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I saw Yoongi as the older brother I never had. He was always there for me. Jin was there too, but he seemed more like a mother to me. Yoongi on the other hand was down to earth. Quiet but caring, and despite his cold demeanor was a huge softy.  I was happy he was coming over. In a time like this i could really use my best friend.

But i can’t tell Jimin how i feel, not now. So Yoongi was going to be my helping hand until then. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

[A/N]- things will start to get more interesting in the next few parts! hope your ready for the ride- 


Prompt: Dick and Jason competing over a reader

Words: 453

Fandom: DC

You turn the other way whenever you see them coming. Your heart speeds up, your palms get sweaty, and you feel slightly lightheaded. When you start hiding in a closet, you know things have gone too far. And yet, you remain hidden. You draw your knees up to your chest, and wrap your arms around them to keep them in place, and you do your best to calm down.

          You’d never been one for dating. You’d gone your entire high school career without a date, and you had been fine with that. Then you join the team, and suddenly you had the attention of two guys.

          Nightwing and Robin were both great guys. Nightwing was a bit older, and Robin was a bit younger, but they were both so nice and sweet. Everything had been fine until you realized they were both competing for your attention. Suddenly interesting conversations had become contests to see who could top the other. And slowly, a pressure to choose had come around. That’s when the running had started.

          At the sound of footsteps outside the closet door, you scoot back a bit. You pray that the shadows hide you. You grimace when the door cracks a bit and that first stream of light comes through. Then it’s wide open, and you simply shut your eyes.


          Cracking one eye open you stare up at the familiar red head. M’Gann smiles down at you, before stepping into the closet, and taking a seat next to you. “You okay?”

          You shake your head. “Not really.”

          “The boys getting to you?”

          You nod. “A bit.”

          “Just a bit?”

          You wince. “Okay, I’ve had a few anxiety attacks.”

          She sighs before wrapping you in a hug. You stiffen at the contact, and she lets go. You wince. “Sorry, I’m not good at personal contact.”

           The smile never leaves her face. “It’s all good.” There’s a moment of silence before she finally asks “Do you want to date one of them?”

          You wince. “Not really.” Curling into yourself a bit you say, “I’ve gone through my whole life pretty much isolated. Mom wanted to protect me, and that meant keeping me away from other kids. Freezing an entire class of my peers wouldn’t exactly have been good. Her method kept me safe, but it also kept me isolated.”

          M’gann just smiles at you. “It’s okay. I’ll handle this.”

          You nod, and relax just a bit. There’s another pause before she asks, “Do you want to come back with me?”

          You bite your lip. “Okay.”

          She just smiles and slips out of the closet, before offering you her hand. You take it without hesitation, and you can’t help but feel safe.

Wanted to share some witchy apps that I have at the moment.
1: moon- shows the phases of the moon
2: herbs guide- a guide for herbs and plants and helps with memory and has a quiz-ish (I’ve never messed with the quiz yet)
3:mighty timer- brew timer for tea
4: golden thread tarot- gives you a single card reading also other card readings and helps you learn spreads
5: Labyrinthos academy- related to #5 made by same people and helps you learn how to read the cards
6: Dreamboard- dream journal (I just started using it)
7: ibis paint x- painting/drawing app if you’re like me you have sigil references or hate to use a lot of paper just to draw one sigil and this lets you save like 20 copies of the same thing so you can reuse a photo instead of wasting paper to get one sigil

[ARTICLE] Dreamcatcher Questions Popular Stereotypes Surrounding Girl Groups

In a saturated industry where it’s difficult for rookies to set themselves apart, Dreamcatcher has succeeded in doing just that! With their elaborate dark concepts, they are starting to cement themselves as a unique girl group.

About this, member SuA said, “Because there has never been a girl group that tried this concept before, a lot of people are interested in our uniqueness. For myself, when we used to sing bright songs, I would be aware of myself thinking, ‘I want to look like this.’ Now, the songs themselves are powerful with a strong beat, so the energy and facial expressions come out naturally. I like that we look natural.”

