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Kim Minseok//At Odds

Summary: You don’t think your soulmark will complete itself on the same day that it comes to be on your skin, yet it happens - and who’s on the other end, a matching tattoo adorned on their skin? Only Kim Minseok, a man who could not be any more different to you.
Scenario: soulmate!AU
Word Count: 6,584

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'Oh no.'

‘Oh no.’

Tucker hadn’t meant for this to happen. Honestly his tight ass would have paid any amount of money in the world to PREVENT this from happening.

But it had happened. He had looked over at his life long best friend sleeping against his shoulder and had been struck by the very INTIMATE urge to kiss him on his adorable little freckled nose.

This wasn’t a good thing, because said best friend’s GIRLFRIEND was sleeping against his OTHER shoulder, and every time her hair fell across her face he had to nearly bite his own fingers to stop himself from brushing her fringe aside out of her long lashed eyes.

The three of them had sat down for a movie at Sam’s place, it was one of those few calm nights where the ghosts were chilling in the Zone and NOT causing any trouble for once. Danny was absolutely delighted to spend the night with his friends doing something that DIDN’T involve ghosts.

The two lovebirds had sat beside one another on the lounge, holding hands and being, quite frankly, UNBEARABLY adorable. Tucker warned them that he’d sit on them if they didn’t stop being so mushy and things predictably escalated until they were all but a tangle of goofy limbs hanging precariously off the two seater lounge.

By the time Tucker awoke it was late morning and he was seated firmly between Sam and Danny, both having cuddled right up to him in the night, his left arm was warm under Sam’s weight, but his entire right side was borderline numb beneath Danny’s clinging arms. Boy was a leach, he had always been clingy when they shared beds as kids but back then he didn’t have a big ol’ chunk of freezing cold ectoplasm sitting pretty in his chest.

But cold be damned Tucker was squished up with BOTH his crushes practically sleeping on top of him, no force on Earth or in the Zone could possibly make him move right now. He was staying right here where he could stew in his delight and guilt for the rest of eternity.

Until Danny stirred and an arm pressed against his bladder. Heck. He needed to pee, like, really REALLY needed to pee.

Tucker stayed nestled up in the cuddle pile for as long as he could stand it before heaving a sigh so heavy even Thor couldn’t lift it. Somehow he managed to wrangle himself out without waking either of his friends and he waddled to the bathroom to relieve himself.

He could hear his heartbeat in his ears as he stood in the cold tiled room. Why. No seriously, WHY. How in the fresh hell did he manage to fall head over heels not only for ONE of his best friends, but BOTH of them, and to top it off they were both DATING each other. He literally could not have picked a worse scenario.

He could wake up one morning with 'Bad Luck Tuck’ tattooed to his forehead and he still couldn’t possibly feel more unlucky than he did in this instant.

It took all of his willpower not to always end his and Sam’s constant meat vs vegan fights by smooching her on those enticingly smooth cheekbones, and Danny was even WORSE. Every time that asshole so much as SMILED Tucker’s heart would start thumping like it was trying to put him into cardiac arrest, it was just all those freckles and that little chip in his tooth and-

Oh God stooooop. He needed to stop, he needed to stop right the heck now before he became the first human being to pass out from overexposure to adorkableness. Honestly? Fuck his friends for being so cute. This was all their fault, they could at least have considered his feelings before growing up to be so adorably kissable.

He’d tried so hard to deny it to himself, he tried SO hard to fall back out of love with them but after waking up that morning nestled between those two precious asshats he realised that he had lost this battle, and he had lost it HARD.

But, at the very least, living with a superhero as your best friend taught you some pretty useful life skills. One of those skills being how to Lie Like a Motherfucker to Everyone You Care About. So without further ado Tucker washed his hands, took a moment to stare his lovestruck gaze away in the mirror, and went back out to throw a shoe at his best friend’s head for making his arm numb through the night.

He loved his friends, he loved them with everything he had and that was why he could never tell them how he felt.


'Oh no.’

Sam was honestly pissed, no scratch that, she was more than pissed. She was FURIOUS. Her rage burned with the intensity of her mother’s artificially whitened teeth, and she couldn’t even take it out on anyone, because the focus of her ire was her own stupid stupid brain.

She had always been equally close to both of her friends, in fact she had only very rarely hung out with one or the other alone, and every time she did it felt just… so uncomfortable. It took a long time to really sort out what that feeling was, but even when she did it made no sense.

It was GUILT, she felt GUILTY. Why did she feel guilty? Danny and Tucker sometimes hung out together without her, and that was fine, she was fine with it, they’d been friends since before she came along, but why couldn’t she do the same?

Every time one of them was over her house without the other it almost felt like she was cheating on someone, and that only got MORE disturbing after she and Danny started dating. Because suddenly? It very well COULD have been cheating.

But it wasn’t. And she kept telling herself it wasn’t. She had never kissed Tucker while she and Danny were dating. They had never even held hands.

But God damn, the realisation that had just struck her was enough to make her want to slap herself for ever becoming such a cliché piece of romance movie tripe.

She had just been sitting there, sipping on her smoothie when Tucker did that Thing. She hated that Thing. That Thing where he’d say something that he knew full well was the vocal equivalent of a tumblr shitpost but he ALSO knew she’d found it fucking hilarious and while she tried her damnedest not to let a smile loose he’d send her a big shit eating grin that made her stomach roll and her tongue feel dry. Yeah, THAT Thing.

She was crushing on Tucker, she was crushing on Tucker so hard. She was head over heels for her best friend, her BOYFRIEND’S best friend. Literally EVERYTHING about this situation was the reason she hated 90% of the movies she ever saw. Love triangles were the worst plague fiction had ever suffered and suddenly she realised it had spread it’s nasty little friendship killing tendrils into her life.

