otherkin pronouns

Friendly reminder that body hair is natural and shaming women for choosing not to shave is stupid.
Prepared to get triggered

Tumblr really pisses me off. I use to be like, “respect pronouns even if they are xye/xyi/xyem or even fae/faem/faeself” but after getting off tumblr for a year and experiencing the real world I realize that all the otherkin and more than two genders bullshit is just tumblr kids trying to play a game of “who can be the most original and different” even when you are all the same. Just sheltered, lonely, and begging for attention you don’t get in the real world.

I’m so glad that I got off tumblr before I went in too deep in this bullshit

Don’t get me wrong, I support gays, lesbians, transgender people*** (cuz saying “transgenders” is apparently the same as saying n*gger), and bisexuals.

But when you claim your bigender, genderfluid, trisexual, plantkin, or anything like “I’m actually a dragon on the inside”. I roll my eyes and walk away. It’s all bullshit





i usually try and keep negativity off this blog because it’s not here for that, but these two blogs are causing a lot of issues in the community.

i’d like to clear up the fact that both @ratherbeinspacewithotherstars and @gorekin are troll blogs. they make up stories about things that “have happened” and both blogs say they identify as “gendervoid” which makes not only the otherkin community look bad, but causes the trans community to look stupid as well. as someone who identifies as agender, i’ve had enough of them both saying that gendervoid is valid. i’m sorry, but if either of them are trying to say that they’re neither male or female, the term is agender. it is not okay to create a fake gender when there’s already a word for it. it causes actual valid agender people to look really really fake- and the LGBT community gets enough hate as it is. we already had to battle the issue of people using nounself pronouns and now this… it’s completely unfair.

i urge the valid otherkin out there to block these blogs so that our community can be cleared of trolls. it’s really irritating to see their posts on the tags, and our community shouldn’t have to put up with it.

it sucks that i’ve had to say this at all, but i hope i’ve cleared up any confusion of whether these blogs are real or not.

anyway~ have a lovely day everyone!

This is a perfect way to piss off SJWs

Go the fuck outside. Otherkin don’t exist. Asexual people need to calm the fuck down. The LGBT acronym needs to be shortened. Feminism is useless. You cannot have 25 different pronouns and be valid. Therian, otherkin, and factkin are just sad attention seeking excuses. You gender cannot correlate with a species of animal or an object, pronouns are made to express gender. It’s very rare and extremely bad if you have like 12 different mental illnesses. Teenagers don’t know shit. If your parent make you do something, it’s not abuse, it’s their job.

Reminder to unfollow me if you’re
-a terf
-a radfem
-belief self dxxing is invalid
-believe immigrants can be “”“illegal”“”“
-dislike otherkin
-dislike neo pronouns
-Literally if trans ppl tell you you’re transphobic every other day than u r and u need to stay 100038383838 mil miles away from me
-the last one goes for any other type of bigotry

Respectability politics are garbage,pass it on.

No matter how many non-dysphoric trans people,otherkin,genderfluid people,or neopronoun users you throw under the bus and blame for “trans people not being taken seriously”…

Cis people aren’t gonna stop making “mayo isn’t a gender” or “rock-kin!1!1!1!1″ or “trigender pyrofox from the forest planet jokes”.

Because surprise! Cis people have never needed a “good” reason to hate us.

Not that there are ever any.

Pass that on too.

There is never a good reason to hate trans people.

On tumblr, you may have seen bloggers who use very ‘strange’ sets of pronouns, like “bunself”, “catself”, etc.
First off, these are not “Otherkin pronouns”. Don’t refer to them as such. Correct anyone who calls them that.
These are called nounself pronouns.

You are probably familiar with what are called neopronouns - pronoun sets like xe / xer / xem made for nonbinary people who don’t feel comfortable with she, he, or they sets.
Nounself pronouns are pronouns based more directly off of words, made for the use of trans and nonbinary people only. Sometimes Otherkin might use ones that reference their kintype, but they do it only because they are also trans/nb.

It is very important to note that cisgender Otherkin don’t think themselves ttrans just for being kin, and just being kin doesn’t mean you get new pronouns.
These pronouns are for the use of trans and nonbinary folks only, and they’re not Otherkin exclusive. Troll blogs often claim “I’m poopkin so use shit / shit / wipeself pronouns!!!!” but anyone who legitimately thought they could be considered trans simply because of being kin would be corrected immediately by one of the many trans Otherkin on tumblr.

These pronouns have been mocked excessively by trolls. A good example of orochiumarukin (or whatever the hell their url was) claiming to use tamponself and chairself pronouns.

When you mock pronouns in this matter, you aren’t mocking ~~those wacky Otherkin~~! You’re mocking real nonbinary folks.

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