Here’s a remix of @otherlives’ Tamer Animals by Atoms for Peace. Something from the brilliant new album, Tamer, on Sunday.

it’s #newmusictuesday for may 5th. happy cinco de mayo! it’s a stellar day for #albums, so here we go:

#mumfordandsons - wilder mind
#mymorningjacket - the waterfall
#metz - ll
#penguinprison - lost in new york
#bestcoast - california nights
#mikalcronin - mcll
#michaelrault - living daylight
#rjd2 / #sts - sts x rjd2
#otherlives - rituals

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I know every single stitch and thread of these pieces in the @metmuseum costume collection. Their #chingdynasty #dragonrobe #history and #tradition are tattooed all over me and were my education. Cannot wait to see this show! #costumehistory #fashion #historythroughclothing #metmuseum #costumeinstitute #fashionnerd #otherlives

Other Lives - La Flèche d'Or (29/04/2015)

Côté Scène ds le Bazar, Live Report @Otherlives @LaFlechedOr (29/04/2015): Attention chronique avec des grenouilles et des couturiers dedans

La moiteur d’une salle comble, les trombes d’eau qui s’abattent au dehors, ne serait-ce les grenouilles du nouvel ordre hipster alentour et les pyramides millénaires, remplacées par le Mama Shelter, temple quelconque, chose bâtie, dédiée au New Design, la Pias [Nites] organisée à la Flèche d’Orce mercredi, se tient dans une ambiance furieuse, pour ne pas dire apocalyptique (attend la soirée…

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This record is🍦🍩🍰… We already spent the morning perfecting our @otherlives falsettos. Cheep reminisced about her days as music journalist interviewing multi-instrumentalist wizard Jonathon Mooney and Snail celebrated shitty photos she took at the Bowery show in 2012. Find us acting a fool at their two shows in nyc soon. 👽

A photo posted by Cheep (Y) and Snail (V) (@cheepandsnail) on May 4, 2015 at 12:28pm PDT