She was determined, however, not to fall into the awful trap that so many would think was inevitable, and she did so by keeping her mouth firmly shut about it. She had the willpower to go face to face against ghosts twice her size, and had been through more than one bout of emotional and mental manipulation by others of the ghostly kind. She was not about to lose this battle with herself and destroy not only her relationship, but also the much more valuable friendship she held with both boys.

Sam got up and gathered everyone’s Nasty Burger food scraps to throw into the bin, taking the brief moment to let her face twist in grief over what she’d have to do. With the rubbish gone and her resolve hardened, she slathered her face in smiles and ease, walking back to the table and acting with the skill and grace of someone who had been lying to protect her best-friend-turned-boyfriend for years. Her true feelings shoved somewhere deep between a pit of self-loathing and the core of her love for the boys she cared more about than anyone on this earth, including herself.


'Oh no.’

Danny was in trouble. Danny was in so so so so SO much trouble.

Honestly? At first he hadn’t even realised he was doing it, Tucker had been his friend for such a long time, it had only seemed natural to invite him out everywhere when he and Sam made plans. But Danny was starting to realise the tension it was causing.

Neither of them said anything but sometimes Danny could pick up on… something. Of course he knew what it was, since he’d started officially dating Sam, Tucker had become somewhat of a third wheel.

Danny had never considered his friend to be out of place or unwanted, but he wasn’t sure Sam felt the same way. Maybe she wanted it just to be the two of them, maybe she just wanted some alone time with her boyfriend. She wouldn’t say anything, Danny figured she didn’t want to seem clingy or harsh but, why else would things suddenly start feeling so… weird?

He tried to make the effort to go on at least a couple dates with Sam without inviting Tucker, but honestly he just couldn’t help but think something was missing, and it really didn’t seem to be helping with Sam’s tension. She tried to hide it, she really did, and it wasn’t as though she was bad at it, Danny just knew her too well. Her and Tucker, he was hiding something too.

And Danny was starting to think he knew what it was. They had NOTICED.

He thought he was doing such a good job keeping his feelings from being too obvious, he was used to acting differently around certain people by now (having an alter ego did that to a guy), but obviously his friends knew him too well.

It might have been the touching, yep, yep it definitely could have been the touching. Danny was an extremely touchy person and his gentle caresses and nuzzles weren’t particularly picky about which friend received them. He definitely remembered a time when he straight up snuggled his face right into Tucker’s neck during what was probably an EXTREMELY un-platonic hug.

Other events on the 'Danny is a two timing doofus’ calendar included:

'Holding hands with both Sam AND Tucker while walking down the street.’

'Very delicately running his fingers over Tucker’s leg one time when he’d thrown them on Danny’s lap and honestly there was absolutely nothing heterosexual about that moment.’

'Every time Tucker laughed so hard he snorted Danny thought his heart would straight up melt into a puddle of goo, and then SAM would start doing that super adorable giggle that she was really self conscious of and her trying not to laugh made her pull this fACE and Tucker would lose his mind and start snorting all over again and-’

Danny had to stop himself right there before his heart completely dissolved because for the love of the Ancients his friends were both way too hecking precious for their own good and he loved them, he loved them sooo much. He loved them both.

And they probably knew it.

And boy that meant he was in deep trouble.

Would Sam break up with him? Would this ruin their friendship? Nobody was SAYING anything but Danny knew that stewing over something like this was just going to lead to an explosion of awkward raging teen angst worthy of a place on an MCR album.

If they weren’t gonna bring it up then Danny would just have to… get it out of the way.

Oh boy, he did not want to do this, nuh uh, no sir, he did not want to be standing in his bedroom shifting uncomfortably before his two beautiful, patient, wonderful friends. He would have loved to be sitting BETWEEN them however he deemed such a position to be quite, how the professionals would say, INA-FUCKING-PROPRIATE considering the subject at hand.

No, standing in front of them was slightly better, only slightly because Danny felt like an absolute nervous piece of half human trash. Maybe he could just jump out the window and throw himself into a dumpster, that would speed things along. He would probably end up there by the end of this conversation anyway.

He decided to just do it, stop beating around the blood blossom bush and just get it DONE. Unfortunately Danny hadn’t practiced what he was going to say beforehand, so when he finally resolved to just blurt it all out he literally did… just that.


By the time his brain caught up to his words his dumpster diving plan was sounding significantly more appealing. There was probably some kind of banana skin pun he could have used there but he was far too stressed to figure it out.

Tucker didn’t respond, he appeared to be trying to bury his face into his hat. A kind of wheezing noise was coming out of him, Danny couldn’t tell if it was a good sound or a bad sound. Sam let out a long breath that whistled between her lip piercings.

“Holy shit me too.”

The Tucker sound continued, raising to a nearly imperceptible level. Danny was just beginning to think it might have been a Bad sound when Tucker pulled his face back into the world, his glasses were all fogged up but he stopped making the noise.

Sam and Danny both waited for him to say actual words but Tucker.exe seemed to have stopped working. Once he’d gained his breath he was back to wheezing into his hat. Sam hesitantly put a hand on his back.

“Are you actually okay or are you like, dying?”

Muffled words were said into the hat, none of which could be repeated around children. Danny was juuuust about to start attempting to will himself into spontaneous combustion when he recognised a very distinct sound emanating from the hat.

