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alright guys the message at the end of the infomercial says

Decoding ciphers is extremely confusing. Do not decode ciphers without adult supervision. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is completely coincidental and also planned. Y-N-E-V-B-X-P-Y-R-R-Z-J-X-R-Z-V-R (key is gravity) Do not purchase if you are prone to nausea, upset stomachs, headaches, or possession by ghost, demons, or other wordly entities. Do not call past 10 p.m. That’s my bedtime. Soos will get mad. I will be grounded. Some assembly required, book diaper not included. No pigs were harmed in the making of this infomercial.


”All the anxiety we bear with us, all our thwarted dreams, the incomprehensible cruelty, our fear of extinction, the painful insight into our earthly condition, have slowly eroded our hope of an other-wordly salvation. The howl of our faith and doubt against the darkness and silence, is one of the most awful proofs of our abandonment and our terrified, unuttered knowledge.“

Persona (1966) Dir. Ingmar Bergman

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are you still alive? please be more active ;)

kinda been a permanent passenger on the struggle bus lately but I deeply appreciate all of you guys and your continued support and messages (especially the “are you alive??” ones). as my thank-you, I’ll post a word tomorrow or bust. much love to everyone.

(for the folks sharing a seat with me)

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Are you alive? Come back!

Would it worry you if I told you that I’ve been turned into a zombie and am not, in fact, alive?

It’s finals week, so I guess I only feel like a zombie. I’m not actually a brain-devouring undead monster. Yet. Even though I haven’t been updating, I do have a list of posts done up—a paper queue that I just haven’t translated into a Tumblr queue—and I’ve been trying to answer asks when I can.

But, even if finals kill me, I will be back! Expect new posts by the end of next week. You guys are all great—your love of words (and your patience) makes me super happy.

Other things:

  • Yes, Otherwordly is getting published into a real paper-and-ink book, by a crazy awesome publisher by the name of Chronicle Books. It’s going to be gorgeous and I’m so excited!
  • No, the book is not out yet. Yes, I will be sure to let you know when you can buy it. Don’t worry, I’m probably going to be quite loud about it.
  • I’d like to run a contest/giveaway sometime soon, but I’m still thinking about it.
  • I always, always appreciate corrections to my posts. Send your comments along to the askbox or contact the Otherwordly Facebook—they’re super helpful when I make mistakes.
  • You are a really neat person and it’s so great that you’re alive and I guess I just wanted to remind you of that.
  • Have a good day! 

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(A/N: Fluffy smut inspired by Jonghyun’s song ‘Moon’. Btw, pretty long) 

“You know I’d never hurt you, jagiya. I can’t get close to you if you don’t let me.” 

Jonghyun said softly, cuddling you from behind as the two of you watched the camp fire spit and crackle whilst the flames blew in the wind. The rest of SHINee had gone to bed in their tents while you and Jonghyun stargazed like young lovers did; the only thing wrong was that your trust was broken due to bad relationships in the past and although you knew Jonghyun was different, your mind just couldn’t let it go. 

“It’s different when you loved someone who you thought loved you…and then you wake up after being ‘close’ to them and they’re no where to be found…they decide they don’t want you anymore.” 

You explained, gazing at the bright colours of the fire, the rugged warmth making your cheeks red. Your heart felt a dull pain just by talking about the way you’d been hurt before. 

“That’s not what I mean by being close baby. I can wait for you. I can wait for years until you’re ready. I just yearn for you to trust me. I won’t hurt you, ever, I love you. I could never hurt someone I love.” 

You loved Jonghyun too. He gave you butterflies, he made your legs quiver when he kissed you, he made your jaw drop whenever you saw him with just his shirt and boxers on but your wall was proving difficult to knock down, even when you tried knocking it down yourself. You felt him gently kiss your cheek and your jaw line, making you rest your head back on his shoulder. Jonghyun’s sweet scent comforted you; he made you feel safe, he was your home. 

“I’m trying.” 

