otherkin isnt a thing

might as well get all this out of the way

1) otherkin arent oppressed
2) otherkin isnt going to affect society at all, do your own thing
3) use your different terminology. let me use mine
4) i cant understand your 50 different otherkin terms, why do i have to remember every single one
5) stop kinning outside of race

unfollow if you want, disagree if you want. dont pester me. AND PLEASE DONT VAGUE

-mod abandon

andy82819  asked:

Kill yourself. Otherkin isnt a thing. Youre just a freak looking for attention who has a mental issue thinking they are something other than human.

telling people to kill themself is never okay, you never know if they will.

and *gasp*! you figured out i’m mentally ill! indeed, i am!

but see

otherkin has nothing to do with that

otherkin is the belief that your soul is inhuman

my soul is a bear soul, not a human soul

i know i’m physically human! if i wasn’t, i wouldn’t be able to type.

but that’s not how i feel on the inside.

my soul is a bear, my body is a human.

so i identify as a bear.

have a nice day harassing random people, asshole.

i do not have to cater to what non-kin think is “sane” in order to be valid. please please please stop with the trend of kissing anti-otherkins’ asses with this “its a spiritual connection” and “its just a religion” and “we know we’re human” bullshit.

crush the idea that otherkin have to pat anti-otherkin on the back by telling them what they wanna hear.

many otherkin identify as their kintype. it isnt a spiritual thing for everyone. not all kin believe they are human. please stop catering to anti-otherkin just to get their approval.

diamondsxstags  asked:

FYI, a trigger is something that can trigger flashbacks, panic attacks. depersonalization, disassociation etc. due to to traumatic memories associated with the trigger; for instance a rape victim/survivor would be triggered by mentions and/or graphic depictions of rape and that would cause flashbacks and a panic attack. It super important to tag posts that would contain triggers because it can really stress people out. It isn't BS.

FYI i copy pasted that from reddit because i thought it was funny, no need to get pissy with me. 

also FYI im not tagging anything.. If youre THAT hyper sensitive to things, you dont need to be on tumblr. 

also you can NOT self diagnose PTSD or Autisim without looking like a fucking idiot.