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  • Íþróttaálfurinn: You can eat sweets once in a while, but don't make it a habit
  • me: okay sure
  • Íþróttaálfurinn: You shouldn't always be watching TV and playing video games, make sure to do other things for yourself
  • me: yeah seems sensible
  • Íþróttaálfurinn: Catch a fish and eat it raw
  • me: i'm sorry what

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I follow because you have good content. My disagreements with others on maters of worldview or philosophy shouldn't mean I can't enjoy fandom and all it entails

The things is that pretty much our entire blog is worldview. So is “fandom and all it entails” - you can’t hold entertainment and media in some kind of separate sphere that has no relation to the rest of the world. 

When we post tags like “transphobes get put in the bee orb to atone for their sins” or “I dedicate this gay fanfic to my vice president-elect Mike Pence for being a stellar LGBTQ ally”, we are absolutely aligning ourselves with a particular ideology. So the idea that someone could follow our blog and fundamentally disagree with our worldview is just vaguely confusing.

But if you’ve figured out how to do that then more power to you or whatever.

                 I  feel  like  something  needs  to  be  said  in  regards  to  something  I’ve  seen  so  much  recently.     Because  I  don’t  think  that  this  is  something  we,     myself included,     need  to  do / feel.     When  you  feel  bad  or  negative  or  whatever,     you  do  not  need  to  apologize  for it.     You  do  not  need  to  say  you’re  sorry  because  you’re  not  feeling  all  sunshine  and  rainbows.     You  are  allowed  to  be  upset.     You  are  allowed  to  feel  down  in  the  dumps.     And  I  think  we  need  to  make  the  rp  community  more  openly  okay  with  the  fact  that  we’re  all  humans  who  physically  and  emotionally  cannot  have  everyday  be  one  of  the  good  days.     As  humans,     we’re  going  to  struggle.     Sometimes  you’re  going  to  feel  inadequate  or  ignored  or  frustrated  or  sad  and  that’s  okay.     Don’t  feel  like  you  have  to  apologize  for  feeling  that  way.     <3


  ‘cause i ain’t sticking around long:  a  f a n m i x  f o r  n i c k

  “Name’s Nick,

  but don’t bother learning it.”


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I wanted to read aikass but I'm kinda turned away by the incest tag? It says it's in the background I know but is it ever talked about or shown enough that someone triggered by incest shouldn't read it?

Okay, so the thing with the incest in AIKASS. I’ll get into it here but please be aware for anyone considering reading there are some spoilers for the early parts of the fic in this. 

Earth B/Post-Scratch/Alpha Dave and Rose meet each other when they are very young in this story. Dave develops a crush on her and basically they are each other’s only support system growing up long distance from each other, doing all they can to stay in touch through the foster system etc. They go through Some Heavy Shit. By the time they are adults, Dave has fallen completely in love with Rose. However, he found out Rose is gay in their teen years, and has never acted on his feelings because of it.

 They have no idea they are related, and (minor spoiler for what WON’T be in aikass) they never will. However, we as readers know that technically Dave and Rose have the same genetic parents. So it is biologically incest. And early on AIKASS (SPOILERS for the first few chapters) we find that Rose’s psychic abilities went on overdrive during Rebranding Day (the day the Condesce revealed herself and Jane entered the medium in canon) and she had a total episode where she basically saw The End of Humanity and foresaw the atrocities that Condy would visit upon Earth B and glimpsed her and Dave’s role in it. Dave is literally physically with her when this happens. And in that moment of weakness when they’re facing the fact that the world is going to end and there’s nothing they can do to stop it but they know they’ll fight and die anyway, Things Happen Between Them. 

Dave and Rose’s relationship is HELLISHLY STRAINED throughout all 30+ chapters of AIKASS so far because of this, this moment informs every interaction they have and is a big part of the Inciting Action for the entire story. 

I can’t emphasize this part enough: every Fucked Up Thing that happens in aikass is dealt with openly, honestly and brutally. People talk about it. There are consequences to things. Nothing is swept under the rug. 

