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are you still alive? please be more active ;)

kinda been a permanent passenger on the struggle bus lately but I deeply appreciate all of you guys and your continued support and messages (especially the “are you alive??” ones). as my thank-you, I’ll post a word tomorrow or bust. much love to everyone.

(for the folks sharing a seat with me)

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make a facebook page for these? Please please please

You’re welcome! Otherwordly on Facebook

I have Twitter and Pinterest too, if those are more your thing. I’m also going to start an Instagram, but two someones I don’t know have registered both “otherwordly” and “otherwordly_” and started posting things from my blog without me, so… I’ll have to think about that one a little longer. But come check out Otherwordly at these other neat places.

If you registered either of those Instagram accounts, I’d love to speak to you, so send me an ask or an email—thanks!