otherkin gifts

Awesome Gifts For Mermaidkin
  • Hair accessories!!! It does not matter if we never wear them. We want them. Ribbons, flowers, hats, scarves, headbands, anything! 
  • Jewelry!!!! Even if we only wear the same bracelet and necklace day in and day out, we LOVE to hoard jewelry and shiny things.
  • Speaking of shiny thing…. 
  • Other things we love in gifts: Bright colors, Cool colors, smooth texture, ocean themes, thoughtfulness, smells good, handmade
  • Pool toys, like diving toys, goggles, those long blow up beds for napping, blow ups in general, fish that swim in the water, etc. 
  • Pretty stones, shells and gems, preferably hand picked from a beach. Even if they don’t look ‘interesting’ we will love them. 
  • Mirrors!! 
  • Little things like beads, coins, and string. 
  • Nail polish, preferably in cool colors. Also, makeup. And face masks and scrubs, especially if they have something sea related in them. In fact, just take us to a beauty store and give us twenty bucks to run wild. 
  • Candles. Fire is fascinating.
  • Chocolate. 
  • Gift cards to book stores, beauty stores, salons, nail salons, massage places, etc. Or, if possible, passes to beaches. 
  • CLOTHES!!!!!!! You know boho and indie? We like boho and indie. White tops, colorful leggings, peasant style skirts and blouses, anything with an ocean theme, anything that is super light and airy, lacy undergarments, sandals, sunglasses, totes and purses, really, I could go on.

Whale Shark Therian Gifts

Whale Friends Keychain - $12.87 
Jinbei-San Memo Pad - $4.20
Teal Whale Shark Plushie - $27.65
Light-up Whale Shark Bath Toy - $6.99
Grey Polka Dot Earrings - $9.49
Whale Shark Tote Bag - $18.00+ *
Grey Polka Dot Hair Clip - $6.80
”Overcast” Nail Lacquer - $10.00+
Salty Sea Exfoliating Soap Bar - $9.98

*I couldn’t check the normal shipping because Society 6 is having a free shipping event as of posting