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I think SKT shouldn’t be allowed at Worlds, let the other Koreans (or gold help them the American teams) win for a change you know? Tired of those assholes.

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Aaron Tveit - I’ve Been (Tom Kitt’s Band Version)

The Belasco Theatre- Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, May 14, 2017

Ivy sketches. Heavily reffed from screenshots cause drawing is not great right now but it’s better than nothing.

Was gonna take Rose to Far Harbor but apparently I have a game or mod glitch where I can’t talk to Nick ssoo that’s a problem.

Also what the ever loving fuck William you have a metal bow tie on your armor, you pompous upper-stand piece of shit.

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Hi! Idk if you know about what happened with Maggie from Supergirl, but it's basically what happened with Lexa post season 2. I just feel so hopeless... I'm part of the clexa fandom and thinking about what we managed to do... the cw still doesn't get it. I thought we could change things... we still have WE but the loo and sg were my favorite shows and honestly I lost hope for representation

i hate that i don’t have a simple answer, i hate that i can’t say LOOK AT HERE A PROMISE THAT THINGS WILL GET BETTER, and i know the difference of having a cute wlw ship and HAVING THE STORY THAT MAKES YOUR LIFE GREAT, i don’t have one i love this much right now, and i don’t know if we’ll find this, or when it will happen, or if you’ll like it too, i don’t know and i don’t have simple answers

BUT what helps me is seeing the little changes, is keeping my distance to preserve me when i need, is supporting wlw voices pointing out problems in representation and, more than anything, focusing on the fact that i read so many good fics, fics that could be something better, that could turn into bigger projects - i focus on the fact that we have other people like us out there working too to make these stories happen. and it’s important to keep hoping and supporting each other so we have a chance to make these stories real. 

right now we have the @carmillaseries movie coming, and we have another @clexacon next year, and we have the @wearevioleta (look, if we manage to make it work, we’ll have all the stories that we want and need. check them and support them).

i don’t trust in showrunners or the cw. but the thing is: we don’t have to wait for them. 

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You think Baek has the ability to render himself invisible by bending light? It'd be so cute for him to play around with that and scare the crap out of Blossom XD

Oh my gosh, that would be so cute, but Blossom would KILL him if she messed around with him and you know it! Like he would be like ‘BOO!’ letting the light back on him, and he would be all giggly, but instead of Blossom being all cute and surprised like he expected, girl would have gone into protective fight mode and before he knows what is happening, Baekhyun is wrapped in vines and dangling by his feet. 

‘Blossom its me, its me!!’

‘Don’t you dare do that again Light Fairy.’

‘I… I thought… okay fine. Just please let me down…’

But Blossom is bitter and leaves him hanging there for like 10 mins.


i M lauGhing so hard anon thANk YOU



Shoma Uno ft. Yuzuru Hanyu, “What are you interested in these days?” || 2017 World Championships (x)

Mischief Managed | Harry Potter Fan Film
Before the Order. Before the prophecy. Before Harry. Remember to watch in HD! Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present (and star in)... MISCH...

A new Marauders fan film has just come out, and let me tell you IT’S AMAZING!!!
I’ve never seen anything that feels so authentic and REAL, and the amount of effort and care put into this astounds me! This is such a lovely piece of fan work, spread the word and support everyone who made a Harry Potter film we’ve always wanted! ❤

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