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Box Office: 'Deadpool' Makes History With $135M Weekend, Colossal $150M Holiday

In a sea change for Hollywood’s go-to genre — comic book adaptations — Ryan Reynolds’ very R-rated and irreverent Deadpool grossed a record-breaking $135 million over the three-day Valentine’s Day/Presidents Day weekend, one of the best showings of all time for a superhero movie and shattering all expectations.

The Marvel-branded Deadpool is an enormous victory for Fox and Reynolds, who spent more than a decade convincing the studio to let him make the X-Men spinoff his way, i.e., with a hard R rating. Fox finally said yes but kept the net budget at a relatively modest $58 million. Every other studio superhero movie in recent times has been rated PG-13; Deadpool alters the game.

For the four-day holiday weekend, Deadpool is estimating a colossal $150 million, a Presidents Day best that beats the $93 million grossed a year ago by sensation Fifty Shades of Grey (official four-day estimates will be released Monday morning, so it’s possible the final number could come in higher). Among other North American records broken, Deadpool boasts the biggest R-rated opening of all time, the biggest opening for the month of February and the top opening in history for Fox. It’s also the biggest debut for a first-time feature director (Tim Miller).

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Overseas, Deadpool is also pulling in huge business, opening to $125 million from 61 markets, including scoring the biggest opening of all time in Russia with $12.4 million, besting Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s also the biggest Fox opening of all time in 13 markets, including Australia ($10 million) and Taiwan ($8.3 million), and the top opening for a film with the equivalent of an R rating in 11 territories, including the Philippines ($2.8 million), known to be a conservative marketplace. Overall, the U.K. led with $20.1 million.

“Deadpool is wildly creative and new, and that’s what audiences want,” said Fox domestic distribution chief Chris Aronson. “I think a lot of credit goes to [Fox CEO] Jim Gianopulos for having the courage to make this movie.”

The movie succeeded in getting a heavy turnout among younger males, an elusive demo in recent years.

The studio made the well-reviewed Deadpool with Marvel Enterprises via its licensing deal for the X-Men universe of characters, and, along with Reynolds, spent months aggressively marketing the movie. Sometimes, the campaign was as irreverent and out there as the film itself, but the studio was also savvy in marketing the film as a broad offering in line with other superhero movies, which draw families. Deadpool is playing in 3,558 theaters, including Imax locations.

The tongue-in-cheek movie follows Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool), a foul-mouthed, witty mercenary nicknamed the Merc With the Mouth who is bestowed with special powers after undergoing an experimental treatment for cancer. But he vows to get revenge after he’s quickly betrayed, and horribly disfigured, separating him from his girlfriend (Morena Baccarin). The actor first appeared as the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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Heading into the weekend, Deadpool was tipped to earn $65 million to $75 million, but it quickly turned into a sensation at the multiplex, with estimates constantly being revised upward. Deadpool’s three-day number makes it the No. 7 comic book opening of all time behind the two The Avengers movies, Iron Man 3, the final two Dark Knight films and Spider-Man 3, not accounting for inflation.

The crown for biggest R-rated opening previously belonged to The Matrix Reloaded ($91.8 million), set in 2003 and one of the longest held records in box-office history.

Reynolds’ film — replete with vulgar language, nudity, graphic violence and torture — received an A CinemaScore from all age groups. And 92 percent said they would recommend it to a friend, while 76 percent checked off the excellent box, on par with Star Wars: The Force  Awakens, according to ComScore’s PostTrak exit polling service. Other characters from the X-Men comic book universe who appear in the film include Colossus (Sefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand).

Reynolds’ movie made the going tough for the other two holiday offerings, Zoolander 2 and How to Be Single as adults and teenagers largely focused on Deadpool. That left an opening for Fox and DreamWorks Animation’s family animated offering Kung Fu Panda 3 to come in No. 2 in its third weekend with $19.7 million for the three-day weekend, and an estimated $26 million for the four days, putting Panda’s domestic total at $100.3 million through Monday.

How to Be Single, an R-rated romantic comedy starring Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie and Leslie Mann, came in No. 3 with a three-day take of $18.8 million and estimated four-day gross of $21 million. That’s in line with New Line and MGM’s hopes for the $38 million movie heading into the holiday weekend. Overseas, the rom-com opened to $8.1 million from roughly 35 percent of the marketplace.

