How I imagine Nomi and Amanita found each other

Comic on Nomi and Amanita from the wonderful TV series Sense8. Sense8 has a strong transgender character, played by a transgender woman (Jamie Clayton). Two of the people behind the series are also trans: Lana and Lilly Wachowski of Matrix fame.

The comic strip was posted by drewiepoodle over at the Transpace reddit subforum. Drewiepoodle is publishing a constant stream of must read transgender media links over at Transspace.

And with that, here are all the OCs I drew throughout last week. All 48 of them!

I had fun, but I think this is enough for now. Hope everyone enjoyed!

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As some of you know I’ll be starting up a youtube relatively soon (well in like six weeks or so). What do you most want to know about horror? The channel won’t be all about Japanese Horror, so anything goes (I can’t hold back the Hong Kong horror love anymore, it’s gotta happen). That said, I’m real tempted to start off with a video about what’s the deal with hair in Japanese horror as I get asked it a lot, but I’m open to suggestions!

@zalen killing it in the comments.

@othercomments The cultural specificity suggestions are exactly what I’m hoping to do! Hong Kong horror is as intertwined with food as Japanese is with hair, etc. 

Jack Barakat MasterList


  1. Cuddle and watch Home Alone
  2. Best friends get in fight, confess to liking each othe
  3. Harry Potter Inspired Jalex- Part 1
  4. Live in Europe, meet a show
  5. Jack and Alex see your cuts at a meet and greet
  6. Meet at show and end up dating
  7. Guys have superpowers
  8. Threesome with Jack and Alex
  9. Go to Disneyland together
  10. Proposes at football game
  11. Have guys over for dinner
  12. Angry sex
  13. Reconnect at Blink show
  14. Alex dies
  15. In love with Alex’s sister, helps her through self harming
  16. On tour together, Jack is your best friend
  17. Finds out that you started cutting
  18. Meet and start dating
  19. Become friends
  20. You make him wear his glasses for a day
  21. Marrying Jack
  22. Sexy time
  23. Babysit Y/N’s niece Clara(Alex’s POV)
  24. Get in fight at Ravens game, 
  25. ignore him for awhile
  26. Persuades you to move to America
  27. Your teacher, sexy time during detention
  28. Cheats on you
  29. Takes care of you when you’re sick
  30. Stops your wedding
  31. Your daughters first birthday
  32. Meet on tour and get together
  33. Guys comfort you after breakup
  34. Mean fan makes you cut again
  35. Steampunk - Part 1
  36. Steampunk - Part 2
  37. Steampunk - Part 3
  38. Get in fight about him spending too much time with the guys
  39. Alex and Jack cheer you on at softball game
  40. Jack takes care of your daughter side stage
  41. Proposes on stage at Warped Tour
  42. Collapse while running, find out you’re pregnant
  43. Guys come to your first Broadway performance
  44. Wake up together with bad hangovers
  45. Alex’s sister, Jack hits you during argument
  46. Proposes in hotel room over Twitter
  47. Comforts you during panic attack during thunderstorm
  48. Jack’s sister, Matt catches her self harming on bus during Warped Tour
  49. Helps girlfriend through eating disorder
  50. Slept with Zack at prom years ago, now dating Jack and decide to tell him
  51. Jalex, Alex sprouts wings
  52. One night stand with Jack, still talk, end up dating
  53. Drift apart after dating in High School, reconnect on tour years later
  54. Jack keeps asking her out, she doesn’t believe in relationships
  55. Comes home from tour and picks you up to hang out
  56. Shy and quiet, Jack likes you - Part One
  57. Shy and quiet, Jack likes you - Part Two
  58. Jealous of you going on a date, stops you
  59. Comforts you after mean comments from fans
  60. Alex is a girl
  61. Guys throw you surprise birthday party
  62. Saves you from being crushed by barrier
  63. Guys think you are abused at home
  64. You are diagnosed for with leukemia
  65. Thinks you’re ashamed of him
  66. Christmas morning, married with twins
  67. Comforts you when your mom doesn’t care about your birthday
  68. Comforts you through morning sickness
  69. Surprises you after bad day
  70. Overhears your daughter telling you she had sex
  71. Love at first sight when you meet at a show
  72. Comforts you on bad depression day
  73. Together for 3 years, go to Halloween show together
  74. You’re a Disney princess, he falls for you
  75. Tells you how much you mean to him
  76. Jalex telepathic connection - Part One Part Two
  77. Alex’s sister, finds out Jack likes you
  78. Jalex, Alex being bashed on Twitter, upset about it
  79. Usually sleeps around, falls for girl at bar
  80. Together but sneak around
  81. Call him when things get too much at nightclub
  82. Fluffy movie day cuddles while on period
  83. He accidentally made a fat joke about you on Full Frontal
  84. You make him choose between you and the band
  85. Guys help you during dance competition
  86. Zack’s sister, hates Jack, he says something to make her cry
  87. Jalex. Alex can turn into a girl
  88. Bad day fluff
  89. Cuddle and watch baseball
  90. You take care of him when he has the flu
  91. Smut, you get him to stop hooking up with girls
  92. He accidentally gives you too much cough syrup
  93. Alex’s sister secretly dating Jack
  94. Jalex, Alex has the flu
  95. Jack’s girlfriend is on Full Frontal
  96. Get competitive at baseball game
  97. You think he is going to hit you during an argument
  98. Find out you are pregnant
  99. Asks out Alex’s sister after Alex and Lisa get engaged Part One Part Two
  100. Jack’s sister dating Zack, Jack doesn’t approve
  101. Play fight relationship, Jack confesses he loves you
  102. Dating Alex, cheating with Jack who is your math teacher 
  103. You are a firefighter and have a bad day
  104. Overhear him call you clingy
  105. Jalex, Alex gets carsick
  106. Helps you when you want to self harm
  107. Jalex, Alex gets laryngitis 
  108. Help girl who is turning into a zombie Part One Part Two
  109. Dating Jack, Billie Joe Armstrong is your father
  110. Jack wakes Y/N by eating her out
  111. Rian’s cousin comes to live with him, hooks up with Jack Part One
  112. Soulmate timer AU
  113. Insecure after past relationships
  114. Hate each other
  115. Comes to visit girlfriend on movie set
  116. Guys and crew surprise you on your birthday
  117. You are weak and fragile, Jack doesn’t want to hurt you
  118. Alex’s sister, dating Jack go to #GaskarthWedding together
  119. Famous youtuber, end up hooking up
  120. Get into first argument
  121. Blind to his girlfriend treating his daughter badly
  122. Comfort him after Jason Gavi passes away
  123. Friends with benefits
  124. Jack’s teenage sister goes to Alex for sex advice
  125. Says stripping is easy, you prove him wrong
  126. Have food poisoning and on your period
  127. Best friend in the world Mario Kart night
  128. Alex’s sister loses virginity to Jack, Alex walks in
  129. Go to Alex and Lisa’s wedding together
  130. Jack is your student teacher
  131. Comforts you when you wake up with your period
  132. Afraid to date after abusive relationship
  133. He is your first relationship after sexual abuse as a kid
  134. Introduces you to the guys
  135. Get dirty together while working at coffeeshop
  136. Meet at BBC Awards
  137. Guys comfort Zack’s sister through breakup
  138. Y/N gets boobjob
  139. You have BPD and DPD
  140. Girlfriend named Lex
  141. Come out to the guys after Jack asks you out
  142. Fangirl over Blink together
  143. Takes care of you when you have a migraine
  144. Argue that he’s not taking your pregnancy serious enough
  145. Overhear him tell the guys he likes you