Snorting, Tucker was snorting like a god damn pig. Danny’s shaky legs gave out below him and he sat on the floor, shoving his face into the carpet as he laughed along with his best friend. He didn’t know what was happening right now, but he was Having Emotions and the floor just seemed like the right place for that.

Also he needed to look somewhere that wasn’t Sam. She was trying not to laugh and she was pulling That Face and Danny just couldn’t handle it right now and really the floor was great why didn’t he spend more time here.

Tucker felt as though he was finally ready to leave the comforting world of Hat Land and face the unbeLIEVABLE realisation that all of his dreams had just come true in a ten second span of time, he felt like he had just been blessed by the gods, his skin was clear, his crops were flourishing and world peace had been established. Today was a good day to start ugly sobbing in front of the two most important people in his life.

“I love both you guys too!!” Tucker half laughed, half cried, and then just straight up cried, “I’ve wa-wanted to smooch you both sooo bad for like, MONTHS!”

The moment his snorting turned to sobbing he was immediately accosted by a pair of equally snotty emotional wrecks. Danny, still on the floor, had plopped his head on Tucker’s lap and just started balling his eyes out, like he was really going for gold in 'Most Tears Shed on One Lap’. Sam, on the other hand, had commandeered Tucker’s upper half for a simple bone breaking, teary hug.

The next few hours were just chock full of used tissues, an inappropriate amount of snacks and some deep, heartfelt discussions about what the fuck their relationship was gonna be.

Honestly they were just happy to be so open and at ease with one another again, the sun poured into Danny’s bedroom window as the three of them dozed in the warm pool of light. Laying across one another, their imagined boundaries finally broken, they could finally talk shit about each other for making them feel so mushy.


“Oh NO.”

Paulina said out loud at the scene before her. Those three dorks were sitting together at their usual lunch table, all bunched up ridiculously close together and if she wasn’t mistaken she had just seen Danny turn around and KISS TUCKER ON THE MOUTH while Sam, his GIRLFRIEND, just watched?!

“Oh yes.” Star deadpanned, not seeming too fazed by the weirdness happening before her.

“I didn’t think those three could get any more confusing, but I have no idea what’s happening over there right now.” Paulina sat back in her chair, arms crossed.

“Really?” Star raised an eyebrow. “You seriously didn’t see this coming? Those three,” she pointed with a delicately painted pink nail, “have been perfect polygamy material for like, three years.”

“Perfect what material?” Paulina’s face was all scrunched up in confusion, her little nose wrinkled up and her lips pursed in just the cutest little pout-

Star’s stomach fluttered alarmingly.

'Oh no.’

That’s My Boy (Parker/Stark x reader)

Requests: I’ve been so excited for this! Ok so TonyxReader with Peter and he’s like their son, goes to them for superhero advice (or something May can’t help with), they freak out when he’s hurt, Y/n comforts him when he feels like Tony is being too much, go on missions together. Idk just surrogate superhero family fluff please and thank you 

Can you write an imagine where the reader is an avenger and gets trapped in a building and everyone works to try and get them out, lots of angst and maybe some fluff? P.S. I love your writing so much! 💕

The relationship that you had with Peter Parker was an unconventional one, as best as you could put it.  He was new to the life as a superhero, thanks in large part to Tony’s assistance, and by association, you felt a responsibility to the kid as much as he did. As an Avenger, you could help to train Peter in his skills and the ways of this life that he had yet to understand; as Tony’s wife, you could run interference when his influence felt a little reckless, or when the fatherly advice pushed a little too far.  It wasn’t that you were trying to take May’s place in any way; in fact, you were finding yourself in the position to offer your help in ways that she couldn’t, and the two of you complemented each other all too well where Peter was concerned.

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I don’t know what to say other than I really like this moment here. Here, Rick acknowledges that what he’s doing here could be seen as a bit of hypocritical, that he’s replaced alternate versions of himself before. But he also just knows that this situation is different. 

And it is. Rick’s switched universes before and replaced other Ricks without others knowing, sure. But as we’ve seen with in “Rick Potion #9″, he only replaces Ricks that just died around that time. Meanwhile Doofus Jerry is living the life of a man who misses his wife and kids dearly right now. The man whose life he’s living is now suffering because he couldn’t let go of a chance at overcoming more challenges.

laurabaptista  asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Katniss and Peeta are both single parents

Ahhh this took me forever, but I’m plodding my way through the prompts I’ve received, slowly but surely :) So this is a strange little bit of fluff.

Small World

rated T

In the small town where Peeta Mellark grew up, he was used to seeing the same people everywhere he turned. It was expected, really, that you’d bump into at least five neighbours, or teachers, or coworkers every trip to the grocery store. That’s how small towns worked.

But this wasn’t his small town. And in the bustling metropolis of just under a million people where he’d moved a year after the divorce, he’d been pretty much anonymous.

Until now.

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rosypumpkinstudios  asked:

It's hinted that link is kinda reckless in the game, and so that got me thinking. What if when Calamity is destroyed, Link switched from being Zelda's personal knight to Sidon's? And if he did, what kind of shenanigans would they end up in because Link is a reckless doofus and gets them in trouble all the time XD

Ok, so in game the memories we find all have him being super serious right? Most of them being before Link and Zelda really got to know each other. We also know he was only acting that way because he felt he had to with his role to play.

Link is 100% a giant doofus that loves to make others laugh. Imagine Link with a dry-ass sense of humor that would say something in an aside to Zelda about whatever politics they were dealing with, and her trying not to burt out laughing.

So then imagine Link doing the same with Sidon. You bet Link has some choice words about the elders. Like Muzu. Especially Muzu. Poor Sidon half wants to scold Link for saying such things, but also is trying not to laugh himself. He wouldn’t know what to do. 

