@bokuakaweek Day 1: First Meeting

A complex and interesting personality is not a matter of being isolated, it’s a matter of being deeply connected with and aware of one’s relationship to the whole surrounding cosmos. 

Let’s suppose that I’m preparing to make a date with some lady, and she’s such an individualist that her thoughts are only occupied with herself. She never thinks about anything that isn’t her self. Well, she’s an awful bore! She has nothing to say. She’s not interested in any books, in any landscapes, in any works of art, in any literature, in any other people—she’s a TOTAL bore! But the more, on the other hand, she would be interested in all those things that are supposed to be NOT herself, the more of a colourful personality she becomes. 

So, the rule is to get away from these ideas of the individual as finding his individuality and uniqueness through independence, and rather finding his individuality and uniqueness through being related.

Alan Watts

So I tweeted this out during the charity stream, and for some unholy reason, I feel the need to show MORE people my terrible art. 

I also posted it on my RedBubble, because I post everything on RedBubble, because I’m silly. 

Basically, I know I’m bad, but I’m trying to be brave and accept that failure just means growth. So I’m trying to share things, even things I think I did poorly on, so I can grow and learn. That’s why I’ve been posting more art in general lately.

Anyway, rambling aside, I really appreciate Darkiplier.

@markiplier you said that you are excited to fail, because it means you learn. I’m doing my best to have that attitude. So take this.

AU Week Day 4: Toei Animation

This has been done before but that’s okay lol. Praise Sailor Moon for giving us the magical girl.

The week is technically over but submissions are open for another week! Check out the prompts here.

Artwork ©: alazic02

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