What happened to all the Disney channel original movie stars that didn’t go work in other movies and have music careers? What happened to the guy from that movie 13th year where he turns into a mermaid

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So how up for some other movie in which John Boyega and Oscar Isaac star and (actually canonically) fall in love in?

Are you the anon who sent the other message? Or maybe just a lot of people want a romcom w/oscar isaac and john boyega lol. I’d be so down. I think everyone would be down lol like… they’re both attractive… they’re both the best actors from the sequel trilogies… so? The movie would be great. 

“Joel Edgerton is quietly asserting himself as one of the most talented men working in Hollywood today, and his performance in ‘It Comes at Night’ is one of his finest to date. Everything about this movie that works on screen is playing off of him. There is so much crammed into his brutal and emotional performance that it is hard not to admire.”

“Like other great horror movies, this material is elevated by genuinely great performances and actors who can actually act. Aside from Edgerton, Trey Edward Shults crammed this movie with talent at every turn with Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo and Riley Keough all delivering on a level that is a cut above what horror fanatics may be used to in your more average genre flick. However, outside of Edgerton, it is Kelvin Harrison Jr. who really shines. Rest assured, this dude is going to be a big name in the future.”

“[Director] Trey Edward Shults has delivered an engrossing, thought-provoking, bleak and stunning movie that will resonate with you long after you leave the theater. This is one of the best horror movies of 2017 and very well could be one of the best movies of the year. Period.”

–  MovieWeb review of “It Comes at Night”

diego luna & felicity jones + action comedy 

Rival spies Ingrid (Felicity Jones) and Gregorio Cortez (Diego Luna) fell in love on assignment and were married soon after. Fifteen years later, after having two children, Carmen (Isabella Gomez) and Juni (Marcel Ruiz), they’re on desk duty with the Organization of Super Spies. When OSS agents begin to go missing, Ingrid and Gregorio are sent out into the field again. Rusty from so much time off, they’re both captured. 

It’s up to their children to save them and the world. 

Sometimes I feel like the only one who had a crush on John Bender from The Breakfast Club

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some mutuals and i have created the campaign #GayTheFourth to help garner support for LGBTQ representation in future star wars works! please join in by voicing the need for representation of our community and posting/tweeting with the tag #GayTheFourth this coming May 4th. you can talk about experiences you’ve had as an lgbtq sw fan, the rep you’d love to see in future movies and other works, etc. gay the fourth be with us all!

I’m all for complex villains with elaborate back stories and possible redemption arcs but tbh, I actually do not want that to happen with kylo ren. I’m personally tired of seeing evil white men get the benefit of the doubt and be shown sympathy like they do in every other major movie and tv show. For once I want a bunch of poc and some women to kick an evil white mans ass because society already centers around making us sympathize with them. I really don’t give a fuck about a back story when the whiny mother fucker literally chose to be an evil murderer. I don’t want to see poc and women be vehicles for his redemption. They need to kick his ass until he’s dead. So that’s why I say fuck a Kylo Ren redemption arc or sob story back story.

Moments of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (MAY HAVE SPOILERS)

-Drax’s infectious laughter through the whole movie.

-Additionally Drax’s continuous ineptitude for social interaction, especially with Mantis.

-Gamora truly becoming Space Mum and suffering the whole time.

-The entire family dynamics within the team and the fact romance was vaguely alluded to, but wasn’t more important over family unlike most other hero movies.

-Kraglin being the Best Boy!!! The purest character in the movie who deserves only good.

-Groot being brilliant comedic relief, but ultimately also being a 3D character who pulls through in the end.


-Nebula having the best redemption arc and the saddest reasoning behind it all.

-#Let Gamora and Nebula hug more 2k17.

-Also someone give Rocket more hugs because he suffers too much. Real revelation of his character and his scene with Yondu fuCK!!

-Yondu = true dad and hero of the movie.


-Movie should be renamed “The Incredibly Shitty and Horrendous Time in Peter Quill’s Life”. Let him rest.

-The unabashed hints and references dropped. Every five seconds they references someone and it was amazing.

-The soundtrack once more!

-The reference they did to the first movie where Groot freezes while dancing when Drax sees him.

-Groot. That’s it. He was amazing.

-Mantis and Drax’s incredibly weird but endearing platonic relationship that I hope stays platonic forever because it’s too good.

-Someone must tell Mantis she’s beautiful every day this girl needs it.

-Teach Mantis to smile and love herself !!!

-Big Sister Gamora must take Mantis under her wing and teach her not to take shit from anyone.

-Dad Peter at the end with Groot. Takes after his dad Yondu. Next he’ll threaten to eat Groot.

-The inappropriately times jokes.

There’s so much more good parts to this movie but I’ve rambled on too long already. It must be watched!!

tbh if u don’t like Tony Stark pls don’t shit on Spiderman Homecoming just because he’s in it. You might think Tony is shoved into every movie (which have so far been Avengers movies or a civil war, which had everyone else as well, but anyway) but clearly this is what makes Homecoming so different than the other spiderman movies. It picks up after he’s become spiderman. Tony is there to be his mentor and friend. Tony needs this, Peter needs this, and god knows I need it. So let us have it, yeah? Just like. calm down. and let people who are really happy to see Tony & Peter in a movie together be happy.

Otp moments to think about

~ A jumping onto the sleeping form of B and screaming ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ before showering them with kisses and presents

~ A taking the hand of nervous B to calm them in public and whispering encouraging words

~ A taking care of B when B has been working too hard and neglecting their basic human needs

~ Adopting a pet!

~ Sharing their favorite music with each other

~ Introducing each other to movies and TV shows that mean a lot to them!

~ Babysitting

~ Playing video games

~ Reuniting after a long time away from each other

~ Coming up with and discussing theories at 2 AM

~ Knowing each others triggers and having well thought out plans for when those moments happen

~ Helping each other get over bad habits

~ Helping each other maintain good habits

~ Having inside jokes in public and sharing looks and smothered laughs

~ Laying on the hood of a car, looking up at the stars and talking about childhood memories

~ The calm before the storm, a small, precious moment that they have, not knowing if they’ll see each other alive again

~ A admitting a hard-hitting truth to B

~ Shopping!

~ Reading and cuddling on a sunny day

~ Trying out glasses

~ Whispering sassy comments to each other and ‘staring into the camera like their in the office’ looks but their each others cameras

~ Trying to outsmart each other in front of a teacher / boss / high rank

~ you say TWISTER and I raise with MESSY TWISTER (paint!)

~ Finals week and coping mechanisms

~ A lost their baggage and needs to borrow basically everything from B

~ Late night phone calls

~ Napping

~ Jamming in the car

~ Introducing each other to their families

~ Tired monday mornings

~ Stealing food and hauling ass from a party neither of them want to be at

~ Reenacting the Dirty Dancing dance move and messing up

~ Lost in the woods