• <p> <b>Fanfic:</b> Two cinnamon rolls fall for each other.<p/><b>Me:</b> Cool<p/><b>Fanfic:</b> Two pure unadulterated badasses fall for each other.<p/><b>Me:</b> N I C E<p/><b>Fanfic:</b> A Pure unadulterated badass and a cinnamon roll fall for each other<p/><b>Me:</b> F U C K Y E S<p/></p>

me observing others’ interactions: easily sees all dynamics/ understands everyone’s thoughts and and comfort levels and where the convo is going and how they feel about each other

me when people interact with me: What does it mean when someone keeps sending me The Heart symbol . 

Me entering the Samurai jack tags today...

Hey guys! the preview in the next episode shows that Jack might meet the guardian again, aren’t you excited? But if Jack wins he might be go back to the past and undo all what aku has done, thus Ashi might cease exist and all the people Jack met like the scotsman will forget him… what do you think is gonna happe-



Neutrals: Some of us just don’t have any strong feelings one way or the other


okay so i just wanted to remind y'all that the terms “para” and “character” and even “person” can all refer to ppl in ur daydreams and any of them or all of them are okay to use ( for madd'ers, anyway ). you don’t have to say para if it makes you uncomfortable and you don’t have to say character and you don’t have to say person, you can choose whichever of them feels better to you.

the reason the word para was coined was bc some ppl such as myself can’t bear to call our daydream ppl characters because they’re more like “parallel people” but if you prefer calling them characters or people then that is okay!!! you are just as valid!!!

para can be used as a prefix but it can also stand on its own. for example, my para did this or parame did that or i love my paracat.

oc simply means original character, meaning a para/character/person/etc you created yourself and didn’t adopt from an outside source like a show or book or movie. an oc isn’t even special to madd, it’s also used in art and especially in writing.

so pls don’t feel bad for calling ur daydream people paras or characters or etc, or for not calling them paras/characters/etc. and pls don’t make others feel bad for which terms they choose to use, remember that madd is different for everyone and we are all different. same for terms like parame or otherme or avatar. it just varies from person to person according to how the terms suit or don’t suit them.

soulmates! jaeno pt.1

anonymous asked: hey so i loved your nct soulmates and I was wondering if you could do it for jaemin and jeno too???? It would be amazing if you did~~~~ anyways have a good day cupcake :3333

a/n: agskahdkajs okay so I got an ask on anon asking for a soulmates! jaeno au and I was super happy and I’ve been planning to do this for forever so here it is!!!!!1!1!1!!!

concept: when you meet your soulmate, a mark appears on your right wrist that is identical to one on your soulmates left wrist (or vice versa)

everything is under the cut bc i got carried away oops

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Crème de la Crème: 30


“What’s this all about, August?” I asked as I got more comfortable in his leather seats

He switched lanes and looked over at me “Your birthday is during the trip, I wanted to make sure we got to hang out before we go.” He said

“We have like two weeks before the trip, boo.” I reminded

“I’m sorry, love.” He smiled at me apologetically “I’m not trying to say that you’re not important but I pissed off a really important person in my life and I got a lot of making up to do, so my schedule looking kind of tight.” He said

I rolled my eyes. August was as single as a dollar bill, so I’m not sure who in his life could be so important that they’re taking up so much time.

It was probably a family member and it that case I couldn’t be upset because, in reality, I would be spending my actually birthday with him.

“I don’t see why you need to take me home, though.” I said

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Me, a Luigi, seeing you drag MatPat with the M&L series: *That gif of the woman whispering "wow" whils crying and nodding at the screen*

Matpat: What if Mario hated Luigi and fought him

The entire fanbase: Why would they fight they love each other


Imagine Andy Biersack being nervous about asking you out on a date.

It was very rare to see Andy being nervous. He was usually so confident, to the point where a lot of people thought that he was just plain cocky. Even though you have known him for quite some time, it was still an unusual sight, and one that you didn’t see often at all. “Are you alright, Andy?” You asked, putting your hand on his shoulder.

He continued to play with his black hair, ruffling it up, almost viciously to the point where you wouldn’t be surprised if he was rubbing off the inky dye from the hair. “Yeah, fine. Why?”

“You seem nervous.”

“Nah - I’m fine.” Andy seemed to realize that he was really seeming nervous. He straightened up his back, and his fingers uncoiled from his hair. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies with me or something.”

“We just went last week, with Ashley. Is there something new out I don’t know about?” You laughed. It did seem like yesterday, although it had been last week.

“Not with Ashley. Just you and me. Together. No one else. Like maybe I’ll rent out the theater or something, I don’t know.”

“Are you asking me out on a date, Andy?”

“Isn’t it fucking obvious?”