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Gonna ask the real questions here How would a DID system work in Hogwarts Like Are the different alters in different houses?

Oooh you opened a box of worms with this one, anon. I’ll just type u what she said in the video and link it once it goes live - but here won’t have her babble.

EDIT: This is the video right here: Link

  • When the body turns eleven, it gets sent a letter addressed to every magical alter in the system (Scar assumes magic can pick up on this). It would also say that every non magical alter is welcome to come - just like other physical things, magic can vary alter to alter. Some may be squibs or even muggles. So, if you don’t know you have DID at eleven, you’re gonna get a wake up call :p
  • Then, the buying process begins. A teacher would come to your house and introduce you to the process of getting to Hogwarts and if you’re in shock because you’ve just found out about your DID via the letter, someone else would come along to help you come to terms with it all. Then, off to diagnonally.
  • You get one pet between you. BUT, you get a wand each. The wand maker would know that you were coming and be ready for this and Hogwarts would cover the cost of every extra wand needed. If you cannot switch on command then a teacher would be on call to apperate you to the wand makers if you switch out after the initial visit. And would get any new alters wands if they showed up at Hogwarts - Scar says she’d keep ours in her cape.
  • So once you get to Hogwarts, you get sorted. You don’t get a house each but rather, the house you fit into most as a system would be your house - so we’d probably in Slytherin. It would probably take a while for the sorting hat to do this.
  • You’d have a charm placed on your body that meant you appeared as yo envision yourself - so each alter has their own appearance. A cocon would lead to a mixed appearance.
  • There would a translation charm so mute and non-English speaking alters could get their words across.
  • Boggarts would be different to each alter and protectors would probably be called out at that point to deal with someone’s boggart because it would be triggering.
  • Patronuses would be different for each alter - maybe even a few would take the shape of other alters.
  • An animagus form might be different across alters too.
  • If you were triggered, or a little switched out, or if anything went wrong then we would be allowed to leave class, take five in the room of requirement and come back in once we had switched back out or everything was back to normal.
  • Non-magical alters could do other classes that didn’t require powers - like History of Magic, or Muggle Studies.
  • Finally, Scar didnt mention this but i thought that younger alters who might become of age for Hogwarts after the body is enrolled, might get special tuition to bring them up to the level of the majority.

I think that’s about everything :) If I’ve missed anything Scar said, just tell me. Remembr, I’ll link in the video once it’s live.

I’m really sorry for any typos. I tried my best.


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FYI here's a way 2 look at Bi vs Pan: One begins with the letter B and is a Community Identity Label used by approx 93% to 97% of all english-speaking Non-monosexual ppl the other begins with the letter P and is one of a large number of Non-monosexual Personal Identity Labels which differ by location, age, ethnicity/religion/race, gender, social class, educational attainment, income, family-structure, etc. Both are fine to use + many use both! :)

yes this is good, I like this, thank you.

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