Dating Tom Holland would include - part 2

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Writer: Jess

[part 1]

  • Tom holding your face with both hands whenever he’s kissing you goodbye before a trip you can’t go 
  • But usually him pulling you by your neck for a kiss
  • Basically he likes to kiss every single part of your body
  • Lips, cheeks, nose, forehead, knuckles, back, chest, neck, shoulders, etc
  • Accidentally telling you a lot of spoilers
  • Learning how to take good photos with his brother
  • Taking a lot of photos when he’s not looking at you
  • Tom also taking a lot of photos of you
  • Having a little personal photoshoot
  • Him giving you massages whenever you’re on your period
  • Especially when you have cramps, he will be so good to you, oh my gosh
  • “It’s okay, just a sleep a little bit, I’ll be here when you wake up”
  • Having absolutely no shame and nudity becoming a natural thing for both of you
  • Also having no problems with putting your hands on each others body, doesn’t matter where
  • Him liking to rest his hand on your butt sometimes, while cuddling
  • Spending weekends on his couch watching Friends
  • Making him watch Star Wars
  • Tom not knowing how to cook, so he asks you to teach him a couple of things
  • Him avoiding crying in front of you because he knows you will get sad and probably cry too
  • But sometimes when he’s just really sad, he can’t help it and the tears starts to fall down his face and you just hug him and let him cry on your arms until he falls asleep
  • Borrowing his shirts but never actually giving them back to him
  • Tom making tons of silly jokes just to see you laugh 
  • Him supporting your dreams and being your #1 fan, it doesn’t matter which career you wanna follow
  • You being the first person he calls whenever he gets cast on something
  • Long talks on the phone and Facetime when you’re not together
  • You wearing a necklace with a spider web as a pendant 
  • Fangirling over tons of bands with him
  • Listening to Ed Sheeran and dancing together while cooking as “Give Me Love” starts to play
  • Him knowing your favorite snacks and buying them for you
  • Late night conversations about the future - moving together, marrying, maybe having kids
  • Whenever you two have a serious argument, none of you being able to stay mad at each other for more than three days
  • Having special nicknames for each other
  • Filming him while he’s at the gym and posting on your Instagram
  • “You can do it, Thomas”
  • Playing with Tessa and Tom’s little brother Paddy at the backyard of his parents’ house 
  • Him smiling at that sight, with a beer on his hand and thinking “I’m fucking in love with her”
  • Playing games with him and his brothers
  • Being everyone’s favorite couple
  • Robert Downey Jr. meeting you on the set of Infinity War and being like “Tom, I’m gonna steal her from you”
  • Fangirling over the Marvel cast and Tom teasing you for it
  • Holding his hand all the time when he takes you out 
  • Giving each other nice little gifts like a bracelet, a rose, a necklace, your favorite candy, the blu ray version of his favorite movie, etc
  • Getting to know the world together

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