I realize that this woman must be scared out of her mind since a known serial killer has been reading her emails and is grabbing her by the wrist to do and go heaven knows where, and believe me, it’s completely valid.

But dang wish that was me tbh.

My lips are bleeding from biting down on them so hard just to stop myself blurting out how I feel and my palms are numb from clenching my fists and I swear it’s taking everything I have to stop myself from screaming in your face to please just fucking love me
I can barely keep my eyes open I am so exhausted I’m so hurt I am so god damn broken
I try so so hard to be what you need and I love you so much I can barely inhale but it doesn’t even matter anymore because you’re still going home to her
—  I can’t tell you but its driving me crazy// being the other woman series pt.2
To all the girlfriends that hate the other girl,

                Yes, Cheating is wrong. Yes, relationships should be respected. BUT he was the one that wasn’t single not her, he was the one that was taken yet proceeded to flirt with her, maybe it started as an innocent flirty comment but it proceeded to talking to her everyday till eventually she fell for him. Ever  thought that maybe she really didn’t go and seduce him? That he was the one that went after her. Maybe she’s just as broken as you, and here’s a crazy idea…Maybe even more because at the end of the day you were the one that had him. He had both of you. You had him. And she had nothing. Yes, she knew what she was getting herself into and Yes, she should’ve expected to get hurt because Karmas a motherfucking bitch but I’ll let you in on a little secret, Being the other girl is just as bad as being cheated on, because both ways you’re only getting 50% of their heart.  You think it could’ve been prevented if she simply walked away but it’s a lot easier said than done when you fall for someone so hard.  Most of the time, he simply walks back out of her life as fast as he came in and simply stays happily with his girlfriend like nothing happened, while she’s broken.  At the end of the day, No matter which side you have to be on it’s a lot of pain you have to bear when you have a man you have to share.  Simply keep that in mind.


                                       The other girl.

A Letter To The Other Woman

His wife, his mistress…a role we both seem to share.
If I am happy and in his arms, there are tears in your eyes.
If you are happy and in his arms, then there are tears in my eyes.
Both caught in a web, both being toyed with.
You being told that he is going to leave me,
Me being told that he is done with you and wants to be with me.
Both of us being told that his heart is with us,
That we are his one and only.
What to do?
Both of us thinking of the children.
Both of us thinking of the pain.
Some days I want a divorce, to be free.
Some days you want a divorce, for him to be free.
Both of us wondering who that will make us.
Most days we can’t imagine our life without him.
Both of us want more,
More time, more commitment, more love.
Both of us want less,
Less deception, less lies, less of his broken promises.
The world tells me to hate you, that you have no class
The world tells you that he got bored and that I did something to cause him to cheat
The truth is we both fell in love.