Many things happen right now in Germany and I barely find any post which sums it up. So here is a short version:

  • On New Year’s Eve, many women were sexually assaulted by a large group of men in Cologne. In other cities similar things happened.
  • The Police firstly stated that the night was “normal” until more and more reports flooded in which are about sexual harassment. One report is from a woman who was raped.
  • The large group of men were lately confirmed to be foreign.
  • Politicians start blaming the police and say they failed completely.
  • The mayoress of Cologne came up with the idea that women should protect themselves better by keeping an arm-length distance from “dangerous” men ( My comment: This is NOT the answer to this. And to tell the victims how to behave is so wrong. They didn’t do anything wrong. The culprits who sexually assaulted these women are at fault and should learn some manners.)
  • Now a new police report was published since the police is angry about the accusations they face right now. The report cleary states that most men in this largy group were immigrants, some of them confirmed to be from Syria. And it’s also confirmed that they are “newly” arrived immigrants who try to apply for asylum here.
  • One men the police questioned said [quote]:
    “I’m Syrian. I must be handled in a friendly manner. Mrs Merkel invited me.”
lol im so bored



Name? Emily

Nickname? don’t really have one

Age? 15

Weight? around 50 kilos

Height? around 170cms

Eye Color? blue

Hair Color? Brown

Favorite Color? purple

Contacts, Glasses? nope


walked: yes

troted: yes

cantered: yes

galloped: yes

fallen off: duh

rode a bucking horse: well consider how mine/my friends first horse was a bucker and a rearer…

rode a rearing horse: ^^^

been badly injured in horse accident: well i’ve gotten concussion (12hh pony) gotten bitten in the stomach (different 12hh pony) and been kicked in the face (friends first horse that was a bucker/rearer)

jumped: duh

hacked: yea

ran barrels: no but i want to

ran poles: no :(

rode bareback: yep

rode english: just maybe :P

rode western: not yet

rode side saddle: not yet

any others? i dunno

stood on a horses back: haha yes

flipped off of a horse: what like a back flip? nope but i did a sumer sault over a 12hh pony when he bucked me off and went straight over his head and got a concussion


how many saddles do you own? three

how many halters do you own? lost count :P

how many saddle pads do you own? 2 all purpose, one dressage numnah and a half pad

what color are they? white, purple, blue and purple

how long have you been riding? about 2 years

where do you see yourself horsewise in 10 years? in uni studying to become a horse vet :)

how many times have you fallen off? LOL lost count

whats your favorite thing to do when the barns rained out? hmm hasn’t happened yet

does your horse come on command?  dan comes trotting up like he’s starved haha and ruby just walks up slowly :P

what do you love most about horses? what don’t I love about them?

how high have you jumped? 85cms? maybe higher?

what barn do you board at? somewhere near my house

whats your biggest horsey dream? become a horse vet :P

nightmare? when my horsies have to go to horsie heaven :(


1.  Ruby and Dan

Registered Name? Ruby: ILove To Boogie (racing name) Dan: Gun Dolphin (racing name )

Show Name? Ruby and Dan

Barn Name? Ruby and Dan

Nickname? Rubyrose, Bitch, Daniel, Danny boy, dickhead :P

Gender? mare and gelding

Height? Ruby: 14.3h Dan: 16.1h

Weight? Ruby:fat Dan:skinny (yes i feed him a lot)

Breed? Ruby: standardbred Dan: Thoroughbred

Color? bay

Discipline? pleasure/showjumping

Compete? nope

Age? Ruby: 11 Dan: 10

Why did you buy him/her? Ruby: well i was looking for my first horse and she sounded perfect :) Dan: wanted a bigger horse to teach my brother and boyfriend how to ride, but i think he’s gonna be a showjumper too

How much did she cost? Ruby: $900 with like 5 rugs Dan: $1750 with a rug and bridle

Was he/she already trained? yep but ruby only walked and paced so i established her trot and canter and taught her how to jump :)

Does he/she love what he/she does? i hope so :P

Whats his/her favorite human food? carrots/apples/pears :P

Whats his/her favorite horse treat? carrots dipped in mollasses :P

Has he ever came close to death? No, thank the Horse Lords

Ever been sick/injured? nope luckily

Whats your favorite thing about your horse? oh god like i can choose! like everything hehe

Whats her personality like? Ruby is cheeky and fiesty but really sweet too, she is forward moving and doesn’t really like going too slow :P Dan is dopey and can be lazy but he is so not like a thoroughbred, he doesn’t care if i walk him on a loose rein after a gallop but he can really move when he wants too ;)

Is she a greenie? nope but theyre always learning :)

Push button? no way XD

Does she rear?  ruby: uhh sometimes if she really wants to go and i hold her back or when we play chasey and i want her to spin around really quickly she sorta goes up on her back legs :P dan: hasn’t reared on me yet!

Does she buck? ruby: she has before but her back was sore, or if we’re cantering behind star and she wants to be in front she’ll do a little pigroot :P Dan: hasn’t bucked yet luckily

Is she spooky? Ruby: if i haven’t ridden her for a while she’ll look at things Dan: not really

Does she load easily? ruby: yep luckily :) Dan: aparently but haven’t floated him anywhere yet

How long have you known her? Ruby: since august 2010 Dan: since november 2011

How long have you owned her? ^^^

Mass Applause To Our Amazing Boys ♥

I want to take the time to thank B.A.P for everything they’ve done for the Baby Fandom; for all the happiness, tears, and emotions that ranged between flipping tables and wanting to squeeze them to death. They’ve worked their butts off this entire year and definitely deserve a nice, relaxing vacation. ♥

사랑해요, B.A.P! 
Us Babys will be awaiting the day you comeback with open arms (:
Thank you for being the best, the absolute, and the most perfect human beings us Babys could ever ask for.♥

Rest well, loves!

Music asks!!
  • 1 : A favourite song released recently
  • 2 : A favourite song released years ago
  • 3 : A song you like from a genre you don't usually listen to
  • 4 : An acoustic version of a song
  • 5 : A song you enjoy singing
  • 6 : A catchy song you like
  • 7 : A song you got into because of a friend/family member
  • 8 : A song you like by a band/artist you know nothing about
  • 9 : A song that reminds you of good times
  • 10 : A song that reminds you of bad times
  • 11 : A song that reminds you of a season of your choice
  • 12 : A song that you don't like/understand lyrically, but enjoy musically
  • 13 : A song that you like lyrically, but not musically
  • 14 : A band/artist you discovered recently
  • 15 : A song you like that has a bad music video
  • 16 : A song about love that you like
  • 17 : A song about love that you hate
  • 18 : A song that motivates you
  • 19 : Your favourite holiday song
  • 20 : A song you're embarrassed of linking
  • 21 : A song you like that gets played on the radio a lot
  • 22 : A song that makes you calm
  • 23 : A song that makes you angry
  • 24 : A song that has made you cry
  • 25 : A song that means a lot to you