Also high-key Link has zero sense of self-preservation. Like, none. There’s a fish Sidon kind of wants to catch but the area is dangerous? Link fucking pile drives himself off a waterfall into a sea of Moblins and emerges with the fish relatively unscathed. Sidon can feel himself loosing years off his life each time Link does that.

Park Chanyeol//Feasible - Part 3

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

Prompt:  You’re a work-for-hire girl - for the criminals and criminally rich. Your job is to threaten, steal from, frighten or hurt whoever you’ve been employed to - but your newest job involves a person you swore you’d never talk to again. Someone who brought you into this entire business - and tried to get you out. Someone who, should you accept this challenge, would open a Pandora’s box of disaster… (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6)
Scenario: AU, angst, miniseries
Word Count: 4,976

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theconsultingdramaqueen  asked:

Ok ok but now I'm dying for Obi-Wan's Groundhog Day, 'cause there'd be so much Sad but also shenanigans? Of course he'd try to help Anakin The Jedi Way at first, but that's already failed and he still doesn't know exactly how Palps got to him. Soon the day becomes a Quest to really understand Anakin the way he couldn't during the war, and without fear of fucking up the Chosen One, he's free to use some...unorthodox tactics. Hilarity ensues. Anakin is confused but more likely to just go with it.

Ahhhhh OMG I can’t believe this didn’t occur to me before. Obi-Wan’s Groundhog Day would ALSO be fantastic (and, just a guess, he might not need QUITE as many re-dos as Anakin to get it right, hahaha.) And while hilarious, it could totally also end up being Moving and Sweet and Full of Feels because, as you say, he’d realize eventually that in order to figure out WHY it all fell apart, he has to really get into Anakin’s occasionally doofus-y brain. And then they both end up understanding each other better and everything is sweet and adorable and everyone lives Happily Ever After. 

I feel like Anakin’s going to be so disoriented during some repetitions of this day, though, because like…he’s GLAD Obi-Wan wants to spend all this time with him all of a sudden, but it’s also kind of weird that he showed up the second Anakin woke up this morning and he hasn’t left his side all day? (Oh, the FACE Palpatine makes when Anakin shows up at the opera WITH Obi-Wan, who has INSISTED on coming along and refused to take no for an answer. Not only has Skywalker shown up with That Boyfriend Palpatine Hates, but Obi-Wan also keeps shushing him every time he tries to start talking to/brainwashing Anakin. Anakin just shrugs helplessly: “He really is a big fan of the opera, Excellency.”) 

Obi-Wan 10000% spends at least one day drunkenly telling everyone at the Temple what he really thinks of all of them. One day where he gives in to all of his most flirtatious tendencies and runs off romancing his way across the Galaxy and/or dramatically sweeps Anakin off his feet. And another day handing Maul his own ass with the Darksaber over on Mandalore. Most of the rest of the time he’s dutifully trying to fix the universe, but even Obi-Wan needs a day to indulge once in a while. 


This has been an idea of mine based on a tweet I now cannot find.


I woke up like I always did, groggy and a bit sweaty. It was the weekend, so my phone wasn’t blasting an alarm. Still I was shit at waking up, it was like my mind was moving in slow motion.

I reached behind me and searched around for my Dan. He usually woke up after me, but whenever I slept in he’d stay in bed on his phone until I woke up to steal his body heat. My fingers only grasped sheets though. I sighed and turned to my other side, grabbing my phone and checking through morning notifications. Maybe he had to step out. It was no big deal, I’d get plenty of cuddle time later.

I jumped when there was a knock at our closed bedroom door. It had to be Phil, since Dan didn’t believe in asking to enter his own room and Phil was the one who actually had manners. “Come in, Lester,” I said quietly. The door creaked open slowly. A straight nose and midnight fringe peeked past the opening. “Morning, doofus,” he rumbled in a deep sleep-filled voice. I flipped him off but smiled big and beckoned him in with my other hand.

He stepped in slowly, staring hard at whatever he was holding. His hair was a frizzy mess, dirty glasses hanging on to his face for dear life, pale skin of his chest on display and long pants on even in the summer heat. My face got a little warm at the sight. Dishes clinked against each other. He had a tiny saucer and one of the millions of mugs we owned balancing. “Aw, Les’, did you actually make me coffee?” His face wrinkled so much his glasses nearly fell from his face. “Ugh, I hate that douchey abbreviation of my name. I’ve only just gotten used to you calling me by my last name.” He set down the coffee on my cluttered nightstand. The smell of it woke me up immediately. I gave Phil another smile in thanks and took a few welcome sips. Casually he came over to Dan’s side and flopped down over the covers. I opted to stay under the blankets, since I slept in pretty much nothing but an old shirt.

We sat in comfortable silence, on our phones. His skin was always a lot cooler than Dan’s, I couldn’t even feel the heat radiating off of him. Once again I wondered where my loser of a boyfriend was. “Hey Lester.” Phil placed his phone down on his lap. He huffed a sound in reply. I turned and looked at him “Where’s Da-” Before I could finish the sentence he had a hand on my cheek and his lips were on mine. I jolted in shock but quickly melted into the movement of his mouth over mine. I reached behind me blindly and placed my phone down to wrap both my arms around his neck. He tasted like coffee and something sweet. Probably chocolate or another candy that wasn’t a suitable breakfast. He continued kissing me until I was lightheaded, then pulled away to look at my probably flushed face. His eyes were serious but he broke out into a sheepish smile. “So the coffee might have been a bit of a ruse,” he laughed. I raised my brow, “What, really?” I ran my fingers through his soft hair. “If you wanted to make out, you just had to ask. Though the coffee bribe certainly helps.” He gave you a few more pecks. A random thought made me pull away. “You’re not still uncomfortable about this, right? The whole Dan and you and me situation? Is that why you waited until Dan left?” He blinked and his brows pulled together in confusion. “Dan didn’t leave.”

