Director/muse relationships: Margarethe von Trotta & Barbara Sukowa

Films together: Marianne and Juliane (1981), Rosa Luxembourg (1986), L'africana (1990), The Other Woman (2004), Vision (2010)Hannah Arendt (2012), The Misplaced World (2015)

I trust her so much and she trusts me; six films we’ve done together. That was like taking each other by hand and going through a tunnel together: you are very fearful from the beginning, we didn’t know if the film would come out and be successful or right, so it was like an adventure, intellectual but also in friendship to get through this invisible space to visibility.

Margarethe von Trotta

What we had…
Whatever we had, surprised us both.
It burned hotter, and went way farther than either of us had expected.
What we had was real.

What we had…
Whatever we had, was hidden in secrets and lies.
Not only did it break you and I,
But it broke her too.

What we had…
Whatever we had, didn’t last long.
Like a train coming to a quick stop,
You were there and then you were gone.
You were never mine to keep.

What we had…
Whatever we had, I think its safe to say we’ll never have it back.
But the lingering “what if” remains in our thoughts.
So well go about our lives loving other people…
But thinking of each other.


The pronoun ‘she’ never really used to mean anything to me, it just existed like all of the other words we encounter throughout the day. When someone says 'she’ or when you yourself say 'she’, you are always talking about someone else. 

When you’re the other woman the word 'she’ can make your stomach churn, your skin crawl, and make your smile falter. The word 'she’ can realistically mean so many people, but when you’re the other woman it always means the same person; and it’s never you.

I hate the word 'she’. 'She’ is in my way. 'She’ is more important than me. 'She’ has you. I’ve never even met 'she’ and I am already inclined to dislike her. 'She’ keeps you from replying to my texts. 'She’ keeps you from spending time with me. 'She’ is one of the luckiest people in the world.

But if 'she’ knew about me, then I would be 'she’ to her too.

My lips are bleeding from biting down on them so hard just to stop myself blurting out how I feel and my palms are numb from clenching my fists and I swear it’s taking everything I have to stop myself from screaming in your face to please just fucking love me
I can barely keep my eyes open I am so exhausted I’m so hurt I am so god damn broken
I try so so hard to be what you need and I love you so much I can barely inhale but it doesn’t even matter anymore because you’re still going home to her
—  I can’t tell you but its driving me crazy// being the other woman series pt.2
To all the girlfriends that hate the other girl,

                Yes, Cheating is wrong. Yes, relationships should be respected. BUT he was the one that wasn’t single not her, he was the one that was taken yet proceeded to flirt with her, maybe it started as an innocent flirty comment but it proceeded to talking to her everyday till eventually she fell for him. Ever  thought that maybe she really didn’t go and seduce him? That he was the one that went after her. Maybe she’s just as broken as you, and here’s a crazy idea…Maybe even more because at the end of the day you were the one that had him. He had both of you. You had him. And she had nothing. Yes, she knew what she was getting herself into and Yes, she should’ve expected to get hurt because Karmas a motherfucking bitch but I’ll let you in on a little secret, Being the other girl is just as bad as being cheated on, because both ways you’re only getting 50% of their heart.  You think it could’ve been prevented if she simply walked away but it’s a lot easier said than done when you fall for someone so hard.  Most of the time, he simply walks back out of her life as fast as he came in and simply stays happily with his girlfriend like nothing happened, while she’s broken.  At the end of the day, No matter which side you have to be on it’s a lot of pain you have to bear when you have a man you have to share.  Simply keep that in mind.


                                       The other girl.