Let's talk about shippings.

I may not ship Lukesse and Luktra but that doesn’t mean you have to go around and say that “Lukesse/Luktra is retarded". A user named @shibethedweeb said that Lukesse and Luktra and retarded and she expects people to agree with her but we don’t. Hell, she told @ladyluxlord no when she was asked to stop being mean to the shipping and said that this is her account and has reasons why she finds both Luktra and Lukesse retarded. I’m sorry but THAT is rude as hell. I can guess the reasons why she finds the shipping retarded because she ships her OC named Shibe with Lukas waaay too much to the point where she finds otherns shippings relative to Lukas are retarded. Also she even calls peoples names(including me and my girlfriend @iimuratabaha ) “Cancer”, she calls shippings like Jesskas(which is the fucking opposite of Lukesse yet she thinks it’s Lukesse) gross, and caused a lot of trouble to people. I do ship my OC Mariah with Jesse but not to the point where I can say that any shipping with Jesse in it is retarded. I am sick of hearing this girl saying that shipping like Luktra and Lukesse are retarded.

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When it comes to Yognattoppet I know a few people who are excited for the Fluxbuddies arc and some others

I am excited for the Mianite arc because I am mianite trash and I get these two acting like two year olds around each other which is going to be so fun

  1. This questionnaire took place from September 24, 2015 - October 24, 2015.
  2. Most people who answered are this blog’s followers/people from Tumblr. Therefore, I don’t think it would be representative of everyone in the fandom (I am assuming that results would be different in Twitter, for example).
  3. This would be a really really long post. It contains some reasons why people like a pair the most or like them the least. I am just posting the results and summarised them. So whatever you read, it’s the fans’ opinions ^^
  4. There were a total of 1092 responses.
  5. Honestly, just enjoy the results and like all the pairs you like instead of questioning why others think this or that. Lmao ~ ♥

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