Dreamcatcher is gathering fans with their go at rock music as a genre. As such, Dreamcatcher walks a different path from your typical girl group. However, about this, the members questioned, “Why do girl groups need to be pretty?”

Dami said, “A lot of people wondered why girl groups are divided into just innocent or sexy. I think girl groups can do a lot of varied genres as well. Not just Dreamcatcher; I hope that lots of new genres get tried in the future.”

Gahyeon agreed, saying, “There is a group who attempted ‘innocent’ for the first time, and a group that started ‘sexy’ for the first time. We are starting rock as a genre for the first time, so if there are junior groups who attempt this genre after us, I think this genre will get more popular to the public as well.”

Siyeon revealed that the girls are planning on other things as well. She said, “Of course, there are songs in our album that aren’t rock. We plan to show you other genres as well. But personally, I hope we always keep rock with us. A lot of fans also tell us that they hope that Dreamcatcher will continue doing rock.”

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher made a comeback with “Fly High” last month.

Source: Soompi

The VRAINS parallel universe?

Okay, this image right here-

-just screams to me as important. Her words, the strings that come from her fingers…I know the art is different because of a new art director but the words she says in that image seem like MAJOR foreshadowing.

Like, Ema doesn’t really seem to be an outside person who knows a lot more than anyone else does but that sentence right there - “The circuit that connects to the unknown parallel universe” - is that not at all just the tiniest bit shady?

I’d like to point out something Shoichi mentioned back in episode one (in reference to the Data Storms):

…Okay, already, that sounds suspicious. Ema mentions a parallel universe in passing as she summons the Link circuit. Shoichi mentions a “brand new world” in the very beginning in the reference to the Data Storms that appear with monsters in the winds.

Is it possible that there’s something we’re missing here? Is this world the Cyverse? If so, what is the Cyverse? Is it a world parallel both to Earth and the VRAINS? Is it a part of the VRAINS world or is it some place new?

Like, the fact that this point has been brought up two times in near repetition (and if it’s brought up a third time in passing that might mean it’s an actual thing for almost certainty considering this show’s obsession with the number 3) does this mean this world of sorts has high amounts of relevance to the plot? Is this where, maybe, Yusaku and the rest came from? Is this part of what SOL is hiding?

What’s more - why do two of the main adults in this show seem to mention it in passing and yet not seem to have any relation to it? Ema and Shoichi have both mentioned something akin to an alternate world…is it possible Akira and Dr. Kogami and Go’s butler might hint to something like that too? What’s more, episode 14 seems to cement that Ghost Girl/Ema doesn’t know of Shoichi and vice versa and…yet…they seem to be aware of each other and willing to help the other out (like how Ema gave Shoichi access to the camera and waved at him? But, now that I think about it…was she waving at Akira or Shoichi…? She doesn’t seem to ever recognize being watched by anyone other than Akira through her own cameras’ lenses…)

I brought it up in my People of the Data Storm theory before but I really do think the adults (or, at the very least, Akira, Ema and Shoichi) are connected in some way. How or why, I’m not sure I can say anymore but…it’s interesting to note how two of them already share a similar ‘hidden message’ of sorts in common…

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Hi! Can I request HCs of how McCree, Soldier:76, and Reaper deals with feisty/sassy S/O? Thanks in advance :>


- Every day is a competition to out-sass each other

- You win just a tad more because he has a tendency to start thinking about how sexy and gorgeous you are when you’re feisty and he loses track about what you’re sass in each other about

- This doesn’t usually happen around other people though, he has a reputation to keep up after all

- It’s too late, everybody who knows both of knows that you’re the sass master

- If the sass in stars getting at all personal, he’s not above picking up, throwing you over his shoulder, and taking you somewhere you can sass each other privately

- Sassing isn’t the only thing you do to each other when this happens ;)

Soldier 76

- Do you know how long it’s been since someone was sassy at him?