From Paramount, Zoolander 2, reuniting Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell, took in $15.7 million for the three-day weekend, putting its four-day gross at an estimated $18 million, a disappointing start considering the studio had hoped for a four-day gross north of $25 million. The sequel cost just north of $50 million to produce. (Rival studios have Zoolander 2 coming in closer to $16 million for the four days.)

Even with an aggressive marketing campaign, Zoolander 2 needed better than a C+ CinemaScore to weather withering reviews. The first Zoolander (2001), debuting to $16 million, likewise got a C+, but sported far better notices. How to Be Single earned a ho-hum B CinemaScore.

Zoolander 2 also began its international rollout, opening to $8.5 million from 20 markets and coming in well ahead of the first film.

In North America, Fox and New Regency’s The Revenant rounded out the top five. Alejandro G. Inarritu’s awards frontrunner, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, took in $6.9 million for the three days for an estimated four-day holiday tally of $8.1 million. Through Monday, the movie’s domestic cume is projected at $160.4 million.

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Ethan and Joel Coen’s Hail, Caesar! held relatively well in its second weekend after a subdued opening last weekend, dipping 42 percent to $6.6 million for the three days. It’s expected to post a four-day gross of $7.5 million for a domestic total of $22.3 million.

Disney and Lucasfilms’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens followed with $6.2 million for the three days and projected $7.5 million for the four days, putting its domestic total at $914.8 million and worldwide cume at $2.026 billion through Monday. Elsewhere, Disney began rolling out animated tentpole Zootopia in three foreign markets where school holidays are underway ahead of its March 4 release in North America.

From Disney Animation Studios, Zootopia grossed a total of $4.5 million, including $2.8 million in Spain and $1.7 million in Belgium, where it scored the biggest opening of all time for a Disney Animation or Pixar title.

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Sean And Cody: Gay Porn Studio

I really like Sean and Cody for alot of reasons. Mostly because the camerawork is really nice. It gets the important shots, but most importantly for me, they show everything, to the point where you can see the guys’ toes. Most porn studios only show the action and don’t show you everything that’s going on. Plus, the actors all are into what they do, and you can see that the directors take time to figure out who’s best at what, and they direct off of that. There is little resistance in the acting. Sean/Cody also always does behind the scenes stuff and little teasers in between sets, which make for a fun experience and shows you that the men behind the camera are as human as you or I, instead of just being horny little sex slaves for your personal enjoyment. I remember watching my first ever Sean/Cody video. I used to watch MEN.com all the time. I could never go back to other studios after Sean And Cody. However, I watch and look at more gay furry porn then Sean And Cody sets, but I do appreciate a Sean/Cody set every once in awhile.


Game of Thrones, Season 4 – VFX making of reel from Mackevision on Vimeo.

Mackevision is proud to be along with other world-class VFX studios part of this saga: Game of Thrones, Season 4

Year: 2014

Visual Effects Supervisor: Jörn Großhans
Visual Effects Producer: Katharina Keßler

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Marketing Executive – Auckland – Salt

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Goofy Comics No.21 (Bagshaw Bear)
Jack Bradbury & Convert2ebooks
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Read the Best Comics in America and be part of the Comics History… This title is just one of a thousand Comic Art of Jack Bradbury that was became famous not just in US but many parts of the world.  Jack Bradbury worked at the Disney studio from the mid-1930’s to the early 40’s, during which time he was an animator on Snow White, Fantasia, Bambi, Pinocchio, and many short films,including Ferdinand the Bull. He left Disney after the 1941 strike and went on to do animation at Warner Brothers and other studios. Converted to Fixed Layout by http://www.convert2ebooks.com

Even though I may have missed a day, today’s entry will be my last in the group challenge, for this round anyways. I’ve noticed a lot of people telling their Kirk origin stories, mine was pretty simple. My friend Sharyn and I studied Ayurveda together, she continued her studies and became a yoga teacher, I continued my studies and became a yoga student. She taught at Kirk’s old studio, which happened to be a lovely bike ride away from my apartment. After years of off again on again practicing, I started going to class there every day and for two and a half years kept going nearly every day. For a brief time, I thought I’d found my people, I fit in there. Then, one day, and every other subsequent day, I didn’t. I had changed and so had my situation. Before there was Hale holistic, there were others, many, many studios and teachers in four very different cities. Before that were all of my dance teachers. Before that there was my grandmother who, during a new age spiritual kick taught me to chant and how to do downward facing dog and shoulder stand.