SO. It is ultimately a DaveKat fic. They are the primary pairing and they are the ones whose developing relationship is in the spotlight. But Rose is JUST as primary a character as the two of them are, and Dave+Rose and Karkat+Rose’s relationships are just as important and expounded on. Dave and Rose learning how to move past what happened and figure out if they can Be Okay platonically after that. (I won’t talk about Rose and Karkat’s relationship because HELLA SPOILERS but it’s basically adorable purely platonic big sister/little brother.)

So. The incest definitely exists and is a driving factor for the story, and Dave’s feelings for Rose are an enormous part of his character (especially in the flashback scenes of them growing up.) 

Again, they have no idea and will never find out, but YOU know. So you have to decide for yourself if that knowledge combined with what’s going on is gonna trigger you. Remember - YOU and your mental health come before fanfiction!

A general warning to everyone though, really: AIKASS is a VERY INTENSE FIC. It doesn’t pull punches. There are two explicit suicide attempts in like the first two chapters. Mind the tags and be careful. It’s my favorite fic of all time (and not just because my wife writes it) but it is not fucking around with depictions of mental illness and ethically fucked up situations. 

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bruh you swerved the fuck out of your own lane when you decided to add your ignorant toxicity to sakura-uchiha-uzumaki's post that literally did nothing but praise sakura. stop playing the victim. sakura went above and beyond during the pain arc to save your fave, the damsel in distress who almost got everyone killed. sakura shouldn't have had to deal with hinata's mistake. but she did, and after multitasking and expending hoards of energy on other things. all hinata did was cause problems.

Okay first off, that post was tagged Hinata Hyuga, and as a fan of Hinata, I would go in to the Hinata tag, and thus, the post was clearly in my lane, and free for me to respond to. You on the other hand came swerving so fast onto my correctly tagged anti post that I’m surprised you didn’t get whiplash. So maybe you should heed your own words about staying in your own lane before coming in and accusing me of shit.

Hinata almost got everyone killed? Your right. It’s all her fault and definitely had nothing to do with the invasion going on, she practically opened the gate for them to come in right? The way you’re accusing her of getting people killed, she may as well have.

All she did was cause problems? You mean like being smart enough to know that Naruto couldn’t face off against Pein alone (a thought Shikamaru also had mind you, but your not insulting him) Her stepping in to help set off a chain of events that a) saved Naruto’s life, a fact he himself acknowledge b) allowed Naruto to meet his father, and later his mother because he was still alive and c) allowed Naruto to come face to face with Nagato to where he was able to convince him to bring all the innocent people killed back to life. Hinata saved people by saving Naruto, but sure, she almost got them killed.

Or are you talking about when Naruto went back shit pissed off because she was hurt and almost unleashed the Kyuubi? Because absolutely zero people were hurt during that and no additional damage was done to the village.

Or would you have rather she not step in, and Pein succeed in taking Naruto from the village because no one moved in to help. For Akatsuki to get their hands on the Kyuubi and thus ensure their win during the eventual war and they have world domination. And don’t go ‘oh they could have formed a rescue team and went after him!’ with who? Everyone capable was either out of the village, dead, or so worn down/wounded that they wouldn’t succeeded.

Which is why Hinata had to step in, to stop the inevitable end from happening. So yes, Sakura did her job as a medic and healed people, but Hinata saved so many more by ‘causing problems’

And honestly, I’m so sick of your ignorant ass comments, so stop tagging me in things, do not message me again. do not reblog because I do not care what you have to say since I already know your not going to acknowledge what I said. I do not care. I will block you. Now go away.

So, yesterday I went out to eat for the first time in a long while and, as per tradition, I played with my food. Only, this time I snapped a picture and shared it. For Weird Artistic Reasons. Its only tag was #Foodart

                                    [ Those fries have contrapposto, ok. ]

Anyway, a few hours later, this professional chef re-tweets my picture with some new tags. 

Which, okay. Sure. #Foodie maybe?? #FridayFeeling okay. But #Chef ????

Just when i’m only casually wondering why this is a thing, other chefs and food people and I don’t know what that dude is there start sharing it. 

