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question: should i work some more on my cosplay tonight even though i’m exhausted or push everything off until tomorrow after a good night’s rest?


All these pics make me want to play the game . . but I must finish other stuff. yes, MUST, because I’m taking too much time ╮(︶_︶)╭ … 

I gotta post this one too, bc I think we’re cute :)
(it’s the reverse of last years lol)

Things I Have Had Job-Related Safety Training For This Year:

  • volcanoes 
  • sharks
  • poisonous gas
  • the ground suddenly collapsing under me

Things I Am Statistically Likely To Be Injured Doing On The Job But Nobody Has Trained Or Tested Me On: 

  • driving 
  • that’s pretty much it
  • unless I’m really genuinely unlucky re: volcanoes

anonymous asked:

Oh gosh, PLEASE don't make Gintoki bottom in Across the Way! I know you ship both GinHiji and HijiGin but I thought Across the Way was strictly GinHiji and I don't want to drop it :( Please don't! GinHiji makes me uncomfortable and feels wrong i can't pleasee aero

Oh, you’ll be dropping it for sure then. Sorry!

A friend of mine got a divorce about a month ago, and she just sent me an invite to her divorce party. I think this means I’m officially an Adult with Adult friends.

13 hours of exams and 12 rambling essays (+ 1 dissertation and 3 porfolio essays) and 5 months of slaving away later and ALL MY SECOND-YEAR CAMBRIDGE EXAMS ARE OVER

and now the summer holiday is FOUR MONTHS LONG and stretching out ahead of me like a perpetual eternal immortal sunrise


anonymous asked:

why don't you just get a job and stop relying on tumblr ???

anon don’t you think i tried to get a job already 

a lot of places where i live don’t hire at 16 and the ones that do are already taken up

I am having difficulty concentrating on the papers. I have sat in front of the computer for hours and accomplished literally nothing. I cannot seem to make connections, or there are just too many connections that I can’t handle it and bring into a paper. it’s not just because I’ve procrastinated and the deadline’s tonight (that is true for this particular case) but in general I seem to be unable to focus and bring myself to create something. argh. I feel it’s different this time, like the most extreme it got so far. I don’t even know if procrastination is the cause for this, or if it’s just a response