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Happy (slightly belated) Easter!! Hope that you’ve had a good Easter period if you celebrate it. If you don’t celebrate it, I hope you’ve had a fab day :). This is also one of my favourite photos of Jojo and from one of my favourite editorials too!

Photo: Josephine for Vogue China March 2012

ppl: we want more diversity at Victoria’s Secret

VS: okay :)

VS: *hires model that’s just as slim, pale, and blonde as the other models*

ppl: ?? ?



although alex’s family would probably still disagree with her vehemently, there was not one single regret she had about dropping out of college. after her first semester she knew it just wasn’t right for her – though she wouldn’t admit that the events of the previous spring had had a hand in the decision. in fact that was definitely the reason that she moved to los angeles instead of back to new york city. the thought of going back to that city for anything more than a family visit was nothing short of revolting. as time passed and she picked up a few minor roles in television shows and movies, not really ever finding anything of note, she fell into modeling. from there her career seemed to take off and although she was dubbed the new ‘it’ girl, she surely made herself into a fixture in the business.
by the time her twenty-first birthday rolled around, alex was nothing short of a household name and proud to be so. however, she wasn’t the only one who had found herself becoming a public figure. it wasn’t rare to hear his voice on the radio anymore and this drove the girl crazy. as much as she tried to insist that she was completely over her ex, the brunette still carried a torch. so although she had gotten great at switching the station whenever a familiar sounding song came on and ignoring just about any media that had to do with the man, any time she did catch a glance or hear a note, it felt just as awful as the last. 
award show season was a huge deal in california, but alex never really knew how big of a deal it was until this year. somehow over the almost two years she’d lived in this city, she’d found herself making fast friends with plenty of other up-and-comers. her closest friend was finally making a break into the world of music and was somehow even nominated for best new artist among other categories at the actual grammys. while it wasn’t her first answer, eventually the girl was coerced into accompanying her friend to the event, the two anxiously picking dresses and getting ready together.
the night started off far more fun than she had actually expected it to be, and messing around on the red carpet with her best friend made her glad she had agreed to go. after the two had found their seats with several of their other friends, they decided to check the place out, both excited to be at their first event like this. at least alex was excited until she saw a familiar face at the end of their row. only for a fraction of a moment did she let her emotions flicker across her face before looking back to her friend with a grin and suggesting they go mingle, trying to ignore how it so clearly felt like she had had the wind knocked out of her once again and not daring to glance back once more to confirm that she saw what she was sure she had.


└ That’s what I call modelling by a model [pair]!

When Sho-chan checks if our Model Pair is indeed in sync with their preferences, Jun states that Masaki and he share the love for a common season for the past 17-18 years: Summer!

Well-matched indeed~~

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