something that S4 and S5 Longmire never really dealt with – didn’t deal with at all as far as i recall – is that Cady spent weeks thinking that her ex committed suicide, and that the note she found on his computer implied that letting her down was a big part of why he killed himself. Barlow’s fake note making it seem like Branch was too ashamed to face her and his family laid quite a burden on Cady whether Barlow meant it to or not.

And before that, Cady noticed Branch not responding and went looking for him. Cady got her dad and the team looking for him. Cady felt responsible for keeping track of Branch’s well being and being his last supportive person. Even though she spent S3 nervous around him and unsure of his sanity or her safety, ever since he tried to strangle her during that hallucination, which is an incident she never told anyone about. 

So even though Barlow was the killer, Cady had to deal with the ex she still cared about as a friend, and who tried to keep pushing for emotional support from her, steadily going off the rails and then feeling like she didn’t do enough to save him. That’s a lot of emotional trauma that’s not been addressed.

And now her father is starting to unravel and get more angry and paranoid, and while Walt’s situation is different than Branch’s…. at least in some way… it’s got to feel a lot the same from Cady’s perspective. A person she cares about a great deal is struggling and possibly becoming dangerous. And we know from all the way back in S1 that she feels responsible for her father, for being the one to put him back together.

I’m worried about Cady, basically. She could end up the collateral damage in Walt’s downward spiral, at least emotionally speaking. I do think she’s trying to separate herself more from Walt’s reality, trying to maintain her focus on her own power and interests. But she’s very willing to take on other’s pain and other’s crusades, not just in a helpful and generous way but in a way that lets her get totally consumed.

Which is why I find the whole situation with her and Jacob Nighthorse so fascinating and so magnetic – but also kind of a highwire act. Regardless of what happens in show, and regardless of what I’d like to see in fic, Cady is getting pulled into Jacob’s worldview and his crusade. 

Finding purpose and a sense of community on the Rez could be just what she needs. And I do in fact believe that Jacob’s intentions are only mercenary in so far as how he can see that Cady will fight hard for the people of his tribe, and that yes, you do still need a White person standing with you when the White law comes around. I believe he is in earnest. 

On the other hand Cady is still fundamentally the kind of person who get’s totally subsumed into other people’s problems. Working on the Rez is a minefield for that. Idealizing Jacob beyond who he is could be a minefield too.

If anything, I hope that Jacob can try and coach her a little in being pragmatic and learning to put yourself first so that you can survive. Goodness knows Walt and Henry, and even Vic are ‘live by your ideals up to and even past the point where it could get you killed’ kind of people, with Ferg doing his best to follow suit So Cady’s not going to hear it anywhere else.

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us today in ap human geography: when will our fourth bibliography return from the war.

when will our ap teacher’s fashion sense return from the war

look ok honestly believe whatever you want about Mandy Patinkin and his sudden disdain for portraying misogyny in media, but do not try to use his opinions on misogyny to devalue mine, a woman, or any other women’s opinions on the matter. 

He’s, at best, an ally, his opinions as one do not trump those of people who actually experience misogyny at it’s nastiness (as in, while misogyny negatively affects everybody, cis dudes still get off lightest by a million times).

Honestly i’m just fed up with the idea that just because Patinkin says this shit he’s the ~authority on fighting misogyny, or talking about it, or that he’s obviously right just because he said it by a camera. Honestly, I think it’s a complicated subject that deserves more discussion and thought than just ‘oh it’s right or wrong no in between’ and I have no significant personal wisdom to offer, but his opinion still pales in comparison to mine or any other woman who wishes to discuss a difficult subject, and don’t devalue any women’s opinion on it just because some dude has an opinion you like better. That’s not fighting misogyny, that’s literally actively shadowing women’s voices b/c a man said something you personally like better. 

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Clare, a rather hefty redhead who had indulged herself quite a bit on a regular basis, had found herself within a crowded pub. With not many seats left, she had to sit next to a rather large woman, who she could barely fit next to. With barely any space between the two, Clare decided to be friendly. "Heya there, miss. How are ya?" (~corpulentclare, for the muse of your choice~)

Katsuragi took notice of the other large woman and stared at her chest, nearly drooling at the sight of Clare’s breasts. “Loving your boobs!” She blurted out and used her pudgy hands to grope the other woman’s breasts, kneading them happily.

dc recently stated that wonder woman is bi so marvel has now tried to one up by them giving their lesbian character america chavez her own comic series. please extend this 1v1 of various and incredibly large rival companies trying to out-gay each other to all other entertainment platforms. thanks

I’m really loving the theme lately with big budget film and TV projects in the ‘nerds and nostalgia’ genre having White Male Entitlement as the villain


Mad Max asked who killed the world

their answer was 'toxic masculinity’

Jessica Jones answered with 'rape culture’

and Star Wars threw in 'entitled, privileged white dudes with nostalgiaboners for eras of extreme oppression for everyone else’

could we ask for a more accurate unholy trinity, or a better group to be putting this shit on blast??

aim for pyjama nirvana