It was as if the moment he said my boyfriend’s name, the guy appeared. Well, not really appeared, but I felt a large, clammy hand start sliding up my leg. It made me jolt, his hands were freezing as usual. “You were supposed to wait, shlub,” Phil said in a way too deep voice. “Yes but hearing you guys make out is hot, plus it’s fucking cold in here, plus it’s my bed,” Dan muffled from beneath our blankets. “Yes, and our girlfriend,” Phil sighed. “Well, no matter. We wanted to surprise you this morning, but Dan ruined it.” I watched the two of them fuss and talk to each other. Dan’s sweaty palms were on my calf, while Phil’s long fingers teased along the skin of my shoulder idly. It made me smile softly. “You guys are the fucking best. I know we’ve all been doing the dating thing for just a few weeks but you guys didn’t have to do this.” They didn’t reply, just squeezed wherever they could reach in a show of affection.

“Well even if it’s not a surprise, let us take care of you this morning.” He didn’t really word it like a question but I nodded at Phil and kissed at him some more. He eased me out of my shirt slowly. His hands were everywhere, over my shoulder blades, moulded to my hips, just sliding against the skin of my upper body. From the few times I’d been with Phil I noticed he tended to a bit more sensual than Dan, definitely a fan of the touchy feely. Which was funny, because Dan was normally the one that got in people’s faces. Speaking of the third member of this party, Dan was currently pressing slow but determined kisses up my legs. His breaths were heavy against my skin. I wondered if it was difficult to breathe under there. He didn’t seem to mind.

My lips pulled away from Phil’s when I felt the first swipe of Dan’s tongue, though. Said male only giggled as I tried to keep attention on him while the other kept up his actions below. “Hey, focus on me,” he teased. His hand held my cheek and he started kissing me again, so there were two tongues making contact with my body. Dan’s lips curved up against my skin in a smile. The coffee Phil had brought in was long forgotten.

If there was one thing Dan was good at, it was going down on me, just plain going down. His hands gripped the place where my ass and thighs met, squeezing it in just the right way. The very tip of his tongue was doing all of the work right now, working over my clit in circles. Every so often he’d close his lips around my clit and give a hard suck. Meanwhile Phil’s thumb was gently brushing up and down my jaw, and his lips on my own were more talented than I would ever admit, maybe even better than Dan’s.

“I have to ohh fuck ask though. What made you guys so horny you couldn’t even shit Dan wait till later?” Phil nipped my neck, just because he could, before answering. He lifted my hand and placed it on his warm stomach. “What can I say?” Phil’s deep voice vibrated against the skin of my throat, “you two turn me on.” That was answer enough for me. I dragged his lips back to mine and I fluttered my fingertips over his pale skin. His muscles would jump each time I managed to hit a sensitive spot on his skin. While I was distracted, Phil reached beneath the blankets, pinched my nipple, then grabbed something from Dan, who was now two fingers deep in me. I was already light headed from what little they were doing. This was the third or fourth time we were doing something together, all three of us involved. The intensity of it always surprised me.

My mouth was freed from Phil’s for the moment while he got to work on something. Dan curled his fingers inside of me every few seconds. I tangled my free hand in his brown locks, and yanked none too gently. The ragged groan I received in reply made shivers race down my spine. Phil’s hand, now wet with…something, moved mine aside, slid over the trail of dark hair starting at his belly button and slipping beneath his waistband. He hissed in pleasure when he wrapped his hand around his cock. I watched his face, his kiss swollen lips parted and his eyes squeezed shut. “You excited there, Lester?” He smiled and released the grip he had on himself so I could replace his hand with my own. I merged our mouths together again. He was hot and hard in my hand, my thumb traced the vein that ran down the side of it. Phil bit at my lip from the feeling.

As I went to work teasing him in my hand, Dan lifted away from my center. He started crawling upward, until his head popped from beneath the covers to give me that cheeky smile I loved. I cupped his face and thumbed at his dimple affectionately. His wet lips kissed my palm and the little bit of stubble he had yet to shave tickled my skin. Phil’s groan of pleasure made me remember he was here too. “Dan, you know what to do next, and it isn’t kissing her hand,” he reminded, breathless. If this were any other situation, Dan would’ve sassed him back. Instead, he just nodded and proceeded to line himself up with me. My right knee bumped Phil’s thigh as I locked my ankles behind Dan’s back. I pumped Phil in my hand slowly while Dan eased inch by inch inside of me.

When he was fully seated within me, he held himself still. It was fun to watch, his arms were shaking with the effort not to move and his lip was dragging between his teeth repeatedly. He caught me grinning up at him, and gave a soft smile. “Don’t laugh at me, pumpkin,” he said softly. I looked over at Phil, waiting for him to say the word. He was worrying his lip too, thrusting into my hand a bit. He seemed to know what we both wanted. He met Dan’s eyes. “Go on, then. Fuck our girl like she deserves.” It was all he needed. Dan started at a fairly moderate pace, rolling his hips into me. I groaned whenever he brushed my spot, wanting so much more. Next to us, Phil watched closely. I was looking at Dan’s face. He had some of the best expressions whenever he had sex. His eyes were screwed shut adorably, and his lower lip was just barely hanging by his teeth. Phil looked just as good though, low eyelids, constantly licking his lips at the sight before him.

