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Love and Affection: Vintage photos of gay and lesbian couples
A couple’s photographic portrait is an affirmation of their relationship. It states for all to see: “We love each other. We care for each other. We are proud of who we are together.”

During the Victorian era many gay and lesbian couples proudly expressed their love for each other in studio portraits. Unlike the common belief that such relationships were “the love that dare not speak its name,” as Oscar Wilde so famously described same sex attraction in his poem “Two Loves,” gays and lesbians often dared to show their love. Indeed, many gay and lesbian couples more or less lived openly together throughout their lives. This was far easier for women than for men as women were expected to live together if they were not married, or to live with the euphemistically termed “female companion.”

Men, no historical surprises here, had their own haunts for meeting like-minded souls. In London these could be found in the “Molly houses” and gentlemen’s clubs or pick-ups haunts at Lincoln’s Inn, or St. James Park or the path on the City’s Moorfields, which was charmingly referred to as “Sodomites Walk.”

Theaters and circuses were also well-known dens of homosexual activity—this can be traced all the way back to Elizabethan England, when male prostitutes plied their trade at theaters.

The armed forces, in particular the Royal Navy was notorious for gay relationships—understandable with all the horny seamen looking for any port in a storm. Apparently word got around.

So even when gay relationships were outlawed in England, they still thrived in open secret. In America, the sodomy laws varied from state to state. What one state tolerated or had no opinion about, another state punished. However, as with England in the Victorian era, America gay and lesbian couples would often openly express their love for each other in portrait photographs.

This collection of beautiful, brave people gives us a small visual history of LGBT relationships from the 1860s-1960s. Many of the couples are unidentifiable, but where possible their names have been given. (Editor writes: Mild disclaimer: Of course it’s difficult to say that in all cases these photos are of gay couples.)

PSA: Do Not Bring Kids to Deadpool

By now, I’m sure that all of you wonderful people of the interwebs have heard of a little movie called Deadpool. It officially came out today/yesterday, timezones permitting. And sure, at its core it looks like every other Marvel movie the studio has produced.

It isn’t.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, aka the merc with a mouth, is technically apart of the X Men pantheon. He’s a mutant, his suit resembles Spiderman’s, and he’s as vulgar as they come. Deadpool is a character known for his debauched humor, a mouth that would make a sailor blush, and making everyone in his path a bloody heap–himself along the way, as well. On top of that, the people who write Deadpool have affectionately referred to him as being ‘omnisexual’, which in his case means he’ll have sex with anything.

In recent years, Deadpool has become a somewhat…neutered version of his character. In Origins, while he retained his sense of humor, his jokes were tame, family-friendly. That said, nothing in Origins should be taken at face value, considering how much they screwed up X Men lore (I would, however, like to appreciate Taylor Kitsch as Gambit because he’s beautiful). In the Amazing Spiderman cartoon, the same could be said. His character was dumbed down for younger audiences. Most people, these days, think of him as being something closer to Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, but with a love for chimichangas and an over-obsessive habit of breaking the fourth wall.

Well, my poor little sweeties, the Deadpool movie features no adorable equines solving problems with friendship, nor our titular anti-hero on a quest for delicious Mexican cuisine.

This movie is delightfully filthy, very true to the Deadpool who didn’t have his balls removed for the sake of precious little kiddies everywhere. There is shameless nudity of both the male and female variety. There is gratuitous violence. There is more swearing than what your uncle Bob does at family parties when he’s had a bit too much, and then your mother is embarrassed and asks why he had to ruin Christmas for the fourth year in a row. Among other things, there are plenty of sex scenes, some gory bits, and plenty of sexual jokes to go around.

Basically, do not bring your kids.

Now, before you go on a soccer-mom rant about Hollywood needing to make family friendly movies, there are plenty out there. Pretty much EVERY X Men movie but this one is safe. This includes the aforementioned abomination. Not doing this movie to the caliber they did would be wronging the character, cheating the fans, and making a far inferior movie because mommy and daddy didn’t want to tell little Timmy that he’ll have to wait a few years.

So, don’t be that asshole that brings your kid to see the movie, then afterwards goes on a crusade because you didn’t do your research.

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About Lion Guard too: the studio that makes it is in my city and I know the studio pushes their animators very hard but they don't pay as much as some other studios would for the same level of difficulty. So the animators are overworked weep. I imagine that could explain any "stiffness" (I haven't seen the show myself yet but).

mhmm ! TLK is a big name to love up to so im sure everyone there works very hard on this show and quite honestly I think they’re doing an amazing job with how they can <3


Photos taken February 6, 7 and 10, 2016

I fired two pieces that had been sitting around on my table for awhile. I made them back when I was working on a different project that required a lot of precise cuts. I got sick and tired of precise cuts, so I used only frit and stringers on top of a sheet of tekta for these pieces. I only tack fused these pieces, so they still have a lot of texture. I’m glad I made these, since they have given me good ideas about using more frit on other small pieces. I just bought a lot of frit, too, so maybe another primarily-frit piece is in my future.

I have my own crate now. It fits nicely under my work table. I feel great about my crate.