- It’s been a long time, he’s not quite sure how to respond

- It’s takes a few months, but he’ll start sass in you back

- It won’t be at your level of sass, but it’s a start. It’s more than he’s done in years

- He still thinks that there’s a time and a place for sass, and neither of those are on the battlefield

- Won’t hesitate to tell you if he thinks your level if sass is unprofessional

- Jack, Overwatch is a group of vigilantes operating illegally on a global scale. No one cares about how professional you are


- Reaper is more dry and sarcastic than sassy, but people who don’t get his sense of humor just think he’s straight up murderous

- When they see you talking back to him they think the next time they hear your name it will be in a death report

- Especially since the last person who kinda talked back to him got backhanded into a concrete wall

- They don’t realize that this is your way if flirting with each other

- But he does have limits, and he doesn’t really like it if your super sassy right after a hard or failed mission

- Just give him a little space and he’ll be back to his sarcastic self soon

Why is everyone suddenly so mad about the new “Orphan black” book? Can’t we just respect each other’s opinions and not let that divide (what’s left of) this fandom? Why does it matter if someone does not like how the character is written? Who even wrote that book? Did they ever wrote for the series? Do they know the character? 
Do not let those things get to you and please respect each other. After all we do not know much about Delphine Cormier and she IS written a bit different than in the show (from the few pages I could read). Let’s not have the “you don’t know what mental illness looks like” because that just pisses me off. It’s different for everyone, okay? Do not get me started. Again, I do not want to anger anyone, but all I’m saying is… let’s just take a moment to breathe and just… have some respect, yeah? After all, we are different people, with different opinions. I respect you all, so please respect my opinion about this. Thanks.

Gem harvest was a bad episode and you don’t need me to tell you about it.

However, I’ve liked the concept of Peridot and Lapis picking up farming/gardening. With Peridot’s organised thinking and Lapis’ ability to fly and control over water this could be a fun “gag” (can’t find a right word), seeing the vegetables grow from episode to episode, seeing barn gems excited when they grow anything. Maybe they could start a buisness with the help of Steven and the other gems, getting to know each other better and learning to cooperate… Maybe giving the money they earn to Steven and the gems as a rent/in gratitude? This could be a fun neat thing, maybe even material for a few episodes? The pumpkin dog was unnecesary, I feel like it would be better if after some time they’d start a chicken coop or took care of any other farm animals. Like Peridot has no clue why chickens act the way they do, so she just spends day and night studyng them, recording her observations on the recorder. Lapis doesn’t get why they are such poor flyers if they have wings and maybe tries teaching them to fly/carries them on her back on a joyride and learns to appreciate Earth creatures for how diverse they are and just becomes kinder (even if just for animals/birds)? Or Peridot making various unnecessarily complicated machines as toys for the chickens? 

I feel like this idea had a lot of potential as a background event/development, another thing I feel has wasted potential.

<< helping your mental health: back to school >>

we all know that school is tough. really tough. and your mental health can suffer, which can lead you to burning out or becoming exhausted and unmotivated for a long period of time, which you don’t want. 

self-care. as we all know, i am a massive lover of self care. i think it’s so important and it’s enjoyable too, so what reason could you have to not want to practise it? it can be simpler than you think, too - i might make a list of self care things, although i’ve reblogged a bunch and linked them in other masterposts - for example: standing outside your front door/building and taking a few deep breaths or brushing your teeth or washing your face. 

know your limits. know how long you can study for until you start getting distracted, and begin to set timers. for example, i can work comfortably for about half an hour before i need a break, so i’ll set a 30 minute timer, then have a five or ten minute break depending on what im doing in that break (if im eating then five but if adding to my bullet journal then it could need ten minutes), then continuing this until my work is done or it’s late etc. 

talk to people. for me, my friends are my therapists. i go to them and spill out my thoughts and they help me - they give me a hug and give me advice and tell me that i will be fine, i’ll always be fine, i can get through it, and that they will be there for me every step of the way. find someone you can wholeheartedly trust and talk to them every time you feel yourself beginning to bottle things up. bottling. up. is. not. good. 

