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Me again, thanks for answering my previous question. I have another >.> I was wondering if it perhaps had something to do with his SOUL?(cus he don't have a heart riiight?)


“Reach for the heart SOUL”

BEHOLD. Collab work with my shitposting partner, @junkpilestuff

Sketched by me & everything else done by @junkpilestuff


bunch of sketches I haven’t published, bc I forgot about them, and the last one I’ve sketched yesterday :)

warm ups (from the stream last year): Ed with man bun, angry Ed (someone called him shorty again???), OC Edmund requested by @hitantenshi (baby), Winry, Nina Tucker requested by @ninatucker :D

Edward Elric: inspired by 3rd opening from FMA03 :3

Lizard Ed: from Lizard Chimera AU - bc Ed is such a cutie in this AU (at least he looks like cutie)

Xerxian ED: from Alkimia Shop AU - so cool! I love his piercings so much?! I need to draw more of him, bc it’s what I love the most - unusual clothing and a lot of piercings and tattoos 

both Eds are for @obersten bc you’re awesome man! Stay cool and keep up fantastic work :)

PSA: Writers are artists too.

People seem to think that reposting artwork or other graphics is stealing, but that doing the same for writing isn’t? Or that you can’t ‘steal’ writing, just because it’s easy to copy? Or the written word is not as important as visual works, so stealing it is okay, and this is not true.

These are two issues I’ve noticed with this that are growing increasingly common:

  • Firstly: there is this popular trend going about, particularly with roleplayers, that they use someone else’s writing, whether it be poetry or a quote or something, in the caption section of their roleplay promotions / advertisements, but they don’t credit the source. They’ll give credit (sometimes) for the image(s) they used for the promo, but not the writing – as if one deserves credit and the other doesn’t? I’ve now seen my own work used in the caption of someone’s promo – without credit. It was just two lines from a much longer poem, but it is still MY work and while my rules state on my poetry blog people can use my writing for various things, I require credit for anything. Not doing so is STEALING and REPOSTING someone’s work. It doesn’t take much effort to put in a credit, either. If a writer doesn’t even want you to use their writing, regardless of credit, and you do so anyway, that is also stealing.

  • Secondly, and this is even more predominant: Musing blogs ( a couple in particular ) seem to think it is okay to REPOST someone else’s poetry, writing, etc. into a musing post; again, without credit, without question or permission. THIS IS NOT OKAY. Just because it’s THERE and it’s writing doesn’t mean you can do whatever you like to or with it. Musing blogs who take writing from other sources and just repost it as a musing post for others to reblog are illegitimately using other people’s work. This is theft. I have also had to deal with someone making a musing out of my writing, without credit or permission, and they just thought it was?? okay?? to take?? someone else’s writing?? and post it?? as your own???


Please stop thinking you can do whatever you want with whatever you find.


I Do Wish He’d His Sticky Fingers To Himself, And I Think He Gets Bored With My Hobbies

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Hey Beth, can you clarify something for me? You're of the opinion that NT are running this stunt, right? And are purposefully making it extra? So why would they cover it up now? Or do you think 1DHQ are the ones behind both birth certificates?

I did think that NT was the team that was initially behind the birth through last week (let’s say for simplicity’s sake, the last time that tmz reported on this story, which was I believe, last wednesday or thursday).

I also believed, yes, that NT was making it purposefully outrageous and unbelievable.

I still feel that way, but I’m uncertain now why things didn’t continue building like they were. they just abruptly stopped and (I feel) maybe that OT/Syco kind of moved into the the dead space that was left. but at the same time, things feel too chaotic. for example: two birth certificates, released two different ways–that says to me two teams. which one is which? I’d probably guess In Touch was OT and the Splash was NT. or maybe they were both OT. or both NT. it’s just…difficult to really form theories when all you see currently is chaos.

which leads me to my conclusion, which is of course, the quote from Jeffrey Azoff about his father, Irving: “nothing makes sense until everything makes sense.”

I’m pretty sure that this is how we will look back on this time later–it will all back sense in retrospect, but right now, it just all seems like chaos

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do you think the woman in the trailer could be the hand of god? New reoccurring character maybe?

Good morning dear anon!

I guess anything is possible, so it could definitely be her and given the importance and strengthening of the female in the bigger narrative of the season in general it would make perfect sense. It would also be interesting in so far as then God would choose a female vessel at his side. Maybe out of guilt for having done what he did to his sister?

Either way what I immediately had to think of is Tessa, who had a similar sigil carved into her chest when she was setting out to kill herself taking as many people as possible with her out in the name of the new God - Castiel - as Metatron had brainwashed her into thinking. She sported a sigil at the very same spot and of course in this case - Hand of God as a weapon against Amara - one cannot ignore that the mark is placed at a similar spot on her now, so this seems very deliberate.

My first thought regarding this woman is that she will not be a re-occuring character, but the bomb that sunk the ship - an angelic bomb so to speak. So I think she may have been an angel and the woman herself could also have been a member of the Men of Letters. I think this would be rather nice. :) The thing with time travel is and at some point my brain is twisted into so many knots that I can’t thinks traight any longer (not that I ever do), because I think the reason the ship sinks in the first place may exactly be because of Dean’s arrival and what he is lloking for or was looking for back then already. Anyway…

That being said, I am getting serious “First Born” vibes from these promo pictures:

I already wrote quite a bit about the Hand of God and what I think it may be and that Dean may be the one to come back “as the Hand of God” or the only one able to use in my 11x14 tag here, as well as shared some thoughts on the matter here.

So I will not re-write what I said in those bits (cliff notes: hand of God may turn out to being christ with him “sitting to the right t God’s side” and Dean has been framed with christ imagery often), but focus on a new aspect. As I talked about here in relation to the promo we have Dean a couple of times with halos (as well as devil’s horn - you can see a halo in the bottom left picture too in the prom pics too btw). To me this entire mission further stes up Dean’s duality.

9x11 “First Born” started out with the quest to find the blade, then it turned out it could only be used when there was someone who bore the mark, given this episode is outright called “The Vessel” I think Dean may come back either with a weapon only he may be able to use or may become the vessel for the divine, which would fit with all the imagery we have seen surrounding him.

As I talked about this with @lost-shoe yesterday to us this seems the turnaround to and lead into the final arc of the MoC story, because whereas Dean took on a mark of destruction and has ben falling apart ever since and very likely will die this season (I have a meta in mind I want to write this weekend on this topic that draws heavily from what we got to see in this week’s episode), now he may take on a mark or a weapon to take back action and maybe at least give him immunity to withstand Amara’s powers. In any case this would be the union of light and dark within Dean and at this point becoming the Hand of God r being protected by it is about the only thing that could still help him, because boy it really does look pitch black for him. Dean is right, he is screwed. But ultimately, like I said taking on the mark marked the moment of deconstruction of Dean as a character, maybe this episode will mark the reconstruction and first step into true healing.

I’ve been thinking more and more about doing that themed set with the idea of  kids movies that could easily be misconstrued as horror films and I’m on the edge of doing it but I wanted to get your opinion first

Obviously it’s not like you can reply and tell me yes or no but I need input ‘cause next week I’m working a lot less and have some decent free time to make gifsets

It’s going to be a weekend of lovey things starting today until Sunday for me.
OCs are up for some Valentines things like hugs and kisses. Will be working on a few things for pals, but stop by my askbox if you want in, and say so if you have a specific OC of choosing and hug or kiss, or leave it to surprise