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Asexual!Spencer Reid: A Headcanon’s Explanation - Part 1: seasons 1-4

This is NOT a traditional fanvideo, and more of a casual and silly “fandom meta essay” in video form. I have rewatched the entire series once other than the final season - season 11 - which I’ve only seen once. And I am currently midway through season 5 on my SECOND re-watch of it. This time around, which is my third time seeing most episodes (although a few select episodes I’ve seen more than three times) I’ve been taking notes on things that might be fun to write meta about AND/OR on specific aspects of the show I might want to vid, like a tribute to Dave Rossi & Aaron Hotchner’s friendship, and many of the other individual dynamics on the show too.

I realized I had enough notes in the Memos section of the smartphone about the topic: “Reid as (aromantic? heteroromantic??) asexual” to make a whole video, and so instead of sleeping last night… I made this whole thing. I made it in one sitting, ridiculously rushed and quickly, so I’m sorry if I didn’t tweak all of the clips/especially if I didn’t tweak all of the audio’s volume perfectly.

IMPORTANT: This headcanon is fairly common. This OFTEN means that many viewers, especially viewers who are aro and/or ace like myself (I’m aro?? ace), when looking through the show to see if any of the main characters COULD POSSIBLY be stretched to be ace, Reid FITS.

This does NOT mean that Reid doesn’t ALSO fit other potential interpretations. Could Reid be bisexual/pansexual and his “old friend Ethan” have been “more than a friend” in the sense that they had a sexual history and/or Reid had attraction toward him? Perhaps. Could Reid be, as the show defaults every single one of the main characters to being, heterosexual and interested in women? SURE. Many straight guys might act like Reid at times, be uncomfortable talking about the taboo subject of sex in general, be saving themselves for “The One”, be socially awkward and late to figure out dating, etc.

But this meta essay isn’t about those interpretations.

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Issues with Stydia

My issue with Stydia is that I want two things equally

1. In the last episode, in the last couple minutes, Stiles and Lydia kiss. They then hold each others hands as he kisses the side of her head and she leans into him.

2. Stiles and Lydia finally get together because we all know it should happen and we get to see the new dynamic of the relationship where they’re even more married than before with fighting, and pulling each other back for kisses, and Lydia’s mom not trusting him, and being a kickbutt team together, and Coach hearing Lydia call Stiles her boyfriend.