Being a person of color, especially a Hispanic person, how does it feel knowing that you’re kind of like a gateway for other actors that are of Hispanic descent. I mean, you’re a real inspiration to people of color. Does that ever bleed into your character?

Theo doesn’t follow Scott to his locker so much as he suddenly decides to take the long way to his next class.

He knows that Scott knows he’s there, but he still waits quietly until Scott shuts his locker before he approaches. It seems like the polite thing to do.

“So, I couldn’t help but overhear your friends back there,” Theo says, sidling up next to him. “You know, the ones that don’t think you’re smart enough to be taking an AP class.”

“What?” Scott says, eyebrows up in his hairline. His expression says he’s surprised at Theo’s bluntness, but his scent is spiked with sadness, and maybe a little bit of shame. Theo can’t say he’s very fond of those smells on Scott.  "No, that’s not. That isn’t what they meant.“

"Scott,” Theo says, leaning in closer, “I think we both know that’s exactly what they meant. But I have an idea, if you’re willing to hear me out.”

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So you can all thank bleep0bleep for getting my thinking on this.

We were thinking about the finale of 5A, Status Asthmaticus. That’s the medical term for a severe and life threatening asthma attack that doesn’t respond to normal therapies. It requires prompt and aggressive intervention.

I suspect Scott will have this happen in the finale, probably as a result of finally breaking down. Everyone has left him in one way or another. Scott’s alone (except apparently Theo, but I digress). So, he’ll be rushed to the hospital, gasping for breath, in pain, panicking, depressed, probably reflecting on everything that’s gone wrong. We might get flashbacks from this season or past seasons.

But what if it ends there? What if it ends with Scott barely hanging on as he’s rushed into the ER? That’s our finale.

Imagine. Scott is rushed into the ER, unable to breathe, gasping like a fish out of water, with those terrible thoughts and memories assailing his mind. All that negativity bearing down on him at once as he struggles to stay alive. His inhaler didn’t work. Melissa is running alongside the stretcher as they rush through the hospital, just like all those years ago (maybe a quick fadeback where it crosses over the two scenes). When they reach the main ER, Melissa has to stop and watch through the window as the doctors and nurses surround Scott, trying to unseize his his respiratory system. She can’t help him because he’s her son. She has to trust her fellow doctors and nurses.

Scott lies on the table. His head is swimming. His vision is blurry and there are black spots everywhere. He can’t keep going. He knows his consciousness is slipping. He’s only vaguely aware of the doctors and nurses around him. As he tries a few more times to gasp for air, Scott’s head drops to the side.

He swears he sees Allison. She looks so sad. She’s walking towards him. She’s so close now. And his vision fades as the screen fades to black.

“It’s okay, Scott. You have to be strong,” echoes Allison’s voice.

Credits roll. Season 5A ends.


au: Isaac wakes up in the middle of the night and hears a voice. Soon he realizes it’s Scott’s voice. He doesn’t want to believe that what he feels is real. Scott can’t be dead. In hopes his words can somehow help Scott he gives him hope. Scott then awakens from the death .. Isaac needs him


otherbully1 asked:

I don't think Scott fans have denied that he will ever have a dark arc. The problem was that every time someone would draw that conclusion, it was under suggestion that Scott would willingly choose to be this way and actually turn evil. Scott fans didn't like that so many people assumed "dark arc" meant evil. A dark arc does not mean evil. Darkness is something I'm excited to see in Scott. Evil, however, is not. It's out of character.

Also, I really don’t think that refusing Derek as a mentor or Peter as an Alpha is that much related to what’s happening to Scott. Accepting Peter as an Alpha only would have made things worse. Accepting Derek as an Alpha might have gotten him killed. He rejected Derek as a mentor and he’s still alive and now Derek is taking on Scott’s way of approaching problems. And Stiles’ ideas are about 50% sound on average. Satomi just told us what it is. It’s Scott’s nature, not Scott’s punishment.

The idea that Derek and Stiles are the end all be all of what types of people Scott should learn from is an idea that needs to be killed with fire. Canon hasn’t shown that following Derek and Stiles’ every word is the best thing to do.


Of course I can’t claim that every Scott fan in existence has denied a dark arc. But i’ve been in this fandom long enough to have witnessed that a good portion of the more dedicated Scott fans have been unable to see and admit  that the character has flaws and has a tendency to put him up on a pedestal of all that is good and right in the world. They have been quite vocal about it whenever someone dared critique Scott on anything. And their responses were not always in a civilized manner. The word wank comes to mind. This is probably a minority of the fans, but they’ve been very loud about it.