                                             [ Who even are you? ]

And it’s then that I notice that some of these people are treating this #FoodArt as a chef creation. As in: This is how the food arrived at the table, prepared by the chef. 

Instead of just me sticking my leftovers on a toothpick and slicing up my pickle because i’m bored. Which is what it is. 

It’s litterally table scraps. 

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I was so pumped over this project, and the more I see the kind of people it drags in, the less I'm interested. I'm from a minority, a csa victim and I'm mentaly ill, and I already know I won't be safe on this site. But at least, if it works, maybe tumblr will be a little safer? Just for that, I wish you all the luck. Some people just shouldn't share the same space. I'm just disappointed that it's always the same kind of people that rush on the better stuff.

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t feel safe on our site? You can blacklist tags, block users (and this hides reblogs of their posts as well), join groups and private groups to more tailor your experience, and report anyone who harasses you.

We have minorities on our team (racial/ethnic and LGBT minorities), people with mental illness, and other things that I won’t disclose for the sake of our team’s privacy. I’m sorry that our site doesn’t feel like a good fit for you and wish you the best of luck.

Unpopular Opinion: I don’t like Iris West.

Yes, she’s a strong woman with opinions and shit, I can respect that. I can also respect that she cares about her family and friends, but I still don’t like her.

“What Barry said makes sense but I’m gonna disrespect that you don’t want to talk about it and force you to say it while threatening to break up otherwise because we are in a relationship and love each other and that means no fucking secrets whatsoever, doesn’t matter if it makes you uncomfortable or anything.”  - Iris West. 

Fuckity no. Respect peoples decisions and boundaries, woman.

Also fuck you for the thing with Linda.

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Zodiac: Gemini 

Hogwarts House: Pottermore said Slytherin, and I think it’s right, that or Hufflepuff – I am a pretty ride or die person if I like you, but I don’t suffer fools.

Favourite colour: Deep Grey Blue – like the high summer sky before a February storm.

Time now: 7.06pm

Last thing I googled: Ticketing concession policy for a touring dance company

Blankets I sleep with: Just a doona but I have very specific pillow requirements.

Favourite Bands: Ohhh. OK. So. You Am I (Tim Rogers is forever the king of my teenage heart) Pulp, Stone Roses, Blur, The Go-Betweens, Foo Fighters, Teenage Fanclub, Crowded House, Gin Blossoms oh god, The Lemonheads. These are all sentimental faves, honestly there are too many though!! Newer are bands like Warpaint, The 1975 & Years & Years, Blossoms – an odd mix. Umm Fleetwood Mac, I am only human – this doesn’t touch on my pop punk childhood. I am going to stop.

Favourite Solo Artist: atm Sampha (although his touring band is amazing as well, PAULi !!) also look, I am listening to Harry’s album and I don’t hate it at all & I am going to be down there in the GA in April. Umm, Niall. lmso. Free me. Beth Orton all time old school fave. Oh Lorde! I am excited about her coming to work! ** EDIT - OMG I forgot Troye! Haha. He would laugh at that. anyway Troye is the sweetest most talented boy in the world.

Dream trip: Scotland for certain important missed connection type reasons. At the moment somewhere warm, maybe just Magnetic Island in Qld would be enough.

Currently wearing: A flanno shirt, skinny black jeans, work pass, normally I try to wear a fancy shoe but it’s a running round day so black Vans ( I am still at work atm)

Age of blog: This one is almost six months. I wanted something more HP focussed.

Things I post: Mainly Harry Potter, Drarry - I love them - But I love all the ships, love the fandom in general – the art !! the fics !! the emotion !! & honestly I have and do learn so much from HP fandom. Some music stuff – 1d, Years and Years, The 1975, some art and politics stuff. Random midnight checkins, pictures of a day in the life of my shoes. Who bloody knows! But I am nice and friendly and I am probably a massive fan of you, whoever you are so say Hi if you like!

I can’t remember if I am meant to tag people or not, if you see this and you’d like to do it please do, tag me and I will come learn stuff about you! if I am meant to, umm @charlotte-bird @serpensthesia @dddraconis @sprout2012 @devinesis @o0o-chibaken-o0o @thebluepeninsula any of you lovely people feeling like procrastinating? Feel free to ignore & sorry if I have tagged someone already tagged. 

