otherkin gifts

Awesome Gifts For Mermaidkin
  • Hair accessories!!! It does not matter if we never wear them. We want them. Ribbons, flowers, hats, scarves, headbands, anything! 
  • Jewelry!!!! Even if we only wear the same bracelet and necklace day in and day out, we LOVE to hoard jewelry and shiny things.
  • Speaking of shiny thing…. 
  • Other things we love in gifts: Bright colors, Cool colors, smooth texture, ocean themes, thoughtfulness, smells good, handmade
  • Pool toys, like diving toys, goggles, those long blow up beds for napping, blow ups in general, fish that swim in the water, etc. 
  • Pretty stones, shells and gems, preferably hand picked from a beach. Even if they don’t look ‘interesting’ we will love them. 
  • Mirrors!! 
  • Little things like beads, coins, and string. 
  • Nail polish, preferably in cool colors. Also, makeup. And face masks and scrubs, especially if they have something sea related in them. In fact, just take us to a beauty store and give us twenty bucks to run wild. 
  • Candles. Fire is fascinating.
  • Chocolate. 
  • Gift cards to book stores, beauty stores, salons, nail salons, massage places, etc. Or, if possible, passes to beaches. 
  • CLOTHES!!!!!!! You know boho and indie? We like boho and indie. White tops, colorful leggings, peasant style skirts and blouses, anything with an ocean theme, anything that is super light and airy, lacy undergarments, sandals, sunglasses, totes and purses, really, I could go on.

Ghost Mermaid Otherkin Gifts

Dead Fish Hairclip - $11.00
Mermaid Tail Earrings - $18.97
Pastel Waters Nail Polish - $12.25
Holo White Scale Stud Earrings - $7.50
Skeletal Starbucks Tote - $13.84
Mermaid Make Up Brush Set - $18.48+
Mermaid Sanguiness Iridescent Lip Balm - $15.17
Aquadisiac Liquid Highlighter - $12.77
Holographic Choker - $1.39
Everblue DuoChrome Topcoat - $7.00+


Winged Black Cat Otherkin Gifts

Angel Black Cat Ornament - $16.94
Gargoyle Cat Shelf-Sitter - $12.99
Spooky Kitty Iron-On Patch - $8.70+
Devil Kitty Art Print - $11.95+
Black Cat Pen 4-Pack - $3.54
Cat Wings Enamel Pin - $11.00
Halloween Winged Mug - $26.00
Black Cat Paperclip Jar - $8.89
Winged Cats 6 Button Set - $14.00
Self-Straining Black Cat Tea Mug - $16.99

Shout out to the otherkin

Who don’t have the means to “dress up” or look like their kin due to lack of money

Who are afraid people will judge them for dressing as their kin type on a daily basis

Who are unrecognized as an otherkin when they want to be while others merely play pretend of their kind

Who don’t have a lot of information online or even in books about their specific kin

Who want to make friends with other otherkin but don’t know how

Who want to make friends with other otherkin but don’t really have memory of a past life or anything like that to talk about

Who are here to fulfill their duty as a reincarnate but are having a hard time finding what that duty is

Who want to tell close friends/family but are afraid they’ll be laughed at

Who painfully miss their past life home or miss the home they know they’re supposed to be living in but are stuck in an home that isn’t exactly ideal

Who feel lost or too different from the world

Who feel too much due to their otherkin talents/gifts/soul

Who aren’t sure how to harness their gifts/talents yet

Who are conflicted between embracing their otherkin soul or letting it fade to the background

Who aren’t sure if they’re actually otherkin because they don’t seem to “fit the part”

Who have vivid painful memories of a past life that effect them on a daily basis

Who aren’t sure exactly which kin they are

Who belong to a kin that seems too righteous or offending to say aloud to others

Who belong to a kin that seems too dark and dangerous

Who are still accepting they are of a kin they don’t want to be apart of

You guys are all valid and deserve to be recognized. Shout out to you. Shout out to us.


Sea Monster Other-Kin Gifts and Self-Care
(Steampunk Themes, Compasses)

Mala Red Coral Bracelet - $12.00
Ocean Breeze Scrub Bar - $8.60
Cthulu Decoden Style Soap - $10.38
Salty Ocean Body Whip - $12.86
Brass Compass Cameo Necklace - $21.08
Sea Green Soy Candle - $16.60
Handmade Coral/Shell Ring - $14.00*
Bronze Octopus Necklace - $16.72
x2 Seaweed Detox Bath Bombs - $9.43+
Brass Sundial/Compass - $16.91

*The three available basic styles are shown


Unisex Dragon-Kin Fashion

Faux Suede Bracelet in Choice of Color - $12.00
Adjustable Snake Scale Mood Ring - $21.15
Magic Dragon Pendant Necklace - $18.98
Carved Dragon Necklace - $6.99
Dragon Print Cap - $12.99
Durian Print Backpack - $26.16
Blue Tungsten Celtic Dragon Ring - $14.99
5+ Dragon Buttons - $7.75+
Glow in The Dark Dragon Claw Necklace - $20.49
Iron On Dragon Patch - $5.79