For the record: I don’t think Scott is an evil person. His intentions are for the most part good. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is also selfish, has a bit of a hero complex and has so far not suffered any consequences for his actions whereas most of the other characters have. He often thinks with his dick rather his upstairs brain and as a result people have been hurt. It happened when he’d rather make out with Allison in the car instead of watching over Jackson in the police wan. As a result he escaped and a handful of people were killed. Allison was also more important to him than the safety of his teammates when he still didn’t have control back in season 1 to name but a few examples.

Did Scott do that intentionally? No, he did not. But that doesn’t change the fact that it happened. Scott has a bit of growing up to do, and since he seldom suffers from any of his choices, he doesn’t really learn either. This dark arc we see coming will be his crucible and i do hope he emerges from it and can step into the role that has been thrust upon him which he’s not yet able to fill in a good way. Not for lack of trying and wanting to, but for lack of knowledge, lack of experience and lack of perspective.  All of these things he could’ve learned if he’d accepted help in the first place, both from Derek and Stiles.

I know most of meta writers who’ve been talking about scott’s dark. It is a topic much discussed on chat and we’re all of the same mind – Scott will have a dark arc, he will spiral out of control and do things that have nasty consequences. We also agree – and have always stated so quite clearly – that we don’t think he’ll go evil just for the heck of it. We’ve theorized that this arc would come as a result of one of his actions finally having a consequence that would be hard for him to bear; like the death of a close one.

And for the record – we don’t like talking about good and evil. It’s not that black and white. All the characters on Teen Wolf have shades of grey. It’s more a case of “us versus them” as I know athenadark like to point out and I wholeheartedly agree.  Like Malia -  we suspect she might have not so pure motives – but that doesn’t change the fact that right now she’s on our team; she’s “us”. Who knows what will happen down the path? Even Allison was “them” for a while.

The road to hell is pawed with good intentions after all. That’s the path we see Scott walking down. Now it looks like the power surge he seems to experinece will also be instrumental -  and since he hasn’t learned good control and has been suppressing his wolf-side, this will boil over. Still i wouldn’t rule out that a death might be the final straw that breaks him. Hopefully only temporarily.

Now Peter was not at his most stable in season 1, so i can’t blame Scott for refusing him as an alpha and mentor. He’s unreliable, and not even Derek seem to trust him. But that doesn’t take away the fact that Peter could’ve been a great mentor – he was after all the one, or at least one of those who trained Derek. And Derek has good control.

You say accepting Derek as an alpha might’ve gotten him killed. All I know is that Derek did train a reluctant Scott for at least  a little while in season 1, and he went from zero control to the kind of control he has today. The other person who helped was Stiles. Also – while Derek was alpha he actually saved Scott’s life! If it weren’t for Derek Victoria would’ve succeeded in killing him. If he’d accepted Derek’s help Scott would’ve learned more about werewolf history (which is always good because history tend to repeat itself – a bit theme in the series), werewolf politics, other creatures and more importantly about his wolf side. Up until now Scott has done his best to suppress it, ignore it. He took Allison as an anchor and nearly crumbled when that ended. He’s terrified of losing control, but instead of learning how to balance the human and wolf side, we now have an alpha leading a pack and he doesn’t have a great grasp of what he can do.

Canon tells us that those with the best control are the ones trained by Derek or Talia. Derek was trained by Peter also, as I’ve already mentioned. Derek trained Erica, Boyd and Isaac and they all learned control fast. Even Jackson learned from Derek – Lydia tells us he got the werewolf 101 before moving to London. I’m not so sure even Satomi would be a better mentor. She seems to hate herself for what she’s done – and she sees that as an inevitable conclusion of being a wolf. Derek’s way of training is the inverse of that.

You also mention that Derek is now using Scott’s way of dealing with things. I can think of one instance when Derek refused to consider killing as an viable option if the alternative was having a murderous monster walking around, and that was when Stiles was possessed in 3B. Even now this season, as shown in the last episode, Derek was willing to kill people to protect Satomi’s pack. And that even if he didn’t have fangs and claws and was using a gun.

You said: “The idea that Derek and Stiles are the end all be all of what types of people Scott should learn from is an idea that needs to be killed with fire.” I find the opposite to be true – Derek and Stiles have through canon again and again shown to have a better approach and better ideas and solutions. Scott has again and again refused them, and that is partly the reason why we’re seeing the beginning of his dark arc now.

Hide & Seek - Scott/Stiles/Theo

It was only the first day of the fourth grade at Beacon Hills Elementary. Scott had just gotten dropped off and a few second after Rafael had driven off the Sherrif dropped Stiles off.

Stiles immediately ran up to Scott and started freaking out about his new backpack “Scott look at the Star Wars backpack my mom got me! Isn’t it cool?! This guy is Anakin, he’s my favorite,” pointing to one of the men on the bag.

