For the girl who loves him next,

He’s not who he seems. He’ll come across as tough and strong and stoic and like he doesn’t need anyone. But he’s fragile and tender and he craves emotional and physical intimacy.
He loves physical contact. He’ll take every opportunity he can to touch you; it reassures him and its his way of showing his love.
Let him open up to you. He won’t do it unless you push, but if he does it will be so worth it. Give him a reason to trust you and he’ll tell you his dreams and his fears, he’ll tell you about his family and what he wants out of life. Treasure these moments, they are truly beautiful.
Let him pamper you. He adores it. He’ll buy you things, he’ll take you places, he’ll give you the world. You’ll be his everything, let him show it.
He craves physical intimacy. He loves it when you play with his hair and rub his forearm while he holds your hand. Touch his thighs, fall asleep on his chest. Hold his hand whenever the opportunity arises. Sit on his lap, let him hold you. He’ll fall asleep if you stroke his cheek. He may come across as clingy, but he’s not. It’s just his way of showing you that he loves you.
Tell him you love him, tell him how wonderful and beautiful he is, tell him you’re proud of him. He loves hearing it, and it makes him feel on top of the world.
Make friends with his mum; she means the world to him and its important to him that the two of you get along. Family is everything, both now and in the future.
Don’t get mad when he drinks too much. It will just lead to arguments and hurt. But always forgive him when he apologises. He means it every time.
His guilty pleasure is Nicki Minaj. He’s all for classic rock, and loves the White Stripes. Listen to his music, it’s actually a lot of fun.
His favourite movies are Shrek and School of Rock. Don’t get cranky when he talks through movies; you’ll learn to love it. His favourite thing to do with you is sit in bed and watch movies. It will become your favourite thing too.
Spend time with him whenever you can. There’s nothing he likes more than being with you.
He’s kind and gentle and sweet, and the best man you will ever know. He will treat you like a princess and he’ll love you more than you’ll realise. Everything he does will be for you, do the same for him.
Don’t make the same mistake I did. Love him unconditionally. Show him that you do. Forgive him for his faults, and let him try to change yours. He hurts easily. Be careful, and keep him safe for me.

- the girl he loved before.