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garrison trio is best trio imo

(i was gonna draw pidge dancing w/ everyone else but then i got tired so X_X churned out these haha)


“I believe that a very big reason I am on that show is that I was meant to be there for [Melissa]. I also believe that’s why it carries over so well on the screen. I care about that girl. I’d slash somebody’s tires for her I’m not gonna lie.”


“A beautiful Japanese-American girl who enjoyed the same cultural pursuits as Ray but who displayed a much, calmer, both-feet-on-the-ground approach to life, Dorothy was studying medicine. The same age as Ray, Dorothy had a much older head on her shoulders. She could stay up all night rapping with Ray about the finer points of Kurosawa’s Rashomon and still make a 9am class on cardiovascular disease. She was also Ray’s first big love affair. […] Dorothy was more than just a scintillating lover and friend. She became his muse. The one he would always try to impress, to make happy, to gain the ultimate approval from.” - Mick Wall.

“She could look into you and through you. No games, no lies. She was in her moment of time. In the suchness, as Zen master and author D. T. Suzuki would say. And she was cute as hell.” - Ray Manzarek.