We hadn’t been doing this threesome thing often. Sure, there were more threeway cuddles and the atmosphere in the flat was more intimate, but we’d only had sex about two times more since Dan’s birthday. Things were still, for the most part, new for us three.

Dan’s cheek pressed into my collarbone and his chest was now flush with mine, his pace picking up. I increased the speed of my hand in Phil’s bottoms as well. My other arm came around Dan’s sweaty back, my fingers started running through the wet curls sticking to his forehead. “That’s it, Danny, get nice and into it. Make her feel good,” Phil gasped. It was still a bit odd hearing him just tell my boyfriend how to fuck me, though also incredibly hot. Dan seemed to like it too, and I just enjoyed the interaction. Phil’s hand came around my wrist, directing my hand as it worked his cock, making it twist and move how he liked it. Dan’s arms were pressed to my sides as his pace kept increasing. We were all getting close. Dan was breathing hard against my skin, I could feel the heat of each breath. I couldn’t arch my back at the pleasure with Dan on top of me, but my head tipped back so my neck was exposed. Phil leaned over and started leaving hickies there. When he was satisfied with what he’d done, he leaned up to my ear. “You going to let us make you come, love?” My face screwed up in pleasure and I did just that, fell off the edge for them. They were close behind.

I sipped my cold coffee and scrolled through emails. Phil had gone to the bathroom, to wet towels and clean us all up. Dan was still laying on my chest, breathing softly and enjoying the closeness. It didn’t take long for him to start letting out soft snores. He’d woken up earlier than he usually did, no wonder he was tired. Phil soon returned with a bottle of water for himself and Dan, as well as two wet towels. Carefully, he wiped my hand and between where Dan and I were. Dan didn’t wake up while he did this, but I roused him from sleep to drink his water.

When we were all cleaned up, we were stuffed rather uncomfortably into Dan and I’s bed. It was warm, though, and nice. I was pressed between my two boys, they were dozing and curled all around me. Phil was snoring loudly, and Dan had his legs and arms caging me in. I loved it.

I loved them.

A/N: Jesus christ Dan and Phil and reader is my weakness.
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Alternate titles for this: Boys, Adventures

prompts for all the bittyrans fics i am way too tired to write
  • bitty & ransom start fake dating to make jack&holster jealous but theN IT TURNS TO REAL DATING AND THEY FALL IN LOVE 
    • bonus points for jack/holster in the bg
  • the #betterbittybootybureau was ransom’s really poor attempt at flirting
    • realizes halfway thru spring semester that complimenting bitty’s butt is a very platonic bro thing to do when u live with b. shitty knight
    • has to clarify that he thinks bitty’s butt is nice in more than a Bro way
  • they go for PSLs on the regular & have a secret handshake - on par with bitty & jack’s annie’s dates
    • idk man i just think their PSL dates would be mad cute
  • the ghosts are harassing ransom but holster went home w some girl so rans has a choice between asking bitty, jack, or shitty if he can bunk with them and bitty is clearly the safest option and ofc he lets rans share his bed everyone has bad nights and then they wake up cuddling (with senor bunny betweeen them!) and realize their FEELINGS
    • the ghosts did this on purpose. they are crafty.
  • bits and rans go shopping together for winter screw/hockey banquet/whatever and compliment each other’s style choices and get starbucks and just have a nice mall day and maybe hold hands a bunch?? idk??
    • bonus if they drag holster/the frogs along because 90% of smh cannot dress themselves
  • holster barrelling ahead sophomore year to hook bits up with a date for Screw and ransom being reluctant and usure why??
    • (it’s bc u like him doofus)
    • idk pining and dating other people and then FEELINGS
  • ok ok but in the last two updates rans was the most vocally concerned about bitty and, like, bitty is concerned about everyone all the time so just! them taking care of each other in little ways
    • bitty making sure rans eats in coral reef mode
    • ransom making sure bitty has someone to talk to so he doesn’t bottle up his emotions
    • bitty taking care of sick ransom w homemade soup and tea and Love
    • just! mother-henning the shit out of each other until they fall in love and then way past that too
  • dancing!! at!! parties!!!! 
  • ransom appearing on bitty vlog after months of begging
    • “ i am THE expert on ‘swawesome cool bro chill bro stuff, you know that!”
  • ransom/bitty pls
  • thank u for ur time
ITT Character Predictions

Evil Morty will be in at least one episode, we will get more hints but Rick may or may not catch on to who he is.

Summer is obviously embracing her badass adventurer side, so maybe we’ll get an explanation as to why radicalizing a Summer isn’t allowed by the Citadel.

Beth and Daddy time!

Beth being fleshed out more in general.

Jerry and Doofus Rick reunion!

Jerry vs Rick

Beth and Jerry dating other people.

Morty nearly downright hating Rick and trying to distance himself. Inspite if how defensive and hard hearted Rick can be, he’s obviously trying to win Morty’s affections back. The tension builds up to an episode that’s going to make someone cry I’m sure.

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To Anon,

This one is for you and I hope you enjoy it! Liam is so young I find it difficult to romanticizes him but I hope I could overcome that, if not I’ll make another drabble at your request :) Have a wonderful day!



The door slams before you can even think about they type of room your in. Somewhere between the seconds that your heart stops hammering and your breath comes out in a white puff, the chill of the room prickled up your spine like a slow crawling spider.
You look around the compartment you crammed yourself into, wrapping your arms around yourself to ward away the cold as best as you could. Webs and lines of dust clung to the ceiling, hanging like bats in a cave. Somewhere from the distilled quietness of the room, you could hear the tiny squeaks and scuffle of rats moving on floorboards. 

