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Kpop shuffle tag

instructions: put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 mutuals.

tagged by @secretkpoptrash

1. G-Dragon - One of a Kind 
2. Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin- For You 
3. Infinite - Back
4. BTS- Stigma
5. Epik High - Born Hater
6. Taeyeon - All With You
7. BigBang - Girlfriend
8. EXO - Call Me Baby
9. Seungri - Gotta Talk to U
10. BTS - I Need U

If you are tagged and don’t want to do, please feel free to ignore this! 

I’m tagging @swizzling-suga, @kooksgf, @justanemptydream@taekkken, @secretkpoptrash, @silky-maloski, @kim-taehvungs, @chan-yoongi and anyone else who wishes to do this! 

hey bmc fandom

rt if yall havent heard Will Connolly’s caterpillars of the commonwealth album plEase listen to it bc its really good and no one talks about it and i literally love it so much,,, its my fave album when not counting musicals safjdkg

it so good he has sucha unique style (the genre is progressive/art rock,,, doesnt that just souNd cool??) plz listen to this boy, the album itself isnt even 30 minutes so just give it a shot theyre all bops

its on spotify, google music, and youtube (im probably missing one) but yeah!!! i love will connolly!!!