reward yourself. if there’s a particular day on your timetable that you hate or that is really difficult for you to get through (last year on a monday i would have 200 minutes of business - our timetable having three 100 minute lessons a day, and on mondays we would essentially have two business lessons) make sure you reward yourself at the end of the day. maybe that’s taking yourself to a coffee shop after school to relax, or to the bookstore and buying a new book or a nice new pen (don’t do this one too often since it spends a lot of your money over time) or visiting the library to talk to a regular you’ve made friends with or to read for a while, or have a bath or tidy a room or area in your house or call a friend or anything else you can think of. 

breathe. i do this thing called the 7-7-8 breaths, but you can change this to 5-5-6 or 6-6-7,, whatever suits you. breathe in for seven seconds, hold it for seven seconds, breathe out for eight seconds. repeat this until your heartrate has slowed to normal, you’re breathing comfortably, and you feel calmer. 

this is all i have for now, it’s not much but hopefully it helps in some way. feel free to message me if your mental health isn’t okay; we can talk or i can give you some self care things to do. ily all, stay healthy. 

xo carrie

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"You can't tell me what to do" and can I get uhhhhhhhhhhh natan

this is the life! this is the life! this is the life!

one year, five days

we’re starting new

try to make a change

it’s one more thing to do

two door cinema club, this is the life

he is turning twenty.

it’s been about four years, approximately, since he’s last seen her.

that chipped tooth that she’s had from childhood (thanks to her cousin, pax). the scar on her shoulder from that time they decided they’d tattoo each other when they were fifteen. (god, what’d he’d give to kiss that scar.)

those deep, muddy green eyes that were paralysingly good at instantly reading your every thought when you least expected it. the bubblegum pink tongue that would lick the lips it sat between when trying to figure out a math problem that was exceedingly difficult. or, or —

— stan stopped. just because she went to the same high school he did meant nothing. just because they were throwing a mixed class reunion for the classes of 2013 / 2014 meant nothing. 

natalie wasn’t a people person. they were always judging her throughout her childhood. (”how lost she must be without a mother,” women would criticise when they saw natalie playing soccer with boys, or getting muddy with four wheelers. what they didn’t know, stan remembered thinking, was that natalie absolutely loved dolls. not that it mattered.)

considering how she’d been picked apart by society then, he couldn’t imagine she’d be thrilled to be packed in a room full of idiots who probably hadn’t read a real book since they’d taken their cap and gown off after graduation.

he snorted. even the frighteningly realistic voices in his head sounded like her.

people began to pour through the doors and form lines for pizza and punch (what a selection, he thinks dryly). he sees kristi and her boyfriend, michael elyoniel, come in; smiling and waving and hugging everyone like the socialites they are. laila and felix — his childhood neighbour — follow close behind, offering polite grins and kind words.

his lips twist in a wry smirk. he missed the easy days, when things weren’t fractured over silly issues like his best friend dating his ex - girlfriend.

he untucks his hand from his pocket and checks his watch. 6:45. he sighs in relief.

she can’t be coming. natalie’s never late.

and then, because god decides now is a good time to test stan’s faith, she walks in.

and it’s like he’s falling in love with her all over again.

compared to everyone around her (even in paint - covered overalls and a mustard yellow sweater with a messy topknot secured by a paintbrush), natalie is an angel of the rarest kind. she is expressionless and quiet but draws the attention of the rest of the room’s inhabitant effortlessly.

she stops in front of stan. “hello,” she says, and her voice is like honey stuck to the roof of his mouth — unexpected, uninvited, but not entirely unwelcome. staring at her sends him rolling back into 2012 —

“don’t ever talk to him again,”

“you can’t tell me what to do,”

and he sucks in a shuddering breath, enveloping his lifelong love in a crushing hug that says i have so much to tell you.

additional notes: welcome to the angst train! also this sort of strayed but i uhhhhh love it and im super self indulgent so? ? ?