You replied, nuzzling in to the crook of Jonghyun’s neck. He loved it when you did that. It made him feel trusted. Before you knew it, you were kissing his lips romantically, sitting on his lap with your arms draped around his shoulders. They were long, lingering kisses that were only broken by gazing in to each others eyes, resting your foreheads together and then realising you wanted to keep on kissing each other until your lips hurt. Of course you had the tingling feeling down there that was hard to ignore, especially when you felt Jonghyun get excited too. He didn’t know how hard it was for you to hold off from going further than grinding on him and foreplay with clothes on because you wanted to, you were just terrified that Jonghyun would walk away with what he wanted all along after that. Like he knew what your mind was saying, he uttered:

“Going all the way won’t affect my love for you. I only want to show you how much I’m fucking in to you. I’m so crazy for you.” 

Seductively, he pulled your jacket from your shoulders, allowing him to kiss your neck, making you react with a slight moan. Though you were anxious about moving forwards with Jonghyun, his lips on your skin felt so amazing that you wondered just how much you’d love his touch on other areas of your body. The moon was out in it’s full glory, huge, beaming white within the pitch black sky and it was doing something to you that you’d never witnessed before. The heat of the fire kissed your skin as more of it was revealed by Jonghyun taking your shirt off. His puppy eyes widened in awe; he’d never seen this much of you before and he was in love with your body; every curve, every stretch mark, every freckle. You noticed Jonghyun staring, his hands gently caressing your back and hovering around the clasps of your bra. You felt nervous under his gaze yet excited. Something about how patient Jonghyun was, was beginning to make your trust blossom. 

“Say something.” 

You uttered, blushing as Jonghyun couldn’t take his eyes off you. They were glued to the wave of your hips and the peep of your cleavage. Jonghyun licked his lower lip, peering up at you under lust filled eyes. 

“I’m sorry. You’re just so perfect it’s hard to think.” 

Although, his manhood could think and you felt it stir beneath you, rubbing you through your jeans. Jonghyun seemed embarrassed by his situation but he couldn’t help but be aroused; he wanted an opportunity to show you how loyal he’d be so badly. You imagined Jonghyun’s body; the torso that made you forget how to breathe and his abs that he worked out hard for, they made your mouth water. Jonghyun’s expression seemed welcoming when he noticed your hands take the hem of his shirt. Knowing what you wanted, he lifted his toned arms for you and allowed you to remove the cotton from his body, revealing the frame of a greek god. The sight made your lip quiver. With a mind of their own, your hands explored the muscle on his chest, moving down to his belt. You decided you wanted him; hoping and praying it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Feeling your chin being lifted, you found yourself being lost in Jonghyun’s eyes. He was so serious that it stunned you.

“I promise you this is not what I’m here for. I want you, any way I can have you. We don’t have to do this baby, if it proves anything to you, we can stop it here and just kiss but…the moon is out, the stars are sparkling like your eyes and being close to you would just be magic.” 

Jonghyun’s kiss was intense, capturing your every breath and holding you so close in his arms as his naked form pressed against you. It wasn’t the most conventional romantic scene; you were naked on a blanket with Jonghyun’s hoodie as pillow to rest your head on but under the other wordly, clear night sky, it was caught up in the moment romantic. You loved the warmth of Jonghyun’s body brushing your skin, his hands holding the softness of your behind as he took your mouth as his. You were still in a state of bliss after having three orgasms just by Jonghyun spreading your legs erotically and eating your pussy like it was the best dessert he’d ever tasted; sucking your labia in to his mouth, circling your bud with his delicate tongue and licking up every drop of wetness from you. Then you treated him to something you hadn’t practised for a while. It soon came back to you after remembering how much you loved to drive a guy crazy. Sucking tightly on his shaft and letting saliva coat his manhood, he struggled to stay quiet. His fingers held your hair out the way as you moved your mouth up and down, his eyes closing although he wanted to watch you suck him so much; you looked so sexy to him. 

Jonghyun couldn’t stop asking for your consent, though you could barely keep your lips off his, giving him all the permission he needed. The reflection of the stunning moon shone in Jonghyun’s loving gaze as took his erection in his hand, peppering soft kisses over your breasts that made your back arch with pleasure. With his saliva, he coated his fingers and placed them over your already dripping entrance to make sure he wouldn’t hurt you; that you’d feel as amazing as possible. Jonghyun’s  breath tickled the delicate skin on your ear as he whispered: 

“I’ll take you to the moon.” 

