other times she whinges homestuck

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: dave strider in this year of our lord twenty fifteen confirmed for canon queer in a spectacular gush of red miles, holy fuck he's come so far i'm. elevated. i'm ascended. i'm so proud of him. but also someone please /please/ get john egbert a pamphlet on How To Talk To Your Queer Friends. prayer circle that that plus exposure to said friends brings him up to speed sooner rather than later bc i won't rest until it's done. god. someone help this poor sheltered well-meaning and frequently tactless child. i'm at work. i've been thinking about this all day. someone come save me

how i’m going to survive homestuck updating again:

  • ts every topic i’ve had my fill of w/r/t broad fandom-wide discussion at this point
  • absorb the rest like a sponge