The 10 Best Albums of 2015 To Date.

We are only four months into 2015 and already have a mess of albums to obsess over. So many in fact that we felt it appropriate to share our 10 favorites with all of you. This year promises to be an epic one for music lovers everywhere and to kick it off we give you what we currently can’t turn off…

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tinybrunettesaresecretlyninjas asked:

Ask meme: welcome to night vale

  • Character I’d want as a best friend: probably carlos!!!
  • Character I’d want as a parent: steve!
  • Character I’d want as a sibling: dana lol
  • Character I’d want as a significant otherL TAMIKA she’s my AGE and shes INCREDIBLE
  • Character I’d want as a child: janice my beautiful daughter
  • Character I’d want as a weird inlaw: ceec and los

Tonight Tommy and I had tickets to see Other Lives so I moped up my pink eye and headed out. I usually am not a fan of live shows (especially if I’m not feeling well!) but what an incredible experience. The show delivered. Their songs are like ethereal landscapes that wash over you. I swear that all at once I was in a forest and the ocean- flying over mountains and buried in the earth. The stage was set with pulsing incandescent bulbs that hovered in the air like will-o-the-wisp while the violins haunted at me. The fog machine curled slow around everything and added to the air of fecundity. If you don’t know Other Lives- get in the know. 🎻🎺🎶🎤#otherlives #tameranimals #otherlivesrituals #rituals #clubbahia #willothewisp #spectrallight #jessetabish #masoniclodge


“With your body and mind restored, it’s good to see you once more”

@OtherLives #BlackTables #Rituals #SanFrancisco (at The Chapel (Valencia St, San Francisco))


OTHER LIVES - 2 Pyramids


Tonight! @citrradio and @timbreconcerts Present indie rock band @otherlives with guests #RiothorseRoyale at @biltmorecabaret in #Vancouver Doors 8pm/Show 9pm #OtherLives #OnTour (at The Biltmore Cabaret)

Finally… Took to long! It’s wonderful! #nowplaying #OtherLives #Rituals #2015 #tbdRecords #2XLP #whitevinyl #vinyl #vinylrules #vinyligclub #vinyljunkie #vinylcommunity #vinylcollection #nowspinning #onmyturntable Other Lives is #JesseTabish #JonathonMooney #JohnOnstott Thanks to @zeke_the_freak for eggin’ the spin on!👍🏼👍🏼