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CONFESSION: In High School and University I daydreamed constantly with stories & crossovers. One involved Lucina, Phoenix and Saya. [Can’t remember context, and I’d rather not remember either.]
4 years later Saya, Chrom, Lucina & Phoenix Wright are oficially in the same game.

Don’t you DARE tell me dreams don’t come true.

it’s time for another sapphic sleepover weekend!

  • tell me about your day/week
  • send me photos of your pets
  • ask for advice
  • cute stories about your crush or significant other
  • coming out stories
  • baby gay stories
  • ask games (fmk, would you rather, etc)
  • playlist/moodboard requests (no guarantee that i will make your request though)
  • i’m also considering changing my url so any suggestions would be lovely
  • send me anything tbh! i love talking to you guys!

littlewitch34  asked:


Wow I like never post about them but OKAY!

  • who holds the umbrella when it rains
    Scott, but only because he’s taller and doesn’t move as much, where as Stiles gestures when he talks as they walk and they both somehow end up getting wet with the umbrella still over them.
  • who is the grumpiest in the morning
    Stiles. Always. Scott wakes up quiet and does his routine, butStiles refuses to wake up, regardless of the time or the reason. Scott usually resorts to pinching under his arm and letting Stiles’ flailing do the rest. (he kisses him to make up for it. But only after laughing)
  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt
    They’re pretty equal about it, but because Scott doesn’t get sick anymore, when he does get hurt or something, he tends to panic more. But Scott is very doting when Stiles becomes a whiny child with even a headache.
  • who plays pranks on the other
    Come on. They’re Scott and Stiles. There is a never ending prank war between them. I think Stiles currently has the lead with like, 5, but honestly Scott lets him get away with a lot because he can usually tell it’s coming but he’ll “fall for it” anyway.
  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa
    There’s this mutual flop onto the couch and they both lean into each other. It’s disturbingly like a horror movie scene (says Cora. every time they do it.)
  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other
    Stiles, when drunk, comes up with a wholereason why Scott should go by “Lucien” but he can’t remember when he’s sober, and Scott refuses to tell him.
  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep
    Mutual drooling. Stiles.
  • who says ‘I love you’ first
    Dude I totally said it first”
    “No way it was me”
    “No it was me - I said it when you gave me that blue crayon in art class in pre-k”
    “Nope. I said it after you smacked yourself in the face with the shovel in the sandbox”
    “Did not”
    “Did too!”