. entirely not cursed at all. about as cursed as drama yes