One of my teachers, long ago and far away, would lead us through a meditation, “remember your happiest moment, fill yourself with that happiness and return to it whenever you feel challenged”. Every time I would close my eyes and I saw nothing. I couldn’t find that place, I couldn’t remember a time when I felt safe and happy. It wasn’t there. I would flip through the card catalog of memories and it was just blank. A flood of sadness and instability would creep in instead. I’ve always felt like I got a front row seat to depression. It has been around me my whole life, effecting the people I love and clouding the judgement of people who were supposed to be taking care of me. Me? I’ve just sort of skirted by it. Sometimes I think my ups and downs are extreme and then I encounter true mental illness and I’m like “nope. Doing fine over here.”

The other day I went to yoga class for the first time since I had my baby. I’ve taken plenty of dance classes since but no yoga. It was difficult, in my stubbornness I chose the advanced level class because I don’t like admitting when I need to go slower and I don’t think that I should be held back with the beginners, even when I know I’d be way better off. So I’m there, hanging in there, but REAL haggard because it’s been ten months and this teacher was like “now envision your happiest moment and let those feelings of joy wash over you.” I closed my eyes and IT was there. I was there, with my husband and we were holding our baby, we were in one big embrace. I leaned my nose in and she leaned in hers to touch nose to nose and then giggled. Then we all laughed together. When I closed my eyes I could see it and I knew I was exactly where I needed to be, and I FELT that feeling of peace and warmth and joy all over again and you know what? It felt pretty sweet.

anonymous asked:

i'm doing pretty well!! i'm supposed to skype one of my internet friends for the first time soon so i'm pretty excited for that and i have a 3 day weekend!! what's going on in your life?? -valentine

That’s so exciting!  I’ve met so many of the friends I’ve made online and skyped. I actually just got back from meeting one of them at Universal Studios :) Other than that, just work and preparing for the grammys.

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WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET AN RP TUMBLR: when I rp’d on my Ultron blog I remember I mentioned I really wanted to write as Deadpool and I must’ve gotten about 50 asks demanding that I give it a go ?? So here we are … #noregrets
DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS: Yes and I couldn’t be more grateful thank you <3
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: “cool story bro” “pool story bro” pool rhymes with cool and it sounds like something Deadpool would say ?? 

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Amor y cariño:fotos antiguas de parejas gays (en inglés)


External image

A couple’s photographic portrait is an affirmation of their relationship. It states for all to see: “We love each other. We care for each other. We are proud of who we are together.”

During the Victorian era many gay and lesbian couples proudly expressed their love for each other in studio portraits. Unlike the common…

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What they say about these iconic studios….

“Where I’ve been shooting since my career began in the early ‘90s.
It’s part of photography’s history and its future.”
Tony Briggs

“The Abbey Road of photography.”
Helmut Newton

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Studio Showcase: Madhouse

Madhouse was founded in 1972. Unlike many other studios founded at the time, Madhouse has always been doing more TV shows and theatrical movies than OVAs. It’s the studio behind Satoshi Kon’s (Perfect Blue, Paprika) and Mamoru Hosoda’s (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars) feature films. Nippon Television currently owns 95% of Madhouse. There are 321 works currently listed under Madhouse at MAL, behind only Toei Animation and Sunrise.

Madhouse has a good reputation in the western community. A lot of people want their favorite manga to be adapted by Madhouse. Among light novel fans they’re not very respected. Madhouse doesn’t have much of a ”personality”, they seem to do all kinds of series. Their animation is generally considered good, especially in their films. In my opinion, people tend to generalize anime studios a bit too much but if an upcoming anime has Madhouse plastered on it, I am more likely to watch it. They also have a trackrecord of both popular and critically acclaimed anime, some of my personal favorites, too. There are two currently airing Madhouse anime: Prince of Stride: Alternative and the second season of Ace of Diamond (co-produced with Production I.G).

Popular and/or critically acclaimed series animated by Madhouse:

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

One Punch Man

Hajime no Ippo

Death Note


Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

The Tatami Galaxy

Parasyte -the maxim-

Helsing Ultimate



No Game No Life


Death Parade

Black Lagoon



Highschool of the Dead



Ore Monogatari!!

Popular and/or critically acclaimed movies animated by Madhouse:

Wolf Children (with Studio Chizu)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


Millennium Actress

Summer Wars

Tokyo Godfathers

Perfect Blue


Piano no Mori

PSA: Do Not Bring Kids to Deadpool

By now, I’m sure that all of you wonderful people of the interwebs have heard of a little movie called Deadpool. It officially came out today/yesterday, timezones permitting. And sure, at its core it looks like every other Marvel movie the studio has produced.

