MONSTA X ISAC (160118) Updates- DAY ONE

I’ve compiled a list of updates of MONSTA X from ISAC - Day 1. It’s mainly about the medals (well one) they won, them being dorks, fanaccounts, and interactions with other idols (Seventeen, BTS, BTOB (2MINHYUK rise), GOT7, BAP & VIXX)


  • Monsta X is in the same team as Seventeen, Up10tion, Oh my girl, April and DIA. They are in the White Team called ‘하룻강아지’ aka ‘day old puppies’
  • Monsta x used changkyun’s face as their banner from ‘right now’. it says ‘Hyungs! If you aren’t bringing home a medal, then you can’t come home tonight. I’m watching with Monbebes
  • Jooheon got bronze for the 60 m finals!!
  • Minhyuk was too excited and playing around and hurt himself so he went to hospital (not from competing). According to ISAC, it wasn’t too serious
  • Monsta X had a rock scissors paper competition
  • Minhyuk was messing around, so Shownu fell forward
  • Minhyuk was excited bc he changed his hair colour
  • The burgers that mx gave out for lunch “I miss you a lot so eat the burger” t/n: miss you= bogo shipeo, burger= beogeo // so punny
  • For dinner, mbbs got chicken, it said “Monchicken that even Yoochicken fell for. Monbebes eat well, I love you!”
  • Shownu was splitting his legs and then minhyuk pushed one leg to split it even more. Minhyuk ran away and Shownu tried to catch him
  • Shownu, Youngjae (BAP) and JB (GOT7) met up

Seventeen Interactions

  • Jooheon and minhyuk were talking with seungkwan
  • Seventeen was almost always with mx
  • Hoshi and Jooheon were touching each other and everyone laughed at both of them
  • Vernon kept laughing and clapping when he was seen talking with mx
  • Woozi was talking to Wonho
  • Jeonghan was talking to Minhyuk
  • Jooheon and Woozi were holding each other’s shoulders, and patted Woozi on the head
  • Seventeen and Monsta X were exchanging choreo’s and dancing to each other’s songs
  • Hoshi and Wonho were talking with each other

BTS Interactions

  • Hyungwon grabbed Jhope and spun him in midair after he ended his race (wrong hoseok :( ) and also slapped his butt
  • Hyungwon hifived Jhope
  • Jin learnt the trespass choreo from Jooheon
  • Jooheon greeted Suga
  • Jooheon did his intro “my name is Joohoney okay dude” and then BTS V imitated “my name is Kim Taehyung okay dude”
  • Shownu and V were talking to each other

BTOB Interactions

  • BTOB Minhyuk was holding I.M’s pillow
  • Jooheon greeted Ilhoon
  • Kihyun and Peniel were practising for wrestling
  • Ilhoon and Jooheon were being excited with each other
  • Peniel came up to kihyun and kihyun taught him the choreo for hero
  • BTOB Minhyuk said Jooheon was his rival for 60m male sprint

2MINHYUK Interactions

  • Lee Minhyuk hugged Lee Minhyuk
  • MX Minhyuk asked melodys to shout his name “Lee Minhyuk” so melodys yelled LMH LMH! MX Minhyuk got so excited that he randomly started dancing. Then BTOB LMH looked at MX Minhyuk and went wtf haha
  • Then BTOB Minhyuk did the same with monbebes
  • MX Minhyuk and BTOB Minhyuk were sticking to each other and yelled ‘LEE MINHYUK” while putting their hands up
  • Before leaving, minhyuk chanted “LEE MINHYUK LEE MINHYUK” to melody’s and did a 90 degree bow and left

GOT7 Interactions

  • Minhyuk was talking to Yugyeom
  • Minhyuk did splits with Yugyeom while holding hands. Kihyun tried it himself and fell to the ground
  • Kihyun, Minhyuk, JB and Yugyeom were talking to each other (Kihyun seems close with JB)
  • Shownu, Minhyuk, Bambam and Yugyeom were talking
  • Kihyun watched archery with Youngjae and messed around with JB 
  • Shownu held JB’s hand when they were sitting down
  • Mark, Jota (MadTown) and mx gathered together for a picture 
  • Jackson wrapped around the MX slogan around his neck while watching the wrestling matches
  • Jackson was dancing and then did “Vroom vroom” from Monsta X’s Rush
  • Minhyuk helped jackson and mark wear their archery gear

BAP & VIXX Interactions

  • Youngjae backhugged Shownu
  • Jooheon was talking with N and Ravi


I met some guy in Monsta X so I just greeted him, and he greeted me back while bowing 90 degrees. It’s my first time receiving a 90 degree bow from an idol… I’m sorry I didn’t get your name.. I think it’s Wonho

trans credit: (x)(x)(x)