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It's so refreshing seeing positive posts about Dany, I'm sick of her copping crap for stuff everyone else has done. 🙌🏼🐉

i’m happy to provide dany positivity! i mean, dany isn’t perfect. i think she’s morally grey, but so are all the other characters. trying to villainize her for things that everyone else has done is really starting to get out of control. like you know people have started to lose their minds when they’re out there sympathizing with RANDYLL TARLY of all people. come on. i think a lot of it is the writing’s fault. they’re trying to get across tyrion’s loyalty conflicts between his allegiance to dany and the bond to his family, but they’re doing it at the expense of dany’s perspective, so she comes off as a “mad queen.”. i’m glad davos at least called tyrion out last episode when he said “the last time i was here, you burned my son with wildfire.” but i think the writers used this line as a “HAHA good one, davos!” moment rather than actually shining a light on tyrion’s hypocrisy. it’s just bad writing. in the books, it’s easier to understand characters who are morally grey because we get different POVs, but in the show, we only see D&D’s POV, and they have no idea what that kind of complexity means.

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Whats a show bible?

a show bible and a pitch are often the same thing. it’s a document that details all the main information about the show: the premise, the characters, the arc for each season, and other fun stuff that might be beneficial to know about the show before it goes into production. it keeps the writers on track because they get a clear outline of where each character starts out and ends up (emotionally, in terms of their skill level, sometimes even physically, etc), what the main locations, characters, and plot for the series are, and what each season attempts to accomplish. 

ID #29696

Name: Elinor
Age: 25
Country: Canada

Right now I’m an undergrad student (going into my 6th and last year this fall) studying history. I love reading, fantasy is probably my favourite genre but I’ll read almost anything. A few of my favourite authors are Robin Hobb, Juliet Marillier, and Tamora Pierce. I also like to write my own stories, although I don’t do it nearly as much as I should. I watch too many TV shows (i tend to like them more than movies). Mostly science fiction (Star Trek, Stargate, Farscape, classic Dr. Who, etc.) but I like a lot of other shows, too (e.g. Mad Men, Bob’s Burgers, Kimmy Schmidt, etc).
Some other things I like/love: cats, crochet (just started getting into it recently), cooking, and baking. As you might have guessed, I’m a very indoorsy person. I’m also generally very shy/socially anxious (even online), so I apologize in advance.
Unfortunately, I can only speak/understand English, but I’d be happy to help someone practice their English if they need to.
I’d prefer to stick with email, at least at first. I can also just chat here on tumblr and I’m okay with exchanging some social media.

Preferences: No real age/gender preferences, but I’d slightly prefer someone closer to my age.

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Crutchie feeds all the crows and blackbirds that everyone else thinks are nuisances. The birds in turn protect Crutchie and bring him small shiny things as a thank you. They tell all the other birds that he's a good human. 10/10 would bring shiny to again.

UM YES????? At one point, Oscar and Morris were giving him hell for something and just out of no where a big crow just lands nearby. They don’t think anything of it at first because it’s just a crow. Then more start showing up. And more. And the Delancey’s are getting nervous now. The crows just hop behind them. Faster and faster. Making them more and more uncomfortable until the brothers are RUNNING from these GIANT CROWS that are LITERALLY CHASING THEM. They end up with a lot of bird poo on them.

They once considered the idea of Crutchie being some sort of witch.

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Y'all Becca fans are insane. Don't know why you'd ever like someone like her. She's annoying and a bitch

Yeah, she can be annoying to some people. And she can be a bitch too. But I like her. So… call me insane all you want.

Becca’s trying to change her attitude though. And change takes time. But she’s trying, you get me?

I’m a real sucker for relationships that start off with both of the characters hating each other, and then end up falling in love. So you can say that’s another reason why I started to like her character… Sorry if I’m not making sense, I barely slept last night.

Anyway, if you don’t like her and don’t see yourself liking her anytime soon, then you go do your thing. 

unrelated threads

- I feel a bit out-of-step with this past weekend’s events because I didn’t experience them in real time on social media. There was a privilege in being unaware for most of the weekend while I was without cell service, so I’m just now processing things and trying to pick up the pieces through articles, podcasts, etc. without getting too overwhelmed or oversaturated. 