Since starting my job, it has been hard to find time to get to the studio other than during the weekend. I want to be at the studio more often, but that’s not something I can have right now. Still, I have managed to start work on a few more things.

Work is never over.

Finally saw book of life & man I just love this movie so incredibly much.

I had an awesome time seeing this with Julian up at the local dollar theater last weekend and loved it enough to have a second viewing tonight. Just man, what a beautiful story and characters. I love the development & dynamic in this story so much. Plus god, it’s just so gorgeous. Also, Juno & Dan remarked that I reminded them of Manolo and it made me want to fucking cry god ;;

How about instead of pitting two Disney movies against each other saying one is “more feminist than the other”

We celebrate the fact that Disney are making, and have made, strong female characters, and movies with strong feminist tones! A lot of other studios don’t even have enough female leads to ARGUE about feminism!

Don’t pit two strong female characters against each other, celebrate them for their individuality!

I really have to wonder if SMC would have been better if it had been done by a studio other than Toei. Most studios aren’t as notoriously cheap, and would give a big-name franchise like Sailor Moon the budget it deserves. Plus I’m pretty sure all the “delays” in the initial release date (and why we never got real explanations for them) were just because Toei couldn’t get it together. The whole handling of SMC just made it seem like there was no quality control anywhere whatsoever.

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inspiritsnet prompt: non-idol!AU, where members have other occupations/lives

College!AU, in which the members of infinite are friends and flatmates, studying at the same college.

Kim Sunggyu: Senior. Music Major. Top of his class, marks well above average, started his own band in freshman year, they practice three times a week in the apartment, performs gigs at local bars and restaurants, works a part time waiter job, very stingy with money, budgets every week, saving money to rent recording studio, reminds others to tidy flat without lifting a finger himself.

Jang Dongwoo: Senior. English Major. Student Ambassador since sophomore year, likes befriending and assisting the new students, is very popular on campus, doesn’t take studying too seriously, friends with pretty much everyone, likes writing poetry and turning it into rap lyrics.

Nam Woohyun: Junior. Business Studios Major. Very outgoing, gets invited to campus parties, drags flatmates out with him to socialise, brings girls home on a regular basis, dislikes romantic commitments, chef of the flat, cooks regularly for flatmates, always receives mixed reviews, ends up ordering takeout.

Lee Howon: Junior. Sports Science Major. Spends majority of time at campus gym, small group of close friends, frequently hit on at parties, gets really awkward when talking to girls, known for single-handedly taking out opposing taekwondo team during freshman year.

Lee Sungyeol: Junior. Screen Acting Major. Stays awake until ungodly hours, finishes essays night before they’re due, runs on caffeine, very well known on campus, always at the bar trying to pick up girls, usually succeeds, earns high praise from teacher during performances.

Kim Myungsoo: Sophomore. Photography Major. Comes from a rich family, offered to assist Sunggyu rent recording studio but was declined, constantly purchasing new camera equipment, popular among peers but lacks certain socialising skills, takes endless photos and hangs them around the apartment, likes to nap between classes.

Lee Sungjong: Freshman. Fashion Journalism Major. Friends with Myungsoo since middle school, very studious, gets annoyed when flatmates are too loud, likes to criticise everyone’s fashion sense, main prank target within the flat, spends majority of time attending fashion shows and vintage fairs, runs a fashion blog.

Mobile App Development Projects

How to use these Projects

These projects are purely for practice. They all have a list of requirements for the app to function correctly that can be useful when you are bored and feel like practicing your app development skills. They will also have example User Interface photos so you can see an example of how the program should look. I will be putting them under “Keep Reading” tags to cut down on how long the posts may end up being.

In hindsight, these projects can be done on any compiler and any program that you want. I have done all of these apps in Android Studio, though they can also be done in x-code, Visual Basic Studio, and other programs with your own interpretation.

** Check out the updated page here. This post may or may not be updated as it is a reblogged post, but the page will always stay updated **

If you need any help with any of the coding/layout or would just like to know how you did on them, don’t hesitate to send me a message and ask! You can see the languages that I currently know on my about me page.

I am currently also adding tutorials to these as well. AS will stand for Android Studio. I will add more naming conventions to this last as I get to more programs.

Current Projects

Upcoming Projects

Need Help?

Check out these official android and swift pages:

Last updated February 7, 2016

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Hey, I was wondering if you have any refs on creating comic panels, how to layout them, and if there's any programs out there, other than Manga Studio, that already have comic panels templates in its library

Please see [comics].

[Medibangpaint] is a free alternative to Manga Studio. I don’t know if it has panel templates (haven’t had much time to really explore it), but it’s worth checking out. They also have an active tumblr [here].

So this happened:


It’s very hard to make good things.

Just wanted to say thanks on behalf of myself and the rest of Motiga. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the fans of our game at conventions and in Voicechat, and becoming friends with you has been a really unique developer experience that I haven’t had at other studios.
I can only speak for myself… but my personal view of Motiga has been, a studio of cynical people (especially myself) trying very hard to make something genuine. Even though the project is in a rocky state, it’s hard to go back to being cynical about this one. No matter what the future of Gigantic’s state becomes, we appreciate all the support you’ve shown us.