@thaluuu: The best day of my life. The day I met Kibummie💕

I was starving so I decided to get food first. Then my sister sent me a message asking me for a blackhead mask remover cus I told her I was in Koreatown.

When I finished my food I was looking through the makeup stores inside Koreatown Gallery, later I decided that first I should go to Daiso Japan and then more makeup stores. So I saw Republic Nature store I was about to go in, but in my mind was “Go first to Daiso” so I skipped and went straight to Daiso, I got a boba when I was on my way. I got some stuff in Daiso and then I saw The Face Shop store. I got inside and I asked for the mask, the lady told me that is sold out so I thought about coming back to Republic Nature and check if they have the mask. So guys when I was about to open the door I saw Kibummieㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ I never expected to see him there. I was in shock…ㅜㅜㅜㅜ But I encouraged myself and talked to him. I said sorry first cus I didn’t want to bother him. Then guys WE STARTED THIS LIL CHIT-CHAT. I told him I traveled to Dallas and he was like WOW. But when I mentioned him I am from Peru and that I traveled from Peru he was like OH YOU CAME FROM THAT FAR TOO SEE US? and I told him that I’ve been a fan of SHINee for almost 9 years and he looked so proudly at me. He was so happy guys. I told Kibummie that I will travel in a future to Korea to support him and the boys in general. I asked him “Can I give you a hug” in the beginning and he said yes SO I HUGGED HIM AND WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO LEAVE HE GAVE ME ANOTHER HUG. Guys trust me when I am so nervous I talk too fast and I say many things ahhaha so now I don’t remember many of them hahahaha but I really wanted to share my story.

And yes!! I asked for a pic but he couldn'tㅜㅜㅜ so I didn’t insist. I know how SM works. Instead, I asked for his autograph and he was like OH YESSS. And I was so fucking nervous!! I got papers in Daiso and I couldn’t open the bag so I was like CAN U OPEN IT BECAUSE I SHAKING BECAUSE OF YOU and he was likeㅋㅋㅋ so he helped me. And GUESS WHAT I COULDN’T FIND A PEN so I was about to give up but I found it!! #SHINee #샤이니


(fancam) 170326 shinee world v concert in los angeles — an ode to you vcr

[Photo] Key instagram update - 170324- 28 (9P)

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I got these paper ‘Hug’s from a beautiful lady who I met in a vancouver bus-as U guys can see- . what she did really touched my heart . thank you

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샤이니, 첫 북미투어 화려한 피날레…마지막까지 완벽했다

[OSEN=정지원 기자] 그룹 샤이니가 로스앤젤레스(LA) 공연을 끝으로 첫 북미 투어를 성황리에 마쳤다.

샤이니는 지난 19일 캐나다 토론토를 시작으로 21일 밴쿠버, 24일 미국 댈러스, 26일 로스앤젤레스 등 북미 4개 주요 도시를 순회하며 첫 북미 투어 ‘SHINee CONCERT ‘SHINee WORLD V’’를 개최, 샤이니만의 독보적인 음악 색깔과 퍼포먼스, 화려한 무대 연출이 어우러진 환상적인 공연으로 현지 팬들의 폭발적인 호응을 얻었다.

이번 투어의 대미를 장식한 로스앤젤레스 공연은 26일 7시 30분(현지시간) 슈라인 오디토리엄(Shrine Auditorium)에서 열렸으며, 샤이니는 데뷔곡 ‘누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)’를 비롯해 ‘줄리엣 (Juliette)’, ‘Lucifer’(루시퍼), ‘Sherlock•셜록 (Clue + Note)’ 등 히트곡은 물론, ‘Hello’(헬로), ‘Everybody’(에브리바디), ‘Dream Girl’(드림 걸), ‘1 of 1’(원 오브 원) 등의 다양한 무대를 역동적인 퍼포먼스와 함께 선보여 콘서트의 열기를 고조시켰다.

또한 샤이니는 ‘SAVIOR’(세이비어), ‘Odd Eye’(오드 아이), ‘투명 우산’, ‘Prism’(프리즘) 등 다채로운 장르의 앨범 수록곡 무대로 뛰어난 가창력과 넓은 음악적 스펙트럼을 다시 한번 확인케 했으며, 앙코르 곡으로는 재회에 대한 염원을 담은 섬세한 노랫말이 돋보이는 ‘재연 (An Encore)’을 가창했다.

더불어 공연장을 가득 메운 현지 관객들은 공연이 진행되는 동안 끊임 없는 환호와 박수를 보냈으며, 한국어 가사를 그대로 따라 부르고 멤버들의 이름을 연호하는 등 적극적으로 공연을 즐겨, 북미에서도 막강한 샤이니의 인기를 실감케 했다.

한편, 첫 북미 투어를 성공적으로 마무리한 샤이니는 오는 4월 4~5일 일본 나고야 니혼가이시홀에서 ‘SHINee WORLD 2017~FIVE~’를 펼쳐, 지난 1월부터 진행되고 있는 일본 콘서트 투어의 열기를 이어갈 예정이.


SHINee The First North American Tour Brilliant Finale…Perfect Until The End

[OSEN=Reporter] SHINee finished their performance in the first North American tour in Los Angeles.

SHINee attended to to four major cities in North America, Vancouver Canada on May 19, Toronto, Canada on December 21, Dallas, USA on the 24th and Los Angeles on the 26th with their tour “SHINee Concert: SHINee World V” and won the explosive response of local fans thanks to the fantastic performances of SHINee’s unique music, color, performance, and colorful stage production.

The LA concert, which celebrated the tour’s grand closing, was held at 7:30 (local time) on June 26 at the Shurain Auditorium were they performed their debut song “Noona neomu yeppeo” (Replay), Lucifer, Sherlock (Clue + Note), Hello, Everybody,  Dream Girl, 1of1 And a variety of dynamic performances, and the concert’s enthusiasm was heightened.

Also they performed  SAVIOR,  Odd Eye,  Prism, and a collection of music of various genres, such as the excellent vocal ability and wide musical spectrum was confirmed once again, also they ended with the encore  "An Encore,“  a delicate song with a desire for reunion in a future.

In addition, all the local audiences filled the concert hall with constant cheers and applause during the performance, singing actively Korean lyrics and enjoying the members performances actively, SHINee realized all their popularity in America.

On the other hand, SHINee, which has successfully completed its first North American tour, will present SHINee WORLD 2017 ~ FIVE ~ at Nagoya Nihon Gai Hall in Nagoya, Japan on April 4 ~ 5. They are planing to continue with their success. 



170326 `ㅂ´ secretly greatly preview
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