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Did you see the photos from last night where Perrie and Danielle are holding hands? Lmfao... They weren't close when Liam and Danielle were together and now they're acting like best friends?

Yeah, they were clearly stuntin’. This is as close as Perrie will ever get to Liam. #confirmed LOL I wish they wouldn’t make so much of their public personas about the men who are not in their lives. I mean…this is not girl power. It may look like it on the surface, but it isn’t. *sigh*

And how did I know when I saw this pic on twitter that I could find it on Danielle’s Instagram? Friends don’t put friends swollen feet on Insta. Shady. Her feet are looking all cute and Perrie’s look like an exploding can of biscuit dough. Danielle is a viper. We could have a snarky lunch date as long as she agreed to tell me everything.

And Perrie, when are you gonna stop playing yourself for cheap publicity? You consistently look like a fool. Game. You have none. Street smarts. Get some.

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 140924 Lee Haru Update: Tablo shares a photo of Haru with autographed album by JYJ

[PHOTO] It’s me! instagram.com/p/tUyVSXtO5B/

JJ to Haru: “Grow up beautifully~!!”
YC to Haru: “This is Yuchun oppa! I’ll buy you (~~)“
JS to Haru: “Pls love us more than Big Bang, love you~”

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