Slowly, holding your gaze, he guided his length inside you. Instantly, you felt yourself stretching and trying to adjust to his girth. You let out a gasp, squeezing your eyes shut, feeling the fresh night air on your skin. Jonghyun groaned through gritted teeth, feeling how tight you were around him. 

“Is this okay baby? Do I need to go slower?” 

He asked, taking your hands in his before kissing them affectionately.  Your heart fluttered, you wished Jonghyun knew how incredible it felt, to make love with someone who actually adored you.

“No Jongy, it’s perfect.” 

You replied, opening your eyes to see his aroused yet caring expression. Running your fingers through his dark hair, you encouraged him to be brave with you, reassuring him that you loved the way he felt inside you. Squeezing your hands, he moved deeper inside you, refusing to look away in case you ever wanted to stop. 

“More. Please.” 

You begged, gently running your finger tips up his arms and around his broad shoulders. Jonghyun lifted your legs around his back, grabbing your hips and hoisting you closer to him, his shaft sliding balls deep inside you. Again, you gasped and panted, grabbing Jonghyun’s shoulders for support. He bit down on his lower lip as he moved his pelvis faster and more rough inside you, his grunting turning you on so much that you wanted to finish already. His relentless thrusts made you whimper so much that Jonghyun had to silence you with deep, burning hot kisses that sent a liquid warmth seep through your core. Jonghyun felt your muscles tightening around him; a tell tale sign that you wanted to cum but Jonghyun had other plans for you. He pulled away from the kiss, a slight smirk on his beautiful face. 

“Not now Jagiya. I promise you will finish but not now. Come, Princess, sit on my lap.” 

He had you reverse cowgirl, easing on to his length and giving you all the control you wanted, apart from his hands on your waist, hips, behind; he couldn’t decide, he wanted all of you. 

“Doesn’t it feel amazing baby? I love you.” 

He questioned tenderly. You nodded, rising and pushing yourself down on him, getting goosebumps as his lips brushed against your sensitive neck. 

“I love you.” 

He whispered again. Jonghyun took the opportunity to curve his hands over the swell of your breasts, rubbing your nipples between his fingers and gently tugging at him. He loved the way the rosy bumps of skin got harder when he played with them and by how heavy you were breathing, he could tell that you loved it. 

“Look up baby. Let’s make love in front of the moon.” 

You could see why he wanted to do that. There was something about doing it out in the wilderness that was so sensual and erotic; the man was so deep and adventurous that you found yourself falling even harder for him. Jonghyun moved his hips to meet your pace, bringing his hand down your stomach and teasing you. Even the smallest of baby hairs on your skin stood up stiff. You groaned, knowing what he wanted to do; knowing he’d bring you over the edge. Surely enough, his damp fingers found your glistening pearl and he rubbed it eye- rollingly fast whilst he bucked his manhood harder in to you, making you cry out in to the night, your voice echoing around the trees. Jonghyun’s godly jaw tightened as he was getting close too but all he truly wanted was you to let go on him, to feel your juices coat him and for all your orgasms to belong to him from then on. 

“Yes baby, let me take you there.” 

Jonghyun continued to claim your body until your pussy couldn’t take anymore and the building pleasure in your core exploded. You cried out loud once more, your walls gripping around Jonghyun so tightly as your juices poured over him. The orgasm was so strong that you barely noticed Jonghyun finishing inside of you. He held you close to him, intimately wrapping his arms around your stomach until the last drop was gone. The heat of his body was comforting, your orgasm washing through you time and time again. You’d never felt anything like it before. His lips kissed your check affectionately, followed by your neck and your shoulder. He hummed blissfully. 

“Thank you for letting me worship you tonight. I promise I’ll never stop loving you.” 

The tweeting and singing of the birds woke you up. You were surprised to find yourself in the tent, thinking you must have passed out after the love making. You were extremely tired afterwards that you probably fell asleep in Jonghyun’s arms. On the same track of thought, you felt a warm object wrapped around your waist, a beautiful Jonghyun cuddling up to you. Though you felt an ache in your core and in your thighs, you couldn’t help smiling at him. It was the best night you’d ever had and if that was the first time having sex with him then you couldn’t imagine how much better it would get. It was safe to say that it wouldn’t be the last time he’d take you to the moon.