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I'm so done with all these people trying to justify their hate for a ship with "it's csa" and "pedophilia". I'm a csa survivor and if I'm triggered by something I block it out, not go on the attack. If they wanna talk shit about ships and abuse on THEIR pages, that's fine. But they shouldn't be subjecting other people to their whining and bitching and they KNOW that. It's a classic case of wanting to complain about SOMETHING. (Pt. 1)

HELLO ANON, THANK YOU FOR THIS (ง •̀~•̀)ง I can understand people wanting things tagged or pointing out possibly triggering things, but outright expecting that people should conform to other people’s standards and feelings or shouldn’t do things that they obviously enjoy just for others is very unfair and, frankly, rather entitled of them? as you said, there are tools for blocking, you could delete or ignore things, nicely ask people to tag so that they could avoid those things, but sending rude and hurtful messages and comments is just plain shitty.

And TBH my biggest peeve about this is that last thing you mentioned where people completely forget the actual characters?? Keith lived on his own looking for alien clues and saving Shiro from all these military-affiliated adults?? Keith also prioritizes the lives of many over the lives of the few?? Which is very mature of him?? And Shiro likes protecting people?? The first thing he did after getting back to earth was warn the others about the incoming aliens?? He threw himself into practically a suicide battle so that Matt wouldn’t have to fight??? He prioritized Pidge’s safety over getting information on his missing team??? Shiro was the first to rush to Lance when the explosion happened and carried and protected him from the intruders in the castle??? Shiro went against everything he said about attacking the main galra fleet so that they could save Allura?????

BUT OF COURSE because Shiro is An Adult, shipping him with Keith or Lance (who could literally be 18/19, if not now, then in 1-2 years) equates to him being Abusive and Manipulative and Wrong. 

A+ logic amirite

I love her voice!

Anachronism | Millian Fic

This was supposed to be something else. It had started out okay, everything was fine, and then at the end of it Milah refused to play nice with others. At the end she let me know very emphatically that she was going to do the thing. I tried to have her not do the thing, but her response was: I’m dead, I can do what I want.

(I told @unordinary-modern-princess I wanted to do this thing, and after I described a little bit of it she went @_@ do the thing. She is an evil, evil enabler ♥)

(Partly a season two rewrite with cursed!Milah because I wrote a crack verse that wasn’t really crack. Not because I want this to have happened instead, but because I’m greedy and want it also. That’s what AUs are for, huzzah!)

Title: Anachronism
Rating: T
Summary:  She was an anachronism, an errant bit of temporal detritus. 

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Alright look, I’m not going to be made to feel bad about what I ship on this blog. For two reasons:

One, it’s fiction. It’s an rp, and you can make things work in an rp–no I’m not talking about literally illegal shit like pedo ships, gross.

Two: some of my ships, mainly one…help me.

I tag all my ships, just as I expect the same courtesy of others. If I don’t feel like it’s shippy yet I won’t tag it but if you want me to just fucking ask. Seriously, I’m not going to be mad. I want my blog to be a comfortable space. I’ll tag what you want me to tag. But I’m not going to stop what I’m doing. I’ll tag it. You blacklist, or unfollow. It’s that simple. Can’t blacklist? Unfollow. Just because you don’t follow me doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

Jaspis is a coping ship for me–that’s literally IN MY RULES.

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In response to the reasoning that Steve Rogers and the Avengers are allowed to kill the enemy because they’re literally soldiers and/or the fact that Marvel heroes are more “human, down to earth” and doesn’t have the “mythic, godly” reputation that the DC heroes (specifically Superman, Wonder Woman & Batman) have:

Yes, Superman is a legendary character, with a mythic status developed for almost a century, saturated in pop culture everywhere. But to actually elevate him to some godly pedestal itself, to justify the idea that he’s above any moral decisions from any other of his superhero counterparts, and that he cannot be allowed to kill a rampaging murderer hellbent on destroying an entire planet as the very last resort to stop the said murderer, because it sullies him – I’m sorry to say, but that’s frankly disturbing.

