The first snow of the year came on a night when there was no moon at all. It was dark as anything, and so quiet all you could hear was the hum of your own thoughts. The snow came six minutes after two o'clock. It fell faintly in the cones of lamplight, descending like fleets of fairies through the cold sky.

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tfw all these other dragonkin had radical cool names like Azaphaer or Cyzoas and my name was fuckin Onyx. Onyx. I was named after a rock. how ferocious.

Onyx is a powerfully protective stone whose dark surface is symbolic of the infinite. There is nothing wrong with the name Onyx. It’s a powerful name. Wear it with pride.

you’ll still be you, home boi. your kins arent you. they dont make up who you are. you’ve just projected yourself so hard onto your kins and related with them on such a level that you have no idea how to acknowledge that you can still like those characters, have that connection to those characters, without having to call it kin

you’ll still be you because those characters are not you and you aren’t them.

you are your own person and the sooner you can realise and understand that, the sooner you’ll get better and can recover from this. you dont have to lose friends over it. you dont have to force yourself to change because of it. as long as you can make that connection and understand it, the better off you’ll be


Pendulum Answers

Q: Was the dream about J a kin memory? If so, was it from a kintype i don’t know about yet, or from my life as E’s sib?

A: I got a yes, and that it was from your life as E’s sibiling!

Q: in my karkat timeline, who was my moirail??

A: Your moirail was Sollux!

Q: for the pendulum, did i ever go godtier? - aradia

A: I got a strong yes!

Q: Did Jake and I marry in my Dirk tl? Did we go godtier?

A: You married but you didn’t go godtier

Q: Did kanny ever have a pale crush on me?

A: I got a yes

Q: Am I Kin with any of the trolls? (Alternians, Beforus, or Ancestors) @redpop-axolotl​ 

A: You’re Gamzee kin!

Q: Hi there! I was wondering if all the signs pointing to a connection between K and I aren’t just in my head and what exactly is this connection? Thanks! ♥️

A: They aren’t just in your head, and it’s a <>/<3 connection!

Q: Is the Cronus i kno my cronus?

A: I got a no, sorry

Q: In my JE tl, we’re JL and RC dating? We’re they with CB?

A: They weren’t dating, JL was with CB though.

Q: Am I kin with Trizza or Xefros? @fucking-princess-of-calamari​ 

A: You’re kin with Trizza!

Q: did i go grimdark???

A: Yes you did!

-Mod Ruthie

Just to let everyone know

Otherkin isn’t real.

You are not a wolf/dragon/bunny/whatever animal you decided to “kin” with.

You are not a God/Goddess.

You are not a Angel/Demon.

You’re not a real life person such as Hamilton, Onision, etc.

And most definitely, you’re not a fictional character.

Those phantom limbs are imaginary, your “past memories” are literally your fantasies, and you have never been superior spiritually.

If you think you identify with what’s stated above, then you have serious problems.

🍲🐱 Mod Rin 🐱🍲

Past Life Guidance Meditation

This meditation is designed to get you guidance and advise from your past life selves.

Position yourself in a comfortable way with your back preferably straight. Get into a trance or meditative state with your favourite method.

To start the meditation, turn your focus inwards. Let your consciousness slip deeper into yourself.
You find yourself in the midst of a plateau. It is night and while your feet touch the ground you notice how the stone you stand on isn’t cold, just a little fresh. You look around to take the landscape in: You realize you are standing far up on a mountain with a 360 degrees view. Looking to north, you see the ocean. It is calm yet you can still hear the clashing waves in the distance while the wind blows into your face, bringing with it the saltwater scent.
You turn around to face the east side and find a tall column. It is made of stone with elaborate, delicatly crafted details carved in it and you can see that it is ancient. The further you turn around, the more columns, one upon another, all of similar nature, you find.
You spotted the last column on the plateau and decide to further investigate it. As you do so, you notice that the carved-in details are significantly different from the ones on the first and as you continue to study it, you start to feel a presence behind you. Even before you turn around, you know who this is - it is you, yet a different one from a different time. You feel at peace while turning around.
In front of you stands a past life, greeting you - with words, or a smile, or a nod - and waiting for you to start. Talk to them about your worries or what you need advise and guidance for.
Once you are done, thank them and go to the center of the plateau again. Sit down and close your eyes. Notice your past life approaching and returning back to you, interwining itself with you once again. After that, open your eyes and keep going about your day.

Note that your past lives are not omnisicient as neither are you and they are, inherently, you.

You can go to multiple columns (the columns are the link/door/representation to/of your past lives) in your meditation and talk to multiple past lives. It is up to you, just don’t overwhelm yourself.