Scott then just smiled at it and said “It’s awesome Stiles!” - even though he had no idea who it was or even saw a Star Wars film in his life.

They then walked to their classroom together while Stiles went on and on about the new Star Wars film being released next year.

They finally made it to the classroom and found their seats. But before class could begin the teacher introduced a new student, his name was Theo.

Later at lunch Scott noticed Theo sitting alone, he turned to Stiles and said “Hey let’s go say hi, he looks nice,” while smiling big.

Stiles then replied “Ugh, I don’t know. I don’t like the look of him. Plus we don’t need anymore buddies when we got each other right?” nudging Scott slightly.

Scott noticed a girl going to sit with him, so he just decided it was fine since at least someone was being nice to the new guy.

After lunch it was recess time. Stiles & Scott were on the playground and Stiles kept suggesting they play a game of hide & seek.

“But it’s no fun with two people,” Scott said trying to convince Stiles to pick something else.

Theo & the girl approached the boys and Theo exclaimed “What are you guys playing? Can we join?”

“Sure! We are about to play hide & seek,” Scott said excitedly while trying to contain a huge smile.

Stiles then grave Scott a stare, then replied hesitantly while pointing to the girl, “I guess you guys can play. What’s your friend’s name?”

“My name is Rebecca but you can call me Harley,” she said in a snarky tone before Theo could even answer.

After the introductions were made it was decided that Stiles would be the one looking for everybody because he kept bragging about how good he is at being a detective.

Harley decided to hide in the girls bathroom because Stiles would never be allowed in there. While Scott decided to hide in the top of the slide since most of the kids were out in the field.

As Scott was waiting for Stiles to find him, Theo arrived at the top of the slide having a similar idea.

“Let me hide in there with you,” Theo whispered.

Scott immediately said “But we can’t fit! Find somewhere else before he gets us both,” trying to say it in the nicest way he could.

“But there is practically nowhere to hide. At least Harley found a good spot in the restroom,” Theo said trying to get Scott to agree.

Scott not being able to resist saying no to this boy said “Okay but hurry before he finishes counting,”, helping Theo inside.

Both of them were squeezed in the top of the slide, Scott decided now would be the time to start introducing himself but Theo just shushed him while giving him a smirk.

Stiles had finished counting and screamed he was coming to find them.

It was then Scott & Theo were trying really hard not to laugh. But Theo started to laugh a little louder when Scott decided to cover Theo’s mouth with his hand before Stiles heard.

Making the attempt Scott slipped pulling Theo down the slide with him. When Theo landed on top of Scott. Theo then rolled off while they both laid with their back in the sand.

“My name is Scott by the way,” finally introducing himself to the boy while laughing at what happened.

They both turned and looked at each other, and Theo grabbed Scott’s hand, “Nice to meet you, Scott.” while giving him a warming smile.

That’s when they looked up to see Stiles standing above them.

“Oh brother,” he murmered.


Shaming Cosplayers - a new “sport” in the anti-tags

Not so long ago, some people in the anti-tags thought it was funny to ridicule fanfiction writers.

Well, looks like they found a new target: Cosplayers.

twfandomproblems thinks shaming people for cosplaying Sterek is the thing to do.

Illyrooted feels that Cosplayers deserve to be laughed at.

Otherbully1  makes her disgust clear (together with coratothecore) and feels that being mean to people is perfectly fine as long as she finds it funny (rest of her post, for anybody following the link, relates to this incident.)

Vernonboyd is disgusted that people dare to cosplay Sterek and expresses his general distaste.

And shutupteenwolffans thinks honest criticism and mocking people are the same thing and cosplayers “should just accept the consequences”.


Not all people in the anti tags are like this and often there are meaningful and worthwhile discussions of issues that can be problematic….but some people abuse those tags to bash and hate on other fans on a regular basis, spreading hate and toxicity throughout the fandom, and I feel that’s a bloody shame.

Fandom should be a safe space for fans, where we can share fiction, art, meta….and maybe even bake cookies together.

And if there’s stuff you don’t like, the old fandom rules of DLDR and YKINMK should apply.

Mind, it’s perfectly o.k. not to like something and it is o.k. to express that dislike…..but I think we should draw the line at attacking other people.

Tolerance and mutual respect are key.

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“who posts death wishes against real human beings”…

Problems with your mid-term memory? Fear not.

Your fellow fan browses their archive just for you.


Hannibal does not romanticize cannibalism or sexualize it. It makes it very fucking clear that it’s a very bad thing to do and Hannibal Lecter is as good as the fucking devil. I am not sexually aroused by the idea of killing and eating people. So these things are not comparable. 