It isn’t.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, aka the merc with a mouth, is technically apart of the X Men pantheon. He’s a mutant, his suit resembles Spiderman’s, and he’s as vulgar as they come. Deadpool is a character known for his debauched humor, a mouth that would make a sailor blush, and making everyone in his path a bloody heap–himself along the way, as well. On top of that, the people who write Deadpool have affectionately referred to him as being ‘omnisexual’, which in his case means he’ll have sex with anything.

In recent years, Deadpool has become a somewhat…neutered version of his character. In Origins, while he retained his sense of humor, his jokes were tame, family-friendly. That said, nothing in Origins should be taken at face value, considering how much they screwed up X Men lore (I would, however, like to appreciate Taylor Kitsch as Gambit because he’s beautiful). In the Amazing Spiderman cartoon, the same could be said. His character was dumbed down for younger audiences. Most people, these days, think of him as being something closer to Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, but with a love for chimichangas and an over-obsessive habit of breaking the fourth wall.

Well, my poor little sweeties, the Deadpool movie features no adorable equines solving problems with friendship, nor our titular anti-hero on a quest for delicious Mexican cuisine.

This movie is delightfully filthy, very true to the Deadpool who didn’t have his balls removed for the sake of precious little kiddies everywhere. There is shameless nudity of both the male and female variety. There is gratuitous violence. There is more swearing than what your uncle Bob does at family parties when he’s had a bit too much, and then your mother is embarrassed and asks why he had to ruin Christmas for the fourth year in a row. Among other things, there are plenty of sex scenes, some gory bits, and plenty of sexual jokes to go around.

Basically, do not bring your kids.

Now, before you go on a soccer-mom rant about Hollywood needing to make family friendly movies, there are plenty out there. Pretty much EVERY X Men movie but this one is safe. This includes the aforementioned abomination. Not doing this movie to the caliber they did would be wronging the character, cheating the fans, and making a far inferior movie because mommy and daddy didn’t want to tell little Timmy that he’ll have to wait a few years.

So, don’t be that asshole that brings your kid to see the movie, then afterwards goes on a crusade because you didn’t do your research.

Deadpool: Review

After much hype, last night I was finally able to see Deadpool. The film which takes place in the world of X-Men, broke boundaries in the superhero genre by not only being R-rated and a comedy but by breaking the 4th wall as well. Although I was excited for the film I wasn’t sure how they were going to make the last part work. Luckily, the writers as well as the director and Reynolds himself, pulled it off wonderfully.

I won’t go as far as to say it’s the best superhero film ever made like some are saying but it’s certainly a fucking good movie. I will say that it is the best superhero film that Fox has ever made meaning inside both the X-Men/Fantastic Four world. It’s also obviously the only R-rated superhero film ever done successfully. Others including Punisher and Blade have tried it and fell flat. Not only am I looking forward to future films with Deadpool but I’m also looking forward to other studios taking the chance with R-rated superhero films. Personally, I think Suicide Squad which comes out later this year, should have been R-rated. 

Deadpool, unlike a lot of modern superhero films, was at a much smaller level, which made the film work in a world full of X-Men. I thought the way the film was constructed in terms of flashbacks was brilliant and I loved both the early version of Wade with Vanessa. The chemistry between these two was tremendous and definitely made not only the film work but their relationship. Her character was actually written really well and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here. Although, Deadpool does have to save her in the film it works for the storyline and she ends up still kicking ass. Most of the side characters were great especially Colossus who was hilarious. I wasn’t a big fan of the villain but for this film I guess he worked fine. It was more of the actor that I didn’t like but it’s whatever. I will say that the female villain was horrendous due to her lack of any acting skills. Thankfully, she wasn’t a huge part of the film.

I loved the after credit scene. The big “news” from the after credit scene is that Cable will be in Deadpool 2. However, the way Deadpool told us is what I loved. It was done a very Ferris Bueller fashion.

whimsical-writer asked:

About Lion Guard too: the studio that makes it is in my city and I know the studio pushes their animators very hard but they don't pay as much as some other studios would for the same level of difficulty. So the animators are overworked weep. I imagine that could explain any "stiffness" (I haven't seen the show myself yet but).

mhmm ! TLK is a big name to love up to so im sure everyone there works very hard on this show and quite honestly I think they’re doing an amazing job with how they can <3