For why should Superman be held to a different standards of morality that you’re applying to the other heroes from the other universe? Cap hasn’t reached the “mythic” status in pop culture yet, so it’s okay for him to kill the bad guys? Cap is a soldier, so we give him a pass on using lethal methods to stop the enemy? Why the inconsistency, really?

As for Diana, I could just point everyone to Greg Rucka’s run (which, I should also mention, considered as one of, if not the most celebrated and beloved characterization of the character to this day) and tell me if her approach in stopping an unrepentant enemy is still betraying the values and integrity that she has upholded all this while, and as a symbol of hope herself. 

And Bruce’s no-kill stance is usually to make a point about how he actually do believe in the justice system, despite his vigilante ways and the Crapsack World he inhabits, in which murderers and criminals always end up scot-free anyway each time he submits them to the (always corrupt) authorities. To the point that one of the neverending debates of the comicbookdom is actually how so much better for everyone it would be if Batman, would just kill the Joker and the likes of him and be done with it.

tldr; if anyone has a problem with Superman killing Zod in a most justified context and circumstance, because of an ideal image of him as a paragon of godly nobility – then I can only say that I have a different understanding of the character. One that allows compassion for him to make the hard decision in a split second, in order to save lives and defend people from murderer that’s going to burn them all to the ground.

Okay, since I’m a big, whiny baby...

… And I wanna be really vocal about wanting better for my Bugster fave Graphite, I’m just gonna start calling myself the Graphite Fan Gremlin. I creep into the Ex-Aid tag and complain about how all the other characters get development and atonement arcs except for Graphite. Like how now Parad is getting a ‘second chance,’ but the show is like ‘yeah, fuck Graphite’? Even though the only thing different about them is that Graphite’s host died–but the same goes for Poppy, and Graphite didn’t choose his host; it was just that once he was there, he naturally reacted by fighting to survive. There was none of this talking and understanding back then. He didn’t have a fucking choice, and it never occurred to him to do otherwise, because that’s not his personality.
Also, as @bonjourentrez pointed out, Graphite’s the only one of the remaining Bugsters who is legit in the situation Parad talked about near the beginning of the season–a Bugster who spends their life doing nothing but being beaten down and repetitively killed by humans. Humans literally are his enemies. Not to mention he’s got a stubborn pride streak–he’s still hanging on to the score between him and Taiga, and he’s also got whatever Gemedus’ data is doing to him going on. From his point of view, everyone he thought cared about him, that he cared about, has turned on him. So yeah, he’s gonna be angry. He feels betrayed.

I started ranting already. This is gonna be the week where I complain.

And occasionally a fangirl about the other characters as well–but mostly I complain!


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For your thing, could you do GHB/Karkat, black? You know why ;P Thanks!

don’t you give me that winky face you hooligan how dare you encourage this. >:V

this time it’s less a kiss than both of you trying to bite the other one’s lip first, all clashing teeth and growling and then you’re kissing again and you feel like your insides are boiling.


For the RusPrus lovers, here’s an other crappy edit with my colored pics.

You can find the separate post for them (with the sources to the original drawings) Here and Here.

I couldn’t put them side by side because their proportions were too different (and I already edit Prussia’s one), but I still like this disposition… It’s like Ivan is leaving home for work, and turns his head back to Gilbert to say “I’ll be back soon, don’t miss me too much rabbit ~ ♥” and Gilbert is like “Stop saying stupid things and be careful”

Cropped versions

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On the topic of whether or not Stan would or would not eat inedible things, I think Ford is actually more likely to be the one to eat inedibles. Stan would have definitely eaten the most sugar as a child, so ice cream and marshmallows for dinner certainly, but Ford would've been the one licking rocks and making terrible experiments that required him eating things he shouldn't in the name of science. And there's no telling what he test-tried to eat in the other dimensions.

Yes yes yes yes so accurate. Ford is the one who saw this:

And thought, “hmm, I wonder how it would taste on rice.”