The question is not whether you sexualize it or not. You can get off to whatever, I honestly don’t care.

But what you do is actively enjoy a show that shows gruesome murders, that blurs the lines between good and evil, that shows the slow and painful destruction of a human mind, that consciously squicks with the esthetics of cannibalism.

So there is obviously a corner of your mind which enjoys these exact same things, enjoys the gore and the cheap thrill of the killings, and the glimpses you get in Docor Lecter’s deeply dusturbing mind. And do you enjoy all the Hannibal jokes about it here on tumblr? Eat the rude?. 

So don’t you think that by enjoying a show like this, your own moral code might get blurred? Don’t you think that with a show that tests our every day ethics like this, one day you might look to closely and start to think that murdering and eating people who deserve it is okay?

Also, children get raped and abused and manipulated every fucking day. Cannibalism is not some kind of common occurrence that people have to constantly work toward preventing. 

But murder is. And manipulation of the human mind is. As much as you try to tell yourelf that these two are not comparable in the slightest, because, you are ultimately lying to yourself.

You are a writer of fanfiction, I take it? Your fic on AO3 shows rape/non-con warnings and a couple of others, like cannibalism, murder, erotic asphyxiation.

So obviously, as a writer, you have writtten all those problematic things, and actively tried to get into the mindset of a murderer, a psychopath. Does that mean that you are a bad person for enjoying those things so much that you write about them?

Does it mean that you are in danger of raping someone? Does that mean that if you write a couple more of these fics, or read them, the lines will inevitable get blurred for you?

And don’t tell me that sexual assault isn’t an everyday real-life problem.

Thank you so much!!!!!! The murder is going to be fun to write lol

Your comment on an enthusiastic reply.

So, if you really think that enjoying problematic things in fiction impairs your judgment, you should better turn off your TV the next time Hannibal airs, and stop writing and/or reading fanfiction altogether.

But I think it’s more likely that you will answer all of my rhetorical questions with “no”, because that is simply not how it works.

Fantasies of violence don’t make you violent. Fantasies of rape don’t make you a rapist, or someone who would tolerate coercion in real life. Fantasies of shota don’t make you a pedophile.

I have enjoyed reading and writing various degrees of dub-con, non-con, coercion, murder. Does that mean I am in danger of raping my husband? For 120 k of words, I tried to live in the mind of a victim of torture and rape who falls in love with his rapist; does that mean that I fail to see how fucked up that situation truly is?

I wrote a non-con Dennifer fic as a visceral reaction to the discussion in canon about the consent issues implied in that relationship, trying to find the line between getting close enough to a rapist’s mind to show their erotic fixation with their victim, and yet keeping my distance. It wasn’t an easy thing to do.

The point about creation and consumption of disturbing pieces of fiction is to allow you to explore all of these issues in a safe space.

As a woman, I can write about being brutally gang-raped, I can deal with my own fear of experiencing sexual violence by reading such scenes, and I can also get off to the thought of being powerless and victimized. That is not a bad thing; it is, in fact, a form of empowerment. Because in these fictional environment, I make the rules, I keep control.

Do you know what idfic is? Fiction that speaks directly to your hidden, subconscious desires. Your guilty pleasure of character whump, which can take the form of infantilization or feminization. Your kink that shouldn’t turn you on, and wouldn’t, if you happened to experience it in real life. The fic you read although it is badly written, just because it fills your angst and h/c quota. The unrepentant pony kink sex slavery fic you never expected to love as much as you do.

In that kind of fiction, I can explore kinks of eroticized violence hat I would not want to experience in real life from either point of view.

Or I can, just to give my frustration and violent urges a creative outlet, write brual murder scenes, mutilation, clean, fast deaths, zombies, blood splattering. And the adrenaline kick I get out of it makes up for the lack of an orgasm.

What kink, what trope do we consider off limits? I’ve read and enjoyed bestiality fics. Am I now presenting a danger to the random German shepherd who happens to cross my path? I found the Merthur snail porn I once read weirdly, disturbingly beautiful. Do I have suspicions that the author is secretly lusting after slugs? No? But just how could they describe the snail inercouse so lovingly and in detail?

I’ve read tons of Sam/Dean. Doesn’t mean I’d recommend fucking your brother to anyone who isn’t a Winchester.

Substance abuse. Am I going to buy cocaine just to see what it’s like in real life after fiction gave me a taste?

I think you get my meaning.

If you disapprove of shota, well, no one is forcing you to look at it. But implying that people don’t know how to discern between reality and fiction - that they are pedophiles or enabling pedophilia or condoning pedophilia - is literally the same as saying that by writing cannibalism in an eroticized fashion, you, Billie, approve of that too.

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