caesar’s mother was dead. he was abandoned by his father. he was tossed between family members, dumped into an orphanage. likely stared at by potential foster parents who wanted nothing to do with a boy who was so clearly trouble.

and he had no intention of warming up to lisa lisa. he likely believed this was the “other woman” for a while. he was a handful. furious when training went sour. when he found his hamon difficult to control in the way that she asked for it to be. but she stuck by him. was ever firm with him.

by god, she was patient with him.

so often, he found himself wondering if he’d said too much, lashed out, if she’d given up on him after a particularly bad spot of training. after he’d cursed himself for allowing his father’s death far too many times in one day, erupting into anger. swearing at his own inabilities, at the slow improvements. but never, not once, did she toss him aside.

in fact, they grew closer. she taught him better coping mechanisms. teased him for his attempts at flirting with the local girls of Venice. helped to improve his broken English.

she thought of him as a son. and she’d never had a son. not really. sure, she’d held that small bundle of pink in her hands, but she’d never had a son.

and he’d never truly had a mother.

the first few weeks of the justice league actually being a team are probably a fucking nightmare. superman keeps using midwestern expressions. you’re not going to need paper towels to clean this up, you’re gonna need an irrigation system, he says. nobody is entirely sure what that means. aquaman keeps leaving in the middle of fights to go save lobsters from restaurants, because he can’t just let them get eaten, y'know? wonder woman quickly figures out that there’s maybe three people here with any serious combat experience. the flash is just a police officer, man. that’s all he knows. she’s in despair. speaking of the flash, someone made the mistake of giving him caffienated coffee, and now the power’s out. someone tell green lantern that he can’t wear the same gross jacket to every meeting. shouldn’t his space cop uniform keep him warm. who keeps playing ‘mmm whatcha say’ over the speakers. batman keeps disappearing during after battles, and it turns out he’s at the daycare down the street hanging out with the babies. he got bored

What we had…
Whatever we had, surprised us both.
It burned hotter, and went way farther than either of us had expected.
What we had was real.

What we had…
Whatever we had, was hidden in secrets and lies.
Not only did it break you and I,
But it broke her too.

What we had…
Whatever we had, didn’t last long.
Like a train coming to a quick stop,
You were there and then you were gone.
You were never mine to keep.

What we had…
Whatever we had, I think its safe to say we’ll never have it back.
But the lingering “what if” remains in our thoughts.
So well go about our lives loving other people…
But thinking of each other.


Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)


i can’t believe i stan him TT