- I’m finding that this time of transition at school is once again a bit of a struggle for me. I’m having trouble switching from summer mode and working independently on detail-oriented projects to having to be “on” and more flexible to where the days take me. Teachers are starting to fill up my days again and while I want to catch up and get back into my school year routine, I feel exhausted by walk-ins and other unexpected stresses. This is my last week before early wake-ups and a building full of people, and I want to enjoy the last of the peace and quiet, but each day I feel inconvenienced that it’s already mostly gone.

- Nick and I have only spent two weekends apart since getting back together in early May, both of which were because I was out of town with friends. This time it’s the opposite scenario, and while I’m excited for a more low-key weekend to do some deep cleaning and other tasks before the start of the school year, I’m trying to temper myself to not fall into a melancholy mood about spending the weekend on my own. I know these weekends apart will matter a lot less once we move in together, but right now they still make a big dent in quality time. Still, if I survived those two long months on my own, I can survive one lousy weekend.

- Speaking of moving in together, I swear every minor inconvenience these days just makes me ready for us to have a house, even a rental house like we’re planning. It’s nice to have something concrete to plan for and look forward to, even when I find myself feeling self-conscious about everyone else’s lives falling into place and leaving me in the dust. I just want somewhere to hose down my coolers and chairs after a weekend camping that isn’t my cramped apartment balcony. And most of all I’m just ready to finally be able to wake up and go to bed in the same place seven days a week, after years and years of long distance. 

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Is your writing ever influenced by other people's fanfic? Inspiration or interpretations or canon or something?

All the time. 

So here’s a fun secret, while the first thing I do is watch the canon *several* times, I do not start writing in a fandom until I’ve read (or at least clicked and backed out of) every single completed fic for that pairing plus a bunch of the in-progress ones. You have to understand what you’re writing. Watching canon lets me create my own base interpretation, reading fanon lets me understand what these characters mean to others. Fanon and canon are meant to be different things and are meant to be read in different ways. 

If you’re going to work in an area (and i do consider fanfic work) you need to understand it. Artists analyze other art. Writers analyze other writing. Authors of any type are encouraged to read in their genre because you need to understand what readers are looking for, what the tropes are, and how you can fit those into your own views. I read so much YA SFF because that’s what I write in my non-fanfic life. 

Writing is the dream so I make it my job. Reading is the job.

I read a ton of fanfic. So so much. And it’s all jumbled in my work somewhere. Stories have always been people putting old things together in new ways. Homer and Shakespeare did it just the same. Sometimes I’m influenced by my own fanfic and want to try it differently this time or copy my own structure to see how it really works (look at all 3 hollstein + animal stories [kittens, spiders, fish] same structure). I could give you probably a dozen examples of works that influenced my own. (do we want this?)

I tend to write things that I want to understand, both thematically and linguistically. My ideas are my own (because plagiarism is bad!)  but the threads of everything that came before do and should pop up. That’s what makes stories, stories. 

So you bet anon! I’m reading all the fanfic first to enjoy and then as a critical writer human because I want us all to get better together.

Writing Advice Post Idea

Hey! I just had an idea! You know what’s one thing that bothers me in fiction??

Lack of well-written sibling relationships! I mean, they either hate each other, or they have the “perfect” relationship with absolutely no bumps in the road.

Nope! Not reality! I mean, bad sibling relationships certainly do exist, but good relationships also exist and no, siblings won’t get along all the time.

And hey, I have a lot of siblings. And hey, I’ve started making writing advice posts. Why not make a post on writing good, accurate, healthy sibling relationships??

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You've Heard of Portal Portal... You've heard of Camp Camp... Now get ready... For a cross-over. The whole thing starts with the Portal Portal AU, But the only ones in Aperture Science are Max, David, and Daniel. All the other characters are at Camp Campbell. sometime after the events of Portal Portal and Max goes home, he is sent to Camp Campbell.

(Ok not gonna lie, on my first read through I saw every ‘Camp Campbell’ as Cameron Campbell and that everyone other than David, Max, and Daniel was Cameron and it was all a setup for a hilarious meme)

But OH I LIKE THIS! Would David and Daniel still be GLaDOS and Wheatley? And if so, who’s running the camp in David’s place?