Ideal Type : Jungkook X Reader Scenario

     "So, we have heard that our Jungkook, here, is quite the noona killer,“ Coni stated.  The boys all laughed as a flush of pink crossed Jungkook’s cheeks.  "Yes, he is quite popular with the noona fans,” Rap Monster said.  "We have a question for the Golden Maknae,“ Doni said with a goofy smirk.  Jungkook chuckled nervously and replied, "Yes, Hyung…?”  "Who is your ideal type?“  "Uh, well our fans-”  "No, no, no!  We understand that you all love the fans, but who is your perfect ideal type? Is there another idol or an actress…?“  The maknae paused for a second, wondering if he should say it, before answering. "I don’t have one.”  "Ahhhh, you’re lying!,“ Doni exclaimed, bopping the younger male on the head with the plastic mallet.  Everyone in the room burst into laughter.  "We already knew that IC3 CR34M’s _____ is your ideal type!”  "Well, why did you ask if you already knew, Hyung?“  The shorter MC jokingly raised the mallet again at the Jungkook’s slightly sarcastic comment, but the young idol darted away, covering his head.  The rest of the boys were falling over in laughter.  "Have you met _____?,” Coni asked as Jungkook went back to his seat.  Suga jumped in saying, “We all met her at MAMA last month, and he was so nervous!  He turned bright red and stuttered a lot.  It was actually really adorable.”  Jungkook covered his face in embarrassment.  "_____ sunbaenim isn’t going to see this is she…?,“ he asked, his voice muffled by his hands.  "She already has,” Coni snickered.  "Mweo?!“  The two MCs got up and gestured to the side of the room.  "Please welcome _____ to Weekly Idol!”  

     You walked out, politely greeting everyone and waving at the camera.  The boys all slightly bowed and some shook your hand as they exchanged pleasantries with you.  Coni pulled out a special chair for you and had you sit down in the middle of the room.  Jungkook froze, his face now redder that ever, when Doni motioned for him to walk up to you.  Jimin quickly pushed him forward and Coni told him to get on one knee in front of you.  You looked at his terrified face and giggled a bit, ignoring the blush that began to creep onto your own cheeks.  "Now, Jungkook, explain to _____ why she is your ideal type…and make it sincere,“ Doni instructed.  "But, I-”  He was cut off by the sight of Doni grabbing the plastic mallet again.  "Uh, _____ sunbaenim…you’re my ideal type b-because-“  "Hold her hand!,” Doni whispered loudly.  Everyone laughed as he took your hand.  "Because…you’re very talented.  You are a very good singer and dancer…and rapper-“  "That’s not sincere!,” Doni exclaimed causing everyone to laugh again.  Jungkook laughed nervously and started over with a heavy sigh.  "_____ sunbaenim…You are my ideal type because you inspire me as a performer.  You’re good at everything and you work very hard.  I also like that you have a sweet and caring personality and……I think you’re really pretty…and you’re hands are really soft, but I didn’t know that until now.“  You giggled again and thanked him as everyone else in the room said things like "awwww” and “how cute”.  

     "So, what do you think?,“ Coni asked you.  You looked down at Jungkook and smiled.  "I think he’s adorable and very sweet.”     “Would you give him a kiss?,” Doni teased.  You laughed and shook your head, saying, “I don’t think his fans would like that.”  "Just one little peck?  On the cheek at least.  He gave you that heartfelt confession of love and he gets nothing?,“ Doni persuaded using a guilt trip.  Everyone laughed at his exaggeration and Jungkook stood up, trying not to blush anymore.  "Maybe just a quick one…,” you sighed.  You put a finger under Jungkook’s chin and tilted his face towards you, giving him a soft peck on the cheek before quickly pulling away.   Now your face was almost as red as his and he chuckled at your flustered expression as the boys cheered, yelling random things.  "They’re so cute!“  "Way to go Kookie!”  "Noona, he forgot to mention how much he likes your legs!“

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Rap Monster rough smut

1) Thank you~ Namjoon omg… 

2) it’s semi-inspired by Trouble

            Looking down at your phone sighing as you realized Namjoon was late yet again to your date. You gave up on dates a while ago but this one was your anniversary dinner and you were hoping your boyfriend would remember this on. Taking the check from the waiter who gave you a sorrowful look, you left the restaurant and headed back to your apartment. Walking in taking your heels off at the door and tossing your phone on the sofa you heard it hit someone, and before you could look Namjoon sat up and his eyes filled with rage. “Where were you!?!?” He asked standing up looking you up and down, a tight black dress, stockings and eyeliner that could stab a man. Ignoring him you headed towards the bedroom, cause him to nearly jump over the back of the couch. Pinning you against the hall wall with lust filled eyes he practically devoured you on the spot. “Where. Were. You?” He asked again, “Out.” You said figuring you might as well toy with him. “With?” He asked hands traveling slowly down your sides. “Who does it matter?” You asked lustfully as his hands started to pull your dress up. “Oh it matters.” He said ripping your dress away and he tugged at your panties. “I…don’t think… it does..” You gasped as his fingers pulled your panties down and slipped inside you all at the same time. His speed starting out fast and only going faster. “Tell me, bitch. Who were you with?!?” He asked shoving in another finger. Feeling yourself shiver at that word he only used in situations like this only turned you on more. His pace quickened, before he pulled his fingers out and got down his knees and began sucking on your clit.  “You wouldn’t believe… Fuck!” You yelled feeling yourself cum on him and the floor, before recovering her picked you up and carried you to the bedroom.  You hadn’t noticed the growing budge in his pants until now.

            He quickly removed his pants and boxers before climbing on top of you. “Now. I’ll ask you again. Who were you with?” He asked diving into your neck leaving marks making it practically impossible for you to respond. Taking this as you ignoring him he lined up his member with your womanhood before ramming into you. Loud growls vibrating from his chest and sending you over the edge again.  “You shouldn’t dress like…Fuck…that for anyone but me.” He gasped, as his speed quickened. He became more vocal than normal. Only heightening your arousal bucking your hips in rhythm with his you felt more of the blissful feeling “Namjoon~” You moaned only making him go faster as your nails dug into his back. Soon after you two both reached your orgasms, his pace slowing down as he rode out his orgasm. After he was sure you were both done he fell onto of you, kissing you passionately before turning back into the Namjoon from everyday life. Still tailing kisses on your neck you let out a soft “Happy anniversary~” before he shot up and he remembered the dinner tonight. “You did dress like that for me.” He smiled pulling you into a hug and kissing you again, “I love you so much, remember that.” The two of you just continued to lay in bed until early morning when you both fell asleep. 

Hope you liked it!! 

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Jhope, Jhope, Jhope, Jhope has changed a lot. He’s bright and has become hopeful like his name. I think it’s because he is more loved than he was before the debut. He’s bright, he laughs a lot. Though it’s too much sometimes, he has good energy that affects everyone in a good way and I think he is awesome. So you might think he’s always nice and innocent but… inside his smiley face, there’s an evil living there.” -173cm anonymous guy