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anonymous asked:

Reverse roles: Nico act protective of Jason and Jason show your more vulnerable side since you're afraid to show your emotions

Will and Percy had gone to a concert together, so Nico and Jason had the apartment to themselves. Jason had spent most of the day in his room, which was unusual for him.

Once the other two boys were gone, Nico peeked his head in the doorway. Jason was curled up in bed, watching videos on his laptop screen.

“Hey,” Nico said softly. “Can I come in?”

Jason didn’t say anything. He just nodded. Nico slipped inside and sat next to the blond on his bed.

“You’ve spent the whole day in here. Did you even eat?”

Jason shook his head. Nico wrapped his arms around his shoulders. “Why don’t you tell me what’s going on?”

“It’s nothing.” Jason’s voice sounded like a sick frog.

“It’s something,” Nico insisted, closing the laptop. “You can’t bottle up your feelings all the time. It’s not healthy and you know it.“ 

Jason sighed and laid back on the bed. "I really don’t want to talk about it." 

Nico rolled his eyes and curled up next to him, peppering his neck and cheek with kisses. "You never talk about anything,” he cooed. “And I do believe it was you who taught me that keeping all your emotions inside is bad for your health." 

Jason brought a hand up to rub his eyes. "I guess I’m just tired of being strong,” he mumbled. “It’s hard trying to please everyone." 

Nico hummed thoughtfully, continuing to mouth at his neck. "You don’t have to be strong all the time. It’s okay to come to us when you’re upset." 

Jason shivered. Nico was only teasing his neck, but it made him just fall apart. "I don’t want you to see me differently." 

Nico ran a hand up the other man’s chest, letting his shirt ride up along with it. "Don’t be ridiculous. It’s okay to have feelings sometimes, doofus. Now let me kiss you.”

Just For A Little While?

Genre: Fluff!!!

Characters: Koo Junhoe x Reader

Warning/s: None

Summary: You don’t want Junhoe to leave, and he does not want to go either.

A/N: I miss Junhoe. Hahahahaha i feel ya with the scenarios, anon! There is a lack of works about our handsome boy! Let’s spazz over June together! Anyway, here ya go! Again, just a drabble full of fluff~

Originally posted by hanbabi

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Rest and Ricklaxation ramble...

There are strangely a lot of similarities between “Healthy” Rick and Doofus Rick, which makes me wonder whether the reason all the other Ricks make fun of Doofus Rick so much is because he represents a somewhat “less toxic” version of them. But at the same time, caring was a huge quality that Rick viewed as toxic, and Doofus Rick was definitely a caring guy. So maybe I’m just talking outta my ass. But I firmly believe now more than ever that Rick knows how toxic he can be, and he hates himself for it, but not as much as he capitalizes on it, because it keeps him alive and feeling powerful. It keeps him from facing his flaws and lets him feel like a god when sometimes he doesn’t even feel worth being human, or even alive.

Better late then never, here’s a little something for @rego-mem who requested number 43. “You did what?!” from the prompt list I posted about a thousand years ago… Hope you like it, lovely! (SFW, the break is only there because it’s pretty long.)

The Normandy was quiet, calm, peaceful.  Most of the crew were on the Citadel enjoying some shore leave, and all but three of those left on board had gone to bed.  Cortez was still up, working on some upgrades down in the shuttle bay, and Kaidan and Traynor were in the CIC going over some data she’d been compiling to present to Shepard. 

“This is excellent work, Traynor,” Kaidan smiled. “Neat, logical, efficient…Shepard will be impressed.”

“Oh…well, thank you,” Traynor said with a pleased, flushed smile.  “I hope so, I’d hate to waste his time.”

“This is anything but a waste of time,” Kaidan said, gesturing to her meticulous notes.  “Believe me, this is very impressive stuff.”

Traynor smiled and opened her mouth to speak, but at that momen Kaidan’s omnitool began to flash.

“It’s an incoming transmission from Garrus,” he frowned, glancing at Traynor as he began to back away.  “Please, excuse me.”

“Oh yes, of course,” Traynor called after him.

Kaidan walked into the elevator for some privacy before accepting the transmission.  “Garrus?  Is something wrong?  Is Shepard okay?”

“Peachy,” Garrus replied drily; Kaidan heard a burst of raucous laughter and shouting in the background.  “He, Vega and Donnelly have had far too much to drink but I expected that before we even started.”

“So what’s the problem?” Kaidan asked.

“Shepard says he won’t leave and go to bed unless you come to tuck him in.”

There was another eruption of laughter in the background and Kaidan heard Shepard’s voice distantly call, “Come get me, Alenko!”

“Really, Garrus?” Kaidan asked, half-smiling but also annoyed.  “All you had to do was stick with them, make sure they kept out of trouble.”

“And they’re not in any trouble,” Garrus replied, “but they will be soon if you don’t get down here.”

Kaidan sighed.  “If I leave the ship, Cortez will be the highest-ranking officer. What if there’s a galactic emergency?”

“If you don’t hurry up and get here so I can get some sleep,” Garrus said with exaggerated patience, “I’m going to murder Commander Shepard in cold blood.  How’s that for a galactic emergency?”

And so, twenty minutes later, having briefed Cortez and alerted EDI, Kaidan found himself striding through the Wards to a small, seedy club he’d never even known existed.  The bouncer eyed his Alliance uniform, his stony expression, and nodded him straight in.

The club was packed to the rafters, noisy and smoky, dark and humid, lights flashing and shadows whirling.  Kaidan could feel the bass of the music vibrating through his bones as he pushed through the crowd, heading to the lounge on the upper level where Garrus had said they were waiting; he already couldn’t wait to leave. When he got to the top of the stairs, a rising roar of laughter greeted him and he saw Garrus striding across, looking stern  but also a little relieved.

“Took you long enough – he’s all yours,” Garrus said, gesturing to where Shepard, Vega and Donnelly were propping each other up, laughing so hard Vega’s face was going purple.  “I’ll get the Doofus Twins back to the quarterhouse, but Shepard insists on sleeping in his own bed tonight.  Apparently he can’t sleep without watching the fish for a while.”

“Yeah, he does like to do that,” Kaidan said fondly, watching Shepard try and fail to zip up his hoodie three times in a row.  “Thanks for not abandoning him, Garrus.”

“I’d say it was my pleasure but I only lie when there’s no chance of being caught out,” Garrus said.  

Kaidan headed over to the others; he was a few paces away when Shepard spotted him, and the love and happiness that spread over his face made Kaidan’s chest tighten.  

“It’s you!” Shepard said, pointing to Kaidan.  Then he turned to the others, with only a slight sway in his step, and said, “Hey guys, it’s Kaidan!”

The others roared their approval and James shouted, “Shots to celebrate!”

“Ah, no – no more shots,” Kaidan said.  “Time for bed.”

“Aye, aye, Major,” Shepard said, attempting a seductive wink, and Kaidan had to laugh.

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Hina & Husband

AU in which Hinata is wearing a new dress and nervously ask her husband how she looks.

He turns around and immediately falls to the floor, clutching his heart like he’s having a heart attack. She rushes over and lifts his head on her lap.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, all panicked.

He grins like a doofus. “You almost killed me. Warn me next time if you’re going to come out looking so nice.”

Also on the other hand:

She asks him if she looks okay. He turns and see her. Her entire mood is shattered when he puts on the angriest face. “No, I can’t allow you to leave the house looking like that.” He threw his arms in the air.

“You hate it?”

He shakes his head. “I love it. Everyone is going to love and I’m going to have to fight off everyone tonight. That’s not fair.”

Then she melts into smiles and love and…ah.

mirrorfalls  asked:

The Riddler: how do we (should we?) work pathos into him?

The Riddler does not have an atom of pathos in him. He’s just convinced he does: as he sees it, if the world made any kind of sense he’d never lose.

The Riddler’s defining trait is that he’s an obnoxious asshole without a shred of self-awareness. I know there have been takes where it turned out his father abused him and it instilled compulsive desires to prove himself and to never lie, but I much prefer the original take where he’s just an awful kid who grew into an awful man-child (edit: though to make clear, the idea of him being compelled to do this still works as part of it). That is, after all, the piece of Batman he reflects: the idea that he’s fundamentally immature, trying to seize back control of the world by becoming awesome, translated through Eddie to being a rampaging egotist forcing the world to play his games forever so that he can continually prove that he’s better than all of them. It’s why I love how in the final Arkham game he finds the very concept of Batman being able to beat him at anything hilariously, obviously ludicrous on the face of it, because clearly the other 146 times Batman’s easily outsmarted him must have been an idiot’s blind luck - for all his professed devotion to logic (however skewed), his self-image as transcendent master of all he surveys, awe-inspiring and incomprehensible to all, is so foundational that it doesn’t even need to remotely relate to the reality of his situation. And that he’s as ridiculous as he is a genuine threat - he’s an unpredictable genius who probably could beat Batman if he didn’t have to try and be so goddamn clever all the time - only serves to make him more dangerous, because the imagery of the Batman can survive being beaten by a demon like Joker, but if he loses in a public fashion to a smug blithering fool like Edward Nygma, he’s done. That threat remains whether he’s a terrifying mastermind seemingly beyond reach who’s covered every angle, intending to ‘reveal’ Batman to the world as an idiot and actually having a frighteningly plausible shot at winning, a doofus impossible to take seriously, both, or a semi-reformed PI who likes hanging out with Penguin (the other childish Batman villain) because they’re equally snooty and therefore immediately hit it off. He’s flexible in both presentation and methods, while maintaining a consistent core that reflects and challenges Batman in a way no one else quite does, and while he’s tough to write if only because you have to come up with a lot of clever riddles for him, he never fails to entertain.

Love Me Do - Hoseok x Reader x Taehyung

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

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Part One - Next

Hanahaki Disease AU

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader x Taehyung

Words: 8,657

A/n: Hello! This is my first fic I’ve written for Tumblr, feedback is appreciated! I’ve seen a lot of fics using this AU and I decided to give it a try. This is my own take on this AU, I hope you enjoy!

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Rick and Morty Theory: Doofus* Rick and Time Travel

Originally posted by l-l-lickmyballs

Einstein has featured in the show, and makes his theories of relativity somewhat cannon. His work says it’s impossible to travel backwards in time, but Rick can hop through different dimensions. What if this allows him access to different times in other dimensions. Like the Testicle-Time-Monster said, “How are you gonna fix time while you’re standing in it?” Rick is only standing in his own timeline, he could be able to jump into different points of other dimension’s timelines. In terms of Rick’s origin story (which isn’t necessarily what we watched in 3x01), what if our Rick - The Rickest Rick of them all - lost Beth and her mother, which could be a multidimensional constant for all Ricks, and tried to fix everything by hopping to an earlier point in an alternate dimension where he could save his family. Finally, what if our Rick’s temporal/dimensional jump required shifting not only himself across a dimension, but pushed every other Rick a dimension to the left as well, leaving just one version of Rick to fall into our Rick’s original dimension where he doesn’t have a family - and that would be Doofus Rick.